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Following is the list of all Campaign missions in Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal. There are in total 52 missions. The Solar Task Force pilots will be the protagonists, the ISAF armies their allies and the Dinsmark Pact forces the enemy. All missions will be represented in tables like this one:



Mission number Title of mission Single or multiple squadron mission Playable squadrons Date of the battle Place and time of the battle
Description of the mission, including operations and mission updates.
Solar Task Force squadrons and Allied Forces:
  • Underlined black letters indicate the ground forces.
  • PLYR indicates the playable squadrons of the mission.
Enemy Forces:
  • Underlined black letters indicate the ground forces.
  • TGT indicates the targets of the mission.
  • SW indicates the superweapon (when it isn't the target).
  • TGT SW indicates when the superweapon is the target.
  • LEAD indicates the special enemy squadron (when it isn't the target).
  • TGT LEAD indicates when the special enemy squadron is the target.
Soundtracks played during the mission