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Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal is a fanon game. The nations that we know will be involved in a great war that take place for all the planet.


It was January 15th, 2025. It seemed that peace had come at last, or so it was believed. In Belka, a far-right party rises to power, with the intention to form a new Belkan Empire. To carry out their plan, they performed a program of rearmament and made secret alliances sending financiares aid to exiles armies, loyals to the old dictatorial regimes of Leasath, Erusea and Estovakia, and recruiting mercenaries from all the world. Thanks to that, the groups could take the power on their countries.

When the new leaders of the four countries consolidated their military dictatorships, they created a military alliance known as the Dinsmark Pact. Even the leader of the far-right party that rules Belka became the leader of the best squadron of the coalition, known as Greifvogel Squadron.

At June 20th, the day when Belka was defeated in the Belkan War, the Dinsmark Pact launched a blitzkrieg against its neighbors, annexing large territorial extensions.

Central Usea, one of the attacked countries, remembered the military alliance that used to defeat Erusea, the ISAF (Independent State Allied Forces). But this time, Usean countries won't be the only members. Another countries that have been attacked (mainly Osea, Yuktobania, Aurelia, Emmeria, Nordennavic, Ustio and Sapin) join to the ISAF to find a solution about the conflict.

A few days later, only the halves of Osea and Yuktobania were the territories that the ISAF had free from Dinsmark Pact occupation. The armies of Ustio, Sapin and Aurelia escaped from their lands and took refuge in Osea, as well as Central Usea, Emmeria and Nordennavic in Yuktobania. Their main military bases and airports were in the Osean Basset Space Center and the Yuktobanian factory in Sonza. At the end, the only solution is gather all their armies and release a counterattack, similar tactic that Emmeria use against Estovakia in 2015.

The ISAF members knew the importance of having well-trained staff, especially in the Air Force. During these trainings, 28 pilots showed great potential in air combats. Eight squadrons were created for these pilots:

  • Mercury Squadron, from Emmeria, consisting of 4 pilots.
  • Venus Squadron, from Sapin, consisting of 4 pilots.
  • Earth Squadron, from Osea, consisting of 5 pliots.
  • Mars Squadron, from Yuktobania, consisting of 5 pilots.
  • Jupiter Team, from Nordennavic, consisting of 2 pilots.
  • Saturn Team, from Ustio, consisting of 2 pilots.
  • Uranus Team, from Central Usea, consisting of 3 pilots.
  • Neptune Team, from Aurelia, consisting of 3 pilots.

At the same time, these squadrons are assigned to a special military unit, the Solar Task Force, to help the ISAF forces in their fight against the Dinsmark Pact.


The gameplay is the same as Ace Combat Infinity, but doesn't have Sortie Fuel system and emblems can't be changed. The only playable characters are the leaders of the Solar Task Force squadrons (eight characters), who can use certain aircraft depending on the selected story mode.


Main article: Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal/Missions

The game has a total of 52 missions and all have some requirements which influence the choice of characters:

  • Mission type: This requirement has two types:
    • Single squadron: The player must play with the leader of a certain squadron. This is the only mission type where the top enemy squadrons appear.
    • Multiple squadron: The player must choose between the leaders from two or more squadrons.
  • Playable squadrons: This requirement Indicates which squadrons are playable on each mission.

Same as the previous Ace Combat games, this one has two story modes, Campaign and Free mission, which have some differences:

  • Campaign: In this mode, the player must choose between the aircraft used by character's Air Force and player can't use two of the same aircraft on any squadron.(for example: for Earth 1 and her wingmen, player can choose only aircraft used by Osea but, if one squadron member is using the F-22A, the other members must use another aircraft different from the F-22A). Bombers and fictional aircraft can't be used in this mode.
  • Free Mission: In this mode, the player is free to choose any aircraft (except the bombers) of any Air Force for any squadron member, including the leader, even those aircraft which aren't from the same squadron (for example: for Earth 1 and her wingmen, player is free to choose aircraft of any other Air Forces, not only Osea's, and even two or more squadron members can use the F-22A or another plane), but the player must advance through Campaign mode to unlock missions and new aircraft.

There is a third mode, Online mode, which is the same as Ace Combat Infinity, but with the same number of players from Ace Combat 6 (each team has from 1 to 8 members). There are Co-Op Missions and Team Deathmatch. All 120 planes are playable, including the bombers, but instead the Solar Task Force characters, there are two rival teams, named Vyper and Bravo.


Main article: Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal/Aircraft

The game features 120 playable aircraft, which of 89 are real, concepts or prototypes and 31 are fictional. Some of these planes have never appeared on any Ace Combat game. Each aircraft has two countries that use it (one from an ISAF country and one from a Dinsmark Pact country). The player doesn't have to purchase them. In Campaign mode, the player can only choose aircraft from character's Air Force. The player must complete missions in Campaign to gradually unlock the rest. Player can choose aircraft and weaponry of their wingmen but, in Campaign, they have the same Air Force restrictions of the player and one more; player and wingmen can't use the same aircraft, each one must use a different unit. Only in Free Mission the squadron members can use two or more of the same aircraft.

Each aircraft has the following skins:

  • Solar Task Force: It has the squadron's emblem on both sides of the cockpit, the ISAF roundel on its wings and the roundel of the country (Osea, Yuktobania, Central Usea...) on the tails. Bombers and fictional aircraft don't have squadron emblems as well as allied aircraft that aren't part of the Task Force.
  • Dinsmark Pact: It has the Dinsmark Pact emblem on its wings and the roundel of the country (Belka, Leasath...) on the tails. Fictional combat aircraft don't have this skin.
  • Dinsmark Pact SP: Used by the top squadrons of the Dinsmark Pact. This skin is similar to the one used by UPEO's SARF, but each squadron has different colors. Concerning the emblem of Dinsmark Pact and country roundels, is the same situation as the regular skin, but each squadron has its own emblem (like each squadron of the Solar Task Force) and is located on both sides of aircraft's cockpit. Bombers don't have this skin.
  • Extra skins: The paint schemes from previous Ace Combat aces (Mobius 1, Yellow 13, Cipher, Gryphus 1...). All are unlockable online.


The game use the soundtrack of previous Ace Combat series (especially Ace Combat 04, 5, 6, Zero, Assault Horizon and Infinity, and some of 2, 3, X and Joint Assault).


  • It has been thought about putting the name of Golden Axe Plan for the enemy alliance, but that would be unoriginal, and the Dinsmark Pact has this name because it was created in Dinsmark, Belka's capital.
  • Normally, the online squadrons are called Alpha and Bravo, but, because the Alpha name was used by one top squadron from the Dinsmark Pact, the names from the online teams will be Vyper and Bravo.