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Note: the Portuguese and Russian parts of this article is intentional!

Ace combat Arctic Breakdown take place in 2067, between the intense dispute for natural resources in the arctic region of strangereal and the support of the space station artica. All in the midst of two nations that have recently emerged.

Intro: The story of Frizia[]

-many people ask me how it is to live inside a glass globe. they find it very cool here in this weather, and think they will come to "the most progressive region in the world." but to be honest, I seem to be caged.

Since the end of the Sapin protocol in 2048, exploitation of this region is free to ambitious minds and all I could see is this white expanse of factories covered to the top with snow. I may not have another perspective of how the world is, because I have always lived here. Frizia is a nation in the middle of nowhere surrounded by tons and tons of ice, and turning his head up, we can see something floating up there, shining in white.


"Grande Perola"

To the people living within the "Grande Pérola," this is the source of pride of the people. White Pearl space station floats just above our heads. People here call it "a Grande Pérola Branca".

Friza Rose from a scientific research station, called "A Pérola da Neve". 50 years ago, none of that around me existed. Everything here, were just a Meteor Crater in the small Lamia island. Back then, this was still Nordennavic territory. There is a legend that this crater was a peice of the Ullysses Meteor, but since i didn't live in the time that Ullysses crashed into this island, I can't tell for sure.

Here our langagues are Portugese, English and Japanese. Inside the "Grande Pérola", the climate is controled by heaters and air conditioners, making pleasant 20 °C temperature, while Outside the Pearl, the temperature is -40°C.

I along with my three brothers formed the group of Arctic Frizia Air Force however, each one of us were assigned to different squads.

Manfred, today is the Squad Leader of the "Rubi" Squadron.

Segei, today is Leader of the "Topázio" Squadron.

Luiz, is Leader of the "Esmeralda" Squadron.

and I am the Leader of "Safira" Squadron.

We are known as the Jewels of the Frizia Nation, but however, we can only meet each other in special occasions. My squadron is the only one that is all time battle-ready, and is considered the gateway to our air force for the nuggets. To me, is only a boring chain training for beginners. I was always known as the Best of the "Grande Perola", but i always got nothing for that. Until that day.

Mission 1: The Could Lance[]

I was waked by an anoying Sound.

-an Air Raid?! You got to be Kidding Me...

i woke up with all my bad mod, and walked to the hangar, getting my beloved MiG 33,and going to the air imediately. something was telling me that this is not a common day.everything was in chaos.

as i enter the COFFIN plane, i could hear someone talking: " that Grakiess Pigs. they don't want nothing of anyone and now they are atacking us!"

as my squadron was taking off, i can see three formations of fighters across the sky. their distinctive colors told me that something really serious was going on.

-holy crap, something real bad happened.

but, somehow i was happy that i could fly with my brothers that day. untill that hapened... [Grande Perola,3/30/2067 7:14 AM]

Grade Perola Military Station(GPMS): Something real big is on the radar... 20... no 50 fighters are on the screen.

Rubi 1: this is Rubi 1 to all planes. we will have a nice blodly red flight today. is nice to see everyone is ready.

Esmeralda 1:Manfred, don't be too cooky, i am leading the flight today, did you forget?!

Rubi 1:i'm sorry "Senhor Intocavel",i know that since the begining.

Topazio 1:Manfred, Luiz... Stop It! this is the worst time to fight between yourselves.

Rubi 1: i guess our little "Caçula" have shit his pants.

Safira 1:Very Funny, you jerk. *taking off*

Rubi 1/Esmeralda 1: Hahahahahahahaha... you angry,bro?! sorry to take you off from your bed so early.

Safira 1: why just Air Raids take place this early on morning. *in formation with Rubi,Esmeralda and Topazio*

Esmeralda 1: and i ask you... why don't you go to bed early before leaving for a mission like this?!God...

Safira 1:hey, don't blame me to have insomnia.

AWACS Platina: Esmeralda,Safira,Topazio and Rubi. Cut the chatter... the enemy is near. use codenames in battle and talk to your squadron teamates.

Rubi 1:everything "to cut all our cheap". phew, we already know that... "Platina Head"... Rubi 1,2,3 and 4 i want you on my wings. the other ruby members of the unit, cover my tail.

Esmeralda 1:Manfred and his old Fashioned Techniches,Esmeralda Squadron, Formation head of the falcon.

Topazio 1:seshh, look who's talking... Topazio Squadron, you are cleared to dispose.

-Mission Start-

Safira 1: Safia 1 to all planes,i want you to fly in formation utill we reach the target, got that nuggets?! that's no reason to be afraid everyone, just do what you were trained for...

Rubi 1: looks like the old Fashioned isn't me Esmeralda, is Safira.

Esmeralda 1: Hahahahahahahaha... you really think that your squadron will last 5 minutes with this lineup?! Do not make me laugh.

AWACS Platina: Esmeralda! Cut the chatter...

Esmeralda: Yare.. yare... "Platina Head".

Grade Perola Military Station(GPMS):the things is getting worse and worse, i can see 200 fighters on the radar!

Topazio 1: jesus, where the hell they got so many fighters?

Safira 1: i don't know Topazio.

Esmeralda 1:i bet 10 Useuros that is F-22C

Rubi 1: I double the bet... i think they will come with Ernes

Esmeralda 1: Safira, wanna bet?!

Safira 1: no thanks... i always lose the bets with you...

  • fighters apear on radar screen*

Rubi 1: Yeah! i knew it... your 20 Useuros are Mine!

Esmeralda 1:Damm it...

Safira 1: gezz...

Esmeralda 1: don't be so serious Safira. how do you pass confidence to your teamates?!

look at them, they are trembling in fear.

Safira 1: Taly ho... we got company... let's go!

AWACS Platina: all Frizian Planes in flight, take the fight away to the capital is our main priority, don't let them get any closer to the "Grande Perola".

Safira 1: Safira, Roger...

Topazio 1: Topazio, Roger...

Rubi 1: Blodly Red Ruby, Roger...

Safira 1: Jesus... i swear...

Esmeralda 1: Esmeralda, Roger...

  • after killing 40 fighters*

Topazio 1: look at that there are so many small fry, that we can't control the airspace at all...

  • Missle alert Sound*

AWACS Platina: Something Big on radar.... Look out...

  • cutscene of a ICBM in flight*


Rubi 1: Holy Shit!

AWACS Platina: Shot Down that missle before it Reaches the Capital...

  • after destroying the ICBM*

Rubi 1: This is your "captain" Talking... Everybody alive?!

Safira 1: Manfred... stop with this jokes...

  • the sound is still in effect*

AWACS Platina: DAMM IT! More of them...

Esmeralda 1: Watch Out, Sergei!!!!

  • ICBM Inpact on Topazio 1*


Safira 1: Damm it... Damm it...

  • lots of Cruise missles apears and destroys the "Grande Perola"*

-Mission Complete-

AWACS Platina: Damm it...

i'm sorry to say it... but...

Safira 1: heh... heh....

AWACS Platina:it seems that nobody survived.

Rubi 1: Grakiess Pigs... i will kill... EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!

  • Grakiess Fighters start to Retreat*

AWACS Platina: Rubi 1, Stop your engagment and return to base... it apllies to everyone in the air

Rubi 1: I Won't go Anywere...

AWACS Platina: is just temporarely... Stop your Engagment and return to base... we suferred heavy loses...

Rubi 1: I promisse... i will Avenge you Sergei...


The battle is over, and Grakiess ir retreating from the "Grande Perola". You did great works but we suffered Heavy loses.for now, we will retreat for the Anderson coast Air Base, to Regroup and counter attack.

Mission 2:Death Confirmation[]

-intro Cutscene-

after we touch down the bad condition runway in the anderson coast air base. i finally realized that my home was gone. my brother was gone.... the skies above me are lit by dancing lights. a bad feeling about the next battle from nature,perhaps.

from 2 miles away, we can still hear the sounds of land reallocation. as the "Grande Perola" still is holding on precariously on its elevated any time, we can hear a big "BOOOM".with its fortified base, but its fragile top, i really doubt that anyone survived those missiles.

I miss my brother. look at my other brothers and knowing that one is missing, really disturbs me. had he survived?! who knows ...

manfred seems to be very disturbed too... it seems like he would't be the same no more...

ominously repeating: I could have saved him ... I could have saved him ...

Grakiess is a nation that never acepted help wen it rose up.For them there is no one to trust. and it is our neighboring country. there was never even a simple conversation between the two countries Grakiess, anybody foreign that tries to enter their beloved country,is an territorial invasion, and the response of their air force is fast.

once them, i heard a legend, that one man on their skies, was considered the "god of winds".but, i didn't ever know who he is... they are saving the best to the end, i supose.

and think that a neighbor who never talks to anyone we would attack. and why the people of this nation would think of such a thing?! for us ... it still remains a mystery.


we've reicived information that new troops of Grakiess are planning to return to the "Grande Perola", to confirm the death of all citizens to our capital.

if they turn back to our contry again, we will have nowhere to hide, as this base is two miles far from the Capital. so be prepared to an intense fight everyone. your objective is to mantain the Anderson Coast Base, secure.that's all.

Jewels of Frizia. our destiny is on your hands.


[Anderson Coast air Base; 4/1/2067 13:08 PM]

-in mission intro cutscene-

Anderson Coast Base: Safira Squadron. You are cleared to take off

-Takeoff sequence-

Anderson Coast Base: Altitude Restrictions cancelled. Good luck Safira.

-some time after-

Rubi 1: i will nail these pigs.

Esmeralda 1: we will... we will...

AWACS Platina:All units on air, Several contacts on the sky. they must be Grakian Fighters.

Safira 1:there you are...

-Mission Start-

Grakiess Pilot 1:my podtverdimsmerti etikh trusov.(let's confirm these coward's death)

Grakiess Pilot 2:oni budut platitʹ za ostavlyayabolʹshuyu dyru v nashyeĭ granitsy.(they will pay, as they left a hole in our border)

Grakiess Pilot 3:podtverdili neskolʹko tselyeĭ izyuzhnoĭ chasti ostrova , idut pryamo vlitso.(confirmed multiple targets from the south of the island, are coming right to face us).

Grakiess Pilot 1:Teperʹ teperʹ , kazhet·sya, chtolevaya storona trusosti , chtoby borotʹsya zaposledniĭ klochok zemli , da? ! frizianzki ?(well,well, it seems that they left the side of cowardice to fight for the last piece of land, huh?! frizianzki?!)

AWACS Platina: something is very wrong here... all i could translate is that the conplain that were atacked first.

Safira 1: But it doesn't make any sense... we haven't attacked anyone...

AWACS Platina: i don't know if i am translating right, but it is what it seems...

Rubi 1: they're trying to make nice ... that... bastards!

AWACS Platina: Rubi 1.... Calm yourself. i will try to make contact with the enemy.we need to confirm the situation.

Rubi 1: you telling me to calm myself platina?! Look what they've done with Sergei. i will not forgive them. never!

Safira 1: Manfred, Don't take precipted conclusions!

Rubi 1: Shove it... i will not let they get any further...

Grakiess Pilot 2: kazhet·sya , chto chelovek v kraĭnem napryazhenii .(it seems that one is under extreme stress.)

Grakiess Pilot 1:bolʹshoĭ , eto sdelaet yego smertʹ legche.(great, it will make his death easier.)

AWACS Platina: This is an Speach from Arctic Frizia air Force. indentify yourselves and state your intentions.

Grakiess Pilot 1: what a Terrible Humor Sense that you have, Frizianzki... NOW REMEBER WHAT YOU'VE DONE!

AWACS Platina:there was no such atack from ourselves from our contry.

Grakiess Pilot 1: Hypocrite! you drop a nuclear bomb in our country and want it to leave it at that?! you are getting what they deserve.

Rubi 1: the only hypocrite here is you... you will not get... AHHHHHHHHHHHRGHHH!!!!!

-Rubi 1 shot down-

Safira 1:Manfred!!!!!!

Grakiess Pilots 1: this is what you get for destroy our country,Frizianzki worm!

AWACS Platina: What is this... i see a chute!!!

-cutscene where Rubi 1 apears in a parachute-

Rubi 1: It's not over Yet... i swear... Grakian Pig...

AWACS Platina: Warning... Warning... all Planes!!! Protect Rubi 1 is our main priority!

-Mission Update-

Gidra 1: Gidra 2 , Gidra 3 ... Sverzhenie Eto oshibka navsegda. slavu nashyeĭ strane!( Overthrow That bug for ever! the glory of our country!)

Gidra 2/Gidra 3: HAIL, Grakiess!!!!

AWACS Platina:so these pilots are the Elite Grakiess team Gidra. that's bad news.

Esmeralda 1: damm it... They are fast!

Safira 4: Capitan, Behind you... aaarrghh!!! -Safira 4 shot down-

Safira 1: Safira 4!!!!

-an Esmeralda Squadron Plane explodes in front of Safira 1-

Esmeralda 1: Esmeralda 3... Damm it...

Gidra 1: Don't think you will scape your fate Frizianzki!!!

Safira 2: Bandit on yor Six, Capitain!!!

AWACS Platina: Safira 4 haven't ejected yet... i think he's...

Safira 1: No... Safira 4... Esmeralda 3....

-after dealing certain damage on any of Gidra planes-

Grakian Base: Zdesʹkomandnoĭ bitvy Grakiess.Vy khotite , chtoby ubitʹ Gidra komande ?
Vozvrashchenie v bazovyĭ srazu ... yestʹ prikaz.(Here is the Battle Comand center of Grakies. Hydra squadron,you want to kill yourseves?! Return to base imediately... is an order)

Gidra 1:GHRAAAAAA!!!!!! you might have won today firianzki... but we will back... and you'll have no place to hide... eskadrilʹi, Ot·stuplenie!(Squadron,Retreat!!!)

-Mission Acomplished-

AWACS Platina: They are Retreating!!!!

Esmeralda 1: How about Manfred?

AWACS Platina: He is safetly landed.

Safira 1:Thank godness...

AWACS Platina:Safira,Esmeralda and Rubi Teams. return to base. i wil stay here until the rescue team arrives.


The operation was a sucess... however, he suffered more loses.

Rubi 1 was found saftely landed in Anderson Beach.however, he had several bone injuries due to his forced ejection.

we cannot lose any more people in this war.therefore, Rubi 1 will undergo treatment for a return to air shortly.

about the Grakiess Information of a nuclear bombing on their Border,however, was 100% true.and they blame us for this this state, we have no choice but to launch a full scale war against Grakiess.

Mission 3: Freezing Point[]

once we return to base again, I went to the infirmary to see my brother. i could see the despair in his eyes.

once again repeating those words: i could have saved him...

and looking at me, calmly, he said: - Have a seat my brother.

i've got my seat. and looked at his face. I felt sorry for him.

-heh... i used to laugh everything... now look at me.i was too careless.

-i promisse Manfred. for sergei... i will avenge him if i see the Gidra squadron again.

-no... listen... Revenge is like a double-edged can cut what you want with it ... but will also be sheared.Grakiess have their reasons to be angry too... so... i think, that the only thing that we can do is wait. i don't blame them for atack. but one thing i will never forget... is my brother.

since we have never found the body of sergei until now, i prefer to have hope, and think that he is still alive. but,if he is badly injuried, and nobody have rescued him... he probably would be also... dead...frozen in the ice.

every second that passes, the more I lose hope that my brother is alive.

what's left of us... our people... was only ... a small town located a few miles away from the "grande perola".they planned to build more satelite cities,near the "grande perola", but i think they will never achive their dreams.

"once... this place was called,the most flourishing in the world. now ... nothing left... but a pile of rubble."

i wrote to my friends far away from here... using the sphere.


an operation to protect our last city will begin in few is likely to Grakiess army, want to attack the last source of civil resistance that we need to do something urgently. Rubi,Safira and Esmeralda, the lifes of thousands of people are in your hands. so, you must protect the Anderson City at any coast. you will do an air patrol over the city, while some other jets land on the city's airport.our objective: make anderson city an emergencial military base, as we can plan our next steps. if any plane of Grakiess apear on radar. you are cleared to shot it down.

that is all. Launch.

-in game cutscene-

[Anderson Coast Base; 4/2/2067 16:09 AM]

Anderson Coast Base: Safira Squadron. You are cleared to take off

-Takeoff sequence-

Anderson Coast Base: Altitude Restrictions cancelled. Good luck Safira.

-some time after-

AWACS Platina: well... Safira and Esmeralda Squadron, Rubi Planes are now temporarily without a leader ... then this squad provisionally will receive orders from you.

Rubi 1: Hey Kids... Take care of my men while i'm stuck in a hospital Bed, ok? i don't want to see anybody dead when i back to action.

Safira 1: don't worry Manfred. we will take good care of them...

Esmeralda 1: yeah. relax, ok?

Rubi 1: hear your voices of lazy men make the things better...

Safira 1: jerk.

Rubi 1: as i cannot go to the skies now, the only thing i can do is trust them for you. good look up there.

AWACS Platina: atention... Safira and Esmeralda Planes. as Rubi doesn't have a leader, they will Land First.

Safira 1: Safira 1, Roger.

Esmeralda 1: Esmeralda 1, Roger.

AWACS Platina: 5 miles to go.

Safira 1: i bet manfred is is dying to leave the hospital bed. I think he does not trust in our escort.

Esmeralda 1:heh ... if I were him,i wouldn't trust you with my entire squad.

Safira 1: that's oficial... you two are completely idiots.

AWACS Platina: 4 miles to go.

Esmeralda 1: but... in these times, Safira... there is nothing that we can do. so it make us... less idiots?

Safira 1: do i need to answer this question?

AWACS Platina: 3 miles to go.

Rubi 7: this is Rubi 7 to Safira Planes. i'm having trouble with thortle here...

Safira 1: Safira 1 to Rubi 7. you will have priority to land.please,take the lead of rubi planes and stay behind us.

Rubi 7: Rubi 7, Roger.

AWACS Platina: 2 Miles to go. Rubi 7, you think you can make it?

Rubi 7:Afirmative, Platina... no need to bail out...

Esmeralda 1: i guess someone forgot to turn on the deicing system.

Rubi 7: Stop with your jokes Esmeralda 1... the deicing of my plane is in perfect conditions.

Esmeralda 1: sorry... sorry... i'm just trying to "break the ice."

AWACS Platina: 1 Mile to go. all rubi planes... line up with Rubi 7 and land.

Rubi 4: this is Rubi 4. looks like my yaw isn't working.

Safira 1: What do you think brother?!

Esmeralda 1: Sabotage.

Safira 1: the same here.

Rubi 7: this is Rubi 7... Landed.

Rubi 5: this is Rubi 5, landed.

Rubi 3: this is Rubi 3, landed.

Safira 1: atention all Rubi Planes. Rubi 4 have priority to land.

AWACS Platina: the air looks clean. looks like we will have no fight today.

Rubi 4: i'm Having Trouble with my cannards and yaws... everything seems to be frozen.

Safira 1: Rubi 4. Bail out.... we can replace this things...

Rubi 4: i think i can do it...

Safira 1: you will be a dead man if you freeze while landing... please... Bail Out.

Rubi 4: ok... Bailing Out in 3,2,1...

-cutscene focusing on Rubi 4-

AWACS Platina: what's wrong Rubi 4?

Rubi 4: the canopy doesn't blow... and the rockets are frozen.

Safira 1: what the...

AWACS Platina: Anderson City tower... this is AWACS Platina... clean the Runway. Rubi 4 will make an Emergency Landing.

Anderson City tower: Anderson City tower to all planes... the Take offs and landings of Civilian planes are prohibited untill Rubi 4 land.

Flight Arctica 301: this is Flight arctica 301, how long do you think this will take?

Anderson City tower:we don't know Arctica 301.

Flight Arctica 301: we have fuel only to more 15 minute flight.

Anderson City Tower: we doing our best arctica.

Flight Arctica 301: Arctica 301. Roger.

Rubi 4: aproxing Runway. Opening Gear.... Damm it...

AWACS Platina: what's wrong Rubi 4?

Rubi 4: the landing gear... doesn't came out... is frozen too...

Esmeralda 1: definitively... is Sabotage....

Safira 1: but who would do something like this?!

AWACS Platina: call the emergency Crew. Rubi 4 is going to make a belly landing.

What is this?! Damm it!!!!

Multiple Fighters on radar screen... it must be Grakiess...

-Mission Start-

Safira 1: Damm it!!! in a timming like this...

AWACS Platina: Warning, all planes!!! Protect Rubi 4 and Arctica 301 is our main priority.

Esmeralda 1: why they have to apear in such a dificult situation?! DAMM IT!!!

Safira 1:Rubi 4, what is your status?!

Rubi 4: the instruments are going crazy... and everything is freezing...

Flight Arctia 301: what the... our yaws are frozen...

Safira 1:damm it... Arctica 301... you have priority.

Esmeralda 1: Esmeralda 1,Fox 2!!!

Grakiess Pilot 1:kak dela tam?!(how's it going there?!)

Grakiess Pilot 2:vzlom blizit·sya k zaversheniyu. my vniz vse eti samolety v odin vystrel.(hacking is near completion. we will down all these planes in one shot.)

-cutscene of several Jamming planes on flight-

AWACS Platina: this... -static noise- Platina.... -static noise- those jamming -static noise- is our priority...

Safira 1: What the... Jamming Planes?! -static noise-

Esmeralda 1: i can't belive that -static noise- in their trap... DAMM IT!!! -static noise-

-1 Jamming plane Destroyed-

AWACS Platina: 3 to -static noise-

Grakiess Pilot 1:2 minuty do obshchego otklyucheniya.(2 minutes to total shutdown)

AWACS Platina: Safira... -static noise- we need to -static noise- within 2 minutes!!!

Rubi 3: my plane's -static noise- is freezing!!!!

Esmeralda 1: -static noise- in there... we can do -static noise-

AWACS Platina: 1 minute to -static noise-

Esmeralda 1: Esmeralda 1, Fox -static noise-

Anderson City Tower: -static noise- 4, Landed!!!!!

-30 seconds Remaining-

AWACS Platina: Hurry up -static noise- Safira 1!!! -static noise- plane is freezing!

-all jamming planes Destroyed-

AWACS Platina: Arctica 301, what's your status?

Flight Arctica 301: we've lost almost every instrument... they are failing one after another! started with Velocity counter!!!

AWACS Platina: Jesus... they've frozen the Pitot tubes of Arctica 301. how about Rubi 4?

Anderson City Tower: landed Saftely, and saftely rescued. but we have no time to remove the plane of Rubi 4!

AWACS Platina: this is risky... but we have no other Way... Arctica 301, Land on the Runway... now!

Arctica 301: thank goodness... we were almost with no fuel!

AWACS Platina: all planes! Protect Arctica 301 is our main Priority.

Safira 1:Safira 1, Roger.

Esmeralda 1: Roger!

-Arctica 301 starts his aprox. on runway-

Arctica 301: 300 m to go.

Safira 1: What the... more jamming planes?!

-Reinforcments from Grakiess arrives the Battlefield-

Arctica 301: 200 m to go.

AWACS Platina: Arctica 301,ABORT THE LANDING,NOW!!!

Arctica 301: we can't!!! we have no fuel for another aprox! and our Reversors are -static noise-

AWACS Platina: -static noise- it!!! Protect Arctica 301!

Arctica 301: 100 m to go! -static noise-

Safira 1:DAMM -static noise-

Esmeralda 1:Fox 2!!! Fox -static noise-

Safira 1:A -static noise- we canno -static noise- get your -static noise- our instruments... -static noise- is your status?

Arctica 301: 50 m to -static noise-

Anderson City Tower: Confirmed... A -static noise-...ect Touch down!

AWACS Platina: Arctica 301!!! Break... -static noise- Break Left!!!

-cutscene of Arctica 301 Landing gear coliding with Rubi's 4 plane-

Anderson City Tower: OH MY... -static noise- Arctica 301 is engulfed by...-static noise-...ig fuel explosion!!!!

AWACS Platina: Damm!!!

Anderson City Tower: Arctica 301! -static noise- yor status..

Flight Arctica 301: ghaaa..... gha...... -static noise- is arctica 301... we are ok.... saftely stoped.... -static noise- we just lost our front -static noise- gear...

AWACS Platina: phew.... that was close... -static noise- but -static noise- not over yet!

-all Targets Destroyed-

-Mission Acomplished-

AWACS Platina: Confirmed! Remaining Grakies planes are retreating!

Safira 1: Heh... heh... heh...

AWACS Platina: well done everyone.


thanks to your efforts, all planes in air was saved. Rubi 4 was taken from the plane safely and is being cared for by local paramedics. the passengers of Flight 301, only suffered minor scratches and are fine. no casualty was confirmed with allied units in this battle.

Mission 4:Counter Atack?[]

-the storm has faded away... and Grakiess are Retreating... at least,for a while....

i can't help,but since the war began... this is the first time that i am happy... our first real victory against the migty Grakiess military power...

as i look for the far away city inside the crystal ball right after me... i see shooting stars in the sky.

i used to hear legends of a Giant cannon to destroy the meteor,and another things that humans have invented to protect themselves... and how that things have turned into war weapons...

and since that time,people see it as a bad omen.i can't understand this feeling as i don't saw the meteor crash into the earth... but the space station is there to prevent it happen again.

as i see the dark skies up ahead me... the military is planning a counter attack...

-now... is our turn to be attacking... what a bad joke...

i ask myself: "is that the right thing to do?!"


We will conduce a counter atack against the Grakiess Forces at 4:00 AM of today. our objective is to recover the Lamia straits.we've detected a large movement of Grakian forces In that area, and probably they will be off this can be our only chance to do that.

Jewels of Frizia, we need your help to advance to the Grakiess Capital and stop this war.

we wish good fortune on batle.

-=in game cutscene=-

[Anderson City; 4/3/2067 3:10 AM]

Anderson City Airport Tower: Safira Squadron. You are cleared to take off... sorry to take you so early off the bed.

-=Take off sequence=-

Anderson City Tower:Altitude Restrictions Canceled. Good Look, and don't fall asleep on the cockpit

[Lamia Straits;4/3/2067 4:00 AM]

AWACS Platina: All Frizian Planes,stand by while we track the Military Targets. we don't want civillian causalites.

Esmeralda 1: hey Safira 1... you think that they have something big hidden in this waters?!

Safira 1:I don't know... but i wouldn't trust it...

Esmeralda 1: me too...

AWACS Platina:tracking complete... Downloading data to you guys...

-=Targets apears on the Screen=-

AWACS Platina: all right... all planes... you are cleared to Engage...

Safira 1:Safira Squadron... Engage!

Esmeralda 1:Esmeralda 1.... Engage!!

-=Mission Start=-

Safira 1: Lock and Load!!! Hehe!!!

Frigate: kakogo cherta proiskhodit ? (What the Heck is happening?!)

AWACS Platina:Watch for Civillian Fire. there are lots of comercial cargo Ships on the Sea. we don't want any unnecessary deaths!

-=the Bombing Run Starts=-

AWACS Platina: Enemy Frigate... Sunk!!!

Grakiess Ship: svolochi ... atakuyushchiĭ vrasplokh v seredinenochi! razbuditʹ ekipazh ! Bystro! (bastards! attacking by surprise in the middle of the night! wake up the crew!! Fast!)

-=Air Raid Sirens=-

AWACS Platina: Hurry Up People... they are waking up the Crew!!!

Safira 1: Safira... Roger...

Esmeralda 1: Esmeralda... Roger...

-=Another Bombing Run Starts=-

Safira 1: we need a bomber... it's too many for our fighters!

AWACS Platina: what?! 30 more Targets?! is more than Expected!

Safira 1: we will not make it. is too many!

Grakiess Ship: nogti , chto ublyudki ! ispolʹzovatʹ 120 mm! (nail that bastards!!! use the 120mm!!!)

AWACS Platina:What the... They are using Heavy anti ship fire against you!!! they are... Firing it into the air!!! Pull out!!! Fast!!!

Safira 1 and Esmeralda 1: Roger...

-=enemy Fighters apear on radar=-

Safira 1: are you kidding me?! Fighters?!

Esmeralda 1: they are comig from nowhere!

AWACS Platina:Something is launching those fighters!!! but what?!

-=first wave of fighters eliminated=-

AWACS Platina: Picture is clear. All Enemy Fighters Destroyed.

Safira 1:Luiz... do you think that they have more hidden?!

Esmeralda 1: yeah... i bet that they have more!

AWACS Platina:stay aleart for fire below You,guys.

????:gotovyat·sya k posledovatelʹnosti TLS! zapustitʹ v 3,2,1 ... ZAPUSK!(Prepare for TLS Launch... Launch in 3,2,1.. LAUNCH!!!)

-=Cutscene of something below the ice in the ocean shooting a powerfull TLS=-

Safira 1: What the....

Esmeralda 1:TLS?!

AWACS Platina:Watch out for this laser!!! Retreat!!! Retre... -=Platina Hit by TLS=-

Safira 1:Platina!!! Platina!!! Please,Respond!!!

Esmeralda 1: Shit!!!!

Safira 1:now what?! What we do?!

Esmeralda 1:i don't know... but look out below all planes!!!

-=a big Submarine apears=-

Safira 1:what the... it looks like the Hrimfaxi...

Esmeralda 1:but Hrimfaxi is... sunk...

Safira 1:so what the heck is this?!

????:podgotovka k novomu TLS vystrelil ...(preparing for another TLS Shot)

Safira 1:not good...

????:stremitʹsya k grazhdanskim sudam !potopitʹ ikh vsekh (aim for civilian ships! sink'em all)

Esmeralda 1: All Planes... Retreat...

????:TLS Vystrel v 3,2,1 ... Zapusk ! (TLS shot in 3,2,1... Launch!!!)

-=TLS Shot=-

Safira 1:they're Shooting!!!

Esmeralda 1:But not in us!!! Look bellow!!!

Safira 1: The Ships!!!! The Ships are in Fire!!!!

????:zapusk sucessfull ! podgotovitʹsya k yeshche odin vystrel !eto vremya , napravleny na samoletakh !(Launch Sucessfull!!! Prepare another Shot!!! This time aim for the planes!!!)

Esmeralda 1:Damm!!!

-=Mission Complete=-

????: tseli udalosʹ skrytʹ mozhet strelyatʹ ... oni slishkom daleko(the targets have managed to escape.cannot Shoot... they are too far away.)

Safira 1:phew... That was close.

Esmeralda 1:but... we lost Platina... now... what we will do?!

Safira 1: ...


the operation was a total fail... and we have taken more causalites... a search for Platina is on the way... but... is much likely that he and his crew is dead...

the submarine is still unknown...

Mission 5:Essential Escort[]

-Platina was vanished from the skies... never to return again...

it seems that the war is over now,and we lost everything that we had,just because an attack that wasn't our fault.

i could fell the pain that he had suffered... i could hear the screams of the crew inside that AWACS.

our nation was about to surrender in this non declared war... when the shocking news came arround.

a potho... that now is our last hope...

it shows clearly a missile leaving something solid just above our heads.

at this moment,i was petrified with an unbeliavble feeling.

-it was shot by the Space Station. this is the definitive proof.

i said,without beliving the facts. perhaps i'm sad,and happy at same time... but i just couldn't belive it.

there was only one more problem... how do we stop the fury of the grakiess people...


at 12:00 Am today,The president of our nation will fly to Grakies to resolve once and for all this rampant crisis.

for this mission,the squadrons Safira and Esmeralda will take an important task.this task is the direct escort of the pesidential Plane.

don't expect to be easy and have a friendly Reception by Grakiess,but this is our last Hope. If the President Dies today,then the truth will be lost forever and Grakiess will never hear us Again.

Jewels of Frizia. We trust our future in your hands.


-=Take off Sequence=-

Anderson City Tower: Safira 1,You are cleared to Take Off...

-=Plane takes off=-

Anderson City Tower:patrol the area untill the Presidential Plane Is on the air.

Safira 1:Roger that.

Esmerada 1:Roger that.

Anderson City Tower:Unknown Fighters at 12 o'clock. you cleared to engage.

-=Mission Start=-

Esmeralda 1:Were those Planes came from?!

Safira 1:it wouldn't surprise me if they are Grakian Planes.

Esmeralda 1:look... R-103s.

Safira 1:Neucom Jets, here?!

Esmeralda 1:Here is Esmeralda 1 from Arcitc Frizia Air Force. Identify yourselves imediately. if you fail to complain you will be shot down.

-=30 seconds after the speach=-

Safira:no response...

Esmeralda 1:enough talk... Neucom Planes... you going down!!!

Anderson City Tower:keep them away from the Presidential Plane at all coasts. the Plane needs to get fully intact into Grakian Soil. if one single missle hits it... is a mission failure.

Esmeralda 1/Safira 1:Roger...

Anderson City Tower:Nail 'em!!

-=After Destroying Enemy Planes=-

-=Phase 1 Acomplished=-

Anderson City Tower: all enemy aircraft destroyed.

Safira 1:Esmeralda....

Esmeralda 1:no need say it... i know you suspect that those planes have to do with that missile.

Safira 1:Yeah... is just Odd...

Esmeralda 1:You know what... i know that when our president arrives Grakiess,this will be a crisis... but now we know who is our enemy.

Safira 1:We just need to belive that...

-=Some time latter=-

Safira 1:Look at this sea...

Esmeralda 1:is the same sea were Platina Died...

Safira 1:lets just hope that monster not shows up again.

Esmeralda 1:Speaking of Witch... i don't see any trace of it... looks like it desapeared...

Safira 1:I see some planes in my radar... 1 o'clock.

Esmeralda 1:Grakian Planes... this is The Arctic Frizia Air force. we are here in diplomatic Duties... we will complain with your orders... we just want a meeting with your leader...

Gidra 1:tak chto ... vysokomernyĭ piloty reshili snova poyavlyayut·sya , da?(so ... the arrogant pilots decided to appear again, huh?)

Gidra 2:Vy ne vstretite ni s kem ... my zakonchim vse eto syeĭchas!(you will not meet with anyone ... we'll end it all now!)

Safira 1:They are atacking!!!

Esmeralda 1:Damm... they don't seems to hear us... here we go again...

-=Phase 2 Start=-

Gidra 1:my vozvrashchaemsya k slave , chto u nas bylo do nas napali .(we recover the glory that we had before we were attacked.)

Gidra 2:and you will live no more to tell lies!

Esmeralda 1:Damm... Just listen to us!!! we want to Stop this war either!!!

Safira 1:we have proofs of our inocence!!! Hear us!!!

Gidra 1:You have no way to Prove your inocence! we saw your fighters atacking our country!!!

this is unforgivble!!!

Esmeralda 1:What?!

Safira 1:We didn't atack anyone!

Gidra 1: Die!!!

-=After Dealing certain ammount of Damage in any Gidra Planes=-

-=Phase 3 Starts=-

Osean Fighters: This is the Osean air Force. Frizian Planes,we will escort you to our territory.

Gidra 1:GRRR!!! You not getting away!!!

Osean Fighters:Protect the Plane while we take out the fighters from you!

-=Managing to sucessfull escape to Osean Territory=-

-=Mission Acomplished=-

Grakiess Tower:etogo dostatochno. vernutʹsya na bazu , i vy nachnetediplomaticheskiĭ krizis.(that's enough. return to base, or you will start a diplomatic crisis.)

Gidra 1:GRR!!! you won this... but only this time Frizianzki!!! we will back!!!

Osean Fighters:We will guide you now Guys... just Relax.


the Personal Plane managed to land on Osean Soil,and a Diplomatic Summit will start in some days,hosted by Osean Casualties were registred in this mission.

Mission 6:[]


"Safira" means Saphire in Portuguese

"Esmeralda" means Emerald in Portuguese

"Topazio" means Topaz in Portuguese

"Rubi" means Ruby in Portuguese

"Platina" menas Platium in Portuguese

"Grande Perola" is the Portuguese for "Great Pearl"

"Perola Branca" Means White Pearl In Portuguese

"Perola da Neve" means Snow Pearl in Portuguese

"Caçula" means the youngest brother or sister in a family.

"Senhor Intocavel" means MR. Untouchble in Portuguese.

"Gidra" means Hydra in russian.

The Real Counterpart of the Sapin Agreement is the Madri Agreement(Antarctic-Environmental Protocol). since 1991 that Agreement won't allow any comercial exploit of Antartica in 50 years.