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This is a full list of aircraft featured in the fanon game Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal. There are 120 playable units. Each aircraft is used by a specific pilot of the Solar Task Force, except bombers and almost all fictional aircraft.

List of aircraft[]

Playable aircraft[]

To know the aces of each aircraft in Solar Task Force and Dinsmark Pact, see their respective pages
Aircraft Role Unlocking Users
ISAF Dinsmark Pact
F3H-2 Demon Fighter Available from the start Osea Belka
F-1 Kaizen Attacker
F-4E Phantom II Multirole
F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel Attacker
A-4F Skyhawk Attacker
F-14A Tomcat Fighter Complete mission 14
F-14B Tomcat Attacker
F-14D Super Tomcat Fighter
F-15C Eagle Fighter
F-15E Strike Eagle Multirole
F-15 S/MTD Fighter Complete mission 28
F-15SE Silent Eagle Multirole
F-22A Raptor Fighter
FB-22 Strike Raptor Attacker
X-44 MANTA Multirole
XB-70 Valkyrie Bomber Complete mission 42
ADFX-02 Morgan Multirole Complete mission 52
ADF-01A FALKEN Fighter
ADF-01F FALKEN Fighter
ADA-01B ADLER Attacker
F/A-37 Talon Multirole
EA-6B Prowler Attacker Available from the start Nordennavic
F-8E Crusader Fighter
F/A-18C Hornet Multirole Complete mission 10
F/A-18E Super Hornet Multirole
ATD-0 Shinshin Fighter
ASF-X Shinden II Multirole
B-2A Spirit Bomber
F-19A Ghostrider Multirole Complete mission 52
EDI Fighter
F-104G Starfighter Multirole Available from the start Emmeria Leasath
F-105D Thunderchief Multirole
F-106A Delta Dart Fighter
F-111C Pig Multirole
F-16C Fighting Falcon Fighter Complete mission 07
F-16F Fighting Falcon Multirole
F-16XL Attacker
F-2A Viper Zero Multirole
A-12 Avenger II Attacker
YF-23 Black Widow II Fighter
X-32 Multirole
F-117A Nighthawk Attacker
B-1R Lancer Bomber
XFA-24 Apalis Multirole Complete mission 52
XFA-27 Multirole
XFA-33 Fenrir Multirole
XFA-36 Game Fighter
YF-12 Blackbird Fighter Available from the start Aurelia
F-5E Tiger II Multirole
F-20A Tigershark Fighter
X-29A Fighter Complete mission 13
A-10A Thunderbolt II Attacker
AV-8B Harrier II+ Multirole
F-35A Lightning II Fighter
F-35B Lightning II Multirole
F-35C Lightning II Multirole
B-52H Stratofortress Bomber
X-02 Wyvern Multirole Complete mission 52
X-49 Night Raven Multirole
XA-20 Razorback Attacker
Mirage IV P Attacker Available from the start Sapin Erusea
Mirage F1 Fighter
J35J Draken Multirole
Jaguar GR.1 Attacker
Mirage G8-01 Fighter Complete mission 08
Mirage 2000-5 Multirole
JA 37 Viggen Multirole
Tornado F3 Fighter
Mirage 4000 Multirole
Rafale M Multirole
JAS 39C Gripen Multirole
Typhoon Fighter
Vulcan Bomber
YR-99 Forneus Multirole Complete mission 52
YR-302 Fregata Attacker
XR-45 Cariburn Fighter
XR-900 Geopelia Multirole
Nesher Multirole Available from the start Central Usea
Kfir C.7 Multirole
J-8 Finback Fighter
FA-50 Golden Eagle Multirole Complete mission 12
F-CK-1A Ching-kuo Multirole
JF-17 Thunder Fighter
KF-X -CONCEPT- Fighter
J-10 Vigorous Dragon Fighter
J-20 Multirole
Bm-335 Lindwurm Bomber
R-101 Delphinus 1 Fighter Complete mission 52
R-102 Delphinus 2 Fighter
R-103 Delphinus 3 Fighter
MiG-21bis Fishbed Fighter Available from the start Ustio Estovakia
MiG-25PD Foxbat-E Fighter
MiG-31B Foxhound Fighter Complete mission 11
MiG-29A Fulcrum Fighter
MiG-35D Super Fulcrum Fighter
MiG-1.44 Flatpack Multirole
Tu-95 Bear Bomber
GAF-1 Varcolac Multirole Complete mission 52
MiG Firefox Fighter
Yak-38 Forger Multirole Available from the start Yuktobania
Yak-141 Freestyle Fighter
Su-17 Fitter Multirole
Su-24MP Fencer-F Multirole
Su-25TM Frogfoot Attacker
T-10 Flanker-A Fighter Complete mission 09
Su-27 Flanker-B Fighter
Su-30MKI Flanker-H Multirole
Su-33 Flanker-D Fighter
Su-34 Fullback Attacker
Su-35BM Flanker-E Fighter
Su-37 Terminator Fighter
Su-47 Berkut Multirole
S-32 Fighter
T-50 PAK-FA Fighter
Tu-160 Blackjack Bomber Complete mission 41
CFA-44 Nosferatu Multirole Complete mission 52
R-201 Asterozoa Attacker
R-211 Orcinus Attacker
R-311 Remora Fighter
UI-4054 Aurora Fighter

Notes: Bold font indicates the fictional aircraft which aren't used by the ISAF in any moment of the Campaign, and Italics denote the bombers, which are only playable online. None of these two groups of aircraft are used by the Solar Task Force, so they haven't emblems from any of the eight playable squadrons and can't be chosen in Campaign.

Non-playable aircraft[]

These aircraft aren't used by a specific country. In fact, they are personally used by the ISAF (except the Drones) and the Dinsmark Pact.



Other aircraft[]


  • ATD-0 and ASF-X are the only fictional aircraft available in Campaign mode.
  • Both the South Korean Golden Eagle and the Russian PAK-FA have the prefix T-50. To avoid confusions, it was chosen another variant of the Golden Eagle, the FA-50.
  • The Avenger II isn't the only plane which has the prefix A-12, another variant of the YF-12 and SR-71 has the same prefix. The differences are that the Avenger II is a conceptual carrier-based stealth attack aircraft and the other (the SR-71 variant) is a high speed reconnaissance aircraft. Both are totally diferent.
  • Originally, XR-900 and EDI can be piloted or work like UCAVs, but in this story both will be only piloted aircraft.
  • The MiG Firefox is originally named MiG-31 Firefox, but the "-31" was removed to avoid confusions with the MiG-31 Foxhound, which is real and totally different to the Firefox (the fictional).
  • The diferences between the ADF-01A and ADF-01F is that the ADF-01F is the same introduced from Ace Combat 5, and the ADF-01A is the variant used by the Z.O.E. Commander in Ace Combat 2. Both have small differences in appearance.
  • Between the aircraft that weren't playable in any Ace Combat game, only the YF-12 Blackbird and X-32 have fictional variants in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (the RF-12A2 Blackbird II and F/A-32C Erne respectively).
  • Because the X-36 was originally a drone and very small for a pilot, it has been decided to use its fictional counterpart from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, the XFA-36 Game.
  • Originally, the X-02 is an Erusian plane and the Bm-335 is a Belkan bomber. Probably Erusea bought the Bm-335 to Belka and sold the X-02 to Leasath. The ISAF countries are exceptions about this.
  • Each country and its squadron in the Solar Task Force use certain aircraft depending on the real country of origin. This doesn't apply to fictional aircraft:
    • Osea, Emmeria, Aurelia, Nordennavic, Belka and Leasath use American and Japanese aircraft.
    • Sapin and Erusea use European aircraft.
    • Central Usea and Erusea use Israeli, Chinese, South Korean and Taiwanese aircraft.
    • Yuktobania, Ustio and Estovakia use Russian aircraft.