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This article is not about the real game. For the real Ace Combat 7, click here.

A treament for the seventh ace combat game.  The premise is that in 2017, a powerful yet mysterious man calling himself "the Dragon" unites Erusea, Belka, Estovakia, and Leasath under a pac known as the Confederation, and  using an EMP weapon known as GAIA to cripple the free world's air forces, starts a world war in strangereal.  In response, The ISAF and Osea form an alliance, along with Ustio, Aruelia, and Yuktobania to oppose the Confederation.  However, the Allies are overwhelmed, and are almost forced to surrender.  As a last ditch effort to stop the Confederation, The Allies call upon the greatest pilots of the past to form the worlds most powerful squadron to defeat the Conderation and the Dragon.

This squadron consists of the garuda team, Solo wing pixy, Gyprhus, and Wardog squadron.  All are lead by Mobius 1.  However, YOU play as the story boy from Ace Combat 04, now turned a pilot due to the world war.  You must stop the Dragon while harboring hatred towards Mobius 1 for shooting down Yellow 13.  

But, is yellow 13 really dead?