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CLAVIS military force: Air Force MIG-21, MIG-28, MIG-31, SU-35, SU-37, SU-47, S-32, B-52, B-2, TU-160, F-16, F-14, F- 15, F/A-18, F-35, F-22, C-130, AC-130, SECRET PROJECT.

MARINA Frigates, aircraft carriers, cruisers, suply ship.


Main Characters: Wareagle 1, 4 Air Division, 74 air force units. AWACS Eagle Eye. Rigitz aircraft carriers, 2 Fleet.

Mission 1 Brifing There are 1 units of B-1 bombers and a fleet of enemies on approach to our base. Defend our base before we distuggano. There are 6 bombers, aircraft carriers 1, 2 and 4 cruisers suply ship.

Take off with a MiG-21 and with the SAAM as special weapon.

Start mission.

Just in the air, I contacted the 'AWACS.

{C}Eagle Eye: "The bombers are located six miles north of the base, you are entitled to 'attack."

{C}Rosso 1 "Rosso 1 Here, we deal with the enemy fleet."

{C}Me: "I take care of the B-1."

Ace combat world2

{C}Rosso 2: "Missiles armed, fox 2, fire!"

{C}Rosso 4: "Missile anti-ship dropped!"

{C}Rosso 3 "Enemy cruiser sunk!"

{C}Blu 9: "We just took off, AWACS aircraft carriers where the enemy."

{C}Eagle Eye: "3 miles north of your position."

{C}Me: "According bomber shot down!"

{C}Luce 1: "Long Range Air to Air Missiles armed, fire!" {C}Me: "The third bomber is on fire."

{C}Blu 1: "A whole team Bl armed unguided bombs and targeted to suply ship and aircraft carriers."

{C}Luce 6: "Fourth and fifth bomber destroyed."

{C}Rosso 2: "The rest of the enemy fleet, three cruisers, are retreating."

{C}Me: "The last bomber is crashing."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Mission accomplished, return to base."


While they were coming back to the base over the 1 mission, our neighboring state, Varusa has declared war.

Brifing: {C}Near the border with our new enemy, begins the chain of Muntain Crow, is a sophisticated radar network that would prevent us from making any raid with bombers useless. {C}For this reason we ask you to destroy the radar network. {C}Probably when you enter the real battlefield identified by the radar that will give the 'alarm to the enemy air units, then you will be attacked by enemy air units.

Take off with F-16 armed with UGB, that unguided bombs.

Arrived near the border we met.

{C}Eagle Eye: "In all the units together."

{C}Davad: "This team Davad received."

"White team received here."

{C}Me: "Here Wareagle received."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Less than a mile to the Varusian territory ."

{C}Me: "Turn on the free-fall bombs."

{C}Davad and Bianco: "Received"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Going into enemy territory"

{C}Me: "Ok."

{C}Eagle Eye: "It has already been sent to the general alarm. Can be attached at any time from now on. "

{C}Me: "To all of them allies dispersed, I'm in charge of the first radar station, the second and Bianco, Davad you, you, the third."

{C}Davad and Bianco: "Ok."

{C}Me: "Before the structure was destroyed."

{C}Davad: "The second and third."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Warning! 3 large squadrons of enemies coming withdrawn authorized! "

{C}Me: "All out of here."

{C}Eagle Eye: "2 miles to our territory."

{C}Davad: "We are out of enemy territory."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Mission accomplished, return to base."



On the east bank of Varusa is a big weapon factory. {C}Unfortunately we can not send an attack with bombers because they would be killed immediately by the dense anti-aircraft shell that is above the structure. {C}For this it will be our heavy air-ground weapons. {C}Take off in 5 teams, Wareagle 1, Rosso, Blu, Luce and Bac. {C}Destroy the 4 structures and they have the opportunity, distuggete all facilities for the takeoff and landing to enemy aircraft.

We were forced to take off with the F/A-18 air-to-ground missiles with multi-target.

Start mission.

Eagle Eye: "Within 5 minutes we all'aerocisterna."

{C}Five minutes later.

{C}Tanker: "Wareagle 1, 1 mile to tanker."

{C}Tanker: "100 meters."

{C}Tanker: "Comincing refueling."

{C}Tanker: "End Supply, go well."

{C}Me: "I begin to infuse training and look forward to the end of refueling."

After the refueling of the Allies.

Eagle Eye: "We have entered the battlefield, stay alert."

{C}Me: "Ok, we do things right. Me and Blu take care facilities, and the Rosso and Luce will work on the aircraft and airport facilities of Bac enemy. "

{C}Allies: "Ok"

{C}Enemies: 'Shooting enemies! Prepare for combat!

{C}Luce 1: "Hooked, fire!"

{C}Luce 5: "The anti-aircraft seem endless."

{C}Me: "To all the Blu targeted to the first structure in the north-west."

{C}Blu 3: "Ok." {C}Me: "air-ground missiles armed, fire!"

{C}Blu 5 and 7: "Fire!" {C}Blu 1: "Here we aim to 1 to 2 second tree!"

{C}Blu 3: "First and second structure destroyed!"

{C}Bac 1: "Control tower destroyed!"

{C}Bac 3: "I'm aiming for refueling at the pumps!"

{C}Bac 2: "I am the hangars."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Shooting enemies off!"

{C}Bac 4: "I'm on!"

Shortly afterward.

{C}Me: "3 and 4 structures destroyed."

{C}Bac 3: "Hangar and pumps destroyed."

{C}Rosso 1: "The artillery were only partially suppressed."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Mission accomplished, return to base."



On the high seas in the east coast of Varusa, there is a fleet of 12 submarines enemies. {C}For this I will rely on its ships and aircraft carriers Rigitz 2 of the fleet. {C}You will have to take off with anti-ship weapons and fly up to the enemy formation, to intercept and destroy it. You Wareagle 1, 1 Ghost and 2.

I'm taking off with an F-35 and armed with anti-ship missiles at long range.

On aircraft carriers.

Control hangar: "Increasing pressure 80, 90, 100. He entered the green zone.

" {C}Catapults Control: "Launch! Liftoff is complete. "

{C}Control board: "Quick! Other fighters are coming! "

{C}Control Catapults: "1 Wareagle prepared to take off!"

{C}Me: "Ok." {C}Control Catapults: "3, 2, 1, Launch!"

After the takeoff.

Me: "Here Wareagle 1 to Ghost team, we'll share, you destroy the left part of the training and I'll attack the right side."

{C}Ghost 1: "First submarine sunk!"

{C}Ghost 2: "According submarine sunk!"

{C}Me: "Third submarine sunk!"

Many after submarines.

Me: "All submarines were sunk."

{C}Carrier: "Perfect fit you."

On aircraft carriers.

Control aircraft carrier:

"Wareagle six 2 miles from the ship."

{C}Bridge control: "Landing completed, moved from the bridge."

{C}Control hangar: "Pressure down 30, 20, 10 entered the Blue Zone."

{C}Control hangar: "Wareagle 1 positioned at the bottom of the hangar."



Welcome back, enjoyed the cruise? {C}We begin this meeting, we are transferring a large contingent of ground force in the old munitions factory to create an enemy base camp to begin the conquest of land Varusa. {C}You will have to escort 3 teams of 3 and C-130 C-5, you will Wareagle 1, Red, Black and the Bac, plus you have 2 AC-130 for ground attack. {C}Feel free to go.

I'm taking off with an F-15 Eagle, long-range missiles armed with air-air multi-target.


Me: "I ask permission to take off in Track 1."

{C}Control Tower: "Negative, Track 1 is occupied by the launch of AC-130."

{C}Control tower: "Transfer to Track 2."

{C}Me: "Ok."

{C}Control tower: "Take-off authorized."

{C}Me: "Ok." {C}Control tower: "Take-off is complete, Wareagle 1 quota restrictions canceled. Good luck! "


Eagle Eye: "We are half way."

{C}Me: "No enemy in sight."

{C}Rosso 2: "Team C-130 problems?"

{C}C-130: "No problem."

{C}C-5. "We would like you held your eyes open."

{C}Nero 1: "Ok"

{C}Bac 3: "Did you hear, send support dell'Arkbird 2 Osea."

{C}Me: "Really? I did not know. "

Nero3: What?

{C}Nero 2: "It is a spatial support for laser weapons."

{C}Nero 3: "Cool!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "What?"

{C}Me: "What?"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Missile?"

{C}Me: "What!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Ballistic missiles coming!"

{C}Me: "Just above the 5000 feet!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "What is that? Satellite tracking targets? "

{C}Nero 1: "What does it mean?"

{C}Eagle Eye: "He started a countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! "

{C}Bac 1: "What was that blue glow?"

{C}Me: "Arkbird!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "It was the laser of 'Arkbird!"

{C}Allies: "Eagle Eye, here Arkbird 2, require position of the last enemy missile."

{C}Eagle Eye "is about to enter our airspace from the north-west."

{C}Arkbird 2: "Fire the main cannon in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

{C}Me: "Explosion in the air!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "The 4 enemy missiles have been vaporized. Thank all the Arkbird. "



We are doing research on the verge of launching ballistic missiles. {C}Meanwhile our enemy AWACS have found a site near the northwest border with extremely suspicious activities. {C}For this reason, your mission will be to fly solo flying a Predator B, you will be armed with a Camera High Definition, you will also have available the missiles, but the attack will be granted only if only if you are discovered.

Start mission.

Mission Control: "1 Wareagle you fly over the site of the GIA (Aeronautical Industries Department). "

{C}Me: "Ok" {C}Mission Control: "You'll have to take pictures of anything suspicious."

{C}Me: "I'm above the structure, operating on autopilot and start scanning."

{C}Me: "Nothing to report, only a few F-15 inside the hangars."

{C}Me: "Wait! It just landed a C-5. "

AIR UAV MQ-1 Predator vs MQ-9 Predator-B lg

{C}Mission Control: "Ok."

{C}Me: "It just got a General."

{C}Me: "They are entering into a secret hangar, there are many guards control the perimeter."

{C}Me: "They're bringing out a fighter, but has a shape that I can recognize!"

{C}Mission Control: "Take a picture."

{C}Me: "Done."

{C}Mission Control: "Photos received, not a conventional fighter."

{C}Me: "They're bringing out a weapon that can not explain what it is. I take a picture. "

{C}Mission Control: "Photos received, we can not even recognize us."

{C}Me: "They loaded everything on the C-5 and is preparing for takeoff."

{C}I "They're well out 6 F-15 from the hangar!"

{C}Mission Control: "We are trying to intercept their communications ..."

{C}Enemies: "Take off immediately, sheet tiriate down that Predetor! We can not risk that we may discover. "

{C}Mission Control: "1 Wareagle go from there, are already venendoti to help Rosso 1 and 2."

{C}Rosso 1: "We are 10 minutes away from your position, trying to gain time!"

{C}Me: "And now to use the missiles, I will try to shoot down the first fighter on the track so as to hinder the take-off for a couple of minutes."

{C}Rosso 2: "Ok."

{C}Me: "Fire missile with precision at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fire!"

{C}Enemy: "Etro 3 was a direct hit during take-off, no longer able to take off!"

{C}Rosso 2: "Nice try!"

{C}Rosso 1: "We are two minutes from your location!"

{C}Mission Control: "With your 3 remaining missiles, tries to destroy the C-5."

{C}Me: "But all around is full of civilians!"

{C}Mission Control: "Cancelled 's orders to fire on the C-5!"

Me: "Fire on the hunt!"

{C}Enemies: "Here Etro 6 hit me!"

{C}Enemies: "Shit! Shit! Shit! Here Etro 1 back in the hangar to shelter immediately! "

{C}Rosso 1: "Wareagle you need a little 'spare?"

{C}Me: "Yes, of course, we go home."



Well Wareagle 1, brifing this is just for you, your allies are already in flight, if the other squadrons will need help during the attack on the VRM Quirdz, the super submarine launched ballistic missiles.
{C}Shortly afterward.

Brifing 2.

{C}Wareagle 1, take off immediately! Eagle Eye will contact you when you approach the enemy to know the status of the allies. {C}Vai!

Me: "Here I am."

{C}Eagle Eye: "The enemy submarine has already suffered serious damage, but we have already lost 70% of our strength!"

{C}Me: "Ok, the harmonic anti-ship missiles."

{C}Rosso 1: "Wareagle 1, we skip the pleasantries, we were few, it's up to us to sink the enemy."

{C}Luce 3: "Fire!"

{C}Pita 2: "I was impressed! I'm on fire! I jump! "

{C}Me: "Hooked, I'll shoot!"

{C}CIB 7: "I am impressed, I find it hard to fly in a straight line!"

Blu 1: "Blu two and three follow me with unguided bombs."

{C}Me: "We will not ever be alone!"

{C}Allies: "Blue Hound, here is Arkbird, require the acoustic buoy, the Quirdz."

{C}Aircraft Anti-submarine: "Sent."

{C}Arkbird 2: "Fire in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

{C}Me: "He shot into the water!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "The Quirdz was sunk!"

{C}Enemies: "And far away."

{C}Enemies: "Who? Z.O. .. bzzzzzzz. "

{C}Eagle Eye: "Contact with the enemy lost!"

{C}HQ: "Submarine enemy destroyed, return to base."

{C}Me: "No one has seen a plane take off from the mouth of the submarine?"



{C}At the last mission was to launch an aircraft detected a non-conventional, most likely the same one you saw that they were loading on the C-5, in the end we intercepted this communication: "It's already gone." "Who? Z.O. .. bzzzzzzz. "then we lost the signal. {C}With our T.T.S. (Traking target satellite) we have identified where it landed, we know that is located inside a building in the northern plain. You'll need a fast plane with stealth capabilities. For this mettereno you have a new SR-73A4. Go!

The 'SR-73A4 is an enhanced version of the old SR-71 and expelled, have increased the resistance to attack, speed and cruising altitude to be able to escape their enemies and even better handling in case it is forced to fight in air combat.

Start mission.

Eagle Eye: "Wareagle 1 increases speed up to 3000 km / h, the cruise missile weapon, shoot the lens and then your mission is done, the recovery of the wreckage will be the responsibility of the enemy ground forces supported by the then your allies, I will remain here for the next mission. "

Me: "Ok."



Shortly afterward.

Me: "I'm going to shoot."

{C}Eagle Eye: "enemy interceptors taking off!"

{C}Me: "Fire!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Target destroyed!"

{C}Me: "Ok, increasing the speed to 4000 km / h and I get up in the stratosphere!"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Ok, we will lose your radar and radio contact."

{C}Me: "We find the base, in case of problems try to alight near the 2 ° fleet."

{C}Enemies: "What? An SR-71? "

{C}Enemies: "Yes, shot down!"

{C}Enemies: "It's too fast!"

{C}Enemies: "Base ... 1 Teb here ... the enemy has entered the stratosphere, has fled! "


{C}Eagle Eye: "start."

{C}Blu 2: "Ok."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Two formations of enemy incoming, 12 fighter!"

{C}Rosso 3: "Shit."

{C}Me: "we arm the missiles."

{C}Blu 1 :"Fire!"

{C}Me: "1 hunting down!"

{C}Enemies: "Scatter."

{C}Enemies: "Follow the enemies at the discretion of the free."

{C}Me: "Launching the first missile."

{C}Enemies: "Fog 6, I am struck-off!"

{C}Blu 4: "Hooked!"

{C}Rosso 2: "Launch!"

{C}Enemies: "Here Dragonet 1, were culled to 4 and 6!"

{C}Me: "I toss in the queue to the enemy."

{C}Enemies: "I was standing in line!"

{C}Me: "I use the machine gun!"

{C}Enemy: "I was impressed on the wing, I no longer have control of the plane!"

{C}Rosso 1: "Here, Rosso 1, Rosso two and three follow me, and attacked the three fighters in front of us."

{C}Enemies: "Dragonet 3, Fog five two are killed!"

{C}Me: "Shot down the two enemies in front of me!"

{C}Enemies: "Even Dragonet 1 and Fog 1 were slaughtered!"

{C}Enemies: "We were in two, retire!"

{C}Enemies: "Ok, so he will have already arrived."

While we were fighting, a plane was introduced in the airspace with two laser pod, came to the palace diplomat, with one shot blew the whole building.

Eagle Eye: "Enemy Unknown identified!"

{C}Blu 3: "What we do!?"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Wareagle 1 are the only one with relatively much fuel as you hunt down the enemy until further notice."


Me: "What's New on the plane I'm chasing?"

{C}Eagle Eye: "We are still scansionandolo, but we know that the enemy will not have seen, we know that communication with the enemy, I'll enter."

{C}Enemies: "Z.O.E. , HQ here, problems? "

{C}Z.O.E.: "No, no problem."

{C}Me: "Ok, thanks."

Shortly afterward.

Eagle Eye: "After the scan, the chase plane that is a prototype, the name is ADA-01 Adler. And armed with two laser pods under the wings, do not hire for any reason, you just have to chase him. "

{C}Me: "Ok."


Me: "Z.O.E. entered into a tunnel! "

{C}Eagle Eye: "pursue him."

{C}Me: "Are you mad?"

{C}Eagle Eye: "chase him! Want to disobey an order? "

{C}Me: "Okay."

{C}I was flying in a tunnel, while the roof and the wings were in danger of touching the walls. {C}Where I thought I could be, just as I left ...

{C}Me: "Here Wareagle 1, are out of the tunnel."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Where are you? You are not on our radar. "

{C}Me: "I am very far north, it is snowing."

{C}Eagle Eye: "You are in varusian a small island near the North Pole, but we're not sure."

{C}Me: "I see a base, Z.O.E. Is landing. "

{C}Oka Nieba: "Here AWACS Youktubanian Oka Nieba, 1 Wareagle you are at the north pole."

{C}Eagle Eye: "You do not have enough fuel to return to base."

{C}Oka Nieba: "Here Oka Nieba, base Evonye, ​​require permission to return to the Allied air clavian Wareagle 1."

{C}Base: "Permission granted."

{C}Me: "Thanks."

At the base to the ground.

Staff: "Sir, we are supplying his plane."

{C}Me: "Thanks."

{C}Ganl 1: "Wareagle how did you get up here?"

{C}Me: "I was chasing an enemy ..."

{C}Ganl 1: "You've been busy!"

{C}Me: "Yes, it is true."

{C}Staff: "Sir, we have a message for you, from your air base."



Wareagle 1, you have to fly over the enemy base, will be used to obtain images of activity inside. We can not send, allied to the base where you are now, a Predator B because the journey is too long, so we'll give you a U-4. {C}Good luck

The U-4 is an improved version of the old U-2. The speed was increased and the damage tolerance.

Start mission.

Me: "I'm above the target area."

{C}Eagle Eye, "begins filming."

{C}Enemies: "Destroy the 'U-4 to 1 Wareagle."

{C}Me: "How do they know who I am!"

{C}Z.O.E. "Wait! I want to give it a try! "

{C}Me: "What do you want!"

{C}Z.O.E. "ECM cuts the communications of the enemy."

{C}Me: "I can not feel my allies!"

{C}Z.O.E. "I know! I'll make a proposal, you're a good driver, you have shown flying in the tunnel. If you come to fight on our side we will deliver the best fighter, what do you say? "

{C}Choice moment.

{C}Thinking about it, if fight with the enemies I have all the prototypes and the best weapons, but on the other side should I fight with my friends, allies and everything for which I fought.

{C}If you want Wareagle 1 continue to fight as a pilot ally, read Part A and all future assignments A (11A, 12A, 13A...).

{C}If you want to fight an enemy that Wareagle 1, see Part B and all subsequent missions B (11B, 12B, 13B ...).

Part A

{C}Me: "No, never!"

{C}Z.O.E. "Prepare to be knocked down."

{C}Eagle Eye: "Bzzzzzz ... Can you hear me? "

{C}Me: "Yes"

{C}Eagle Eye: "Get out of there!"

{C}Me: "Yes"

Shortly after.

Z.O.E. "The enemy has fled!"

Part B

Me: "Yeah, all right."

{C}Z.O.E. "Perfect! Lands, I'll choose a plane for your next mission! "



Wareagle 1, you will need to escort 4 tanks containing toxic gas. I know that is not right, but if we win we must begin with a germ warfare. You will be alone to defend because there will be no enemy resistance, since the way along it passes over an enemy rifle training is no longer used the war. Good luck!

Start mission.

Me: "I have been in training in line with you, I'll stay here all the way, let me know if you see enemies."

Tank 1: "Ok."

Tank 2: "Okay."

Tank 3 and 4: "Be warned us."

Entered the area of ​​the mission.

Tank 2: "We are over the polygon enemy."

Me: "Still no enemy."

Tank 4: "It is true that strange."

Tank 1: "Agronomic radar on several enemy ground forces ... Wareagle give us a hand! "

Me: "Ok."

Tank 2: "There are also two fighter! Two ... R-101? What are they? "

Me: "Attack!"

Tank 1: "Wait! They are attacking their own allies! "

Me: "All enemy ground forces destroyed!"

Tank 3: "What's going on!?"

Me: "I'm going to intercept them, however are always enemies, Shot down them."

Enemies: "Enemies!? What are they doing here?! Have 4 tanks and a fighter, rookie stand back. "

Enemies: "Here rookie, ok."

Tank 1: "I understand! The enemy ground forces were false! It was just training! "

Me: "Ok, attack the trainer!"

Enemies: "Look out!" Me: "Fire!"

Enemies: "I was impressed! I jump! "

Enemies: "No! I'm just a rookie, what should I do! "

Me: "I'm sorry to recruit, but they are obliged to get down!"

Enemies: "No!"

Me: "Fire!"

Enemies: "I throw!"

Tank 1, 2, 3 and 4: "We are releasing the load on the enemy base. Mission accomplished! "

Me: "Let's return to base."



Wareagle 1, welcome in the Air Force section of the extremist Varusa. Your first mission will consist only in a training flight to see your skills through concrete data. Fly on a prototype, in part provided by an organization ally, called R-101. The targets will be 8 anti-aircraft guns, of course, are false. Ritieniti lucky to be your controller will be your new best friend ZOE , Usually never checks these things. Takes off.


Z.O.E. "Give Wareagle, show your potential!"

Me: "Ok."

Z.O.E. ; "Vai!"

Me: "What a special weapon I have?"

Z.O.E. "You have no special weapons, but you have a gun laser pulses, it is not as strong as my pod lasers, machine guns, but are stronger than normal."

Me: "What strength!"

Z.O.E. "Yes"

Shortly afterward.

Z.O.E. "All targets destroyed."

Me: "But there are 4 tanks and 2 fighter on the radar, are to be killed."

Z.O.E. "I do not know! There were in brifing! "

Base: "The radar contacts have real enemies, trap immediately!"

Z.O.E. "1 and 2 tanks destroyed."

Me: "3 and 4 destroyed."

Z.O.E. "Think you have fighter, will be a good test."

Enemies: "Rosso 1 Here, all tanks destroyed, we have failed!"

Enemies: "Rosso 2 Here, the enemy seems Wareagle Pilot 1."

Enemies: "It is true."

Me: "You guys, I am, I'm sorry but I must destroy you!"

Enemies: "You do not!"

Me: "Fire!"

Z.O.E. "All targets destroyed."

Me: "Let's return to base."


Brifing. Through our TTS we have seen many movements of the enemy base to the north, it seems they are preparing a space launch, so we want to send ground forces into the other tunnel to stop it. But there are several bunkers around the entrance. Your mission is to escort the bombers 4, will you, Blu 1 and 2. Also we almost finished scanning the enemy planes shot down. Vai as well!

Start mission.

Me: "I have queued up to you, protect you."

B-52 1: "Thanks."

B-2 1: "We are counting on you."

B-2 2: "We open the doors."

B-52 2: "We begin the attack."

Blue 2: "Fighter incoming enemies! What are they? R-101? "

Me: "No! Back to them! "

Blue 1: "There are only two."

Enemies: "Fire!"

Me: "Shy!"

Blu 2: "I am impressed launch!"

Me: "Launch!"

Enemies: "I was impressed I retire!"

Me: "First R-101 is retreating."

Blu 1: "The second."

B-52 1: "Mission accomplished we return to base."

MISSION 12B Brifing. Wareagle 1, we know that the enemies will attack from the tunnel entrance, you'll have to shoot down all the enemy planes. We have no estimate, then we do not know how many will. Go

They took off with an CFA-44 with ADMM.

Start mission.

Me: "Here I am."

Wank 1: "Welcome aboard. Wank and I 2 are the two R-101 on your right. "

Wank 2: "Behold the enemy bombers!"

Me: "Arming the ADMM."

Wank 1: "I go to use the laser pulses."

Me: "I hooked the first two bombers, fire!"

Enemies: "We're on fire!"

Wank 1: "I am using the pulse on the third bomber."

Wank 2: "Fourth bomber wrecks!"

Me: "Third bomber shot down."

Base: "Mission accomplished, you can come."


Brifing Your only mission is to provide air support for ground forces.
Vai! Take off with an F/A-22 with QAAM. Start mission. Me: "Here I am." Rosso 1: "We have already shot down two enemy fighters, but there are still eight in the air!" Me: "From the start!" Allies: "Yes!" Me: "Fire!" Enemies: "Two are dead!" Rosso 3: "Another shot down!" 1 Blu "Fire!" Me: "Two more crashed!" Eagle Eye: "All fighters destroyed." Enemies: "3, 2, 1, take off!" Me: "What!?" Eagle Eye: "The enemy has failed to take off!" Blu 2: "What?" Eagle Eye: "It's not your fault, it is the fault of the ground forces!" Base: "You can come back."


Brifing. Wareagle 1, we entrust a mission of vital importance, you must destroy 4 TTS first identifying our shuttle taking off. We'll provide an aircraft that can get out of Earth's atmosphere, called R-346.

They are armed with laser weapons lassile calls, because bullets are normal to the laser, but engages the target like a missile.

An hour before the launch of the shuttle cargo.

Launch Control: "Ten seconds to launch!"

Launch Control: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

Me: "Launch!"

Flight Control: "500 meters ... 1000 meters ... 2000 meters ... "

Me: "Take off completed soon go out from the atmosphere!"

Later, outside the atmosphere.

Me: "I begin!"

Base: "Vai!"

Me: "First TTS destroyed!"

Base: "OK."

Me: "According to explode!"

Me: "Base, sorry, but what is the cargo?"

Base: "We are creating a weapons of mass destruction ... SOLS is called. "

Me: "What?"

Base: "Satellite Orbiting Laser Sistem."

Me: "We have this technology?"

Base: "Yes, but we used the basic design of SOLG Yuktubanian."

Me: "Ok."

Me: "Third TTS shot down."

Base: "Fast you still have a few minutes of battery and then you will no longer be allowed to return!"

Me: "Ok."

Me: "Last targets shot down."

Base: "Mission accomplished."


Brifing Wareagle 1, we identified the center and drive the enemy of the satellite laser weapon, the SOLS ... It is in the enemy base north of the globe ... This mission is of vital importance if we shall fail to accept the surrender Varusa. We will rely on the aircraft carrier flying AFR-941 Lindk also entrust to you our super-secret project for the fighter, called Supernova G-18/10. Vai, our destiny is in your hands! "

The G-18/10 Supernova is a secret project of our state, is created through the projects of the best modern fighter: the reactors of the F/A-22, the SU-47 wings, rear wings and tail rudders of F / A-18, the ADF-01 Falken cokpit and finally the handling of the Eurofighter Tyfoon. In addition to the heavy machine gun, standard missiles, is armed with a new weapon, the TLMD (Tactical Missile Laser Directionable), and with two missiles, you can attach up to 20 targets, after you hang up the enemy, throwing missiles, which open in 5 parts that will create 10 laser beams, which will bring down the targets aggacciati.

The day after the AFR-941, near the base. AFR-941: "Take-off authorized." Me: "Ok." AFR-941: "3, 2, 1, launch the catapult!" Me: "Take-off is complete!" AFR-941: "Preparing for the next take-off!"

Mission Start

Eagle Eye: "1 have only two Wareagle TLMD use them with care."

Me: "Ok."

Oka Nieba: "Here AWACS Oka Nieba supporterò the mission."

Eagle Eye: "There are already 3 formations of 4 enemy planes arriving for a total of 12 enemy fighters."

Me: "Missiles armed, fire!"

Rosso 1: "First shot down an enemy."

Tarf 3: "Fire!"

Blu 2: "Second in flames!"

Me: "Too many!"

Eagle Eye: "Use TLMD!"

Me: "Yes!"

Rosso 2: "Use it!"

Me: "Fire!"

Oka Nieba: "10 enemies killed!"

Me: "What strength!"

Eagle Eye: "Coming Soon another 5 fighter!"

Me: "That building is the command center?"

Eagle Eye: "The highest near the control tower!"

Me: "Tear down the enemies!"

Oka Nieba: "Wait! L 'ADA-01 is taking off! We think it Z.O.E. "

Eagle Eye: "Add to your HUD targeting the building control!"

Me: "The perfect time to use the latest TLMD!"

Rosso 1: "The 5 fighters were shot down!"

Eagle Eye: "Z.O.E. It exploded! "

Oka Nieba: "Even the building control!"

Base: "Mission accomplished! You are heroes! "


Brifing Incoming enemy aircraft carriers! Take off immediately with the only ADA-01 and bring them down immediately! Vai!

Start mission.

Me: "I am facing the enemy! Active Laser pod!"

Enemies: "Here, Rosso 1,

Eagle Eye, the enemy plane in front of us is Wareagle 1?

Enemies: "It's him."

Enemies: "Rosso 2 and 3 were shut down."

Me: "I'm sorry, friends."

Base: "Tell with 'IFF the position of the aircraft carrier flying enemy with a bullet to hit the SOLS."

Enemies: "Here Eagle Eye, Wareagle, Jack thinks what you're going against, against your friends, your family, your state!"

Choice moment. It's time to choose. If you want Wareagle continue to fight with the resistance of Varusia, continue reading below. If you want to Wareagle that fights back with the soldiers of Clavis, read the part of the mission C and 15C.

Part B

Me: "I already know what I'm doing!"

Base: "Fire in 3, 2, 1!"

Base: "Aircraft carriers flying enemy fallen!"

Enemies: "The war is lost we will have to surrender to Varusa."

End of Part B

The alternate ending B ends with the victory of the war by Varusa.

Part C

Me: "You're right, Eagle Eye."

Eagle Eye: "Bravo Wareagle1, use the lasers on the command structure."

Me: "Fire!"

Eagle Eye: "Command Center destroyed!"

Base: "You are heroes!"



We have discovered that the SOLS is programmed to crashing on Clavis, in the case that the command center was destroyed. Your mission is to break down before it reaches the SOLS Clavis! You two squadrons of Hosea, the Cerberus and the detachment of 140 ° Sand Island, 2 from the Kvant Yuktobania and Udrade and you Wareagle 1. Vai!

Start mission.

Cerberus 1: "We are joining the Allies."

Oka Nieba: "Ok."

140 °: "Ok."

Cerberus 1: "I do not see Wareagle 1."

Me: "Avenz 5 kilometers in a straight line."

Cerberus 1: "Now I see you on radar."

Cerberus 2: "Are you a ... G-18/10? What? "

Me: "A fighter sperimantale."

Cerberus 1: "I am the XFA-27 to your right."

Shortly afterward.

Oka Nieba: "Missiles incoming enemies!"

Kwant 2: "What?"

Me: "The entire 140 ° has been shot!"

Kvant 3: "Who was it?!"

Z.O.E.: "Wareagle we meet again."

Eagle Eye: "You have to damage it so that it can not use the laser pod."

Z.O.E.: "Fire the laser!"

Udrade 3: "Here Udrade 3, 2 and 4 mum was impressed! We try to return to base! "

Me: "Relax, the Cerberus Kwant and we'll get along."

Cerberus 1: "We take care of ZOE, you go to SOLS!"

5 minutes later.

Oka Nieba: "The SOLS is vulnerable to sea level, Wareagle 1, so you can do it, destroy the SOLS!"

Me: "It is time to use the two TLMD."

Cerberus 2: "Shit! I Z.O.E. In line! "

Cerberus 1: "Check!"


Cerberus 2: "Quick! I was hooked! "

Cerberus 1: "Hooked! Fox2! Fire! "

Kwant 1: "Z.O.E. He was shot down! "

{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20RTE%3A%3A%7B%22spaces%22%3A0%2C%22type%22%3A%22LINE_BREAK%22%7D%20%2D%2D%3EOka Nieba: "Ok."

Me: "TLMD with Fire!"

Cerberus 1: "cut it down we are all with you!"

Shortly afterward.

Oka Nieba: "SOSL destroyed, you did it! A company that reminds Rasgriz! "

End. Final Alternative A and C. The allies Hosea, Yuktobania and Clavis, won the war and Varusa was divided into three provinces, the three allied states.