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(Warning: This Fanon Page is used for Fictional Purposes only. It was an Fictional AC7 DLC Campaign Extension. I don't give any ideas to Project Aces, or Bandai Namco, or any gaming publisher/developers about this story. It was only a Fan-Made Page, who wanted to Expand the Story of the Ace Combat Universe, and to Diversify the ACU (Ace Combat Universe) for Ace Combat Fans, by Ace Combat Fans.)

Prologue: The History of North Point

North Point was first discovered in 1395, by a group of the Emmerian Survey Fleet. The Island was inhabited by the Natively Civilised, Namorian People (IRL Equivalents of the Māori people). At first, the Namorians were feared that the Survey Group were intending a hostile privileging of their Land. But as the Survey Group moved to more peaceful approach, the Native People now started to respect the Emmerians, and gifted them with Priceless Treasures to the Survey Group.

The First Arrival of Emmerians to North Point was Significant, since the Nations of Usea don't know that North Point did exist, until 1410, when another expedition to North Point was carried out by the Oured Expedition Corps. The Corp knew that the Emmerians discover the Island first, so they prepared for an another peaceful meeting with the Namorian People. The Oseans managed to successfully made first contact with the Natives, and gifted with knowledge from the Osean Continent.

The Expedition Corps then made it to the Kingdom of Emmeria, and managed to made an agreement for a joint Colonialization Program between the Oured Republic, and the Kingdom of Emmeria.

The Colonialization of North Point began in 1435, when the first settlers made it to North Point, after nearly 40 years since the Discovery of North Point. On April 24th 1436, an agreement between the Settlers and the Native North Point People, was reached. Both the Settlers and the Natives began to establish the "Colony of North Point".

Overtime, the Colonialists and the Natives began to negotiate for a Peaceful Unification of Culture and Ethnicity between the Colonialists and the Namorians. It is said that with possible tensions between the Colonialists, with a possibility of a mutiny within the Colony, a Unified Ethnicity with the Colonialists and the Namorians will help mitigate the problem, and will eventually resolved.

The Agreement will help ensures North Point's Identity, and by the 17th Century, the Identity of North Point was realised by the North Point People. During that time, Democratic thought were spreading through the citizens, as well as the idea for a new monarch, since the Emmerian Monarchy was experiencing Republican Ideals from the people.

The Colony of North Point Government Board, together with the Namorian Monarch, met with the Emmerian Monarch, the first since 1440. During the Meeting, the Colonial Manager of North Point, Jayden Griffith, suggests an new Royal Family in North Point, to which the Emmerian King, the Head of State of the Kingdom of Emmeria, agreed to the plan.

The Emmerians sends a Monarchic Royal Family (separate to the Aurelius Royal Family), to North Point, as a show of gratitude to the Colonialists and the Native People. The Government Board were planning for the Creation for a Constitutional Monarchy since the 16th Century, and ever since, Jayden Griffith's Plans were successful.

On July 20th 1614, the Royal Commonwealth of North Point was founded. This event also sparks in a Golden Era for North Point, which began an ongoing Neutrality Stance, since 1615, as a policy to help Deter any Foreign Invasion of North Point.

The Colonial Links between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Emmeria were peacefully being severed in 1817, and since then, North Point was now ruled by the North Point Royal Family (known as the House of Winsor), and by the Royal North Point Government.

North Point Founded it's first Army (Royal North Point Army, RNPA) and Navy (Royal North Point Navy, RNPN) on August 5th 1613, less than 1 year before the Foundation of the Royal Commonwealth of North Point. They were known to used specialised warfare tactics, which was used for Defensive or Aggressive approaches. Even though they were fully support an Neutrality Policy, North Point is secretly activating special forces units, disguised as Volunteer Units from Foreign Nations.

After news from the Osean Continent reported the Foundation of the Belkan Air Force, the North Point Government, including the Royal Family, began to Create the Royal North Point Air Force (RNPAF), on the 15th May 1909. North Point also created the North Point Royal Marine Corps (NPRMC), on June 16th 1716, nearly a full 2 decades earlier.

During the early 1970s, the North Point Armed Defence Forces (NPADF) was created, as it was served as a military organisation responsible for the defence of North Point, as well as creating a Quad-Service Unified Command, and to help integrate all North Point Military Forces under one command. During that time, the North Point Parliament voted majority for a Specialised Missile Launch Facility, created as an Anti-ICBM Missile Facility, designed to defend North Point from a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, or Conventional Attack from Foreign Forces. The SMLF was known as Fortress Intolerance. However, due to budget cuts by the North Point Government, the Facility was scheduled to be demolished in 2001.

However, following the News of the Discovery of the Ulysses Asteroid, the NPADF, together with the North Point Government, delayed the Demolishing of the SMLF, and was repurposed as an Anti-Asteroid Missile Defence Facility (AAMDF). However, due to Major Infighting between the North Point National Liberals Party (NPNLP, Political Alignment: Centre-Right to Right Wing) and the North Point Labor Party (NPLP, Political Alignment: Centre to Centre-Left), Conservatives from both Usea, and Numerous Right-Wing Militias in North Point, had conducted a Military Coup in the Capital City of North Point.

The Rebel Government in North Point had decided to remove the constitution of the Royal Commonwealth of North Point, and replace it with the "Free Republic of North Point", with declaration of Independence on June 2nd 1997. The coup is also taking place alongside the Usean coup d'état, which also conducted a massive Continental-Wide Coup of the Usean Continent. The Rebel Forces also managed to convert the SMLF into an ICBM Launch Facility.

The Royal Family of North Point had been silently evacuated, and managed to create the "Free North Point Partisans", a Resistance Militia who is openly hostile to the Usean Rebel Forces. Many NPADF Military Generals were openly joined the Militia, hoping to restore the North Point Monarch, and to end the URF control of the Royal Commonwealth of North Point. Also, the citizens of North Point were fully supportive for the Monarch, thus also causing the Rebel Forces more problems from within, from Major Protests, to Sabotage.

Following the Capture of Saint Ark, the NPADF (Forced to join the Usean Rebel Forces) and the FNPP had managed to brake ranks, and conducted a Counter-Coup against the Rebel Forces, managing to retake the Capital City of North Point on the 10th of September 1998. Civilian Government Control had been restored several days later, as the Constitution of the Royal Commonwealth was reinstated, ending the "Free Republic of North Point".

After the Usean coup d'état, the NPADF managed to obtained control of the SMLF. However, due to the facility being unable to Modify back to being a Anti-Asteroid Missile Defence Facility, the North Point Government decided to demolish Fortress Intolerance, due to major damage to the Facility, as well as unable to revert back to being AAMDF. However, the Missiles were able to be used for Anti-Asteroid purpose. These missiles were able to be used to help Prevent the Ulysses Fragments impacting North Point.

North Point was also served as the General Headquarters for the Independent States of Allied Forces (ISAF). The NPADF was temporary attached to the ISAF Command, in charge to protect the nation of North Point, as well as help liberate the Usean Continent from the occupation of the Federal Republic of Erusea.

After the Continental War, the NPADF gained Independence from ISAF, and placing their command back to the Government of North Point. North Point had experience to defend their nation, as well as flawlessly planned and then execute battle doctrines to help turn the tide of battle.

In 2007, the NPADF had documented the highest Military Enlistment for all branches of the Armed Defence Forces. In an attempt to cope with increasing enlistment, the NPADF began to enlarging and modernising the entire North Point Military. Military Equipment such as the F-111C, M551 Sheridan, GAF Jindivik, CAC CA-31, Mirage III, F-104 Starfighter, and OH-58D, were upgraded to suit the growing demand of Battle Readiness requested by the North Point Government.

The North Point Government were also interested with the downed Experimental Aircraft that crashed near the now Demolished Fortress Intolerance. The Airframe design were surprisingly suited to increase the pilot's survivability, as well as carrying well advanced weapon systems. By 2009, the Prototype of the ADF-01 was been found, with the Z.O.E Data Recorder missing (Presumably Collected via Belkan Technicians in 1999). The RNPAF was more interested with the Aircraft Design, and by 2011, with Blueprints from Grunder Industries being delivered by the Osean Government, the RNPAF Research & Development Unit 114th (R&DU114) had created an Reversed Engineered Prototype of the ADF-01, which is being redesignated as the CAC CA-41/A.

Also in 2011, the North Point Intelligence Service had discovered blueprints of the X-02S Strike Wyvern Prototype. Not much is known for the X-02S Variant, as the RNPAF haven't conducted any prototype manufacturing since 2011.

With the Neutrality of North Point is slowly deteriorating during the mid to late 2010s, the RNPAF had secretly set up a Secretive, Specialised, Electronic Warfare Squadron. It was officially known as the 3rd Air Wing, 26th Special Tactics Electronic-Warfare Air Squadron. However, it was Nicknamed as "The Weasels", since the Emblem of the 26th SQN was an homage to an Pet Weasel, which was owned by Royal Family of the House of Winsor.

However, it was only not enough to defend North Point against aggression, but it also caught the attention from "The Rebirthed Belkan Knights", more commonly known as the RBK. The Terrorist Organisation is known for renewed violence against Osean Influence in the Principality of Belka. Some Members of the RBK, had close ties with the Erusean Military, to prepare the Kingdom of Erusea, to go to war once again.

Can the 26th Air Squadron help defend North Point? Or will North Point collapse by Erusea?