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This was created on recommendation of Kitsune 1 as a sim war storyline that has a serious plot but is an endless barrel roll of laughs along the way. I thought:

"Hmm...what if we took an A-Team approach to this?"

Meaning that several misfits, who got in trouble for various reasons in their respective militaries, are thrust into combat as a mercenary unit and in doing so attempt to regain their pride while losing their dignity in the process through several farces leading to their unlikely victory.

Well...what do you think?

Wywyrm 1 04:35, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

Count me in! DA DA DU DADA DU DU DODO DA! Midsummersnow 08:0

Im all for ti. I've been waiting a while for this. Kitsune 1 22:36, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

1, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

My guy would be Daniel "Danger" Matthews.

Court Marshalled and dishonorably discharged from the Osean Air Force after his base commander caught him and his daughter in a "compromising" position (nudge-nudge,wink-wink).

thumb|300px|right|The A-TEAM!The Jury's verdict: "He couldn't keep it in his pants".

He excells as a fighter pilot, but is also an AWESOME driver, ESPECIALLY after he's had a few drinks. His primary aircraft is an Su-35BM (probably stolen), but he has two primary ground vehicles as well:

  • '68 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am (Heavily modified for a 250% increase in power with a 20% increase in fuel economy at the cost of the automatic transmission, but he's good enough with manual to handle it).

His catchphrase:

"Let's lose them for good! YEEHAW!!!"

His other catchphrase:


On another footnote, despite his seemingly carefree demeanor, he can become downright murderous if provoked.

Wywyrm 1 14:33, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

My Character is Alyosha "Kavant" Densinov

Smoking around a munitions stockpile he carelessly flicked his cigarette behind him enveloping the enitire buliding in flames and resulted in the detonation of several tons of high explosive and stockpiled air to air muntions wiping out a nearby fuel dump as well.

The Jury's Verdict: "He shoulda quit While He had the chance."

Known for having an explosive temper as well as high inetlligence, especially in history and law, Dropped out of Law School in


Quitting is for the Weak!

favor of joining the Estovakian Air Force. His Primary Aircraft is the F-16AM Fighting Falcon. However he has two aircraft they are as follows.

  • YF-17 Cobra Prototype he most likely "Aquired" from his connections in the Estovakian Air Force.
  • F-15C Eagle with FEAF markings and 12th TFS markings, though he has proceeded to paint a raven haired girl with Angel wings on the nose. (Painting is another one of his hobbies)


"Steak Em' and Bake Em!"

Kitsune 1 22:31, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

Haha! There's a reason why there's a no open flame sign near ammo dumps in the first place! XD

Anyways, THESE guys could be a duo; a crazy guy like Alyosha would be perfect as the gunner on the "Blunder-Bus"!

Wywyrm 1 00:42, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

Well in addition to Densinov, Tere is a female charcater lol. what a cliche....well here she is.

Valerie "Chimera" Fisher


Valerie and her Trusty XM-177 Commando. Special Thanks to the Artist who did this! XD

After a stint in the ISAF Air Corps as a close support pilot she was discharged after she was caught smuggling handguns for a "customer" in addition to her XO's Macintyre 688 Supa Wave Toaster Oven from his quarters along with a fountain pen. The grand total pistols, oven and pen was over 8,900 Zollars.

The Jury's Verdict: Cleptomaniac and a gun runner. Crime never pays unless you're looking away.

Known to be manipulative and saccrin sweet she can sway anyone with her charms and while they're caught up rob them blind. Joined ISAF air corps due to conscription. over time gained a love of war and battle as well, in addition to the skies. Primary Aircraft is an I.A.R-93 Vultur. Other Aircraft is an A-10A Thunderbolt II nicknamed "Mauler"

Ctachphrase: "any man is weak when you show them some tears and a whimper"

Kitsune 1 04:56, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

Santa Claw's could be the bad guy.

Santa Claws an infamous ace who strikes at the Christmas season, he also stars in a film called Tis the Season (aka SANTA CLAWS), a 1996 horror film written and directed by John A. Russo. It stars Debbie Rochon as a Scream Queen B-movie actress who is stalked by an obsessed fan (which is Santa Claw's).

The Jury's Verdict: "OMGWTFBBQ?"

Catchphase:"MY SLAY BELLZ ARE RINGING!" Midsummersnow 09:28, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

well I was thinking of the story to take place somewhere in the mid to late 90s. Where the Macintyre Aplliances Corporation becomes Mandrake Heavy Consumer Products and starts wars to selll weapons, cars, and toaster ovens for one reason or another. Santa Claws could be the Mercenary hired by Mandrake Fortinbras the president of the company in 1995-2004. i still want this to be serious.

Mandrake Heavy Consumer Products

In 1971 shortly after the 12 Day, 16 minute Oran War. Mandrake Fortinbras buys the entire stock of Macintyre Appliances and Shoots Joey Macintyre in the head to gain full control of the company. Afterwards Mandrake spreads his Operations to Kaluga, Erusea, and Laseath and becomes a dominant figure in the Osean region if not the world. Using Laesaths Cheap borderline slave labor. Mandrake is able to make cheap products and import them to the major nations. In 1994 Mandrake Produces a Private army and air corps made of Mecernaries and ex mall security to become his bully boys.

Company Slogan: "All sacrifices are necessiary in the name of God money."



A company statue in the lobby of the HQ is a Gigantic boot crushing a normal working man. A gift Erusia's sumpreme leader was proud to give him.

well It might work. but i want your imput guys.

Kitsune 1 16:44, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

I like it. It could be pretty good.

Wywyrm 1 22:04, October 31, 2010 (UTC)

Now the question remains...when should we get this party started people!? -puts key in the "Bluner-Bus"s ignition and turns over the engine-

Wywyrm 1 05:03, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Wait a second, we're missing one person...who's the badass of the group, the role of B.A.Baracus in the A-Team. Hint on personality: B.A.Baracus was played by Mr.T. I PITTY THE FOOL!!!

Wywyrm 1 05:08, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Yes we need a BADASS! we also need the Nerdy guy of the group as well. So we have the Leader, The Crazy guy, The Thief, and now we need teh Badass and Nerd XD.

got any ideas? Kitsune 1 05:18, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, I know who the Thief is, but is Alyosha or Daniel the Leader? Whiskey

I pictured Daniel to be the leader Alyosha is his second in command. and Valerie is Number 3.

Okay i have an idea for a nerdy character. (Such a bloody stereotype but no matter.)

David "Dragon" Mc Knight

Known for being a computer hacker and electronics expert as well as an adept electronic warfare pilot and operator. David was on station for the very end of the Baka War in which Belka got it ass kicked hard like always. Known for piloting an EA-18G Growler into combat his job was more harrassing the enemy radars and destroying them than dofighting. After the war he was discharged in 1996 after trying to uncover files rguarding the YF-19 Stealth Fighter which was nothing more than a plastic model.

The Jurys Verdict: "Nosey little prick wasnt he? Guilty!"

known to be quiet, anxious and even unpredictable at times this Electronic warfare expert is the man to go to if you need that mainframe hacked or that radar jammed.

Aircraft: EA-18G but most of the time is spent in the "Blunder Bus" as an operator.

Kitsune 1 05:37, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Finally, Frederick "Cobra" Becker

This guy is DANGEROUS, hence his nickname. Formerly an officer in the Belkan Army, "Fredo", as he was known by his comrades (he prefered Cobra) was arrested after a certain incident involving a poker game that was as follows:

Belkan Private: You cheated! I want my money back.

Cobra: Shut up fool! -shoots private in the head-

He was sentenced to life in a military prison as a result.

The Jury's Verdict: "This guy's F&%$ing NUTS!!!"

However, he had connections on the outside, and within two weeks, Daniel "Danger" Matthews busted him out in return for his collection of antique handguns he had stashed under his bed at home. Due to a bribe on part of Matthews, Cobra was pardoned for his crime.

This guy is a walking tank; his prefered aerial vehicle is an AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter, he also operates the 75 mm gun on the Blunder-Bus. His prefered firearm is any of the following:

M-113 Minigun



His catchphrase: Any of Mr T's lines. and "Lock and Load B%$&#es!"


Wywyrm 1 16:49, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1: The Heroes Emerge...[]

Location: Federal Republic of Estovakia, Year: 1996 (Six months after the Baka War)

A young man by the name of Alyosha Densinov was smoking a cigarette near an ammuntion/fuel dump chatting with his wingman and an Estovakian Soldier. These two were also smoking as well, not heeding the warning signs around them. The other two call it a day and dispose of their ciagrettes properly.

Estovakian Solider: See you around Densinov

Wingman: Im calling it a night, see you later Alyosha

Alyosha: Later -Smokes cigarette- God these Wessons suck! I want a Black Arrow.

Alyosha drops it out of his mouth and begins to smoke his own cigarette, a Black Arrow 100. He takes a deep hit and sighs. He wondered why he dropped out of law school in favor of joining the military and he remembered, he couldn't take the politics and arguements within the school. He almost fell victim to

a certain school adminstrator after he made certain comments about his adminship but he dropped before they could expel him. His frustration began to get to him and before he knew it he exploded.

Alyosha: ARRRGH! FORGET IT! -Throws cigarette- heh. heh..heh...

Suddenly he realized where he had thrown his cigarette. right towards the Fuel Dump. The Cigarette caught some loose fuel by a barrel and ignitied it. The fire spread through the barrel and then a massive explosion broke out. Alyosha began to run like hell, alarms rang throughout the base and the fire spread from barrel to barrel and began to branch off to the ammo dump. by the time the fire crew reached it, the ammo dump was in flames as well.

Alyosha: O-O oh shit....I'm going to get 10-15 for this stunt. Or even worse they might send me to some base in the arctic and do patrol over that god forsaken weapons project. Okay calm down maybe no one saw you throw that thing. maybe they'll think it was stacitc elect...

KABOOOM!!!! The ammo dump and several tonnes of high explosives and air to air weapons went up. flattening the area. The shockwave knocked Alyosha down. Confusion and panic sat in as people went through the rubble in the immediate area. Two soldiers pulled him from the rubble, luckily for him no one had died. But his real ordeal had just begun.

Five Weeks Later an Estovakian military court.

Alyosha knew the trial was a joke, he knew he was guilty. He just waited for the circus to be over, given his knowledge of civilian law he knew he'd be going away for a long time and could even be branded a terrorist. But this was Military Court. They could penalize him with death if they wanted to. Suddenly the judge yelled out at Alyosha.

Judge: 2nd Lt. Densinov! Stand!

Alyosha: -stands up, makes putting a gun to his head gesture- Sir.

Judge: Cut That Crap! You have been charged with Malcious detsruction of Governement property and conduct uncbecoming of an officer of the Estovakian Air Force. You plead Gulity. Now. We will see how your peers see you!

Jury Leader: We the Jury find the defedant Gulity!

Alyosha: What is my senetence?

The Judge cleared his throat. and looked at him.

Judge: We havent used this since the 1790s, but to retain the dignity of your family and your country you will be stripped of your rank and are hereby banished from the Federal Republic of Estovakia for your crime!

Alyosha: What the Hell!? What do you mean Banished!? Sergei!?

Sergei: Um. well i worked it out so you would not face any jailtime or be placed in some arctic region doing patrol by the chandelier site. So we felt banish...-Chokes- GAAAAH!
Alyosha: YOU MOTHERF***ER!

Five Days Later Over 'Kalugan Airspace

Alyosha had no choice, he had to leave Estovakia or he would be executed on the spot. He boarded a 727 to the small nation of Kaluga, it was a war torn nation with some oppurtunity. Alyosha was sat up with help from his friends in the intelligence community and was given 12,400 Zollars and a Passport. After landing in Kaluga he ran into a man by the name of Matthews and his Belkan Partner in a bar.

Bar In Donet City

Alyosha: Mother...-stumbles- look at me. What is this shit!? You dont know my pain. who i am.

Cobra: Hey look at that wreck. What a wanker.

Matthews: I dont know. Maybe he'll be of some use to us. Hey Kid!

Kitsune 1 19:09, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Alyosha looked up in the direction of the voice; there were two men there, one of them with unkept brown hair kept at shoulder length, athletic build and wearing a standard Osean BDU with Captain's rank eppaulettes sewn to the shoulders in black. The other man stood in desert flakpattern camoflage pants and a white tank top, and by his brutish disposition, Alyosha knew he wasn't to be messed with.

Alyosha: Yes?

Matthews: Seems your a bit under the weather, what happened?

Alyosha: -sighs- I just threw away my whole life with a careless mistake. Exhiled from my homeland and without any other place to go, all I have left to do is crawl in a gutter and die...

Cobra: Shut up fool! Quit wallowing in self-pitty!

Alyosha's sadness turned into a burning anger with the bruiser's remark; he threw a punch at him only to feel as if he had punched a main battle tank.

Alyosha: -grabs fist- Ooooowwwwwwwww...

Cobra: I pitty the fool who punches me! You're goin' down!

Matthews: Easy Cobra, I busted you out of prison once, and I don't know if an old dog like me can do it again.

Cobra: ...Fine...little bastard...

Matthews: Don't mind him; he's got a temper issue, but his combat experience speaks for itself, and you, my Estovakian friend, seem to have some skills yourself.

Alyosha: How do you know what country I'm from?

Matthews: -lauughs- There's nothing we can't find out. Our intel expert (Dragon) has a list of all flights coming and going from this airport for the next two months, along with the names of everyone currently on those flights; the accent is also a dead giveaway, but that's not see, we need to discuss some business...what do you know about being a mercenary?

Wywyrm 1 19:33, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Alyosha heard what he had said. Mercenary? He thought, there had to be some kind of catch but the Osean didnt seem like he was joking. He adjusted his necklace which had flown backwards from him jerking back when he hit Cobra.

Alyosha: Mercenary huh? I've heard of these types. They were real popular with Ustio and the Allies during the war. They're soliders of fortune, they fight for the highest bidder.

Matthews: Exactly my friend. Now Me and Cobra roam around the world taking up contracts for individuals all around. Whether they are Businessmen, military, or even mere civilians we'll take a contract for the right price.

Cobra: .....

Alyosha: -points to bar maid- Gimme a drink. make it a Absinthe.

Maid: Coming up sir.

Alyosha: Lets talk...

Kitsune 1 20:35, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Matthews sat down across from Alyosha as Cobra went off to order himself a beer and pulled some files out from a briefcase beside him. In it was everything the Estovakian needed to know about them for the time being; the rest would be adressed should he sign up. The first file he took out had an Osean Military Intelligence symbol on the front and a watermark reading "Classified"; this peaked Alyosha's interest.

Matthews: Now before I explain, we should introduce ourselves. I'm Daniel Matthews, you can call me Dan.

Alyosha: Alyosha Densinov.

Matthews: Nice to meet you. Now if you're wondering what's in this file, it has technical details on most of our equipment. -Opens file-

The first file had technical specs as well as schematics of some type of armed transport.

Matthews: This is our mobile headquarters, the M-0V3R-9000, a prototype APC from 1959 known commonly as the famous "Blunder-Bus".

Alyosha: -snickers- I wonder why?

Matthews: Hey, this is some serious hardware here. A 150 mile per hour top speed and armament up the Yin-Yang are not to be underestimated.

Alyosha: ...okay...go on.

Wywyrm 1 22:30, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Alyosha looked through the intelligence folder at the weapons and equipment they were ultilizing. Items like the "Bulnder Bus" and "Mini F.A.R.T" were rather humorous to him but they look they'd pose a threat to anything that attempted to attack the Mercs. This began to seem more interesting by the second.

Alyosha: I see you ultilize aircraft as well. I was a pilot in the Esto...

Matthews: We know, i was a pilot as well. Nothing like toasting some poor SOB in a trench at mach 2 -laughs- but anyway. You may be wondering where we store our aircrafts,we'll get to that soon.

Maid: -Smiles- Heres your drink sir! -hands Alyosha his Absinthe-

Alyosha got distracted for a few seconds staring at the Bar Maid. her unifrom It was tight to her chest and had a Short skirt with frills at the base. from there you got a good view of her legs clad in leather boots. Alylosha began to drool over her.

Alyosha: I'd like some of that. -snaps out of his staring- well...How much we talking pay wise?

Matthews: Well rate depends on the region, person paying for service, weapons, food, yadayada...

take Kaluga for example. This place is got more problems than the Manson family on meth.

Alyosha: haha well at least it isn't Weilvakia.

Matthews: Good point. Cobra?

The landmark of a man began to push his way through the drunken crowd with two beers in hand. Cobra took his seat beside the two and looked at Alyosha. His eyes bored into him, Cobra took his eyes off him and spoke to the Captain who was beginning to drink his beer.

Cobra: So is he tagging along with us?

Matthews: Hes still got to sign a contract and meet Dragon. Guy is probably back at the bus crunching numbers or something. Hes better off doing that. poor bastard cant hold his alcohol.

Alyosha: before i sign, what i aircraft is availiable to fly? says here you have a few of them.

Matthews: We got an F-5E that would be perfect for you to use. Theres always that MiG-23MF we stole too.

Alyosha: I got 12,360 Zollars, This is a rather run down country. What could i get for that?

Cobra: Probably could Jack an F-16A off these fools. Theres an old air field not too far from here. They got some slick planes you could "Borrow".

Matthews: Good Idea Cobra! We'll Rob em' blind!

Alyosha: Ah.

Kitsune 1 05:31, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Matthews: So...are you in?

Alyosha: ...Count me in.

Ten minutes later...

Dragon sat in the back of the Blunder-Bus with the radio blasting at full volume and while reading a swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. He wasn't much into sports, just in reading; plus the images weren't bad either.

Matthew's opened the door and slammed his fist on the radio's power switch just as the song's chorus began.

Dragon: Dammit Dan! Did you really have to do that!?

Matthews: If you'd turn the damned volume down, I wouldn't!

With that said, Dan, Cobra and Alyosha entered, the last one getting a suspicious look from Dragon.

Dragon: Who's this?

Matthews: This is Alyosha Densinov, an ex-Estovakian soldier.

Dragon: A Stovie huh? I see...why is he here?

Alyosha: I've just been hired.

Dragon: Oh...-reads magazine again-

Matthews: Dragon, put that thing down and get the radar up and running; we're ready to leave. Cobra, take shotgun. Alyosha, find a place to sit and stay there.

Dragon: Got it Dan.

Cobra: Gotcha.

Alyosha: Whatevs...-lights cigarette-

Cobra: No smoking on the bus, fool!

Alyosha: Why the hell not!?

Cobra: We have live ammunition on this thing; unless you want to set off a 75mm high-explosive round, I suggest you put that damn thing out!

Alyosha: -eyes widened- bad...

Wywyrm 1 20:15, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Matthews: Cut the chatter. We're outta here!

With that said, Matthews floored the gas pedal and the Blunder-Bus surged forward out of the parking lot at nearly a hundred miles an hour, the airport security guards looking on in disbelief.

Guard: We're supposed to catch THAT!? I don't think so!

Later, at the airbase...

The team had all outfitted themselves in Kalugan uniforms and outfitted with their weapons and had infiltrated the base; it was late at night, but even then it would be a bad idea to move about in the open, so they hid behind a hangar they were trying to infiltrate. Alyosha peered around the corner to see a pair of MPs guarding the entrance, much to his dismay.

Alyosha: It's a no-go. Security's too tight.

Cobra: Not for me... *loads RPG*

Matthews: Hold off on that for now, we need a better, we need a DISTRACTION...but what?

Omega Felsen 18:40, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, Dan's eyes shifted over to Alyosha, giving the Estovakian an uneasy feeling.

Alyosha: What?

Matthews: Hand me a cigarrette.

Alyosha: Why? These are really expensive you know.

Cobra: If you want to live long enough to get your first paycheck, I suggest you give him the damn

Alyosha: need a lighter?

Matthews: Yeah, thanks...-lights cigarette but doesn't stick it into his mouth and walks out into the open-

Alyosha: Get back here!

Cobra: Wait, I see what he's up to...look. -points ahead-

Alyosha followed Cobra's point in a straight line when suddenly he saw it: a fuel truck parked next to an ammo dump. He shook his head and sighed in derision as he realized their leader was about to make the same mistake he did. As if reading his mind, Cobra chuckled slightly.

Cobra: Relax. Danger is his middle name...

Further away, Matthews casually backed towards the truck at a slight distance away, inhaled a good quantity of smoke, blew it out in a perfect smoke ring then held it by his shoulder.

Matthews: Banzai! -flicks cigarette behind him-

Dan immediately broke into a run as he tossed the cigarette backwards. 3...2...1...BOOM!!! A massive explosion tore the truck apart and annihilated the ammo dump in a spectacular fireball; Kalugan soldiers frantically scrambled about as they tried to find ways to put out the fire as well as moving their alcohol stockpiles away from the flames. This left the hangar unguarded as a very self-ammused Dan Matthews confidently strode over to the door and walked right in.

Cobra: Damn...what a beautiful sight...

Alyosha: Yeah...beautiful... -nervous laugh-

The two of them followed Dan in to find that they had not come in vain. There were two aircraft in the hangar; a brand new F-16A Mlu and a state-of-the-art Su-33 Sea Flanker, fueled and armed for combat. There was also a C-130 parked outside that they knew had a disassembled FA.2 Sea Harrier inside of it. Cobra would jack the Hercules, while Alyosha and Dan would take the fighters.

Dan: Since I'm in charge, I choose the Flanker.

Alyosha: Fine by me; I just wanna get out of this alive!

Ten Minutes Later...

The fire had finally been put out, and the exhausted soldiers were trying to find the source of the fire when the heard the loud roar of turboprops and the whine of turbofans spooling up.

Guard: Saboteurs! They're trying to escape!

Airman: That's my Sea Flanker! They're stealing it!

MP: Let's get 'em!

Guard: With what!?

As the soldiers argued and bickered, Cobra lifted the C-130 into the air, while Dan and Alyosha were ready to take off.

Matthews: You do any piloting?

Alyosha: Not as a professional no, but I have a basic idea how.

Matthews: Luckily for you the F-16 isn't too hard to fly compared to a Sukhoi 33. Now c'mon! Let's lose 'em for good!

Dan slammed the throttle forward and shot down the runway and took off in a high-angle climb, Alyosha closely behind him. The duo leveled off then formed up with Cobra.

Dragon: Guys, I have aircraft on my scopes. Stay sharp!

Omega Felsen 06:58, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

As they gained altitude with their aircraft at full speed, Matthews slid on ahead with his Flanker while Aloysha followed with him in his newly aquired F-16A Mlu. Alyosha looked nervously back as he watched Cobra follow in the C-130 Cargo Plane. He looked at his radar and began to speak through his comms.

Alyosha: We got company. Looks like three bandits. Coming at us hot.

Dragon: They were in the air earlier. Look like Two MiG-21s and a Kfir.

Matthews: What? I used to pick my teeth with Fishbeds!

The Two MiGs went high as the Kifr hooked Left to attack the Cargo plane. Alyosha and Matthews rose with them to meet them. given how fast the Kalugans were lifting, Aloyosha and Matthews would be right behind them putting them in posistion. Suddenly the Kalugan pilots realized their errors.

Kalugan pilot 1: Shit! we overshot! They're right behind us!

Alyosha: The idiots should have realized we'd merge with them! i got tone. Launching!

Matthews: Watch the F*** Out! Firing!

Two missiles streaked to the Fishbeds, one tried to roll over and dive back down but was shot down. The other kept on going and even lauched a flare but was hit and exploded. The Kfir though was now firing its cannon at Cobra.

Cobra: Haha! Hey guys this fool is picking a fight! Take him out for me! too busy to pilot this thing anyway. Man if i had a stinger and a co-pilot! -loud thud-

Mattews: Lets get back down there and give em a hand! Dragon got anything!?

Dragon: Two more of them, looks like the Donet City International has some interceptors on hand as well. These are...Su-7s!

Aloyosha nosed his F-16 downward and turned hard right and began to barrel in on the Kfir attacking Cobra. He leveled out after getting behind on Cobra's six, he saw the Kfir as the locked on. he fired his AAM and the plane exploded. sending parts and flames everywhere. Aloyosha nosed up and accelerated past Cobra.

Cobra: Nice shot Stovie, but they're still coming! watch yourself!

Alyosha: Man I'm a roll! so this, this is what battle is like.

Matthews: Nosing over! I see em! Four Fitters! Jeez Dragon where did you learn to count!?

Dragon: From your Mother Matthews! Just get them off you and get your ass north of the city! Theres no time.

Matthews rolled over and dove towards the Su-7s while Aloysha went Left this time. Aloysha looked over and saw the Tan and green fighters. This was it. They either destroyed them or they wouldn't leave the city alive. as he thought that another group of radar contacts appeared.

Aloysha: More of you...huh?...gah im switching back to intercept those planes! Cobras going to be in trouble!

Matthews: Shoot them all down! I got this handled, these are just Fitters.

Alyosha: Steak em' and bake em'!

Kitsune 1 22:29, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Matthews: Stake em' and bake em! Banzai!!!

Two Su-7s went down in flames as Matthews fired his 30 mm, the other two falling to Alyosha's own gun. However, a single ominous blip appeared on radar, this one faster than the others.

Dragon: Guys, you got one more inbound at high speed, about Mach 2.

Matthews: He's gonna pass me in

Dan pulled up sharply to avoid a near collision with the bogey and looked behind him to see the distinctive outline of an Su-33 painted black with gold wings; he knew that paint scheme anywhere.

Matthews: Lynx...

Lynx: Captain, long time no trouble it seems?

Matthews: Listen, if you're gonna shoot, then prepare to get jumped.

Lynx: Relax, you're fine...Air Traffic Control, I've lost them. The aircraft I found was a tanker and a pair of Fulcrums.

Air Traffic Control: Roger that Lynx. Return to base.

Lynx: ...Consider that a gift; next time I won't be as merciful...

With that, Lynx rocked his wings in salute and pulled away back towards the airbase...

Later, an abandoned airfield on the Kaluga-Yuketobanian Border...

The three planes landed in sequence upon arriving at the base, although the runway was not designed for modern jets. Cobra landed first and nearly went off the edge of the runway, followed by Alyosha (who was talked through his landing by Matthews) and finally Dan. Dragon had beat them there by a mere two minutes, as the path taken by the three aircraft was anything but a straight line. Now the four of them sat in the abandoned briefing room where they discussed the night's events over a game of Five-Card Poker.

Matthews: I have to admit Al, those are some good cigs, except I haven't smoked in two years.

Alyosha: Really now? You know, I happened to have been court-marshalled in much the same way as your little...distraction.

Dragon: Full House!

Cobra: Straight Flush!

Dragon: Dammit! Lost again!

Several minutes later, Alyosha remembered yet another detail about the flight.

Alyosha: Dan...who's Lynx?

Matthews: -sighs- Lynx was my wingman back in the Osean Air Force, for a time anyways. We knew him as Alec Dyson, but in truth, he was really Alexei Dyoniv, a spy for Yuketobania's KGB; he had tried to steal the plans for, at the time, our newest fighter concept, the YF-22 Raptor. He was found out, but managed to escape in, you guessed it, an YF-22 prototype; I took off in pursuit along with the rest of my squad then split off to look for him alone...I found him, but I couldn't will myself to shoot him down. The Yukes later copied the YF-22 and developed a prototype fighter from my understanding, but I'm not too sure.

Alyosha: Why?

Matthews: Spy or not, he was my friend...or so I thought. In return for my mercy, he turned right around and shot my F-15 right out of the sky...that was the last I saw of him until about three years ago, when I encountered him working as a mercenary for the defense force of a major corporation: Mandrake Heavy Industries. He hasn't changed much since then...

Alyosha: Wow...

Dragon: I met the guy once; he's not the type of guy I want to be associated with.

Cobra: I would've shot him had we not been next to an ammo dump...

Dragon: But that's besides the point; I have discovered a major flaw in our operations. Sabotage is something we do, but that was ANYTHING but discreet what happened tonight; we need to find somebody to be a spy, who would be willing to do anything to help us accomplish our mission.

Suddenly, Dan's lips curled up into a mischievous smile as he chuckled slightly.

Dragon: What?

Matthews: I know exactly who to get. One time I was on station on the Usean Continent, and while I was there I met a fiery lass who was as two-faced as she was beautiful; our relationship was little more than a one-night-stand, but if anyone fits the bill, she does.

Cobra: You don't mean...

Matthews: Yes, I do...her name was Valerie Fischer, and knowing her, it shouldn't be too hard to find her if we look in the right spot...

Omega Felsen 02:47, November 12, 2010 (UTC)


After their chat over Lynx and who to get to gather information on their mission. Alyosha stepped outside the Blunder Bus and took a seat. He wonded about back home, he began to think about everyone and his life. He soon began to think about all the negative aspects of his life.

Alyosha: God my life sucked back when i was there! My girlfriend cheated on me, I was always assigned to beer runs for the guys, my defense attourney sold me out! Well i mean i miss Mom, Dad, Beruska, and my buddies but shit!

He proceeded to walk around the bus a couple times with his head pointed at the ground and went inside, from there he got a much needed rest from the hectic leap into the life of a mercenary. Dragon chucked a rubber ball at the ceiling of the bus and caught it as he threw it once more it bounced and hit his face causing him to fall out of his chair.

Alyosha: -looks up- Learn your lesson about elastic rubber spheres and walls?

Dragon: -lifts arm up- Quiet! I will have this figured out!

Cobra: You never learn!

Matthews: -Laughs- I'm placing a phone call. step aside Dragon.

Dragon rolled out of his way and Matthews picked the chair up, he sat down and began to plug away at a board that was an interface for a sattelite phone system from the late 80s. He plucked away the numerous keys and switches and began to push the keys on the phone.

Kitsune 1 04:14, November 12, 2010 (UTC)

A few moments later, Matthews grinned as the phone was answered.

Valerie: Hello?

Matthews: Hey there Val.

Valerie: Dan "Danger" Matthews, of all the guys who could've called me, why you?

Matthews: Aw don't be like that baby; I wasn't THAT bad was I?

Valerie: Hmm...well, not the worst, but definately not the best.

Matthews: Yeah but I was still there when those terrorists struck at San Salvacion.

Valerie: That was three years ago!

Matthews: Yeah, but if I hadn't been there THEN, YOU wouldn't be here TODAY!

Valerie: ...Touche. What do you want?

Matthews: I'll need to speak to you in person. Meet me in ten days at Apito International Airport in Osea, 1400 hours.

Valerie: Alright. See yah.

Matthews: You too. -hangs up-

Matthew chuckled to himself and smirked like he just won the lottery, as did Dragon.

Dragon: You're just as much a Lady's Man as always.

Matthews: Hey, just because I "retired" doesn't mean this old fox has lost his charm!

Omega Felsen 02:24, November 13, 2010 (UTC)