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ok here's how this'll go guys.

The Plot

the story is centered on the nation of Aravea shortly after this nation gained it's independence from Osea. in late 2025 a faction arrose is southern Aravea known as The National Unionist Front , they aimed to down the government that they saw as corrupt. the story centers around an unlikely group of heros The ARAF's 209th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Vulcan"

The Factions

Allied Forces






Unionist forces

National Unionist Front





Mission List

Mission 1: Fish In A Barrel

Mission 2: Danger Close

Mission 3: Open War

Mission 4: Crisis

Mission 5: Honor of a Nation

Mission 6: Pushback

Mission 7: Hope is Kindled

Mission 8: Total War

Mission 9: Hearts And Minds

Mission 10: Hunter and The Hunted

Mission 11: Breakdown

Mission 12: Trump Card

Mission 13: Warrior's Way

Mission 14: Mouth of Hell

Mission 15: Final Goodbye

Mission 16: Liberation

Mission 17: Hope

Mission 1: Fish in a barrel , 1800 Hrs August 5th , 2025 , Kingsford Aravea[]

Base Commander: "-starts up a old Ax and Hammer projector- take your seats gentlemen"

Base Commander: " ok this will be a simple patrol mission. your orders are to patrol the skies above Suerte in the southeast of the nation. no action is expected but be heads up just in case"

Base Commander: "Major Lupe , i believe you had something to say"

Major Lupe: "- a man in his early 40's steps foward and begins speaking in a slight Sapinish accent - alright rooks this is your first night flight so stick close to each other and keep your eyes on me. I'll get you back home in one peice "

Base Commander: "alright you're dismissed. good luck out there"

Base Controller: "Kingsford Tower to Vulcan Leader you have clearence. Bring them back alive Major"

Lupe: "Leon roger. alright follow me"

-five SU-35S' begin to taxi and take off-

-a few hours later over southern Aravea-

Lupe: " Leon to all units report your status"

Hall: "Vulcan three here all normal nothing on radar"

Victor: "everything ok here sir"

Vox: "maaan can we go home yet ? "

Pegasus: "why dont you concentrate on your flying Vox , you're all over the place"

AWACS Guardian: "-he chuckles slightly- ok cut the chatter you're almost done out there Vulcan"

Vox: "i hear that AWACS"

-the five craft begin to turn towrds home when the AWACS cuts across their wearyness-

AWACS Guardian: "heads up ! we've got leakers , aricraft type unknown crossing the border at 3-3-2 ! Head on !"

Lupe: "damn at a time like this... ok form up ! here they come !"

Unknown: "enemy formaton is five Super Flankers , look out for the lead , he;s the one with the lion on his nose. Engage !"

Lupe: " Leon , Engaging !"

Hall: " Fletch , Engaging"

Victor: "Victor , Engaging"

Vox: "Vox , Engaging"

Pegasus: "Pegasus , Engaging"

-the five Flankers turn and begin to engage the unknown craft-

Unknown: "they're engaging, all units stop their counter attack"

AWACS Guardian: "confirned enemy craft are MiG-35's , origin unknown"

Lupe: "roger , Fox 2 !"

-the lead enemy MiG goes down in flames-

Unknown: "they got the Captain ! "

Unknown: "stay calm and assume command"

Hall: "fox 2 !"

-another MiG goes down in flames-

Unknown: "damn we'd better retreat "

Unknown: "right but first , FOX 2 !"

-the wild shot hit's Major Lupe's craft-

Lupe: "damn my left wing... Fletch you take lead i'll just bail out here. after all aircraft are replaceable"

Hall: ".... yes sir"

Lupe: "hey dont worry about me kid -punches out-"

AWACS Guardian: "all craft return to base ! let the SAR choppers handle his rescue. the enemy has just delcared war on us !!!"

End mission

Mission 2 Danger Close, 21:45 Hrs, August 5th, Suerte, Aravea[]

- The city of Suerte greeted the Vulcan Squadron with a raging red light. The enemy was performing an all-out attack from air and ground. Several fires had broken out around the places, burning everything it touched. -

Vox: "Oh my god... how could this happen...?"

Victor: "The enemies from before were probably a bait to lure us far from here."

Hall: "This is the ARAF's 209th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Vulcan". Requesting a sitrep!"

- A female voice answered Hall with an hectic tone. -

AWACS Stardust: "Thank goodness, reinforcements finally arrived! This is AWACS callsign Stardust. We're currently under attack by the National Unionist Force, and we're being overwhelmed by the second! I'll brief you about the details now!"

- Emergency inflight briefing: The city of Suerte is currently under heavy attack by the NUF, both from air and ground attacks. The enemy has surrounded the entire city and blocked every escape route from both our citizens and military. Your top priority is to break the enemy blockade at the South and assist our main forces in their escape. The enemy will surely finish off our forces from the air, so make sure you gain air superiority by the time our forces arrive at the South Point."

Vox: "Wait a second, does this mean we're retreating!?"

AWACS Stardust: "Affirmative. Our orders are to give up Suerte and regroup to counter-attack the NUF. That is if our forces manage to get out alive."

Pegasus: "No way! I'm not giving up our city to a bunch of terrorists!"

Hall: "Calm down! Don't you see we're at a clear disadvantage!? We must protect the most people possible while we still can!"

Victor: "Fletch is right. It would be suicide if we try to stand our ground when we're clearly outnumbered. That's what Leon would say."

Ally Tank: "This is the 123rd Defense Batallion, we're currently under heavy fire from ground forces! We need immediate air support!"

Hall: "We see the problem! Fletch, engaging!"

Vox: "Vox, engaging!"

Victor: "Victor, engaging"

Pegasus: "Pegasus, engaging."

Winged Ikaros 20:47, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

AWACS Guardian: "new enemy formation on radar , moving fast"

??????: "all units , lock , load and prepare to engage. for the Union !"

Hall: "what the ? "

AWACS Guardian: "confirmed , enemy formation is six SU-27UDB callsign Dragon"

Dragon Leader: "you imperialist pigs think you're so much better than the rest of us. well now's when you see you are not !"

Dragon Leader: " wipe them out !"

Dragon 2 - 6: "SIR !"

Hall: "looks like we cant head back to base unless we take out these planes. ok guys let's get this done"

WingsOfHope 01:05, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

AWACS Guardian: "Vulcan Squadron engage the hostiles and- Hold on i've got a new hostile on radar. It looks like a YF-23A."

Dragon Leader: "You're late Specter."

Specter: "It has been awhile since I've been in the air. But i'm ready to fight now."

Victor: "Looks like this isn't going to be easy."

Vox: "When is it ever? Fox 2!"

-Fires missle at Dragon 3-

Dragon 3: "You think you can hit me with that!"

-Dodges missle-

Hall: "I'm going after the 23."

Specter: "So you're my opponent. Let's see what you are capable of."

The Ace of Razgriz 17:18, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

- Hall starts to fight Specter, while the rest of the squadron confronts the Dragon Squadron -

Allied Tank: "AWCAS, where is the air support!? We're getting pounded over here!"

AWACS Stardust: "Vulcan squadron, our forces need immediate support! Please, head to their location!"

Victor: "Dammit! This is too much for us to handle! We've got our hands full with the enemy reinforcements!"

Vox: "Arghhhhh! Fine, I'm going to help our guys at ground! Victor, Pegasus, cover me while I bomb the hell out of those terrorist!"

Pegasus: "Wait, Vox!"

- Vox disengages the dogfight and flies to the escaping loyal forces-

Dragon 3: "One of the bandits is running away. He must have chickened out, haha!"

Dragon 4: "Boss, permission to chase him?"

Dragon Leader: "Shoot him down!"

Dragon 3 & 4: "Roger!"

- Two of the Dragon planes go after Vox. -

Victor: "I won't let you!" *Missile alert* Argh!"

- Victor manages to evade the missile, but at the cost of losing Dragon 3 and 4's track.-

Dragon 5: "Nope, you stay here with us! We aren't done yet!"

Pegasus: "Vox, watch out, two bandits behind you!"

Vox: "I know, I know!"

- Vox frantically breaks off right and left, evading Dragon 3 and 4's missiles and bullets. -

Vox: "Stardust, are the civilians done with the evacuation?"

AWACS Stardust: "Um, yeah, there are no civilians left in the city. Our ground forces managed to scort them out of the city, but they're pinned down at this moment."

Vox: "Then they wouldn't mind if I one or two building are destroyed, right?"

AWACS Guardian: "Vox, what are you trying to do...?"

- Vox flies at high speed between the high buildings. Dragon 3 and 4 manage to follow after him. -

Dragon 4: "What the hell? Is he nuts!? Is he trying to get us all killed!?"

Dragon 3: "We'll crash if we keep this up! Disengaging!"

- Dragon 3 flies higher, out of danger of colliding with the buildings. -

Vox: "Gotcha!"

- Vox shoots a missile at the now defenseless Dragon plane. -

Dragon 3: "Dam-!"

- The missile hits and engulfs Dragon 3's plane in flames. -

Vox: "Wooooooooooooooooo!"

Pegasus: "He's a crazy bastard, but he's good!"

Victor: "We mustn't let ourselves get beaten by Vox, let's end this, Pegasus!"

(After several seconds of intense dogfight, Pegasus and Victor manage to shoot Dragon 2, 5 and 6 down)

Victor: "Phew... Vox, need help?"

Vox: "I'm fine, I can outmaneuver him... Wait, what about Fletch? Is he alright? I haven't heard him for a while..."

Winged Ikaros 18:37, February 17, 2012 (UTC)

AWACS Guardian: "hold up new signatures on radar..... identifying"

Royal Leader: "Osean Air Defense Force , 134th Tacitcal Fighter Squadron to Aravean Air Force AWACS , we observed your situation on radar. how can we help"

AWACS Guardian: "confirmed , Osean Air Defense Force 134th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Royal" , perfect timing. our boys are out gunned here. can you help out ?"

Royal Leader: "will advise on availability. contacting our headquarters"

AWACS Guardian: "roger"

-a few tense moments pass-

Royal Leader: "be advised Guardian , we have been given full permision to assist you against terrorist forces"

-the formation of seven Osean F-15C's turn into the battle zone-

WingsOfHope 19:59, February 17, 2012 (UTC)

-Where Specter and Hall are fighting-

Specter: "Your skills are impressive."

Hall: "Damn! I can't get a lock on this guy."

Specter: "It will be a shame to kill such a worthy opponent."

Hall: "Why are you doing this!?"

Specter: "Are you asking me why I'm doing this? Or are you asking why they are doing this?"

Hall: "Why are you people doing this? Why terrorism?"

Specter: "So you think we're terrorist. From the looks of things maybe we are. But our leader would call us Liberators."

Hall: "You can call yourself whatever you want. I won't let you get away with this!"

Specter: "Will you now? And how will you do this? You haven't got a single lock on me ever since we've been fighting. There is nothing you can do!"

Royal Leader: "Hostile in sight. Prepare to engage."

Specter: "Hmmm...It looks like you'll live to see another day. But before I leave, I have a gift from the NUF."

The Ace of Razgriz 16:07, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

-Specter fires a missile to the Suerte Radio Tower, the tallest building in the city. It impacts on a weak structural point, and the building starts to crumble and fall apart-

Allied Tank: "The building is collapsing!"

Vox: "DAMN!"

Victor: "Watch out, brother!"

-Vox, who was flying towards the tower, narrowly evades the falling debris. His pursuer, Dragon 4, is not so lucky, and his plane wrecks when a huge piece of the building hits it.-

Victor: "Vox, you alright!?"

Vox: "Yeah, I'm alive... *pant* I thought I wouldn't make it."

Enemy Tank: "The tower has fallen just between the Aravean forces and us! We can't intercept them!"

Enemy Commander: "All units, stop the pursuit! Enemy air reinforcements have arrived. Prepare for anti-air defense."

Dragon 1: "The city of Suerte is ours, you can't do anything to take it back now. But mark my words, Vulcan Squadron: when we meet again, I'll avenge my companions!"

- Dragon 1, the only remaining member of the Dragon Squadron, leaves the battle zone with Specter.-

AWACS Stardust: "Our ground forces managed to escape the city, and the enemy has given up in their pursuit. I guess we have to thank that guy for this..."

AWACS Guardian: "The enemy fighters have left the battle zone. But no matter how we look at it, we can't call this a victory. We lost the city of Suerte, and the Radio Tower has been destroyed. This will surely have a negative impact in our morale."

Hall: "..."

Winged Ikaros 16:31, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

Royal Leader: "Royal 2 , Royal 4 track the 23 , Royal Leader to Aravean Fighters , you alright ?"

Hall: "Captian Anthony Hall , Callsign Fletch. yeah i'm alright. you're Osean right ? good thing you guys got here when you did"

AWACS Apollo: "Osean Air Defense Force 13th Air Division to Aravean 1st Air Division do you read"

AWACS Guardian: "roger Apollo , we owe you guys one"

AWACS Apollo: "looks like the enemy is falling back. can you fill us in on whats going on here ?"

AWACS Guardian: "those fighters where part of a extremeist group calling themselves the National Union Front"

Hall: "yeah my unit was jumped by them a couple of days ago and then this attack"

AWACS Apollo:" alright , i'll send this info back to Osean Command. for now we've been ordered to support you in any way we can"

AWACS Guardian: "understood, follow us. all Aravean craft we're heading home"

Hall: "roger , Vulcan squadron disengage we're heading home"


WingsOfHope 19:03, February 21, 2012 (UTC)


-the Aravean and Osean craft land at Kingsford AFB-

Hall: "man what a day"

Vox: "you're telling me"

-the Osean pilots join the Vulcan in the rec room-

Hall: "you guys saved my butt out there today." -holds out his hand to the lead Osean pilot-

Henning: -shakes the proffered hand-

Henning: " Name's Ethan."

Hall: "Anthony , nice to meet ya"

Henning: "likewise , this is my team."

Hunt: "Marie Hunt , Royal Two"

Carter: "Jace Carter, Royal Three"

Hendricks: "Jack Hendricks , Royal Four"

Young: "Vince Young , Royal Five"

Dimitri: "Alexi Dimitri , Royal Six"

Thomas: "Aaron Thomas , Royal Seven"

Hall: "good to meet you guys. well seein as we're gonig to be working together i might as well intro my team."

M. Ross: "Mike Ross , Vulcan 2"

H. Ross: "Henry Ross , Vulcan 3"

Faust: "Erich Faust , Vulcan 4"

WingsOfHope 19:13, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Henning: "Hold on, I thought there was some guy called "Lupe"... Were is he?"

M. Ross: "Crap! With all this I completely forgot about Leon! Guys, we have to ask Guardian about him!"

H. Ross: "I really hope he's all fine..."

Hall: "Our captain was shot down in a skirmish a few hours before the attack on the city, and we were too busy to ask about his condition. If you excuse us..."

Henning: "I'll go with you. I've know Leon for a long time, and I'm worried about him as well."

Faust: "Really? How did you know each other?"

Henning: "We were allies back in theCircum-Pacific War, before your country separated from Osea."

M. Ross: "I bet you can tell us something interesting about Leon when he was young!"

Henning: "Well, it's a long story... But it's true that Leon was really unique back then."

Hall: "Then I'll treat you to the finest whiskey bottle and share some stories when Leon gets home."

Henning: "Hahahaha, I'll look forward to it, Hall."

- The Vulcan Squadron and the leader of the Royal Squadron arrive at the door of the Intelligence Room of the base. Hall knocks the door, and after a few seconds, the voice of Colonel Jenkins (AWACS Guardian) tells him to go in.-

Winged Ikaros 20:28, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Col Jenkins: "well Capitan i've been asked to give you this." -hands him a small black box containg Major's rank insignia- " you've been promoted ."

Hall: " sir... did the colonel ? did he survive"

Col Jenkins: "i'm afraid not a trace of him was found. no parachute. no nothing"

Hall: "damn."

Col Jenkins: "we've also obtained information on the location of the rebels main base. they're loacted at Slvere on the southeastern coast"

WingsOfHope 21:35, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Mission 3 Open War 21:13 hours , August 8th , Bivieaca , Aravea[]

Base Commander: -logs on- "alright listen up. it has been confirmed that a terrorist group calling themselves the National Union Front are claiming responsability for the attack upon Suerte"

Base Commander: " we've been ordered to join up with the rest of our forces that are gathering at Bivieaca in the eastern region"

Base Commander: " from there your orders are to conduct a massive recon mission southwest of Bivieaca. engage any enemy forces found... dismissed !"

-about 1 hour later over Bivieaca-

AWACS Guardian: " ok everyone listen up. we're coming up on the rendevous point"

Hall : "roger AWACS. i see some OADF craft mixed in among ours"

AWACS Guardian: "yes they're part of the OADF's 12th Air Division. they've been assigned to assist us"

Stinger 1-1: " Stinger 1-1 to AWACS Guardian we're under your command"

Puma 1: "glad to fly with you gentlemen. we'll do our best to keep up"

Hall: " Vulcan 1 , callsign Fletch. glad to meet ya boys"

AWACS Guardian: "ok everyone begin your patrols. Puma you'll work with Vulcan"

Puma 1: "understood , looks like we'll be flying the skies together Vulcan"

-A few moments later-

Hall: "Alright guys, so far we've got nothing on radar."

Victor: "Puma, you guys see anything yet?"

Puma 1: "Nothing so far Vulcan."

AWACS Guardian: "Keep up your patrol guys. We should find something soon."

Vox: "We are not finding anything. Man, I wanted to get back at those guys.

The Ace of Razgriz 19:03, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

Vox: "Hey, Pegasus, you didn't say anything, man. Something in mind?"

Pegasus: "Actually, I was wondering why do we need three full squadrons just for a recon... Do you think the command is hiding something from us?"

Victor: "*sigh* You and your conspiracy theories. I'll bet we will encounter nothing more than a few AA guns and-"

AWACS Guardian: "Caution all allied aircraft! Heat signals coming from several locations underground!"

Pegasus: "Told ya something smelled fishy."

AWACS Guardian: "Multiple ICBMs launching from underground silos! Standby..."

Vox: "Uh oh, that's something quite serious..."

AWACS Guardian: "Base command ordered to intercept and destroy all missiles before they reach maximum height! All aircraft, engage!"

Puma 1: "We don't know what kind of cargo are loaded in the ICBMs. Stay on your toes."

Stinger 1-1: "Vulcan leader, permission to separate and engage the missile at vector 5-4-1!"

Hall: "Roger. Fletch engaging!"

Vox: "Vox, engaging!"

Victor: "Victor, engaging!"

Pegasus: "...Pegasus, engaging."

Winged Ikaros 22:47, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

Vox: "I'm coming up on a ICBM and- Whoa! That was close."

Hall: "Try to stay away from the flames Vulcan. Let's take them out quickly!"

Pegasus: "Where do you think the ICBMs are heading?"

Victor: "If we keep our cool and take them all out hopefully we'll never have to find out."

Hall: "I'm about to take one out. Be prepared for anything. Fox 2!"

- Hall fires a missle hiting the ICBM, causing a large explosion."

Vox: "Whoa! My plane is in a stall!"

Victor: "Dammit! My plane is stalling too! What are these people thinking!?"

Stinger 1-1: "Vulcan Squadron! We saw the explosion from here. Are you okay?"

Hall: "We're fine. But we will have to keep our distance while trying to destroy these ICBMs."

The Ace of Razgriz 18:51, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

Hall: " ok guys keep your distance when engaging the ICMB's. Keep it tight and we'll finish this "

AWACS Guarian: " all units , ICBM's confirmed to be carrying PEGASUS warheads. Watch your distance to target when engaging "

WingsOfHope 01:30, December 30, 2012 (UTC)

Vox: "Well we've got a Pegasus warhead ourselves. Isn't that right Erich?"

Pegasus: "This isn't the time for jokes Vox. We really need to make sure none of these ICBMs escape."

Victor: " What are PEGASUS warheads doing in Aravea anyways!? I thought the Peace Branch Treaty banned them on the Osean Continent, hell even Belka was one of the first nations to sign the treaty against them."

The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 17:40, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

AWACS Guardian: " most likely the NUF purchased them through some black market means. in any case you orders are to shoot them all down "

WingsOfHope 23:21, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

Hall: "You heard him. Take them all out!"

Vox: "I see another one launching! Fox 2!"

- Vox fires a missile at the ICBM, destroying it on impact. -

AWACS Guardian: " Another one down. Keep it up Vulcan."

Pegasus: "Dammit! More are launching! Two...Three...Four. We can't get them all!"

Arkbird II: "AWACS this is the Arkbird II. We've recieved the go ahead to help with the ICBMs, but we'll need to link up with the squadron below in order for our lasers to get a lock on the ICBMs in time."

AWACS Guardian: "Roger that Arkbrid II."

Arkbird II: "Can you hear us now? We need you guys to keep a visual on the ICBMs. That way our laser cannons can shoot them down. Can you do this for us?"

Hall: "Yes."

Arkbird II: "Good. Other forces in the area will be doing the same so focus on the ICBMs that are in your area."

The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 15:18, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

AWACS Guardian: " hold up , new signatures on radar. "

AWACS Guardian: " all units heads up enemy fighter group identified as NUAF 33rd Special Fighter Squadron "

Hall: " roger that AWACS  , i have ten MiG-29K's on screen. " WingsOfHope 07:30, January 9, 2013 (UTC)

Victor: "Argh! We don't need this right now!"

Ravager 1: "There they are."

Ravager 3: "So how do you want to do this boss?"

Ravager 1: "Keep thier forces at bay so that the ICBMs can do thier job."

Hall: "Here they come."

Vox: "What do we do?"

Hall: " Remember that week of training I had you guys do?"

Vox: "I don't even want to think about E-Week!"

Hall: "Don't engage the fighters. Evade and focus on the ICBMs."

Ravager 2: "They're not even focused on us! I'll teach them a lesson!"

- Ravager 2 fires a missile at Pegasus. -

The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 15:10, January 9, 2013 (UTC)