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The Osean Continental War is depicted in the (fictional) Ace Combat 7: Belka's Revenge

At the end of the Anean Crisis in 2015, Belka was at peace...or so it seemed. Within a short time, a nationalist faction known as the "Reborn Knights of Belka", lead by the Belkan Air Force General and Belkan War Ace Erik Felsen, Commander of Belka's 8th Air Division and also of Belka's advanced weapons program. On January 18th, 2021, the Belkan military launched a blitzkrieg attack against there neighbors, beginning the Osean Continental War..

At first the war went in Belka's favor, many of the ex-Belkan provinces, including Ustio, Gebet, Ratio, Recta, and Sapin. Eventually, the majority of western Osea was captured, including the capital of Oured. However, the surviving Osean Defense Forces managed to regroup, now lead personally by a General only known as "Blaze". The 'Ghosts of Razgriz' was reestablished, and starting with a raid on a supply facility in Apito, as well as the airport (which was used as a fighter base in in sapin, the tide began to turn in Osea's favor. After this event, several nations including the Union of Yuketobanian Republics, Federal Republic of Emmeria, Usea, the ISAF and even Erusea, Aurelia joined forces with Osea to fight against Belka once again.

Once the Allied Forces had pushed as far as the former border with South Belka, and Fato having pushed to within 45 miles of Dinsmark, Belka became desperate and deployed the mighty XB-1000X Warhammer an Osean Superbomber designed in the 80s as a militarized Arkbird. The bomber was immediately launched with fighter escort and used to attack the Fato army near Dinsmark, halting their advance. As the Osean advance resumed, Warhammer attacked again, this time at Ustio, of which a third was wiped out. The massive spaceplane attempted to climb to orbit so it could fly back to base when it was hit by a well-aimed SAM that knocked out its scramjets and fusion rockets, forcing it to keep below 65,000 feet, the maximum operating altitude of its turbofans.

On its return to its base near the Mt. Schirm mines, it was attacked in a joint assault by the 'Ghosts of Razgriz and the ISAF's 118th Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Mobius'. Despite a barrage of burst missiles and and concentrated fire from its two TLS turrets and AAM launchers, the assault was too much for the ailing bomber. With a final shot behind the cockpit, the massive aircraft broke in two and slammed into Mt. Schirm, ending the threat it posed. Blaze was reputed to have said the following in response to the Warhammers destruction:

"I spoke to Kei after the event; she talked about how much the XB-1000X, although a weapon of war, so resembled the peaceful Arkbird, which ironically was also used as a weapon in the end. I remember her telling me she cried as the massive bomber broke in half. I have to admit, I could hear the sound of the metal ripping and tearing apart; it sounded eerily like some graceful bird in agony as it was in its death throws. It still haunts me to this day..."

In the wake of this, Belka's 3117th Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Schnitter' (Reaper) appeared, equipped with state-of-the-art XFA-27s. Lead by Erich Klinsmann, the former 'Yellow 13', he noticed Mobius in the area and attempted to engage in retaliation for the loss of Yellow 4 but was ordered to retreat by his Wing Commander. Grudgingly, Klinsmann followed his orders and retreated to the North with the rest of his wing.

As JG6 and KG8 are rearming and refueling in Sudentor, they are informed of Emmeria and Yuktobania's entry into the war on the side of the Allied Forces. In response, the 3115th TJS 'Ofnir', 15th FS 'Windhover' and KG8 are put on full alert. Dinsmark and Sudentor's air defenses are bolstered in preparation for an imminent attack. A joint Yuke-Emmerian attack force then attack and neutralized a good percentage of Belka's major air bases, save the ones in Dinsmark and Sudentor, which were heavily defended. In response to this, Belka started considering the unthinkable: using a brand new superweapon far stronger than any nuclear weapon could possibly be: the Antimatter Bomb. Meanwhile, the 3113th finally deployed its newly upgraded ADF-01s and started attacking enemy bomber formations as they attacked Belkan cities and military bases. In response, several squadrons were mobilized to defeat JG6 and Belka as a whole. In one egagement, Schnitter Team engaged four Yuketobanian squadrons, but both sides exhausted their ammunition without scoring any hits, resulting in both sides having to retreat. At around this time, Emmeria's legendary Garuda Team engaged the 3113th TJS 'Wywyrm' over Stier Castle near Waldriech. Garuda 1 successfully shot down Wywyrm's 5 through 8, all of whom were listed as Killed in Action. Although the remaining Wywyrm Team members managed to escape, the loss of his wingmen shook Wywyrm 1 to the core and caused him to question what he was really fighting for: the good of his country, or personal revenge. Either way, he knew of the setback that had occurred, as half of Belka's ADF-01s were now smoking craters in the courtyards of Stier Castle.

Not long after this, ISAF's Mobius Squadron wiped out the Bussard and Meteor squadrons. Schnitter arrived to reinforce them, but was too late, and so engaged Mobius on their own to avenge their comrades (more specifically, Schnitter 1 wanted to avenge Yellow 4), resulting in the death of every member of the squadron, including the flight lead: Erich Klinsmann. Meanwhile, the 3115th TJS 'Ofnir' and the 8th Air Division, 15th Fighter Squadron "Windhover" ambushed the Emmerian Avalanche squadron, but just as all seemed lost, the legendary Galm Team appeared seemingly from nowhere and wiped out both of the squadrons, with only Ofnir's 1 and 5 surviving to tell about it; all of the Windhover pilots survived. Wywyrm Team was again attacked by Garuda, but managed to escape despite damage to Wywyrm 2's Falken.

Not long after, the Wywyrm Team takes off on a mission to eliminate the Razgriz Squadron, while KG8 takes off for a top-secret mission: deploy V1 Tactcal Nukes against targets on the Osean-South Belkan border. The AABX-01s were intercepted by the Galm and Garuda Teams, resulting in the entire wing being shot down due to lack of fighter escort. However, Belka launched a V2 ICBM upon confirming that the bombers had been shot down; 5 minutes later, impact. 7 Nuclear Explosions are set off on the Osean-South Belkan border. Despite their shock at what happened, the Wywyrm Team continued their mission. At last, the Razgriz Team appeared and engaged the Wywyrm Team and wiped out most of the team, and with two pilots of Mobius Squadron appeared and with Razgriz fired upon them; at the end of the engagement, all except Wywyrm 1 were shot down, Wywyrm 2 was killed when her plane exploded in midair, due to a missile hit intended for her flight lead as well as mechanical failure. This was her final act of sacrifice for the one man who cared about her more than anyone else; now, he was alone, and managed to escape, eventually making it to Dinsmark, where he would remain until the final battle.

Meanwhile, the Windhover Team was deployed to Anfang to provide close-air support for Belka's beleagured coastal defense units. Upon arrival, they are intercepted by the defecting Schnee Team, resulting in a dogfight between the former comrades. It ends with the two of them joining forces against their former nation, which by now has collapsed into Civil War. In a desperate attempt to keep his country together, Wywyrm 1 and several other officers pull a Coup D'tat, taking control of the nation and crushing dissent within Dinsmark. It is at this time that it is decided to use the dreaded V-X Antimatter Bomb; if it worked according to plan, as much as a 1/10 of the world's population (about one billion people) could be wiped out.

As time begins to run out, the Allied Forces prepare to launch Operation Endgame to destroy the VX, but Wywyrm 1 was a step ahead and acquired the ADF-02A Super Falken, equipped with many upgrades, MWBMs and a Morgan-Style ECM Shield. The stage was now set for the hardest-fought battle the world had ever seen. The Allied Forces begin bombing Dinsmark with 10 hours to go before launch, enraging a mob of protestors into attacking and disabling the VX launch controls. Despite many thinking it was over, many of the Allied bombers were suddenly incinerated in mid-air; they had been ambushed by Wywyrm 1's new ADF-02A, which was now controlling the launch of the VX, time to launch: 15 minutes. Eventually blaze zeroed in on Wywyrm 1 and attack him, slowly stripping his aircraft of its defenses. After a few minutes, Wywyrm 1 launched the VX as he engaged the ECM shield, meaning he could only be shot down from head-on. The dogfight rapidly escalated to its climax as the VX reached its maximum altitude just beyond the edge of space. Eventually, Wywyrm 1's plane was damaged to the point that it was disintegrating. In several desperate attempts, he tried, and failed, to ram each Ace that had fought him before his plane exploded in midair. The VX exploded harmlessly in space, and, escorted by Silber Squadron, the Aces returned to base. The War was Over.


As of January 1st, 2022 (the day after Operation Endgame), the development of Antimatter Reactors for weapons systems was officially banned. Belka, now effectively without a government, no longer exists. However, an agreement was made with General Resources Limited: they could remain in business if they could restore order to the lands controlled by Belka. They agreed to this and were given jurisdiction over North eventually restoring order within a few months.

Very few people, if any, know what happened to the Aces, but it is believed that they returned to their homelands and remain there to this day. Larry "Solo-Wing Pixy" Foulke finally gave up war and settled down in the Republic of Ustio, where he became an Anti-War activist. It is believed that the Emmerian Avalanche Squadron returned to their country and continues to serve in the Emmerian Air Force. Mobius 1 most likely returned to the Usean Continent, but not much else is known about him.

Schnee 1, after recovering from wounds sustained from ramming Wywyrm 1, became part of the General Resource Defense Force, and helped restore order to the former nation of Belka. Windhover 1's whereabouts are unknown, but it is possible he took the same route as Schnee 1. Ofnir 1, after being aqquited along with Ofnir 5, settled down in Wesson, where he and his wingman started a career together in music; among their greatest hits was a piece simply entitled 'The End of Suffering'. Wywyrm 3, never the type to stay on the ground for long, joined GRDF as a flight instructor and would go on to become a test pilot in later years. Wywyrm 4, now desitute, now moved in with his brother in Directus until he recieved a job offer from the newly reorganized Neucom Incorporated, where he would go on to design aircraft such as the YR-99 Forneus and the Delphinus series of fighters. Wywyrm's 3 and 4 later joined a shadowy group that later became Ourobors and helped to escalate the Erusian Civil War into a global conflict. They were shot down and killed on the final day of the War.

As for Wywyrm 1, the most-wanted of all the War Criminals from that war, he survived Operation Endgame. Now a broken man and stricken by grief, he fled in shame, traveling first to Ustio, then Sapin, Osea, and finally to Aurelia. He hoped to live out a peaceful existence there but was forced into battle during the Leasath-Aurelia War. Flying the MiG-44 Falcon, he flew for Aurelia under the assumed name of Ezio Martinez as the leader of the Draco Squadron. He retired for the last time after the war ended, and it wasn't discovered who Ezio Martinez was until three days before his death on December 29th, 2044; by the time the police arrived to arrest him, he had been dead for three hours, unbeknownst to them that the man in the room with him was his AI Clone, Arrik Felsen.

The war would never be forgotten, nor would those who served in it.