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Here is the basic skeleton for this game: Sapin has invaded Ratio unprovkingly and almost completley taken control. The "Ghosts of Razgriz", newly reformed with the original members (Blaze, Edge, Swordsman, and Archer), is now a peace-keeping organization. Sometime in the first few missions, a Super Weapon must appear and cause a Mission failure, and this weapon must also be destroyed within the first few missions too. This war takes place during the Leasathian Civil War. The Razgriz must save Ratio, who currently has one airbase left. However, Sapin has been secretly taken over by A World With No Boundaries (AWWNB). Somewhere along the way, Razgriz must discover this. The War must end with Ratio free again, AWWNB is destroyed permanently, and the last mission must be to destroy some Super Weapon (BE ORIGINAL HERE!!!). An enemy Ace Squadron specifically affiliated with AWWNB must continually give the Razgriz trouble until they use some hi-tech fighter to support the Super Weapon in the last mission. This is to be done as if this was ACTUALLY going to be a game someday!

Affilitations and Arsenals[]


F/A-22A (Beginning Aircraft), F-35C, F-15C, F-15E, F-15S/MTD, SU-37, SU-47, S-32, A-10C, F-32A (new aircraft, carries TLS [TLS acts as gun] and XLAA, as well as standard missiles), FALKEN, X-02, FREGETA, APALIS, FORNEUS, CARIBURN, FENRIR, and the XFA27.(Non-playable includes B-52 and B-2, as well as Apaches and CH-64s).


All Ratio/Razgriz aircraft plus a top secret aircraft used by the ace AWWNB squadron: The XFA-100 (Carries TLS, standard MIRV missiles, and High-Power ECM Orb (HPECMO, similar to IRCM, only disrupts cannon fire as well and takes a minute to re-load. This is its vulnerability point. Makes the aircraft defenses highly unstable).


Now we can begin!

Chapter 1:The Tide Changes[]

Anford Air Base:

Base Commander: (intercom) Attention all troops! We have received word that we have been granted support by the "Ghost of Razgriz"!!!! We're saved!

All Troops in Base: Yahoo!!!!!!!!

Blaze (Over Radio): Attention Anford Air Base! We will arive shortly!

Base Commander: Roger that! We'll be ready!

10 minutes later.......

Razgriz (in unison): The Razgriz have returned!

Mission 1:The Demon Reborn[]

Base Commander: I am honored to serve the Razgriz! Let's start the briefing!

System: The Sapin Air/Army Forces have begun an advance to Anford Air Base over Vanwalt Bridge, in the occupied town of Ranwark. Destroy the advancing forces so that a Marine force may re-take the town. DO NOT cause ANY damage to the surrounding buildings. The damge percentage will be displyed on the MPG on the top right side of the HUD. Do notl let the gauge fall to zero!!!!!

Base Commander: This is our first attempt to recpature a city since the Rata, our capital, fell. DO NOT LOSE THIS CHANCE!!!!!

SuperJaws100 14:16, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Mission Start: Ranwark, Ratio

Edge: This is Edge, target sighted, engaging!

Blaze: Roger, Blaze engaging!

Swordsman: Roger, Swordsman engaging!

Archer: Archer engaging!

AWACS Liberty: This is AWACS, callsign Liberty! Pay close attention to the damage caused to the city, make sure you have a clear lock-on!

Blaze: Roger that AWACS! Edge,Swordsman, engage air targets while Archer and I engage enemy ground units!

Swordsman/Edge: Roger that Captain!

Razgriz Squadron tangled with the enemy forces, and when all enemies were down, the city had sustained NOT A BIT of damage.

AWACS Liberty: Good work Razgriz! Mission success, now wait for the Helicopter Unit to land!

OceanVoyager: This is Ratioan Rescue Unit Ocean Voyager, we are en-route to target!

AWACS Liberty: This is AWACS, roger that.....hold on a second, enemy reinfocements inbound! It's a Squadron of Typhoons!!! That's strange.....they're unmarked.....DAMN!! Heat signatures emitting from the aircraft confirm they have TLS's, Razgriz EVADE!!!!!


The flight scattered as multiple beams of bright light filled the sky,taking down half of the rescue unit.


Needle 1: This is Needle 1 to all planes, do not let the Razgriz escape!

Needle 2,3,4: Roger that!

AWACS Liberty: It's an ace squadron of pilots, nationality unknown. They are apparently called "Needle Squadron". DESTROY THEM ALL!

Blaze: All pilots, use long range, hit and run attacks, use your XLAAs!!!!

The dogfight ensued, as each pilot grappled for superiority. The battle turned into a tangled mess of aircraft and missiles. The remaining Ocean Voyage units were paid no attention as they captured the city.

Unit A Commander: This is Unit A Commander, we've found an underground facility filled with Anti-Aircraft weaponry, these are pretty advanced systems. They've got sholder-mounted TLS, meant to shoot down aircraft and destroy vehicles.

Unit A Soldier 1: Commander...what if we used the lasers to help out Razgriz Sqaudron?

Unit A Commander: Good thinking! Lets go!!

The Razgriz had fired and fired yet scored no hits, although neither had Needle Squadron. But the Typhoons were getting quicker. Soon they would get the upper hand.....

Archer: This would be so much easier if the would stop firing those TLS's! We can't get in close enough to attack them!

Swordsman: Damn, bandit on my tail...its over for me!!!!

Suddenly, a bright light shines through the sky,and the enemy fighter is down.

Swordsman: What the......?

Needle 1: Needle 4 is down?!?!?!?! This has to be a joke!!!!!!

Unit A Commander: This is Ocean Voyager Unit A Commander! We found some Sapin tech and decided to join the party!

Blaze: Roger that! All fighters continue the attack!!!!

SuperJaws100 18:30, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Needle 2: Captain, what are your orders?

Swordsman: That's some tech they got down there. This should help even the odds.

Archer: But we'll still have to deal with their TLS!

Here comes the boom... (talk) 17:05, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

Needle 1: This doesn't change anything! Take the Razgriz down!

Blaze: We could use more of that Sapin weaponry!

Unit A Commander: Firing!

Another bright light comes down and hits Needle 2

Unit A Commander: How do you like that, you Sapin bastards!

Blaze: Only two left! Nagase, you're with me! Hans and Snow, you can take care of the other one!

Razgriz: Roger!

Needle 3: Burn in Hell Razgriz!

Needle 3 fires his TLS

Blaze: Get out of the way!

Archer and Swordsman narrowly evade the laser

Archer: Whoa! That was close!

Swordsman: Keep your distance Grimm! We can't get close to this guy!

Here comes the boom... (talk) 14:04, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

Needle 3: What are they doing this?! They're flying better than before!

Needle 1: Needle 3, I am picking up several signatures on the ground suggesting surface-to-air firing.

Blaze: Uh- Unit A, abandon the laser! The heat from your firing is showing up on their screens!

Unit A Commander: Ok! Guys, throw the weapons in the street! Everyone make for the Financial tower!

Needle 1: Needle 3, commence bombing run. I'll fly top cover.

Needle 3: Yes, sir. Commencing bombing run.

Edge: Look at that one. What's he doing?

Archer: Whatever it is, he's vulnerable. Even if he's attacked, he can't break off the bombing run at this point. Arming AIM-9. Target lock......firing XLAA.

Needle 3: Uh- Wha- I'm punching out!

Solowing106 (talk) 14:52, September 26, 2012 (UTC)

Needle 1: I see your attacker! Needle 3...Needle 3!


Needle 1: Impossible! I'll be back...

Blaze: Whew, they're gone. Unit A commander, give me a sitrep on the ground.

Unit A soldier: Captain, the commander suffered injuries from that plane crashing. I'm his RTO. ...Everything's ok, we should just be done. Whoa!

Blaze: What?

Unit A RTO: Our squad's RPG gunner just downed a fleeing Typhoon. Good shot Martin!

AWACS Liberty: Mission success. RTB.

Edge: Why has my life gotten to the point where that is normal?

Blaze: Better not to question... Solowing106 (talk) 19:23, September 26, 2012 (UTC)

Mission end

System: The city of Ranwark has been successfully captured. The enemy ace squadron that was shot down has either been killed or gone missing. The allied forces are preparing to pass through Gloria passa  Solowing106 (talk) 23:24, September 28, 2012 (UTC)

Mission 2: Warlock and Barn owl[]

System: Ratio and the UN will be pushing through the Gloria passa. The forces here will be under heavy attack from Sapin artillery. Your mission will be to destroy Sapin ground units in the area so that our forces will be able to move through. Protect those forces at all cost. I have faith that you will not fail us. Razgriz Squadron. Launch!

The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 15:20, December 18, 2012 (UTC)

Mission Start: Gloria passa, Ratio

Swordsman: This is Gloria passa. I saw a couple of satellite images of it, there's a lake up ahead. I think that's where the artillery is.

Blaze: What do you have about ambush positions?

Swordsman: Limited. There's a lot of steep hills here.

Archer: Contact, four o'clock low.

Edge: Those are allies, Grimm.

Blaze: That's the Erusean unit.

Chat-huant 1 (Barn owl 1): Surveillez votre détente, ce sont des alliés. C'est le Razgriz! (Watch your trigger, those are allies. It's the Razgriz!) Hello Razgriz! Pleasure to serve with you! (Barn owl flight is flying Typhoons)

Blaze: Pleasure to serve with you too, Barn Owl.

Swordsman: Did any of you take a look at the satellite images?

Chat-huant 1: Oui. Allied troops, twelve o'clock low.

Warlock Seperate Tank Batallion: Ey, guys. I'm so glad we have such great pilots protecting us. This should be fairly heavy. I say fairly because you're you.

Swordsman: Aww, stop it.

Archer: Well we shouldn't dissapoint our fans.

Blaze: I agree Grimm. Got to live up to the name.

Sapin Grnd: Hostiles in range! Prepare to fire!

The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 14:46, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

Blaze: xSAMS! Nagase!

Edge: This isn't Yuktobania anymore. I've got this. (Immelman-turns the missile) The SAMS aren't showing up on the radar!

Archer: I'm going to 2000 ft. to get a closer look. Barn owl squad, Swordsman, cover me.

Chat-huant 1: Oui. Chat-huant 3, 4, follow the Razgriz and help them with the allies. (They all fly low, finding no SAM)

Archer: Arrgh! Pull up alarm.

Swordsman: The Oseans camoflague their SAMS so the satellites can't see it. Maybe some bushes?

Archer: Well, which ones? This place is strewn with them!

Chat-huant 3: We are carrying napalm. Do you know where the missile was fired from?

Swordsman: Hmmm......there! (Makes a pass, then a missile flies out of the bush towards Chat-huant 4)

Chat-huant 4: I've got this under control. (Dodges with a roll of his plane. The two Typhoons drom their napalm, producing two secondary explosions from two hidden xSAMS.)

Archer: Sierra Hotel! Good work, let's regroup with the others.

Blaze: 'Bout time you came back. Artillery is all over this ridge!

Swordsman: Not a problem. (His weapons bay opens, revealing an LASM) Firing! (The missile launches and destroys the main artillery line) That's the way all evil goes.

Edge: So that's it?

Warlock Seperate Tank Batallion: The attack has stopped! That Razgriz is like devils!

Mission End

System: Having passed the Warlock Seperate Tank Batallion through Gloria Passa, we have now reinforced our main front line bases and we're that closer to ending this threat once and for all. Solowing106 (talk) 00:26, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

Mission 3: That wasn't there before![]

System: Since the advance through Gloria Passa, things have actually been quiet, even in Gran Rugido. Satellite images reveal a blot 22 miles Northeast of the city. We are attempting to figure out what it could possibly be, but we cannot do so without getting a closer look. So, we have outfitted two of you with stealth F-35C's. Your mission is to penetrate the Sapin no-fly zone and take pictures of the area. With the AA systems there, you can only remain in the airspace for 90 mins. at max. You are instructed to fly in at top speed, take three pictures, and fly out the same way. Don't worry about speed the second time, there will be renforcements.

Mission start: Three miles above the Sapin/Ratio border

Blaze: How fast are you flying?

Edge: 680 mi/h.

Blaze: Good. Gran Rugido is 300 mi. away, so no sweat. Do you need a break from the gravitational for-

Solowing106 (talk) 05:13, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

Edge: I can handle myself, Blaze. Just hold up your end of the deal.

Blaze: Ok. ETA, 28 min.

26 mins. later

Blaze: Here we go. I'm shutting off afterburners.

Edge: We can't afford to blow our cover. So, we shouldn-whoa!

(The two man squadron reaches a mountain, with an Excalibur-type chem. laser mounted like Stonehenge.)

Blaze: That's huge. I'm in shock-arrgh, watch the SAMS!

(Two mobile SAMS are locked on to them)

Edge: I won't be a missile target for my whole career! I'm going ahead and taking a picture! (She takes a snapshot)

Blaze: Ok, I only have one roll of film, so (He snaps a shot)

Edge: This next shot will be tough. I see a loading trench for a laser generator. It's protected by SAMS, so can you cover me?

Blaze: Sure. (He draws fire toward himself)

Edge: Here we go! (She takes the last shot) Let's leave!

(The two engage afterburners and are then greeted by the other portion of Razgriz squadron)

Archer: All right. Let's leave.

Swordsman: You guys are crazy.

Mission end

System: We are analyzing your pictures. Sapin has gathered over 60% of its SAMS to Gran Rugido for fear of further airspace penetrations.

Solowing106 (talk) 22:37, March 23, 2013 (UTC)