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Ace Combat : Less than Zero
Infinite Mischief


Project Aces / Project Equestria


Namco Bandai / Namco Equestria

Game Modes

Campaign, Co-Op, Online Multiplayer


FegelStation 3, +BOX 359, Maretendo Wii LUNA

PEGI Rating



Lunar-Disk, Fegel-Ray

Real-World Release


Equestria Release


Strangereal Release


Artwork By :

Steven Daniels

"Be an ace like Uncle Dietrich ,they said. It would be good for you, they said." - Dieter Kellerman

Ace Combat Less than Zero, is set during the 1995 Belkan War and at the same time as Ace Combat Zero. The singleplayer campaign follows the story of a rookie pilot of the Belkan Air Force, Dieter Kellerman(who is the nephew of legendary Belkan ace pilot, Dietrich Kellerman), as he struggles to survive the course of the war.


Typical of the Ace Combat series, most of the game takes place in the air, seen from the cockpit of Dieter's plane.

Not real 4

A tiny fraction of the "world" which players can explore after getting shot down in SERE mode.

However, this game introduces more features such is cutscenes which can be interacted with in real-time, usage of hand-held weaponry, and destructable terrrain. Also new to the franchise is the damage system. When a plane is damaged, the damaged module will no longer function like before (If you are flying a single-engined plane, you're f**ked). The game also gives the player the option to eject, and navigate his way through hostile terrain,

Aoraki1 4

Are you kidding??!!! I have to find my way back through HERE???

and back to allied lines. It will also see the return of Dogfight Mode, albeit the player will now have full control of his/her aircraft. Replacing the counter-maneuver system in Assault Horizon, the new Evasion Mode allows players a much more challenging experience of evading an enemy (almost impossible as in real life), player has to dodge terrain and at the same time, out-maneuver his foe. A new user-interface will allow players to select a series of maneuvers depending on aircraft type. The ability to select evasive maneuvers is available regardless of whether of not the player has entered Evasion Mode.


Pilots ejecting from a crippled Su-34 Fullback.

The new Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) game mode takes place after a player is shot down. Depending on the location, the player may explore vast landscapes to make his way back to allied territory. He/She has to avoid getting captured through any means available. Side-Quests such as aiding the local resistance are also present.

The player will also be able to go behond the controls of a UH-1 Huey Gunship helicopter. Helicopter controls have now been optimised .


Helicopter Gameplay (HUD-off)

 Players are also allowed to selct the helicopter's loadout pre-mission, just like any other aircraft..


"My name, is Dieter Kellerman. I was born in Anfang, Belka in 1976. I guess that service "runs in the family", afterall, my grandad fought in WWII, and my uncle in Recta respectively. So when I turned 18, my family told me to "be an ace like uncle Dietrich" they said," it would be good for you", they said. Of course I agreed, and where did that get me? Some rat-hole of a prison camp in the Waldriechs... The year is 1995, and Belka had just lost the war by it's own hand........" ~ Opening monologue

Chapter 1 : Aerial Blitzkrieg

Date : 25th March 1995

Time : 0340 hrs

Location : Belka-Ustio border base

We are woken up in the dead of night in out barracks. An orderly knocks on the door and Becker opens.

"What the f**k do you want? It's the middle of the night!!!"  

"Sorry to disturb you herr Leutnant (Lieutenant), the chief of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe (Airforce high-command), General Bachmeyer just sent a messege to the base and wants all of us to fall-in. He say's he's got orders from herr Rald (the Fuhrer of Belka)."

Just great, and it seemed like such a peaceful night......

General alert for all squadrons near the border with Ustio, every airfield in the vicinity comes to life like ant-hills. 0440 hrs : All crews report to operations room for briefing. Our CO, Hauptmann (captain) Reinhard, reads out the special order for the day for all armed forces from the Fuhrer : Belka is to attack Ustio, Sapin and Osea.

0500 hrs : Our flight takes of with 8 L-139Ns. We are full-loaded with fuel and weapons ; 2 droptanks, for missles and a cannon pod. My ground crew-chief , Erich had loaded incendiaries into the guns. Hauptmann Reinhard takes the lead, with OberLeutnant (1st Lieutenant) Werner , Becker,me and a few others in the flight. 

Flying low over the broad plains, endless collumns of armoured vehicles roll south-wards. BM-335s fly high overhead and F-4 Phantoms from IV/JG.22 fly escort alongside us and we are all flying in the same direction..................................