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This article is not about the real game. For the real Ace Combat 7, click here.


It is 2023; roughly three years after the Aurelian-Leasathian Conflict the planet of Strangereal finally seemed to be at peace and aces like the Razgriz, Garuda, Southern Cross, Ribbon Fighter and the Demon Lord have become things of the past. However, in the course of one month... three nuclear missles launched from underwater hit three different cities. The first hit November City, one of the largest cities in Osea, the second hit the Belkan capital, while the final one hit Jordan City, the most populated city in Erusia. These three attacks sent the world into chaos and for the next 9 months, sporadic fighting happened across the planet. Then politicians around the world found a scapegoat; the isolated Kingdom of Desfidare. The nations of the world formed the "World Alliance for Peace and Justice" (WAPJ). However, the Desfidareans are a brave people; the leader of the small nation immediately called upon his armed forces in an effort to protect their homeland. Will the WAPJ succeed in destroying this kingdom? Or will a new ace emerge and help the Desfidareans protect their home? And who is truly behind this conflict?

Gameplay Mechanics[]

This version of Ace Combat 7 would take elements from past Ace Combat games and combine them together.

Ace Style: In ACZ; this determined what ace squads you would face, that will be true here, in addition, there will be different missions for different styles.

Squadmates: In this AC7, you will have 3 wingmen like in AC5. Also as the campaign progresses, there will be more squadmates to chose from. Those who are chosen will fly alongside as an ally, though not commandable.

The Campaign[]

The campaign follows the story of the 17th Tactical Fighter Squadron, "Sundown".