This article provides an insight on administrators.

What are Administrators?

Administrators are trusted, high-ranking users of Ace Combat Fanon Wiki who possess additional powers in comparsion to standard users. Said powers include:

  • Blocking of IPs (unregistered users) and standard users;
  • Protection/unprotection of pages;
  • Modification of the website's interface (MediaWiki); and
  • Deletion and undeletion of pages.

As expected, these functions serve to keep the Wikia running smoothly.

Becoming an Admin

As AceFanon expands its size, more administrators will be required to keep the site running without problems. Please visit Ace Combat Fanon Wiki:Requests for Adminship to request sysop powers.

Abuse of Power

Despite their advanced power, administrators remain as normal users. It is strictly prohibited for administrators to use their powers to, amidst other things, settle disputes and swinging arguments towards their failure. Doing so will, most of the time, lead to the immediate demotion of the offending sysop.

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