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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon: America vs. Zombies was Bamco's latest cash grab for western gamers. Released on the Playstation Vita, the game failed to sell any major amount of copies in Japan, North America, or the United Arab Emirates.


The game takes place 28 days after the events of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon as Markov had secretly released a disease known as the C.O.D. (Communist Operated Disease) over major east coast metropolises. Colonel Bishop is assigned with Warwolf Squadron to cleanse the United States from the disease.

After finding out that Markov survived and renamed himself to his favorite war game hero, Makarov. Bishop would blame every incident on him, especially when deploying White Phosphorus over thousands in Kentucky.


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon: America vs. Zombies featured two new planes (FK-U and US-A) to fly, but because of faulty programming, the planes couldn't take off the quick time event scripted runway.

In plane missions, the player is presented with bombing major cities, like Chicago, New York, and Detroit infected by the C.O.D. before the time limit runs out. Some missions feature using DFM to enagage in combat with flying zombies and the occasional Aerial Dragon Bear.

The game also introduces on-foot missions featuring gameplay similar to modern First Person Shooters. These missions include killing innocent Americans to slicing infected watermelons in the Carribean. These missions take up for 70% of the gameplay, but Bamco promises to provide DLC air combat missions in the upcoming future.


The game recieved a positive review by most major game review sites like IGN and GameInformers. Unfortunately, they did not win Game of the Year of 2013 because they lost to Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 3: ZOMBI3S. Fans were outraged that Bamco and Project ACES did not make another canon addition to the Ace Combat franchise and were more frustrated that the game came with a newer constrol scheme, making it so that it was impossible to roll their planes without using motion controls. Bamco had responded to complaints with The iDOLM@STER skins and a PC port via Origin.