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Plot The year is 2022, after losing the 2016's Anean continental war, Estovakia faced a decadence in their economy,starting a second civil war in which more of their forces were lost. Facing the Chandelier's and Aigaion's aerial fleet loses, They had no remaining military strenght 4 Months after the civil war started, the Estovakian government did find the rests of the Hrimfaxi which was sunked by the Osean

in the 2010's Circum-Pacific War,the Estovakians did found the technology of the submersible carrier although almost 13 years have passed since its sinking on the Razgriz Straits. They did also recolect materials from the destroyed Chandelier.

They began the construction of the Pasternak- Class submarine which had the ability to launch SLBM just as the Hrimfaxi and shoot multiple defend lasers,it was also equipped with a UCAV's launch port. On the same year at december when the civil war finished, Estovakia declared war to Yuktobania. On December 27 2022 Estovakia launched a large scale offensive to the Yuktobanian city of Okchabursk at 0445 hrs beggining the Yuktobanian war. The Estovalian ground forces captured the entire city of Okchabursk and some land at the outskirts of Cinigrad, the Yuktobanian capital in just 5 days. After it Estovakia planned to Sorround Yuktobania for their invasion. The 2nd Estovakian naval fleetvalong with their new Pasternak submarine conquered the Bastok Peninsula and expanded all the way untile reaching the icy region of Glubina,and in another 5 days they conquered Cinigrad. Must of the Yuke's ground forces were lost due to the submarine's SLBM's. Their 4th naval fleet was annihilated. Their last hope was their airforce. On January 6 2023, 10 years after Estovakia's invasion, operation Cross Rumble started. The Yuktobanian airforce Silhouette squad launched from the Lenin Air base, southwest of Yuktobania to the Vladimir Mountains to clear Estovakians ground forces and clear an scape route through the corridor the mission was a sucess and the ground forces were retreating.

2 days later on January 8 most of the Yuktobanian ground forces concentrated on the reformedCruik Fortress to plan a counterattack and liberate the SouthEast and NorthWestern areas of the country.

1 day Later the Yuktobanian Navy launched a Scinfaxi- Class submarine with hopes of clearing the Bastok Peninsula and the Murshka AirBase which almost ended in failure. The Pasternak's lasers vaporized the SLBM's of the Scinfaxi. 3 days passed and Operation Ground Hoax which concisted in sending both aerial and ground forces for a liberation of the southeast regions started. The Operation ended in success and the Estovakians kept retreating to the north. The day in which Okchabursk would be liberated has arrived. The Silhouette squadron was sent to combat. There they encountered fierce air rescistance which included the elite Aeron squadron conscisting of 8 Su-33's. As well they were defeated and Okchabursk was liberated, Silhouette 1 earned the title of Ace and the callsigns SkyHawk

6 days later preparations were completed to liberate Cinigrad on january 18, 7 Yuktobanian air squadrons were dispatched to liberate the capital in which just 2 survived ,those were The Silhouette squad and the Oridion team. A hard battle's broken out in Cinigrad. The Aeron team was there along with several other enemy squadrons But SkyHawk did managed to change the tide of the battle. The sky was cleared after a long battle and ground forces were retreating. Cinigrad was Liberated. But 1 day later on January 19 the Yuktobanian Kursk Space Center was under attack and heavily damaged by 4 F-15C's and 4 B-2 bombers,but the enemies were all shot down.

[[Counterattack ]] At January 23, Yuktobania requested Osean help with the launching of an Anti-missile satellite which was launched from the Osean Basset Space Center. War was about to change since Yuktobania's invasion on Estovakia on January 31 started. Yuktobania did the same sorround Estovakia, they enter through Sonne Island were they fight against the Pasternak sub. The Battle was intense. But SkyHawk did evade the lasers and the SLBM's until letting the sub defendless and attack the main nuclear reactor which unleash a great explosion that destroyed the sub. The Stovie's last weapon of defense was the Ridengorp. A Kinetic energy weapon similar to Excalibur, but this one used Messon Energy... On February 9 2023 Operation Final Countdown started. A large scale fleet of aircraft attacked the Ridengorp stripping it of all defenses, the battle was almost win but suddenly.... An SWBM exploded in mid air destroying all alied squadrons. The only survivro was SkyHawk. He Destroyed the Ridengorp and return base alone... The SWBM was a product of a comercial alliance between Leasath and Estovakia.. The day later. SkyHawk was sent alone, along with some ground forces and the Scinfaxi. To Capture the enemy capital. The Battle was easy. But suddenly Aeron team return, the scinfaxi along with all the ground troops were distroyed, all what left was SkyHawk and the allied AWACS, several SWBM's exploded but were easily dodged by SkyHawk.. He fight alone the entire Aeron team and managed to destroy all of them. The Capital fall under Yuktobanian control and the Terms of surrender were signed. The war was and Estovakia got defeated once again

But... A group of officers who didnt accept the terms. Went on to Estovakia's last stronghold which was floating in the see. It Was The Megalon Fortress. Which was heavily defended just as Glatisant amd as Huge as The Avalon dam. ICBM's were shot to Cinigrad but were destroyed by the satellite. Skyhawk and his reformed Silhouette squad flew towars Megalon. They strike it with all they got. AWACS Orel Glaz advice them that the core was inside the battery. The only way to destroy it was hitting it from the inside. They flew through the tunnel and shot the core. Aeron team who was behind them was annihilated by the explosion and all of the Estovakian pilots die The War was over Peace return to Yuktobania

Yuktobania reconstructed their cities and made its army eveb stronger. What they do not know was that 2 years later on the strangereal world war they were going to fight against Estovakia again and against another 3 powerful Countries. Even stronger ones than Estovakia ( Belka, Leasath and Erusea) that was the Yuktobanian war

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