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In the strangreal world of Ace Combat, Belka fought and lost a war between the years 1935 and 1947, which resembled World War II in many ways. This will be between the Belkan Axis and the Allied Forces. The factions consist of the following nations (and the time during which they join).

Belkan Axis

Belkan Federation

Federal Republic of Erusia (1933)

Democratic Republic of Leasath (1934)

Union of Yuktobanian Republics (1934, but joins Allied Forces in 1938)

Allied Forces

Osean Federation

Republic of Emmeria


Republic of Ustio

Union of Yuktobanian Republics (1938)

Federal Republic of Aurelia (1939)

Federal Republic of Estovakia (1938)


Wywyrm 1 18:48, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

ill be flying the MiG-1/3 at the entrance of the war then the I-310 (MiG-15 prototype) at the closing of the war with the Axis Hochsommerschnee 09:09, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

Flying an Allied Spitfire Mk IX. Raven's wing 10:27, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

I will start in the Bf-109 with the axis (jets don't show up till 1942) then I'll transfer to the Ta-183. Wywyrm 1 21:22, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

I'll be starting out in the P-40C, then I'll be making my move to the P-51D Allies of course. Otaku 22:14, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

If we're doing graduated types, I'll start on a Mk.I, then shift to a Mk.V around '39, then a Mk.IX in '42. Raven's wing 22:44, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

Axis and Allies aircraft between 1935-1950:

I have a good amount of knowledge of World War II aircraft and equipment, I also have a reference book that has a large amount of info on WWII aircraft

here are some of my suggestions

Allied Forces


Spitfire, P-40C Warhawk/Tomahawk, P-51B,C, and D Mustang, P-38L,J Lighting, P-61 Black Widow, F-6F Hellcat, F-4F Wildcat/FM-2 Wildcat, F-8F Bearcat

Whirlwind I, Seafire, Hurricane I, P-47D/N Thunderbolt, F-4U Corsair, Typhoon IB, F-7F, P-80 Shooting Star, P-39/63, and F-86 Sabre, Meteor, Tempest II, Vampire


B-17G, B-29, B-24, B-25, Lancaster,B-26 Marauder/A-26 Invader, Curtiss Helldiver, SBD Dauntless, Mosquito B.IV, Wellington, A-36 Apache, A-20, Mosquito, Lincoln, B-36, B-26

Swordfish Mk I, Barracuda Mk II, A-1D Skyraider


PBY Catalina, Lockheed Hudson, C-47, P4Y Privateer



Axis Powers


BF109E/F, BF109G, BF-109K, FW.190A/D, Me-262, Ta.152, Ta.183, I.A.R-80, Ki-43, Ki-84, A6M "Zeke", J-2M "Raiden, He 162, Ki-45, Ki-44 Kai-C, Ki-61, MiG-1/3, La-7, Yak-9U, M.C.202 Folgore, M.C.205 Veltro, N1K-2J "George", Me.163, PE-3, I-16, A5M, BF110, Me-410, I-310 (MiG-15 prototype), La-11, Yak-17,


Do217, Ju-87, Ju-88, Do17, Fw.200C, IL-2 Sturmovik, HE-111, HE-177, Tu-2, G-4M "Betty", D4Y, P1Y1, Tu-4, Ar.234, Me-264, BM-335 (early variant)


Ju-52, H8K, Ju-53, Fw.200, Ju-86, Ju-90, Me-323 Gigant, Fokker Drachen (an early helicopter)


BM-255 Sabel (P.1110)

If there is anything you can mention, please contribute. -breathes- crap thats a long list! Otaku 01:28, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

You forgot the Mark IX Spitfire (the most produced variant in the real war) Raven's wing 09:26, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

We'll just say all Spitfire varients are included throughout the War.

Anyways, here are the Axis Ace Squadrons and their equipment:

Wywyrm - Bf-109 (E, F and G variants), Ta-183 Huckebein

Postler - M.C.202 Folgore, M.C.205 Veltro, He-162

Shackal - Fw-190A, Fw-190D, Ta-152

Gabel - Bf-109E, Fw-190A, Me-262

Gault - A6M "Zeke/Zero" (2 and 3 variants), J2M "Jack", N1K-2J "George"

Silber - I-16 "Rata", MiG-3, I-310

Schnee - MiG 1/3 and I-310

Allied Squadrons Include:

Kitsune (AAF)- P-40C, P-63A, P-51D

Wardog (OAAF)- F4F-4, F6F-3, F8F-1

Halo (OAAF)- F4F-4, P-47D

Fenrir (OAAF)- F4F-4, P-47D

Shorebird/Swordsman (ONAF)-F4F-4, F6F-3,F8F-1

Galm (UAF)- P-40C, P-47D

There are others that can be added to the list later. I am also in the process of coming up with a WWII-era Superfighter for this.

Wywyrm 1 15:16, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

iv got a pic for this already well its not mine but some one on devient art could supply us with a image to use if you want wywyrm 1 ill just need his permission before hand Hochsommerschnee 08:27, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

well here is the aircraft what i was on about...Hochsommerschnee 08:36, August 24, 2010 (UTC)


I had something more like this in mind:


Messerchmit P.1110 Ente

This is the Messerschmit prototype P.1110 Ente, a prototype for a fighter that was powered by the Lorin Ramjet and would most likely be able to obtain Mach 1.5 or higher. THIS would be the ideal superfighter.

Wywyrm 1 14:50, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

lets which one people prefere Hochsommerschnee 14:52, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

I have a BETTER idea; why don't we have not one, but TWO superfighters?

The one you (Midsummersnow) suggested can be the Allied superfighter, while the P.1110, which I will call the BM-255 for the sake of a designation, will be the Axis Superfighter.

What do you think?

Wywyrm 1 15:15, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

that floats my boat the one what i showed you that should be named after the artist that designed it called it the CUTANGUS Hochsommerschnee 15:32, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, then the P1110 will be the BM-255 Sabel (Saber, not to be confused with the F-86). I'll add them to the aircraft list. Wywyrm 1 16:07, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

Now, let's begin the war!

The date is September 1st, 1935. Belka, claiming Fatotian spys have been found trying to infiltrate the border stations, shooting a political prisoner and dressing him up in a Fatotian military uniform to prove their point, invades Fato, defeating the nation in a rapid blitzkrieg lasting just three days thanks to rapid attacks spearheaded by advanced Panzer MkIV tanks, Ju-97 Stuka divebombers, and Bf-109 fighters. The world community is horrified by Belka's aggresion, with Osea and Ustio declaring war on Belka. Thanks to their non-aggression pact, Yuketobania remains neutral when it came to Belka. Ustio sets up a defense line along their border, beginning several months of void, known jokingly in Belka as "Sitzkrieg" and in Osea as the "Phoney War". At this time, despite nothing happening, Belka prepares itself to launch yet another invasion early in the following year, target: Ustio.

One fighter squadron in particular, callsing Wywyrm, lead by a young captain named Waldimar Rald, was especcially eager to fight, especially since Rald had already become the war's first ace with 8 kills over Fato.

Wywyrm 1 20:00, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

On May 10th of 1936, the Belkan military commander gives the go ahead to begin the invasion of Ustio immediately. Despite the heavy gun emplacements along their defensive line, they were no match for the advanced Belkan war machines and dive bombers. Under this shield of air power, the Belkan hordes poured into Ustio, right into Directus, with no effective barriers in their way.

Only when it was too late, did the people of Ustio realize that their whole plan of defense was futile. These huge land fortresses representing a full-scale national effort to serve only as grim monuments for a newer military thinking.

Cmdr Lightning 20:18, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

In an attempt to slow the Belkan advance into Ustio, Osean Air and Land forces were deployed within the country. However, they were unable to prevent the enemy from reaching the capital, and were forced to withdraw back across the border.

Raven's wing 20:23, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

After this, Ustio was forced to sign a humiliating treaty that gave most os Ustio to Belka. The Ustian Government was allowed to keep part of their nation, run through Solis Ortis, at which point they became part of the Axis forces, although they wouldn't do any fighting DIRECTLY. Meanwhile, an Osean task force was swiftly evacuated from Ustio back into Osea. Plans for an invasion begin, but first, the Air Force alone would have to establish air superiority; due to the short range and small bombload of their aircraft, this would be easier said than done. Air attacks begin on June 3rd, 1936.

Seeing an opening, Belka's ally, Erusia, prepares to attack Osea's ports on the western coast of the nation. Their new equipment, particularly the A6M "Zeke" fighter, would prove especially deadly in the following years.

(Let's wait for Midsummersnow to post after this one, okay Lightning?)

Wywyrm 1 20:27, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

Just do it with out me dudes my agents are going crazy got lots of work to do sorry for the trouble ill try and join in on monday. Hochsommerschnee 11:23, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Belka begins a blitz on Osea. First they begin their attack with Ju-87s on Osea's new radar stations damaging them but not putting them out of commision. Meanwhile, medium bombers begin attacking Osean Air Force fighter bases, greatly diminishing Osea's strength and bringing them to defeat. However, Osea mangaes to launch a bombing mission on Dinsmark, which so enrgaed Belka's leaders that they ordered retaliation strikes on Oured and other major population centers. Although civilian casualties would be high, this gave the Osean Air Force the respite it so desparately needed. They begin to fight back, with Osean P-40s, Hurricanes and Spitfires fighting bravely against the Belkan Bf-109s and the few Fw-190s also fielded in this stage of the battle. The last engagement took place on November 8th, 1936, and resulted in the invasion of Osea being postponed indefinately. The Battle of Osea was over.

Wywyrm 1 14:41, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Windhover 1 joins the Belkan forces in a stolen Hawker Typhoon... Grabacr 1 14:53, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

(Just to clarify how that happened)

In February 1937, after encountering the new Fw-190 fielded by Belka and seeing it to be superior in most aspects except maneuverability to the Spitfire Mk.V and high-altitude performance, Osea begins design work on a new interceptor dubbed "Typhoon". However, the test pilot was revealed to be a Belkan spy (Windhover), as he immediately stole the prototype and took off for Belka. The Typhoon, being then the fastest plane in the world (or so it seemed anyways), easily escaped the pursuing Spitfires and P-40s, which were then engaged by the twelve Bf-109Gs of Belka's elite 3113th TJS, callsign "Wywyrm" (The strangereal equivalent to the real-life squadron lead by German ace, Adolf Galland) and were forced to turn back. Wywyrm also turned back due to the Bf-109's short range.

thumb|300px|right|Wywyrm Team's battle theme

About a week later, the Belkans concluded that the Typhoon would be a serious threat if the fuselage could be strengthened and the engine made more reliable, and so began designing a new fighter. Several aircraft designs were made, among which included the Me-262, Ta-183, He-162, and Ho-229, but the first one ready, the Me-262, wouldn't enter service until late 1942 at the earliest. In the interim, the South Belka Munitions Plant reverse-engineered the Typhoon Mk I and produced an improved varient resembling the later Tempest Mk V designated the BM-205 Taifun (Typhoon). This would equip Belka's Windhover sqaudron, which was given the task of air defense while the military prepared for their next move: the invasions of Aurelia and the Verusian Continent...

The Invasion came of Aurelia came three weeks later, with Laesath joining the Axis and declaring war on the allies. Their equipment was of lesser quality to the Belkans, but their troops were fanatically loyal and were almost as well trained. To top that all off, they were highly effective as spies and sabotuers. Aurelia, in response, joined the Allied Forces, and petitioned Osea for help. Within a month, Osean forces poured into Aurelia to defend their ally. During this invasion, the Belkans fielded several new aircraft, including the Ju-88A bomber and the Ju-88G nightfighter variant of the aforementioned plane.

Wywyrm 1 17:32, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

After Petitioning the allies for help, Aurelia asessed their posistion in defending their beseiged nation, the nation had never had to deal with such a large scale fight on multiple fronts. as a result several land, air and sea divsions were spread thin. And the combined might of Belka and fanatical Leasathian forces tore into the Aurelian defenses and cities. Of these attacks was a raid on the industrial city of Monte Breeze, a major supply and manufacturing city to the Aurelian military. several He-111 and Ju-88 bombers participated in the raid as well as a unit of Stuka Dive bombers hell-bent on devastating the factories. Osean forces reinforced the Aurelians lines with AAA and Aircraft, but many were unsure of the ability of planes like the P-40 in a dogfight. But their pilots were skilled and ready to take the enemy in combat. of these Osean and Aurelian Squadrons was the Kitsune Squadron. A rather small air defense team that was established not too long ago was scrambled in response to the enemy attack. Lead by two young pilots by the names of Jacob T. Wright and Aika Solano the squadron was ready to defend the city from the the raid. as the seven planes of Kitsune Team approached the city Kitsune 1 was overwhelmed by the numbers of Belkan and Leasathian Bombers and Fighters sent to destroy the city, . Otaku 02:22, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune attacks the bombers and decimates their ranks, as the Bf-109s and Fw-190s sent as escort were too busy with the Osean fighters to stop them. However, it was then that four Macci-Castoldi M.C.202 Folgores of the Laesath Air Force appeared. The following transmission was intercepted between the Folgores and the Belkan aircraft.

Bussard 4: Unidentified Laesath Squadron, identify yourself!

Alect 1: This is the 15th Tactical Fighter Squadron, callsign Alect. We're here to lend assistance, as you seem to have your hands full.

Bussard 4: Thanks, we appreciate the help!

Alect 1: Roger. Alect Squadron, engage the Aurelian Tomahawks!

With that, Kitsune and Alect enter into a swirling dogfight, both fighting extremely hard. At the end of the day, the P-40's good low-altitude performance and rugged construction turned out to be huge advantages for Kitsune, as they shot down all four fighters from the Alect Squadron. In a panic, the remaining bombers jettisoned their payloads and retreated, the fighters not far behind. Monte Breeze had been saved.

Wywyrm 1 02:45, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune Team returns to an Air Field outside of Monte Breeze, where they are welcomed as heroes. Cheered on by pilots, soldiers and ground crew. the seven pilots beat the odds and saved the city. Not to mention the Osean fighter units that kept the Belkan Escorts tied up as Kitsune shredded the enemy bombers. Kitsune 1 looked back on the enemy squadron they engaged after they hammered the Axis forces.

Kitsune 1: Alect Squadron...they really stood out from those Belkans, i didn't even think Leasath had it in them to produce such pilots.

Kitsune 2: We showed them, but they put up one hell of a fight. Smittys plane got shot up and lost half his rudder...

Kitsune 4: -sigh- how the hell did i even make it? (after seeing his rudder shot up by the Folgores guns.)

For now they could relax and repair and rearm their damaged planes, Kitsune 1 and 2 take a walk down the runway together as the rest of the team begins to play a game of poker in the hangar. the devastated remains of allied and axis equipment smoldered everywhere. The skies were choked with black smoke from bomb strikes, crashes and downed fighters. it could have been worse for the allies if they had failed. Otaku 03:21, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, the air raid siren goes off and the flak guns begin firing at several low-flying targets coming over the airfield. They were four Bf-109Fs of the Belkan Air Force coming in to strafe the base. As the passed overhead at barely twenty feet off the ground, a red swallow could clearly be seen on the tail of each plane, the swallow on the lead plane being black while the plane was scarlet, reflecting the paint scheme of a Belkan Ace from the last war. This was Belka's elite squadron in the area, callsign "Rot" or "Red". An allied squadron scrambles, but half of them were shot down on the runway, with two more shot down just as they took off. The last two managed to make it off the runway and engaged, only to fall to the guns of the flight lead in his red 109. He then flew low and rocked his wings in a mocking salute to the enemy below before pulling up and climbing away. Kitsune was ordered to get in their reserve planes, which somehow were untouched by the strafing aircraft, and to pursue Rot on their return to base, hoping that the dogfight might at least force them to run out of fuel over allied territory.

Wywyrm 1 17:07, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

Gabriel Smith or "Smitty" as the squadron knew him was already making the preperations to take off in his reserve P-40C, the rest of the team followed his lead, Adrian Martinez, Kitsunes #3 aided an Aurelian Solider as he limped to the hangar for cover after being hit by a 7.92mm machine gun round fired from the 109s. Smitty started the engines and began to move out of the Hangar to taxi. Adrian Threw him a salute as the P-40 chugged on to the Tarmac. Meanwhile Aika Solano "Kitsune 2" Gritted her teeth in pain as blow flowed from her left arm. Jacob with his Colt 1927 Sistema Pistol drawn felt powerless as the Bandits weaved in and out of their defensive fire. "Can you move?" He said to her as they stayed low. They were only 40 feet from the Hangar yet it felt like a mile. She responded "yes" the two began to run as more planes appeared for another strafing run. Four Aurelian Soliders ran past them firing thier Brens and Thompsons at the aircraft only to be reduced to ribbons by an attacking 190. its cannons seperating limbs from body and shattering asphalt. By the time they made it to the Hangar their P-40s were ready to go, they only had one objective. Hunt down the Rot team and destroy them; with that objective in mind the two climbed in their planes and taxied onto the runway.

As Kitsune 1 and 2 prepared for take off, their squad mates were already airborne. An Osean Spitfire chased an Fw 190 overhead. Flak, tracers and contrails ripped the sky into dizzying patterns. the sounds of .50 Calibers, 40mm Cannons and Aircraft filled the air. Kitsune 1 pushed it to full throttle and pulled back on the stick, he was airborne.

Kitsune 1: Im Airborne, moving to engage all bandits. team link up with me.

Tower: Kitsune sanitize the immediate airspace above us. that is all.

Kitsune 7: Copy that tower. wait a sec...what the!?

Kitsune 7s left wing was tore into by gunfire, his plane began to spiral out of control and ingnitied. A Red streak blazed past him. It was the 109 of Rot team. Kitsune 2 pulled back on her plane and went vertical, she looked below her and saw the 109, she rolled right and began to dive into the bandit. using her speed to her advantage she closed the gap and fired. the 109 snapped Left and only took a few shots to the tail. Kitsune 1 meanwhile pursued the lead 109, they started a scissoring motion right to left, the two planes were not giving each other one inch. As he approached gun range the Rot team leader went into the Vertical, Kitsune 1 followed. Otaku 07:17, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune 2 managed to get back on the tail of the 109 she was pursuing, as she did the 109 began to take a right turn. "That wont help you son of a B-----!" she turned as tight as she could with her Tomahawk, the G forces pushing back on her chest as she turned with the Bandit. as her gunsights began to get a lead on the Messerschmitt, she squeezed the trigger and let loose a burst of .50 caliber bullets. the tracer bullets smacked into the engine compartment of the 109, the fighter spewed black smoke and flames. the plane began to fall out of the sky as she broke off. As Kitsune 4 and 5 aided the Osean Spitfires in clearing the skies of 190s and Stukas, Kitsune 1 was still locked in combat with the leader of Rot team.

Rot 1: Dennoch gibt Fox huh?

Rot 2: 3 is down, what do we do?

Rot 1: continue to engage..I'll handle the Aurelian Dog.

Rot 4: watch our fuel guages sir!

Rot 1: Worry about the task at hand. It'll be over soon.

As he said that, Kitsune1 Fired into Rot 1, his plane rolled right and dodged his fire. Kitsune 1 had never handled a pilot of this caliber before. Otaku 07:39, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

Rot Team continues to engage Kitsune when the warning lights started going off in Rot's cockpits, signalling they were low on fuel. Not helping this was that Rot 4 had gotten careless and had allowed Kitsune 3 to slip in behind him. He fired his fifties into the 109 and caused it to explode in a spectacular fireball.

Rot 3: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! *explosion*

Rot 2: Rot 3, respond! Rot 3!!!

Rot 1: Looks like we've met our match...but if we don't keep fighting, the'll decimate the other 109s returning from their mission. They're just kids! We have to protect them!

Thanks to this intercepted transmission, it became clear to the Allies that Rot was only trying to ensure the safety of a flight of 'nuggets' returning to base, and that only Rot 1 had taken part in the attack; the other three had patrolled the edge of the combat zone and didn't fire a shot. Regardless of this, Kitsune then shot down Rot 2, but then, another communication was intercepted.

Meteor 8: This is Meteor 8! We're under attack by a flight of Spitfires! The flight lead has been killed and the rest are dropping like flies! HELP!!! *explosion*

Rot 1: NO!!!

At that moment, Rot turned to engage the Spitfires, but at long last the fuel in his 109 was exhausted. In a final act of defiance, he glided his aircraft into a spitfire and rammed it, the two aircraft exploding in a spectacular fireball. The battle was over.

Wywyrm 1 15:21, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune returned to base as heroes for shooting down the 'Red Swallows', but for the pilots, the vistory was bittersweet. Kitsune 1 firmly believed that the Rot Team pilots at least deserved to bail out safely. Two had survived, but Rots 1 and 3 were killed in the fight.

Meanwhile, the report to the regional HQ for the Axis Forces said the following:

L.Squadron 'Alect' and B.Squadron 'Rot' are down. Requesting reinforcements.

In response, the Indigo Team is tranferred to the front, and as Alect survived, this restored their strength.

Two months passed, and at that moment, Belka launched an invasion of Yuketobania; if this wasn't shocking enough, an Erusian naval fleet spearheaded by four carriers launched a surprise attack on Osean port of St. Hewlett, destroying the entirety of Oseas mighty Battleship fleet. Their carriers, however, were untouched, and after the Osean President declared War on Erusia, these three carriers, Vulture, Buzzard and Kestrel, were mobilized for combat.

Wywyrm 1 19:18, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

With the war spreading across the globe like a wildfire, the focus on the Aurelian front began to dwindle. The Belkan Armed Forces started to place more inexperienced, green units on the Aurelian front to aid their Laseathian allies while more battle hardened units were sent to Yuketobania for the offensive. Propganda films lauded the Yuketobanian assault as a "Great crusade for Belkan superiority." showing scenes of Belkan Panzers, Infantry and Nebelwerfer rockets slamming into Yuke lines. BF109E and FW190A fighters easily downed any Yuketobanian Aircraft that stood in their way. The Wreckage of MiG-3 and I-16 Rata fighters littered the landscape as the Belkans swept aside Yuke resistance.

With the war in Yuketobania in full swing, the Allied high command planned an offensive operation to crush and subdue the Laesathian military and their Belkan allies. This operation would be codenamed "Sword Dance" and would cover three areas of operation. They were codenamed after metals "Cobalt, Iron, and Bronze" The Cobalt team would attack from the Kalana Steppes and Sachana Air Base to attack the occupied city of Santa Elva a city that was completely encircled by the Aurelian Marines and had fallen into a brutal seige played out with Artillery and Air Support. Iron Team would assault a Laseathian Fleet supported by Belkan and Laseathian Aircraft, while the Army's 96th Infantry Based on the Shoreline would repel the landing troops trying to overrun and occupy Port Patterson, and finally Bronze teams objective was to support an air drop of paratroops from the Osean 82nd and 101st Airborne as well as the 23rd Aurelian para to assault a Belkan Garrison at Stand Canyon. their secondary objective was to destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible.

Iron teams operation felt out of place in all of this. Why would Laesath launch a landing op. to take Port Patterson? they had been in deadlock with Aurelia for two months now. Belka for the most part had cycled their units out to assault Yuketobania as well leaving many inexperienced units behind. was this just an act of desperation on their part to break the deadlock themselves or were they after the massive refineries to secure resources for their forces? the answer would come the day of the operation. Kitsune Team would draw cards with Falco, Gryphus and Kumiho Squadrons. the cards were marked with each operation.

Kitsune 3: "Drawing cards eh? I haven't done this since the great war. haha."

Gryphus 2: "Just draw a damn card old man. you're holding this up."

Kitsune 1: "Hold on will you? Adrian (#3) draw a card."

Kitsune 3: -draws card- hmm...Iron team.

Kistune 4: Always the shit jobs for us ins't it?

Gryphus team drew Iron team as well. while Kumiho team drew Cobalt. finally Falco would have to go with the Bronze team. Otaku 21:27, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

Falco 1: Nice. Looks like we bagged the turkey shoot.

Raven's wing 22:57, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, in Yuketobania, an Fw-190A pilot of the BAF defected to the Yukes, giving them insight into Belka's deadliest fighter. From it, they develop the lethal La-5 fighter to counter the threat and begin to even the odds in the air, but so far, they were fighting a losing battle.

Back in Aurelia, over the Aurelian fighter base where their main squadrons were stationed, four white and purple aircraft fly over the base. Although they were A6M2 Zeros, which were Erusian fighters, this was the Belkan Indigo Squadron. Suddenly, the lead plane dropped out of the clouds and flew low before dropping a note out of the cockpit adressed to Kitsune. The note was brought to the leader and read the following and was surprisingly enough written in Osean.

Dear Captain Wright,

My name is Michael Eltmann, Captain of the 51st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 7th Air Division, Belkan Air Force; you know us as the Indigo Squadron. I have heard of your skill in battle and of your fight against Rot. The flight lead was a good friend of mine, and you killed him. I won't let his death be in vain, but alas I must be a gentleman, and so I will give you a fair chance to fight us. Send up four aircraft, no more and no less, and then climb to 15,000 feet, facing northeast. We will be facing you at the same altitude about one mile away. I look forward to seeing you in combat Captain. Good luck.


Capt. M. Eltmann, BAF

Wywyrm 1 01:49, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

In response to the invasion of Yuktobania, the Union of Yuktobanian Republics and the Federal Republic of Estovakia officially declare war on the Axis forces and deploy the full bulk of their militaries to launch a counteroffensive, spearheaded by the newly-formed Estovakian 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Strigon" lead by Colonel Pavel Sergeiovich Voychek. Within weeks, Strigon's red & black camouflaged Yak-3 fighters became a source of dread amongst the Axis forces and a propoganda boon to the Yuktobanians and Estovakians. Orca19904 02:04, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

As more and more planes fall to the guns of the Strigon Team in 1938, a frustrated Belkan high command deploys the Gelb (Yellow) Squadron to fight back. Erusia also deploys their Yellow Squadron to the Aurelian front to help bolster defenses there.

Meanwhile, Kitsune accepts the challenge from Indigo and ultimately triumphs. Unlike Rot, the entire squad survives, although all become prisoners of war following the fight.

Back on the Yuketobanian front, a squadron of La-5FNs from the YAF defect to Belka, and become the 5th Nightfighter Squadron, callsign 'Schwarze'. They were the exact opposite the dashing Belkan Aces, in that they were merciless, most of the time just commiting wholsale slaughter. Although Belka hated that such dishonorable acts would be commited by them, their skill was so great in battle that most turned a blind eye to this, except for Captain Rald and the Wywyrm Team, having recently arrived on station. Later that week, Strigon engages Wywyrm and is shot down, but all survive and make it back to their lines near Okchabursk.

At around this time, Erusia launches an assault on Sand Island AAFB using four carriers and their support fleet. Despite the loss of the carrier Vulture, Osea managed to completely decimate the fleet, the most notable service being on the part of the 185th TFS, callsign 'Wardog'. This failed offensive cost Erusia dearly, and resulted in the loss of four carriers.

Wywyrm 1 02:21, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Undaunted by their defeat by Wyryrm, Strigon return to combat after getting their aircraft replaced, and if anything seemed to fight even more aggressively than before; now operating as a coordinated unit, flying in a fashion not too dissimilar from that of the 156th TFW during the Usean Continental War decades later. Also at this time, the Republic of Emmeria would join the allies, deploying their 2nd Fleet to support Osea, complete with 2 carrier air wings equipped with F6F Hellcat and F4U Corsair fighters and SBD Dauntless dive-bombers. The Republic of Emmeria Air Force would also begin sending squadrons of B-17 & B-24 bombers to target industrial targets in Belka in an attempt to cripple the country's war production capabilities. Orca19904 03:14, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

At the time this began, Wywyrm was on leave in occupied Ustio when the first bombs started to drop. In a hurry, Windhover took off in their BM-205 Taifuns while Wywyrm scrambled their 109s. However, the Messerschmits were destroyed on the ground by a squadron of Osean fighters strafing their base after Windhover was airborne. In desparation, Wywyrm immediately went for the nearest combat-capable aircraft they could find: a dozen of the prototype Me-262A Schwalbe (Swallow) jet fighters. Despite some initial difficulties, Wywyrm screamed into the air, the roar of jet engines being heard for the first time in warfare as they intercepted an Emmerian-Osean bomber formation, decimating an entire air division for no losses. In light of this, Wywyrm became the first Jet Fighter Squadron in the entire world, but due to the limited numbers of Me-262s as well as the short supply of engines, this ensured that, at least for now, Wywyrm's operations would be restricted to Belka and its occupied territories.

Wywyrm 262

Wywyrm 1's Me-262

Aurelia, at long last, pushed the Axis out of their nation and back into Laesath. A revolution breaks out in Laesath, leading the nation dropping out of the war, although the northern segment now became a Belkan protectorate. Kitsune was at the fore of this, and was recogized as the Top Allied Squadron, a match even for Belka's Wywyrm Team.

Meanwhile, in Yuketobania, Belka loses a critical battle at Okchabursk, losing the entire 6th Army in the process. Schwarze was dispatched to hold off the enemy counter-offensive whilst the Belkan forces fell back when suddenly Strigon appeared to intercept them.

Strigon 1: Dammit! It's Schwarze!

Schwarze 1: Eh Voychek, how you doing? Still flying second rate like always?

Strigon 2: You shouldn't be talking traitor!

Schwarze 3: What's going on?

Schwarze 1: Remember, I'm Estovakian, and in fact, I flew with Voychek and several Strigons before. I know exactly how they fight. Just be careful not to shoot down an ally; our aircraft's paint schemes are almost alike!

With that, Schwarze and Strigon engaged in one of the most brutal dogfights of the entire war, during which Schwarze 1 would set a record: pulling out of a Split-S from 5,000 feet at less than 10 feet off the ground. This has never been replicated since then.

Wywyrm 1 04:17, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

With the end of the war Aurelia, The Aurelian military began to equip to ship off to Osea to support her allies. With them was Kitsune sqadron now one of the most recongnized allied squadrons of the war next to Wardog. Kitsune was faxed a Belkan newspaper from Allied high command. in the text it said:

F'ighter Squadron Kämpfe in neue propless Flugzeug! Alliierten dezimiert! ( Fighter squadron fights in new propless plane! Allies decimated!)

with a fuzzy picture was a picture taken by an Osean OSS agent.

Germany me262

-To all allied fighter squadrons headed to Osea and elsewhere.

many people died for these photographs. what we can gather, this is a new type of German Fighter. the Me-262. a "Jet" if you will. it is said to be faster than any plane availible to the allies. be alert and on your toes! Keep up the fight and may god be with you all. -General Haverford OSAAF.

Kitsune 1: I've heard of prototypes, but a fighter? we got our work cut out for us. Listen up team, The coming months, maybe even years will be littered with the fallen, the broken the wounded. no matter what happens we must win. so the sacrfice of our people and the world wasnt in vain!

Kitsune Team: Yes Sir!

Kitsune 3: Propless? The writings on the wall, I wont be needed. an old ace like me wont be able to keep up.

Kitsune 2: Sir?

Kitsune 3: tecnology is advancing at a rapid pace, in my day planes were canvas and wood. now look. Jets.

The team took time to think back on their accomplishments and shortcomings. now the room for error was closing, any slip up in the coming months would mean certain death. Kitsune 1 thought back to Rot 1 and indigo Team. will he meet others lusting for vengance and glory? only time would tell. Aika looked at the Captain and stared at him. Jacob looked at her, her eyes darted behind her Emerald colored hair. she walked away. Meanwhile he wondered about the code number 3113 on the side of the Me-262. "3113? he thought. Who are they?" Kitsune team arriving on Osean Soil would be equipped with New P-38J Lightnings and P-51C Mustangs. The new fighters would prove effective later on.

Meanwhile the allies continued bombing now under cover of the night, firebombing would become routine. Fires from Belkan Cities such as Lumen raged as Phosphorous bombs struck and detonated, factories bruned. schools burned. people burned. What the allies thought of as a method of breaking the Belkans became a Propaganda weapon for them. passionate pilots of the Belkan Air Force took off in new night fighters such as the Bf-110 and Me-410 guided by radar and spotlights became the bane of attacking Avro Lancasters and B-17s. Otaku 05:07, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

In response to the Belkan night fighter activities, the REAF deploys the 281st Night Fighter Squadron "Phantom" equipped with P-61 Black Widows to fly escort for the allied bombers, the phrase "Damn the Phantom" (later heard during the Usean Continental War and the Belkan War decades later) becoming a regular utterance among Belka's night fighter squadrons. After news of Belka's new jet fighters spread, Estovakia and Yuktobania, operating on intelligence gathered through covert operatives, launched a mission to attack Wywyrm's base and cripple its combat effectiveness, and possibly destroy at least some of the new fighters while they were still on the ground. Orca19904 05:41, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

During the bombing of Lumen, several allied bombers were destroyed by Wywyrm's Me-262s, guided to their targets via radar mounted on an escorting Me-410 that acted as an early form of an AWACS aircraft. An intercepted transmission said the following:

Taifun: This is Me-410 Taifun, Wywyrm, report your status.

Wywyrm 1: Rald here, no problems. Vector us to the target.

Taifun: Roger. Enemy wave bearing vector 5-0-4 at 15,000 feet. You are cleared to engage on sight.

Wywyrm 1: Roger that...Captain Felsen, you're awful quiet today.

Wywyrm 2: My family was down there...the allies bombed my house...I won't forgive them for this!

Wywyrm 1: Patience, in all due time we shall have our revenge, but for now, patience is of the essence. Now, begin the operation and we can worry about the casualties later.

Meanwhile, in Yuketobania, Strigon finally succeeded to down Schwarze, but rather than allowing themselves to be captured, they stayed in their aircraft as they fell and all were killed upon impact with the ground. The Belkan High Command mourned their loss, and in retalliation, they deploy the powerful 'Man-o-War Fleet', a massive contingent of ships centered around six aircraft carriers and four battleships, including the dreaded superbattleship Dinsmark. They engaged the Osean 5th Fleet and sank the carrier Vulture along with the remaining Osean battleships from St. Hewlett. However, by far the most devastating weapon was the I-400 class Submarine. Built by Erusia, they were essentially underwater aircraft carriers, but they did more than just that.

In Oured, 1941, an ominous buzzing sound was heard in the sky, which suddenly stopped. Seconds later, an explosion destroyed an apartment building in the downtown area. This was the first attack by Belka's Feiseler Fi.103 Pulsejet Cruise Missile (the Fi.103 is best known as the V-1 'Buzzbomb' in real life). These buzzbombs would later prove to be a nuisance to Osea, and soon they deployed the first of the Meteor series of jet fighters to combat them. However, like with Belka's Me-262s, their limited numbers hampered their deployment to well within Osean borders.

In Sudentor, the Silber Team outfits with the newly proven Ta.183 Huckebein, while Gault outfits with the Ho.229. However, the most notable event was the first flight of a radical new aircraft. It's designation: BM.255 Sabel.

Wywyrm 1 14:57, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

The Allies situation looked bleak, with the Axis deploying their naval forces and successfully sinking the 5th fleet the call came out to hunt the Dinsmark as well as the "Pocket Battleship" Prince Heinrich. The allies planned a daring assault on the enemy fleet hoping that somehow they could sink the two ships as well as bag an I-400 class sub. Bombing Raids continued in Belka and the casualties on both sides began to mount, cites like Hoffnung and Targets like the Mauern Dam (the prescursor to the Avalon dam) became top proirity for the allies. As a Squadron of Osean B-17s, B25s and Emmerian Lancasters were tapped for the mission to raid the dam. Kitsune Sqaudron would be deployed for this deep strike mission also participating in the raid was the Kumiho squadron lead by a daring Female pilot named Shion Kanazawa, aside from Aika she was the only other female pilot in the AAF. She was like an older sister to Jacob. (Jake being 21 and Shion being 23) They flew a formation of Yuketobanian Yak-3 fighters in a Olive drab paint. Osea Deployed a squadron of P-47 Thunderbolts as well. Otaku 16:35, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

The Day of the raid came, as they penetrated Belkan territory three of the B-25s bugged out after having engine trouble cutting the 30 strong bomber force to 27 aircraft. They flew at high altitude, as well as their escorts who flew alongside them. The Yak-3s of Kumiho flew alongside the P-38s and 51Cs of Kitsune, like a huge aluminum cloud the allies felt safe with them at their side. The radio of the bomber crew called out.

Hellhound 1: this is hellhound commencing bombing run...Kitsune lower altitude and go on the hunt and keep em' off us. over.

Kitsune 1: Copy that bombers. All units lower altitude and draw the fighters to us. take them down!

Kumiho 1: Jake heads up! Flak!!!

Kistune 4: Son of we go.

Eagle 2: this is eagle 2 were hit! were going down!!

the intense flak fire began to take a toll on the bombers as they dropped their payload, bombs impacted in and around the dam. the fighters darted easily through the flak bursts and engaged the 109s and oddly enough Erusian Ki-43 Hayabusa fighters. the fighters played a deadly game of Cat and mouse through the AAA, one Osean Thunderbolt hit by a flak burst fought on. paying testimony to the planes resilience. Kitsune 1 easily shot down two of the 109s and turned to engage an Eursian Ki-43.

Red 3: this is red 3 hes on me....-explosion- AHHH!

Kitsune 1: thats one down!

Kistune 3: Kid! watch yourself!

Suddenly a Ki-43 fired on him. bullets hit his left wing. he turned to the Ki-43 into a swirling dogfight. The 43 had the advantage in turning. but they broke the turning fight and went into the vertical. the P-38 had the power to keep up and close with him. he fired. shooting down the 43. Kistune 2 shot another 109 down, the Squadron fought on. suddenly the bombers called on the radio...

Eagle 1: The bombing has no effect! were taking losses! Abort! Abort! Abort!

Hellhound 3: Same here, all bombers pull out now! Fighters retreat to the southern end of the combat zone!

Kitsune 4: like hell i will!

Kumiho 3: hes right Kitsune 4, we need a better tactic. pull out for now!

Suddenly four FW190As appeared, They donned Tan and black Paintschemes. It was the Schakal Squadron. A flight of pilots who tore into the Ustio defenses early in the war. and had become imfamous for their near suicidal head on attacks. Kitsune and Kumiho turned to engage them. the eight "Butcher Birds" Broke off to enegage the allied fighters. the bombers limped out of Mauern Dam Airspace. The stage was set. its players ready.

Schakal 2: look at them allied morons! look at them retreat like ants!

Kitsune 1: Engaging lead plane.

Kitsune 2: got your back sir.

Kumiho 1: Watch it guys they are known to make head on passes.

A swirling dogfight commenced at high and mid altitudes. the planes all fired on each other making thier attacks and chasing one another. the FW190s like the P-47 were resilient and held on even with sections of their planes missing. Schakal 1 targeted Aikas P-51C and fired his cannons upward punching a hole in her cockpit. cannon shells punched through and one hit her left leg.

Kitsune 2: AHHHH!

Kistune 1: AIKA! Are you okay!? respond!!!

Schakal 1: how sad. i thought you had more zest for your lives than that! Otaku 17:02, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

It was in a raid over Hoffnung where Falco Squadron, in their technically outdated P-40s, first encountered the jets. This put them at a disadvantage in the ensuing dogfight, even though their eight-aircraft flight outnumbered the 262s 2-1. The subsequent engagement was bloody, to say the least. However, Falco squadron managed to shoot down two of the Belkan jets, and drive the other two away, albeit at the loss of three aircraft.

Falco 6: Dammit. When are we gonna get some new planes? We can barely hold with these things.

Falco 2: Give it time Mark. We'll get to the top of the list eventually.

Falco 6: I'm just sayin'. If we don't get upgrades soon we're going to wind up on a different list.

Raven's wing 17:05, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Suddenly, twelve pairs of contrails appear 20,000 feet above the bombers.

Kitsune 1: Is that what I think it is!?

Kitsune 3: More Jets!

Falco 1: They've come! The 3113th!!!

Falco 3: I'm hit! *explosion*

The formation scatters as three formations of four jets dive through the bombers, shooting down one a piece per fighter. Wywyrm was known to have conversed with allied squadrons during this engagement:

Wywyrm 1: Well look who it is, the 'Spirit Fox'...

Kitsune 1: What? What are you talking about?

Wywyrm 1: Idiot, I'm talking about you. I've heard of what you've accomplished, and I'm quite impressed. You've defeated the rest, now fight the best! Wywyrm Team, engage the enemy fighters. Leave the bombers to Aquila!

Yellow 1: Roger that. Engaging enemy bombers.

At that moment, two four-ship formations of Me-262s under Erusian markings begin attacking more of the bombers, beginning an intense dogfight at near-mach speed. Despite their best efforts, however, Yellow was forced to turn back from lack of fuel, and during the engagement, tragedy struck Wywyrm:

Wywyrm 11: Dammit! I'm hit! I'm bailing out!!!

Wywyrm 12: That's not good...Damn! Now they're on ME!!!

Wywyrm 1: Stay focused and trust your instincts.

Wywyrm 12: I can't shake them! I'm going down!

Wywyrm 1: Bail out, that's an order.

Wywyrm 12: Yes sir! Wywyrm 12, punching out!

Seeing that they were outgunned, the remaining ten fighters from Wywyrm Team firewall the throttle and retreat into the clouds.

Wywyrm 1 17:11, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

With the retreat of the Me-262s Schakal 1 turned to Kitsune 1 and began to fight again. Kumiho and the Remaining Kitsune squadron aircraft guarded Aika (kitsune 2) out of combat airspace.

Schakal 1: Wywyrm, just show offs. now where were we?

Kitsune 1: You're a real peice of work you worthless hack.

Schakal 1: What!?

Kistune 1: here i'll it to you in your dogspeak! F --- los faschistischen Stück Scheiße!

the two planes came head on at each other guns blazing, at 40ft. Schakal 1s 190 waivered and fell, his plane trailing fire. with that, the botched allied raid on Mauern came to a close. Aika nearly bled to death upon landing. It was a sobering moment for the allied forces in their fight against the Axis forces, "Spirt Fox" and "crimson fox" became his two new nicknames. he preferred the one that the Axis gave him however. Otaku 17:33, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Two weeks later, September 9th, 1943, the Erusian Navy and the Belkan dreadnoughts are all but destroyed by an airstrike on the Futuro Canal. Unable to fight any longer, Erusia drops out of the war and remains neutral for its remainder. Two more of Wywyrm's pilots were shot down by Kitsune, forcing Wywyrm to reorganize themselves and reequip.

Later that same week, Kitsune escorts a formation of brand new B-29s on an attack on Sudentor's industrial complexes. Kitsune identifies eight contrails and assumes it to be a quartet of Me-262s; no such luck. Suddenly, they scatter, and begin their attack on the bombers.

Kitsune 4: Single-engined jets!? When did they get those!?

Wywyrm 3: We meet again Spirit Fox. Let's see how you handle the Huckebein!

Wywyrm 1: *sigh* maintain your discipline; this isn't a flying circus!

These aircraft were Ta.183 Huckebeins, the newest of Belka's fighters and the later inspiration for the MiG-15. Despite this, four of Wywyrm's pilots were brought down, but two of them were downed by a mysterious new aircraft with an anular wing design and a turboprop: the prototype allied fighter codenamed Catangus.

(There's your superfighter Hochsommerschnee. Expect the BM.255 to appear relatively soon; luckily for you, only one exists. Unluckily for you, Rald will fly it.)

Wywyrm 1 19:08, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

On the ground the allies morale was restored, with several victories on the land, sea and air plus Erusias surrender and neutrality declaration the allies were on a roll. A final attack was conducted on Mauern Dam, this time with a specialized bomb. Known merely to the allies as "Lucky Strike" (named after the wartime cigrarette) also the moniker pointed toward the first botched raid on Mauern. Kitsune and Kumiho squadrons were tapped to escort the Emmerian Lancasters carrying the huge 10 ton bombs. The P-38Ls and new P-51Ds of Kitsune team thundered toward the target. Mauern looked like a moon after the numerous allied bombing efforts most of the AAA defenses pounded into dust. The Bombers Callsign Eagle 2 and 3 dropped to low altitude and prepped to strike.

Eagle 2: prepping to drop, bomb armed. are you watching up there?

Eagle 3: Hitting the deck, bombs armed.

Kitsune 3: Kid? you okay? you're quiet today.

Kitsune 1:..I'm just thinking about her is all. continue patrol and watch yourselves. Kitsune 8 on me.

Kitsune 8: Copy that captain.

Kumiho 1: We might have company. -looking to her left-

As they said that suddenly the Emmerian bombers dropped their payloads and raised altitude, despite a hail of bullets from Belkan MGs and small arms. the bombers made it out with slight damage. The water suddenly heaved and a shockwave was felt. the dam violently crumbled and water rushed rapidly through the breach. Everyone celebrated as the Mauern Dam after 13 failed raids collapsed on the 14th try.

Eagle 2: Bloody Hell! we did it! Yeah!

Eagle 3: Look at that hole! Great Work!

Kumiho 4: Yaahhooo!

Kitsune 1: Alright!

Kumiho 1: Guys! on our 9! Are those Erusians!?

Four Ki-84 Hayate Fighters moved in for the kill. despite Erusia declaring neutrality Many Erusian Squadrons went AWOL and sided with Belka as Privateer units. The four fighters were from Levy Squadron, Levy teams planes were painted black, on their tail was a wolfs head. The two teams moved to engage, after a Spiraling dogfight that lasted 12 minutes and Kumiho 2 and 3 being forced to withdraw Levy Squadron was defeated. they all bailed out however. When they returned to base a large gathering was held to celebrate the victory at Mauern, Aika Solano wounded and recovering from her gunshot wound Grinned at the victory. Otaku 19:42, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

One year passes, and at last Osea and the Allied Forces launch the ground invasion via Sapin and Futuro to retake Ustio. Wywyrm Team is again thrust into the middle of the fight, and one by one, all but the flight lead are downed. Finally, the Allies launch an attack on Directus in June. Despite the ground battle seeming all but won, the Allied Forces were shocked upon hearing a loud bang echo across the area. An allied bomber formation suddenly came under attack from an object moving so fast they couldn't even track it with their gun turrets. Kitsune, flying top cover, catches a glimpse of the aircraft and, more inmportantly, of the squadron insignia on the tail. It was Rald, flying the BM-255 Sabel for the first time in combat. Before Kitsune could give chase, he had climbed and escaped from the combat zone. Rald didn't want to retreat, but he had no choice, as he had used all of his ammunition on the bombers including the four X-4 AAMs his fighter could carry.

Despite this, Kitsune would not be deprived of a fight, as a formation of Ho-229s stumbled into the fray. It was the Gelb Squadron, and they were closing fast.

Gelb 2: You sure Major Rald's report was accurate

Gelb 1: I'm certain of it. The Spirit Fox is here alright...I'm surprised Rald didn't take them on.

Gelb 4: The Sabel is one-of-a-kind; we can't afford to lose it. In fact, it was stupid of him even to fly it this close to the front!

Gelb 1: Regardless, we have a mission. Gelb, engage!

Wywyrm 1 20:36, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

The Kitsune Squadron was not alone in the fight. Falco squadron, recently re-fitted with P-51Ds, climbed up to meet them. There may only have been five of them now, but they were determined to take the fight to the enemy.

Falco 2: There they are. Three O'Clock high.

Falco 1: I see them. Flying wings. This is gonna be tougher than last time. Split into loose formation; cover the Kitsune boys, it's their lead. If you get a shot, take it.

Raven's wing 21:19, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

As the fight unfolded between the Belkans and the Aurelians, soldiers on both sides layed down their weapons and looked up in awe at the deadly ballet in the skies above Directus. The Gelb Team's coordination even at high speed was almost beautiful, in that there were many times they should've collided, but they didn't. Kitsune and Falco's aggressive maneuvering, on the other hand, reminded those who witnessed the last war of the fighting between the aces of 1915-1922. A pair of soldiers, one Allied and one Belkan, were reputed to have had the following exchange during the fight.

Allied Soldier: Wow...the Gelbs are good...

Belkan Soldier: are the Aurelians...

Despite the Gelb Team's coordination, however, it wasn't enough, as in the end, all were shot down.

Kitsune 1: Bandit down!

Falco 1: Yeah!!! Gelb is going down in flames!!!

Kitsune 3: Hey Wright, you sure showed an old dog some new tricks today! Drinks are on me when we get back to the ground; I know a very nice tavern in downtown Directus where we could go.

Wywyrm 1 21:31, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

With the close of the dogfight, the team landed at base their P-38s and P-51s battle scarred from combat, the team before leaving for the Tavern in Directus were stopped by an allied medical officer. He was an older bespectacled man, his clipboard in hand. he looked at Kitsune 1.

Doc: Captain Wright, Its about Aika.

Kitsune 1: Whats wrong?

Doc: Nothing. You guys should take her out with you. we gave her a cane to walk with, the gash in her leg is healing rather fast.

Kistune 1: Alright then. Hey Falco 1, tell the guys i'll be there. I have to get Aika.

Falco 1: Got it man, see you around.

As Kitsune 1 and 2 walked to the jeep, attention suddenly turned to Wywyrm team and the new jet that their leader appeared with.

Kitsune 1: It was really an odd aircraft, just as odd as that Cutangus fighter. It left with a shattering boom. Some of the guys think its a Rocket Fighter like the Komet. But i think its a Jet.

Kitsune 3: yeah, that thing behaved like a jet, not some rocket toy like that Me-163 joke. Kid, someday you're going to have to face him.

you sure showed those Gelb guys something. Jet or Prop, a plane is a useless metal hulk without a pilot.

Kitsune 1: Yeah...

As the team partied at the downtown Tavern in Directus, the skies were clear and calm. since there was a lack of fireworks. A church bell was rung while signal flares launched in the sky. this mirrored the events of the 1995 Belkan war. Otaku 21:53, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Suddenly a buzzing noise was heard over the city: more buzzbombs. Fortuneately, several Cutangus fighters managed to intercept them and blew them out of the sky. Everything seemed okay until one of the Catangus fighters reported in:

Halo 5: This is Halo 5! Bandit on my six o-*explosion*

As the Cutangus went down, the attacking fighter turned back around in a full 180 and sped back towards Belka. It was flying low enough that everyone could clearly identify it as the BM-255.

Falco 3: Well, things just got a bit more interesting...

Wywyrm 1 21:55, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune 8: Great, there goes the party. -drops beer bottle in shock-

Kitsune 1: I hear air raid sirens! everyone to the jeeps!

as the team piled in the jeeps a formation of Fw190D "Dora Models" and Me-262s buzzed overhead. The team also saw additonal Ki-61s and reports of more buzzbombs inbound. The Catangus fighters were called to intercept the bombs and watch the skies for additional Jets. Kitsune, Kumiho and Falco teams were called up for the defense of the city airspace. Like the raid on Monte Breeze air base, soliders fired into the air and planes strafed the runway. Kitsune team got airborne but 6 lost control and had to crash land. Kumiho and Falco team got airborne.

Kitsune 1: confirmed. six Fw190s. -his blood boiled as found out it was the Schakal sqaudron.

Kitsune 2: Belkas mangy Jackals, back for another one huh?

Kumiho 1: Prepare to engage

Kitsune 3: 1 i thought you finished those Jokers off.

Falco 2: They got jets with them as well! Engaging.

The skies became a swirling storm as the pilots all engaged one another. Kitsune 1 dived on one of the 262s and blew it away with ease. the rest of the team engaged and did the same. after what seemed like an enternity, more planes joined the fray. Kitsune 3 took a hit to the engine but kept on fighting, Kumiho 4 was shot down by a 190 and the rest of the 262s tried to focus their fire on the Kitsune leaders.

Schakal 12: I got one in my sights! -firing cannon-

Kitsune 4: Dammit! I'm hit...she wont stay up!
Kitsune 2: Bail Smitty!

Kitsune 1: Can you bail out?

Kitsune 1 got on the tail of the 262 and shot it down, another 190 fired on him. the battle became personal quick for the team leader. Suddenly Kitsune 4s plane crashed into a Tower and exploded. The team was in shock. Smitty was dead, the team continued to press on in the face of long odds. Falco 1 shot down a 190 and moved on to an 262. Kumiho Team destroyed the remaining Ki-61s, afterwards all that was left was Schakal 12, 10, 5, and 1. they got into a V formation and fired headlong at Falco. Otaku 22:17, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Falco 1: Dammit. Break hard! Scatter and try and splash 'em!

The five Mustangs split up and tried to harass the enemy aircraft.

Raven's wing 22:19, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

At first, it seemed that Kitsune would gain the upper hand in this battle, but that was because they were unaware of the danger lurking around.

Kitsune 1: I'm bringing this one down for keeps!

Grun 1: Can't let you do that Spirit Fox! (Yeah, I just had to do that. The timing was perfect! XD)

Grun 2: We've been ordered to take you down Kitsune.

Falco 1: Enemy incoming from six o'clock!!!

Kitsune 2: It's Grun!

At that, four Ta.183s join the frey and attack Kitsune and Falco, yet another ace squadron being pit against Kitsune.

Wywyrm 1 22:28, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

The Green Ta.183s attacked, and Kitsune broke hard. Schakal squadron joined in the attack. Schakal 5 and Grun 4 chased Kitsune 3 and Kumiho 2. Shion (Kumiho 1) Joined Kitsune 1 and 2 against Schakal 1 and Grun 1. The planes spiraled around one another firing cannon and machine guns. Falco 1 downed Schakal 10 and Kitsune 3 bagged Schakal 12. the planes fired furiously at one another.

Kitsune 1: Shion, cover me. stay close! 2 same goes for you!

Kitsune 2: yes sir!

The three combined their attack. and shot down Grun 4 who had actually passed into their line of sight. the Yak 9U and the Two P-38s crushed Grun 4 and now had Schakal 1 in their sights.

Kitsune 1: Down you go mutt.

Schakal 1: Cover! I need backup! -Schakal 5 was shot down. and now Grun hung him out to dry. cannons fired and Schakal 1 went down in flames. yet again he bailed from his 190.

Kitsune 1: Damn he bailed! Son of a....

Before he could curse they were attacked once more. Otaku 22:39, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Suddenly, as Gruns 2 and 3 were about to fire on Kitsune 1, cannon shells impacted their fighters. It was Grun 1; he was an allied spy! He switched radio channels and was recorded to have the following conversation with Kitsune 1:

Grun 1: It seems even spirits need help every once in a while...

Kitsune 1: I know that voice...Captain Jordan! You sonuvab****!!!

Grun 1: *laughs* It seems taking an acting course in college paid off; they fell for it completely! When we get back on the ground, I got a present for ya!

After they were all back on the ground, Captain Jordan revealed that this 'present' was the Ta.183 he had been flying under the alias of Grun 1. The Department of Intel greatly wanted to study this specimen, but as another Ta.183 pilot defected the previous night, it was decided that this one could be kept by Kitsune.

Back in Belka, the 3114th TJS 'Windhover' was integrated into the 8th Air Division and reequiped. Under command of newly promoted Lieutenian Colonel Rald, this Air Division would make quite a nuisance of itself in the following year: 1947.

A week later, Yuketobania landed at Anfang and began a second-front offensive to crush Belka completely. The Belkans, caught completely off-guard, scatter. Two opposing factions soon form, the Peacekeepers, which favored surrender, and the Nationalists, which wanted to fight on to the end and was lead by Rald. They successfully captured a mssive bomber called the BM-X400 and begin readying it for combat.

Wywyrm 1 22:49, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Btw, I came up with a name for this if it were a game:

Ace Combat Origins: The Spirit Fox

Wywyrm 1 22:58, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

As the Yuktobanians executed the Anfang landing, Strigon flew top cover providing air support, decimating any Nationalist faction fighters that dared enter the airspace as well as taking strafing runs at ground forces to take some of the burden off their comrades on the ground. At about the same time, the Emmerian Air Force deployed their newly-formed 28th Fighter Squadron "Garuda", equipped with a combination of P-47D Thunderbolts and P-51D Mustangs in a mixed 4-ship formation, to attack Belkan Nationalist strongholds located at Hoffnung and Sudentor. Orca19904 01:14, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Suddenly and without warning, the BM-X400 attacks, forcing the allies back. Rald, flying the BM-255 Sabel, forced back almost all allied aircraft, gaining air superiority over the battlefield. Ktisune was scrambled and sent to intercept the aircraft in the final battle of the War. Wywyrm 1 01:40, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Upon arriving on station, Kitsune is horrified by the sight before them.

Kitsune 2: Unbelievable!

Kitsune 3: And I thought the Dinsmark was massive! This beats it by a long shot!

Kitsune 1: Let's take it down!

Wywyrm 1: I don't think you'll be doing that Spirit Fox.

Kitsune 1: Rald! I knew you were behind this!

Wywyrm 1: Heh, you give yourself rtoo much credit...Kitsune 1, I challenge you one on one. Do you accept?

Kitsune 1: You'd better believe I do!

Wywyrm 1 01:53, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune 1 flew his new Ta.183 into combat for the first time, as the heavy command cruiser bombed the living daylights out of the allied lines. Belkan SK or Sturm Krieger moved to attack the allied forces. Supported by heavy King Tiger Tanks and Panther Tanks, they pounded the allied Shermans and T-34s. The allied ground forces in full retreat prayed for a savior. Kumiho Squadrons Yak9s moved to attack the enemy tanks but before they could the enemy Schakal squadron appeared again. this time using Fw.190D-2s and Ta.183s "Belkas Mangy Jackals" Blocked their path once more. As Kitsune 1 moved to assault Rald he looked down at the battle below. Otaku 02:05, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Kitsune 3: Get em' Boss!

Kitsune 2: Go! Everyone Attack the SK Panzer Kampf Gruppe! You better come back alive Jacob!

Kitsune 5, 7 and 8: Roger!

As the fight below reached a fever pitch, tanks exploding. Soliders dying and burning equipment littering the field. Rald Reveled in the Battle taking place before his eyes.

Wywyrm 1: Doesnt it stir a feeling in you? Something Primal and Destructive?

Kitsune 1: Lets end this sick game!

Falco 1: Were on site. Bloody Hell! look at this mess!

Falco team fought below as the two aces collided in the skies above.Otaku 02:10, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

As Kitsune and Wywyrm fought, the two of them kept up a steady but fiery diologue between them:

Kitsune 1: How can you stand up for such wholesale slaughter!?

Wywyrm 1: Learn to accept it, this is War.

Kitsune 1: Even War has a set of rules to follow!

Wywyrm 1: War isn't a clash of ideals, rather, it is a collision of powers. People live and people die; that's all there is to it.

Kitsune 1: You really DO live up to your name! It's time the Dragon was slain!

Meanwhile, Kumiho, despite intense fighting, was able to down Schakal at long last, the flight lead being the only one to bail out. Kitsunes 2, 3 and 4, despite initial difficulties, manage to shoot down all of the fighter escorts for the BM-X400, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Kitsune 2: The X400's escorts are down!

Kumiho 1: Kumiho reporting, Schakal is down!

Wywyrm 1: What!? You're more persistant than I thought, but I see your weakness!

At that moment, Rald suddenly reversed and flew right at Kitsune 2, knowing that if he could kill her, Kitsune 1 might lose all will to fight.

Kitsune 1: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Kitsune 1 managed to catch him and fired a single cannon round before his ammunition was exhausted. It impact the Sabel and seemed to do nothing...until the rear fuselage burst into flames.

Wywyrm 1: DAMN YOU SPIRIT FOX!!! *Ejects*

As the Sabel's wreckage plummets to the ground, Kumiho fires into the air intakes of the BM-X400's engines, destroying several of them and causing the massive gunship to crash in a spectacular fireball. In horror at their sudden loss, the Belkan forces either surrender or scatter. The War was over!

Kumiho 1: Mission Accomplished Kitsune!

Falco 1: Yeah! That's the way to do it!

Garuda 1: Way to go!

Strigon 1: Excellent airmanship comrade!

Kitsune 2: I can't believe it! It's finally over!

Kitsune 1: Let us hope that this peace might last...

Wywyrm 1 02:26, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

As The Victorious Allies flew overhead, The soldiers waved to the skies above. many of them Yelling Fox at the top thier lungs. some firing their weapons into the air. Kitsune 2 moved beside her captain and looked across. his reddish brown longish hair poking through his flight helmet. he looked across and made the V symbol with his fingers. Victory. The Squadrons formed a gaint V as they flew over the battlefield. The allies were Victorious. With the Belkans Grudgingly retreating across the land. The SK the most fundamentalist of the Nationalist forces would never accept defeat. As they landed, the Ta.183 of Kitsune 1 crash landed due to a landing gear jam. Kitsune 1 was okay though brusied. Kitsune 2 rushed across the field laughing and taking her gear off jumped to the Jet Kissing Kitsune 1 on the Cheek.

Kitsune 2: Welcome home Spirit Fox.

Kistune 1: This plane is Trashed, Im just grateful that the mindless slaughter is over. Planes are replacable but pilots arent. -Kisses Aika- I thought i lost you...

Kitsune 3: Boss! That was something else son!

Kitsune 5,7,8: VICTORY AT LAST!thumb|300px|right|The somber theme to Medal of Honor Euro Assault. fits this part.

Stigon 1: Lets drink to this occasion my comrades!

Kumiho 1: You made it home alive Kitsune

Parties broke out all across the lines, Belkan Soliders who defected to the Peacekeepers sang the "Jouney Home" the allies joined in. Drinking and loud music enused across the base, The night sky lit up with fires and flares fired by the allies. Kitsune team sat in the Directus Tavern surrounded by admirers, pilots and ground crew. Otaku 02:39, September 4, 2010 (UTC)


The war officially ended on September 1st, 1947, exactly 12 years to the day of the War's start. Casualties are estimated at over forty million dead on the Allied side, with about fifty-five million dead on the Axis Side. This war, although leading to peace, developed into the Cold War in 1955 between Osea and Yuketobania.

Captain Wright retired from the AAF as the War's top allied ace, his score being tied with Waldimar Rald for the top ace of the War on both sides. He married his wingman, Kitsune 2, and later raised a family with her. He lives in the countryside of Aurelia.

Falco continued to serve with the AAF, helping to train new pilots that would eventually lead up to pilots that would see service in the Belkan War.

Kumiho became military advisors to Ustio for their Air Force. Later in her life, she helped to train a young pilot that would later become an international hero. We all know him as Cipher, the Demon Lord of the Round Table.

Captain Jordan (Grun 1) was shot down during the final battle and was killed on the ground when he Sabel's wreckage landed on top of him. He was awarded Osea's Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions and bravery.

Colonel Voychek retired from active duty following the war, and would spend the remainder of his service in the Estovakian Air Force as an instructor training the next generation of EAF pilots until finally leaving the military for civilian life in 1958. Decades later, his grandson, Victor Voychek, would come to lead a new version of his grandfather's squadron during the Anean Continental War.

Windhover 1 went on to become a test pilot for Osea and later became their first astronaut in 1958. He later died on October 8th, 2002, of a stroke.

Waldimar Rald's history following the war remains mostly shrouded in mystery and controversy. He later entered politics and formed the Rald Party. Upon taking control of Belka in 1995, he would lead his nation down a path that would lead to its final destruction, a path that ended with Erik Felsen in 2017.

The legacy of the war remains to this day in the stories of those who served. Their triumphs and failures, in the air, on land, on and beneath the sea, would be remembered for eternity, their names recorded for posterity. Although those who served were long lost to the ages, their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Ace Combat Origins: The Spirit Fox

Wywyrm 1 03:12, September 4, 2010 (UTC)