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Omega Felsen 21:41, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

This 4th Simulated War takes place after AC3, in the year 2048. For details on the beginning, see this article.

Like the article suggests, this is a free-for-all between the Belkan Waldreich, UPEO, GR Ltd, Neucom and the Neo-UN. I will give more details tommorrow morning.

Wywyrm 1 05:48, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

Even though it's 2048, I still want to fly my signature F-16C. Windhover 1 02:52, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

Well, I can't promise you that...BUT I'll let you fly the F-16XF Sakerfalcon, the COFFIN-equipped version with improved handling...or even a COFFIN equipped version of the F-16G designed by Otaku. Wywyrm 1 03:09, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

Nah-uh.. still gonna fly my F-16C. Windhover 1 03:17, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

Okay then. Let's just say that you fly the F-16C Block 200, a version with improved weapons capability, a more fuel efficient but more powerful engine, and a more powerful flight computer.

Wywyrm 1 20:09, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

Well..we could make an F-16C with significant upgrades and call it a lower cost alternative to my F-16G concept. it would retain the look and style of the F-16C. I also thought of an Upgraded F-14, F-4, and F-20A.--Otaku 04:13, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

I'm way ahead of you:

F-14 Upgrade: F-14G Tomcat II (F-14D with more powerful but also more fuel efficient engines, giving it a top speed of Mach 4.2. Has v2.0 COFFIN, canards, thrust vectoring, and has a bare minimum of moving parts thanks to an electro-magnetic system for moving the wings and flight controls, drastically reducing the cost of maintenance).

F-4 Upgrade: F/A-4X-1 Phantom III (F/A designation given as it would be multirole, in this case a tactical/strategic bomber, recon plane, and high altitude interceptor, like the MiG-31R Foxhound-C.

F-20A Upgrade: F-20K Super Tigershark (Lightweight fighter designed to replace the MiG-21 and F-5, primarily used as a trainer or point-defense fighter due to short range, but can still be used for tactical bombing, albeit not to the extent that the F/A-4X-1 can).

F-16C Upgrade: F-16C Block 200 [unofficially named F-16R] (slightly more cost efficient and lighter-weight version of the F-16G and is much easier to fly than any COFFIN equipped aircraft, making it perfect for less-experienced pilots. Has all-glass cockpit of the XFA-27 rather than COFFIN and although isn't as effective as the F-16G or F-16XF in air superiority roles, it is a MUCH better ground attack aircraft than both and can still hold its own in a dogfight if flown properly, especially at speeds below Mach 1.6. Often used as a stunt plane at air shows or to test new weapons).

F-16G Upgrade: F-16G-2 (F-16G with v2.0 COFFIN and improved avionics and weapons systems. Also boasts a reduced radar cross-section. Main operator at the moment is the Belkan Waldreich, as they purchased 6500 production models, enough to equip half of all their fighter squadrons.).

EA-18G Upgrade: EA-18M Growler II (EA-18G with v2.0 COFFIN and thrust vectoring. Incorporates a lift fan and has VTOL cpability)

F/A-51 Upgrade: F/A-51E (F/A-51 with v2.0 COFFIN)

ADF-01 Upgrade:

  • ADF-02A-2 Super Falken Mk II (Used by a few squadrons in the Special Air Force Division of the Stahlerne Luft. Rarely deployed due to high production costs).
  • ADF-02AX Star Falken (air and space dominance version powered by fusion ion engines with vastly upgraded weapons systems and unrivaled BVR capability. Used exclusively by the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron).

Well, what do you think?

Wywyrm 1 05:56, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

I like the concepts for the F/A-51E and F-16G-2 (of course), the ideas for the upgraded aircraft sound good like the elctromagnetic swing wing concept. With the exception of the EA-18M Growler i kinda cringe at the thought of giving Jammer aircraft an F-35B-esque lift fan and making it VTOL. It doesn't settle with me. but thats my personal opinion. as for the Falkens I expected them to show up haha. In addition to the F-16G and F/A-51 Heres some fighters I also came up with.

Su-43N "Zhivak": Improved Su-43 for ex. GRDF turned UPEO pilot Aizu Tsukihime, COFFIN 2.0 Neural flight connection interface, Thrust Vectoring, Twin 14.5mm Three Barrel chain guns with KEP ammo and Mach 3.1 capability, and the ability to mount a 40mm SDRD (Small Diameter Rail Driver) cannon in internal bay. "Zhivak" Means quicksilver in Bulgarian.

Mirage 2000-48: A next gen spin on the Mirage 2000-5, Winter Tactical Systems after working on the Kilij E moved on to improving the Mir-2000 airframe. Enhanced Radar, All glass cockpit, twin 15.5mm Two barrel chain guns, a ventral fin (copied from the F-16G), Its ability as a fighter matches the F-16XF and G-2 but suffers as a close support fighter. competes with CT. Ltd. F-16G-2

YF-31 Muramasa: Named after the Katana of legend, the YF-31 is a fighter shrouded in secret. many assume its an offshoot of the F-14G and Su-37 fighter projects. the project is known only to those in the higher ranks of CT. ltd. Dimitri Patterson catches a glimpse of it after his ageing father Victor shows him the craft in Aurelia.

SF-39 Gripen E: An improved Gripen with COFFIN 2.0, improved systems, reduced radar cross section, an experimental 27mm caseless cannon system that fires over 7,000 rounds per minute, excels in mutiple roles as the previous C model had before.

M-3F2 Kusarigama: A fighter based loosely off the F-15C, made in North Point by a subcontractor of Chimera Technologies Ltd. using the latest in radar, weapons, and flight control in the industry the M-3 is considered by many to be a lethal competitor to the Su-37 and F-15S/MTD+. COFFIN 2.0, 30mm Three barrel cannon rated at over 4,000 rounds per mintue, This fighter lives up to its name.

Tornado Gr.5: Improved Gr.4, sold to many countries and caught the attention of the Belkan Waldreich. Equipped with a 25mm GAU-12 cannon and reinforced armor that the Gr.4 had used. powerful twin engines and Electromagnetic swing wing system, uses COFFIN 2.0 interface. Oseas Air force was the largest customer with 1,333 purchased. reduced maintainence costs and ease of maintainence has earned it admiration of many.

what do you think? Otaku 06:39, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

Good, very good! Okay, so here seem to be the respective arsenals:

Nah, I'M STILL FLYIN MY SIGNATURE F-16C. Windhover 1 07:29, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

Belkan Waldreich

  • F-16XF Sakerfalcon
  • F-16G-2 Lance Falcon (Neo-Silber, Windhover)
  • F-16C Block 32A/Block 40B (Windhover 1 exclusively)
  • F/A-51E Killij (Naval variant)
  • Tornado GR.5
  • EF-2000E Typhoon II (Known in the Stahlerne Luft as the "Taifun") (Neo-Rot)
  • SF-39 Gripen E (Neo-Indigo)
  • FA-18V ADV (Neo-Grun)
  • Su-37 Super Flanker (Neo-Gelb)
  • Su-43 Berkut (Neo-Gault, Neo-Meteor, Neo-Bussard)
  • F-15S/MT+ (Windhover, Neo-Grabacr)
  • M3F-2 Kusarigama (I'll think of an Ace Squadron for this one)
  • F-22C Raptor II (Grabacr)
  • F-14G Tomcat II (Neo-Schnee)
  • MiG-31R Foxhound-C (Upgraded Varient) (Neo-Schwarze)
  • F/A-4X-1 Phantom III (Neo-Silber)
  • E/A-18M Growler II (Windhover, Neo-Schnee)
  • Mirage-2000-48
  • R-103 Delphinus III (Ritter)
  • XFA-36A Game (Schnitter)
  • CFA-44B Vampir (Paladin)
  • AABX-01E Roc (Upgraded production variant of the AABX-01 used in the Osean Continental War)
  • ADF-02A-2 Super Falken
  • ADF-02AX Star Falken (Wywyrm Air Command Squadron)
  • ADFX-VTOL Falken Z (Upgraded)
  • ADFXC-05 Gewalt (Only One)


  • MiG-33 Super Fulcrum SS
  • EF-2000E Typhoon II
  • SF-39 Grippen E
  • Su-37 Super Flanker
  • Su-43 Berkut (And specialized ace variant "Zhivak")
  • F/A-18V ADV
  • F-16XF Saker Falcon
  • XFA-36A Game
  • Mirage-2000-48
  • YF-31 Muramasa (Prototype)
  • F-16GU Lance Falcon (UPEO Variant)
  • F/A-51EU (UPEO Variant)
  • R-101U Deplhinus (UPEO Variant)
  • M3FU Kurisagama (UPEO Variant)


  • F-16XA Gyrefalcon
  • F-16XF Sakerfalcon
  • F-15S/MT+
  • F-22C Raptor II
  • XFA-36A Game
  • A-117B Navhawk
  • Tornado GR.5
  • YF-12B Blackbird II
  • B-1R Lancer II

Neucom Inc.

  • R-103 Delphinus III (We'll assume all Delphinus Squadrons upgraded to this one)
  • R-211 Orcinus
  • R-311 Remora
  • R-501 Rhincodon
  • R-531 Mobura
  • YR-900A (Production version of the XR-900 Geopelia. Deployment in the same fashion as the YF-49A)


All aircraft except the following

  • XFA-36A Game
  • YF-49A
  • CFA-44B Vampir (A Belkan development of the CFA-44 Nosferatu)
  • Any Prototype Aircraft (owns a few, but none are in service)
  • Any Advanced Belkan Aircraft (AABX-01E, ADFX-VTOL, ADF-02A-2, ADF-02AX, ADFXC-05)

The UI-4505 Aurora is not included as the sole prototype was destroyed. The Gewalt fills its role.

Wywyrm 1 17:39, September 6, 2010 (UTC)


Wywyrm 1 17:47, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

A-10C is allowed.

Anyways...once everyone's ready, we can start.

Btw, I'm compiling a soundtrack for this one. Why, you ask? Because I can!

Wywyrm 1 20:09, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, A-10C can carry MWBMs. HOWEVER, due to the power of the weapon, I'm limiting the amount it can carry to two.

Wywyrm 1 02:06, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Also, I came up with a plot point that could be quite interesting and is partially inspired by Metal Gear Solid.

What is Arrik wasn't the only clone of Erik Felsen, what if there was another one?

I have a way to explain it as well: when Erik Felsen had his clone created, an auxiliary was grown in the event the first wouldn't make it. However, these clones were tampered with, and were given hyper fast reflexes and enhanced senses, making them more effective soldiers. Arrik was activated, while the other, Erik, remained in stasis, only to be found and accidentally reawakened in 2048 by Osean Soldiers retreating out of Belka. They bring him back and train him as a pilot for the Osean Air Defense Force. Obviously, the two will ultimately fight each other, but I think it could work. What do you think?

Wywyrm 1 02:06, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Hey Wywyrm i was wondering about my squadron, Kitsune can they be involved? I'm just not sure what faction they would fly for. but i got a rough pilot roster.

Kitsune 1: Dimitri Patterson

Kitsune 2: Shion Kanazawa

Kitsune 3: Fiona Chris Fitzgearld (Defected from Neucom Emergency Unit)

Kitsune 4: Rein Engler (Half Belkan, Half Usean)

Kitsune 5: Maxwell Krauss (Defected Belkan Pilot) So theres the list, about Fiona I played AC3 and went on the Neucom Path. she survives in that one, and i wanted to use her this simulated war thread as a defected neucom pilot. I'm thinking they would fly for the UPEO or the NUN but right now im not sure. well anyway about your idea sounds good, like you said sounds like Metal Gear Solid. But about Oseas role. what faction are they siding with? GR? UPEO? NUN? just a question. Otaku 05:23, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Aurelia's part of the Neo-United Nations, so Kitsune would be a Neo-UN squadron.

As for Omega Felsen, he would be leader of the Osean 501st Tactical Fighter Squadron, callsign "Wraith", and would fly the F-16G-2 Lance Falcon at first, later transfering to the F-22C Raptor II and finally YF-31 Murasama prototype later in the War.

For the battle between Alpha and Omega at the end, I intend for it to start as a dogfight, but end as a swordfight with katanas on the ground.

Wywyrm 1 14:49, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, so here are the factions:

Neo United Nations

Osean Federation

Union of Yuketobanian Republics

Republic of Aurelia

Federal Republic of Usea

Federal Republic of Emmeria

UPEO (allied)

Neucom Incorporated (allied-controls Erusia) general resource limited loyalests

Belkan Waldreich

Principality of Belka/Noth Belka

Fato Federation (Annexed)

Recta (Annexed)

Gebet (Annexed)

Ratio (Annexed)

Republic of Ustio (Annexed)

General Resource Limited sepertiests (partly Takeover by Belka)

Estovakia (Annexed through Hostile Takeover of GR)

Leasath (Annexed through Hostile Takeover of GR)

Wywyrm 1 17:36, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

How about this soundtrack... Windhover 1 04:44, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Oh yah and.... I'm gonna be using a F-16C Block 32A or Block 40B in this war.. Windhover 1 04:44, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

I found that soundtrack in my ACX2. Windhover 1 04:45, September 9, 2010 (UTC) I like it! That would be the track during the intro animation! From now on, any further discussions on the Soundtrack will be under the talk section. Let's fire this bad boy up!

Wywyrm 1 05:29, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Here's another good song.. Windhover 1 05:58, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1: The War Begins...[]

It is May 5th, 2048, the Belkan Waldreich has taken control of the low countries and continues to build up its military for full-scale war. The NUN, although alarmed, does not declare war as they continue to negotiate with Belkan delegates for peace, but they are unaware of Belka's true plans: World Domination.

Mission 1[]

Meanwhile, in Osea, a joint training mission is underway. The trainees acting as an allied squadron are of three squadrons, one Osean, one Aurelian, and the last one UPEO. Their callsigns were Katana, Kitsune and Mistral. Three pilots of particular note were among them:

The first was the UPEO Ace Aizu Tsukihime, callsign Mistral 1. Calm and collective, a skilled dogfighter with excellent reflexes.

The second was Aurelian pilot Dimitri Patterson, callsign Kitsune 1. Brave and ambitious, he hopes to live up to the skill of the pilot known as the 'Spirit Fox' from 1947.

The last and most enigmatic of all was an Osean pilot in Katana Squadron who went by the name "Omega" Felsen, his callsign also being "Omega". Very few knew who he was, but to some, it didn't take a genius to find out.

Wywyrm 1 05:29, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

So far, the flight was going smoothly, despite the fact that the trainees had devised a plan. The "Blue Team" had split up from their usual formations and intermixed the pilots from them together into several three-plane formations, so as to confuse the opposing "Red Team". One of these Blue Team flights happened to have all three of the previously mentioned pilots in it, with Mistral flying element lead in her custom Su-43N while the other two flew F-16G-2 Lance Falcons. Suddenly, several blips appeared on their radar.

Dimitri: Hey! We've got bogeys vectoring in on us!

Aizu: I didn't think the Red Team would find us this fast...

Omega: That isn't the Red Team, their ID signals are different...

Now, as this was a training exercise, the pilot's aircraft were mostly unarmed, but as a precaution their cannons were fully loaded and each was given a pair of ASRAAMs for self-defense. Now it seemed they would be used. The bogeys came closer, and soon their identity was revealed. They were a formation of twelve F-16XF Sakerfalcons, their ID signature confirming they were a Belkan fighter squadron, callsign 'Komet'.

Dimitri: Belkans!

Aizu: Let's get out of here. Four on One odds aren't exactly very good you know.

Omega: They're firing! Engaging bandits!

Aizu and Dimitri: OMEGA!!!

Dimitri: *Sighs* C'mon, let's make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

Aizu: I'm with you on that. Something tells me he's a loose cannon...

At that, the trainees engaged the Belkan fighters, completely unknown to everyone else as they had strayed off course from the main group to patrol against the "Red Team".

Dimitri: Air Defense Command this is Dimitri Patterson, callsign Kitsune 1! We are engaged in combat with Belkan fighters! Repeat! Engaged in battle with Belkan fighters!"

Air Defense Command: What the!? How many fighters and of what type?

Dimitri: Sakerfalcons, twelve of them! We're outnumbered four to one! We have Aizu and that "Omega" guy, but we don't know how long we can hold out!

Omega: Splash Five!

Dimitri: I take that back. I think we have it covered.

Despite Dimitri's reassurance, an F-22C Raptor II squadron was scrambled, but by the time they arrived, it was all over. Mistral and Kitsune scored three victories each, Omega scored six. No Belkan fighters escaped.

Dimitri: How many did you bag Omega?

Omega: Six confirmed.

Dimitri: Not bad! You're an Ace in a day!

Aizu: Well done. Let's get out of her before more show up.

Wywyrm 1 16:00, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

After the team safley withdrew from combat airspace and land everything on base was confused and disorganized. Pilots were talking amoungst themselves wondering who had attacked the training flight and who the aggressors were. Many blamed Belkans or General Resource Defense Forces for attacking the NUN squadron, Staff were placing phonecalls to air defense command and the Osean Ministry of Defense making sure that simmilar flights weren't attacked or destroyed.

Dimitri: We got home in one peice, lets just commemorate the fact that we returned to base alive.

Aizu: Not to mention we bagged those Sakerfalcons, Omega bagged six in his engagement. Thats either a stroke of dumb luck or hes one hell of a pilot.

Dimitri: I took three of them out. Sakerfalcons cant keep up with the Gamma Model.

Aizu: Omega and you fought rather well, though i must admit Omega was rather quick to fight.

As Aizu sipped on her can of tea, familliar faces came into the room. Fiona, Rein, and Carsten. Fiona and Rein were Dmitris wingmen while Carsten was Aizus wingman. They were the Red team that they were supposed to face. Fiona sighed and layed her holster with her Glock 19 on the table. Dimitri joked about her sidearm.

Dimitri: Still using combat tupperware huh? (combat tupperware was the moniker the Glock got in the 80s.)

Fiona: Still using that fossilized peice of steel? (poking fun at his Colt Sistema 1927)

Dimitri: My guns a classic, theres also a reason i carry it.

Aizu: ?

Suddenly the teams were alerted by the alarm, warning lights and bells rang out. the PA called out.

All units to the breifing room immediately, that is all.

Otaku 18:44, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Omega, who had been sharpening his katana, resheathed the weapon and loaded his Mini-Uzi, making sure the safety was on to prevent accidental firing.

Dimitri: Looks like things just got real

Omega: You have no idea...

Later, in the briefing room...

Base Commander: *Logs on* We have a problem here people. Several squadrons patrolling in different sectors of airspace have been attacked. All but one was wiped out, the one surviving being Echo Flight on the Blue Team during the last excersize. The attack locations are undetermined, but they all came from different directions, so we can't assume yet that it is the Belkan Waldreich's doing. At the moment, we are unsure who the attackers were, as each attack was not only from a different direction, but carried out by different aircraft. Blue Team, Echo Flight, do any of you have information you can provide.

Aizu: All we know is that they were F-16XFs...

Omega: ...

Base Commander: You're hiding something 2nd Lieutenant Felsen. Tell us what you know.

Omega: I overheard their communications. They were Belkan without a doubt...what's more? I heard another voice, and I could have sworn I was hearing myself!

Base Commander: What the...what do you mean!?

Omega: You know what I'm talking about sir...just as we retreated, he spoke directly to me. He said "Prepare for War. When you die, send 'Dad' my regards 'Brother'..."

Wywyrm 1 19:29, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

At the Underground HQ under the chancellery in Dinsmark, Galaan Scharfefaust, the Obersterführer of the Belkan Waldreich, was giving direct orders to Waldreichsführer Schenze.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Schenze, we've been monitoring several communications, and several have begun to suspect our involvement. I want you to tell the guards to tighten security around Dinsmark.

Schenze: Yes sir!

Cmdr Lightning 20:20, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, another person entered the room.

Alpha: Already taken care of.

Schenze: Uber Luftmarschall Felsen. What brings you here?

Alpha: To give a status report. Most attacks suceeded...except one.

Galaan: Which one?

Alpha: Atlas Team was all but wiped out by a trio of enemy fighters. An Su-43 and two F-16G-2s from an Allied training squadron. Half of them fell to the number three pilot alone.

Schenze: What!? How did this happen!?

Alpha: Well, perhaps it was for two reasons. One, the number one plane and two planes were flown by Allied aces, the third one, who shot down six out of twelve, stood out to me because of his aggression. However, when I heard his callsign mentioned over the radio, I realized who it was, which is the second reason.

Schenze: And what might that be?

Alpha: He is my "Brother", Omega.

Schenze: What the!? I thought Project Dragonchild only produced one clone successfully!

Alpha: No, there were two, each of us with the same genetic enhancements. In a way, I am his shadow.

Wywyrm 1 21:33, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Galaan Scharfefaust: So, the Osean pigs managed to find a twin and turn him against us?!

Scharfefaust gripped a diamond in his hand, and crushed it into fine dust. A startled Schenze stepped back a bit.

Schenze: I'll put the guards on...

Before Schenze could say anything, three Belstapo officers approached, and stood at attention before him.

Belstapo Officer: You wished to see us?

Schenze: Yes. I want you to send a direct order to all of our officers to be on alert. Someone named Omega and his flight wing wiped out Atlas Team.

Belstapo Officer: Yes sir!

They briefly rested the backs of their left hands on their shoulders, a shortened Belkan salute; and left the room.

Cmdr Lightning 21:51, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 2[]


In an emergency decision, it is decided to make Aizu, Dimitri and Omega part of the same squadron, the Neo-UN Air Command Squadron, callsign "Saber". Aizu is designated Saber 1, Dimitri as Saber 2, and Omega as Saber 3, but within the squadron, they still used their original callsigns and all retained their aircraft. The new squadron now sat in the briefing room in preparation for their next mission:

Base Commander: We have recieved word of an attack on a forward airbase approximately two hundred miles northeast of here along the Belkan border. This time, we most certainly believe that Belka is responsible. All of the airbase's fighter defenses were destroyed in the first wave, while the second one will be en route shortly. Your mission is to take off and defend the airbase until we can send you reinforcements.

Dimitri: And you expect us to do it ourselves?

Base Commander: Hardly. There are others ready to take off now, and some are en route as we speak. We need you there in case one of the Belkan "Ace" Squadrons show up. We believe that the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron might be deployed at this battle. They are equipped with advanced fighters called the ADF-02A-2 Super Falken, an improved production variant of the Super Falken used by the Belkan extremists in 2017. We are unsure who is leading the squadron, but we have heard him to be among Belka's top-scoring aces.

Dimitri: *Whistles*

Aizu: We have our work cut out for us.

Base Commander: Correct. I wish you all the best of luck. Now scramble!

Omega: We won't let them through...


Meanwhile, at the reconstructed air base at Glatistant, an entire wing of B-1Rs idle on the runway, a wing of F-16G-2s ready to provide escort. In front of them were eight ADF-02A-2s, the lead squadron, although they would only fight if the worst came to be.

Alpha: This is Wywyrm 1. All aircraft report your status.

After all of them report, Alpha gave the order to take off, and firewalled the throttle on his ADF-02 before lifting off into the air. The rest of the aircraft followed one-by-one, first the ADF-02s, then the F-16G-2s. and finally the B-1Rs. They formed up and began flying towards their target on the Osean border, the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron following a few miles behind to prevent any sort of ambush.

Wywyrm 1 14:58, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile Saber flight was en-route to their target, Dimitri looked to his left and then his right. Everything seemed normal from here. Aizu watched the skies intently as she led the team to the operation point. Saber 3 was thinking to himself. Most of his thoughts were surrounding Wywyrm team and the Falkens they piloted, but for the time being there was a mission at hand and he couldn't get wrapped up in himself. The team flying beside them was Aizu and Dimitris old flight, they now formed the secondary flight and went under the callsign Claymore. Fiona was Claymore 1, Carsten was Claymore 2, Rein was Claymore 3, and Shion was Claymore 4. They flew F-14G Tomcats with the exeption of Fiona who was back in an R-103 Delphinus III.

Claymore 1: Picture Clear. Continue as planned.

Saber 1: Roger that. continue on course.

Saber 2: This is starting to wear on me, it feels like the enemy could be hiding anywhere.

Saber 3: Just stay calm and keep your nerves. I got your back.

Saber 1: AWACS, give me an update.

An E-3E AWACS was scanning the skies and keeping watch for any bandits coming to block the allies path. his Callsign was Guardian

Guardian: Picture is....Wait! All flights we have eight bandits headed your way. look like F-16XF Gyrfalcons, all units splash all bandits.

Saber 1: You are weapons free enagage at once!

Once again Omega leapt into action pulling in from of his flight lead, Aizu and Dimitri followed while Clyamore flight provided cover. The eight planes broke off and engaged the team. four each. Saber 3 destroyed two of the F-16s while Dimitri and Aizu destroyed the remaining two. the flight now focused on the remaining four who were now trying to down Claymore Team. As Saber Team crossed over to block the enemy planes, the planes fired on them and they broke hard to dodge. Aizu turned back on the lead Gyrfalcon and locked on she fired an ASRAAM, the missile streaked towards its target and destroyed the General Resource fighter. Dimitri went into the vertical and dived down on the third plane in line, he fired his cannon ahead of the F-16XF, the HEDP shells crashed into the plane and sent it spiraling in flames. Saber 3 and Fiona fired their missiles at the same time and destroyed the Fourth Plane, the plane was sheared in half. With it lit on fire, the plane flat spinned and burned as it slammed into the Earth. Otaku 15:35, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


At that moment, Omega noticed a massive formation of aircraft, B-1Rs and F-16G-2s. This had to be the second wave, and they were half way to the target.

Omega: This is Omega here! Enemy Second Wave sighted! You handle the bombers, I'll engage the fighters!

Dimitri: Omega, wait! Dammit, you shouldn't go in alone!

Omega: I'm taking advantage of the element of surprise while we still have it!


Meanwhile, the Belkan military forces continued on their flight path, oblivious to the attack coming towards them...until several blips showed up on radar.

Falke 1: Hey, is my radar on the fritz?

Falke 2: I see it too! Oseans!

Falke 1: What!? There's only one of them! Who would be stupid enough to do that!?

Falke 2: He's firing! I can't evade! *explosion*

Four of the Lance Falcons fell by the salvo of XMAAs from Omega's Lance Falcon, forcing the inexperienced escort pilots to scatter in panic.

Omega: The escorts are in disarray. Let's take care of the bombers.

Of the thirty-two bombers in the formation, all of them were brought down. Each of the attacking pilots scored four victories against the bombers during the engagment, the fighters having bugged out in panic. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when suddenly AWACS Guardian came in over the radio.

Guardian: This is Guardian. Eight bogeys inbound on your position at your altitude at approximately Mach 4.2!

Dimitri: What!? What could be flying that fast!?

Guardian: Wait, we've just recieved more information...what!? There's eight Wywyrms!? All planes break away and exit the combat zone! Do not engage! Repeat! Do NOT engage!!!

Alpha: This is Wywyrm 1, you are cleared to splash bogeys.

Wywyrm Team: Roger Alpha!

Omega: That voice! It's him!

Aizu: Omega, what is it?

Omega:...Nothing. Quick, let's get out of here before they catch us!

Despite a torrential barrage of TLS fire from the ADF-02s, Saber and Claymore sucessfullt escape the combat zone and return to base.

Wywyrm 1 16:24, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, at the Waldreich Mountains, twelve Su-43s take off from Stier Castle's hangars. Following them are five B2 stealth bombers.

Vorbote Leader: This is Vorbote Leader. We're taking off now.

Versteckten 2: This is Versteckten Bomber Group. Roger that.

Cmdr Lightning 20:07, September 10, 2010 (UTC)


After refueling from a tanker aircraft, the Wywyrm Team flies back to Belka to rearm their Super Falkens. Upon landing in Dinsmark and changing out of their g-suits, the Wywyrm Team members met to discuss what had happened.

Wywyrm 2: Okay, so here's what I know...enemy squadron shows up, the bombers go down and the escorts retreat. We show up, and they run, evading our fire the whole way! Why is that?

Alpha: That's an easy one, Omega was among them.

Wywyrm 4: Who's Omega?

Alpha: *Sighs* Let me tell you a story, one of a fighter pilot like us, who was known as the White Dragon.

Wywyrm 3: You mean Erik Felsen, your grandfather?

Alpha:...He's not my grandfather, that was a cover-up. I am him...well, sort-of.

Wywyrm 3: What do you mean?

Alpha: Only the Oberstfuhrer and some of his aids know this...and some in the Osean military...but have you ever heard of Project Dragonchild?

Wywyrm 6: The failed genetic engineering program to create supersoldiers...yeah, I've heard of it.

Alpha: *Laughs* On the contrary, it was very sucessful, with a one hundred percent success rate...I am evidence of that...In 2042, General Resources Limited began conducting experiments in genetic engineering and cloning. They were looking for willing subjects to be templates, and the only volunteer was a seventy-three year old man named Ezio Martinez, the alias of Erik Felsen after 2017. He was dying, and as he had done terrible things in his life, he wanted a "second chance". This would be done through the computerization of his mind, which was copied into a database and transfered to the developing bodies of two clones created from the DNA in a hair sample, Alpha and Omega. Over three years, they would reach maturity, and they were both manipulated to become superhuman. One of them, Omega, was a backup for Alpha in the event he died before awakening, while Alpha was awakened just before Erik Felsen died in 2045. I was that clone...and as for the other, he was put into stasis in an underground laboratory under the supervision of the Osean military. Over three years, he was all but forgotten, until we came to power. A special forces team retreating back to Osea had somehow discovered this other clone, and brought him back with them. He was awakened, and now, he is a serious threat to our plans...

Wywyrm 1 20:27, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Five engineers of the Grey Men, the Obersterführer's mechanic team, discuss plans to construct a new project.

Engineer 5: The Arkbird?

Engineer 1: Not exactly. It's a darker version, and more dangerous. We'll call it the Darkbird-class stellar battlecruiser. He wants five of these constructed. He told us that he'll provide the materials necessary.

Engineer 5: And it will look like Osea's symbol of peace.

Engineer 2: That's the point. To make Osea look like the provider of our ideas of turning their prized achievements into weapons of terror and destruction. Osea will be looked at as the one to solely blame...

Cmdr Lightning 20:53, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, one of the engineers came up with an idea.

Engineer 4: We could make an improved version of the XB-1000X Warhammer from 2017, which is essentially a modified version of the Arkbird's original design only specifically built for combat...and if we can obtain the materials, and the blueprints, we could even build a new EASS Jormundgandr!

Engineer 1: I like the way you think! Let's get to work.

Engineer 2: Not quite yet, we're not yet finished with the Gewalt. We'll need to complete that one first.

Wywyrm 1 22:36, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Engineer 3: But the Gewalt was completed even before the Circum-Pacific War. Didn't your peers tell you that? The Obersterführer flew that monster during that war.

Cmdr Lightning 22:44, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, back in Osea, the three pilots from Saber Team sat in a rec room, each doing something different. Aizu was reading, Dimitri was listening to an mp3 player while Omega practiced with his katana. It bothered his squadmates somewhat that he was never settled, and was always either fighting or practicing his fighting skills.

Aizu: Do you ever relax?

Omega: I can't.

Aizu: Why's that?

Omega: I live for battle; it's what I was meant for...

Aizu: What might that mean?

Omega:...You know what? Nevermind...

Wywyrm 1 22:48, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Although the Versteckten B2 stealth bombers had penetrated Osean airspace, no alarms went off, because they are running their cloaking equipment. 8 minutes later, the bombing of November City begins.

Cmdr Lightning 23:13, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 3[]

As the bombing began, Saber squadron was scrambled immediately and sent into the air. En route, they recieved an inflight briefing:

A formation of B-2A Spirit bombers is attacking November City, and casualties are already high. Your mission is simple: shoot down the bombers and their escorts. That is all'.

As they arrived on station, they were horrified by the devastation below.

Dimitri: The entire city's going up in flames!

Aizu: Why would they do this!?

Omega: I don't know, but I know who approved it. Let's take them down! Saber 3, engaging!

Before his squadron mates could object, Omega broke formation and began attacking the bombers alone with his cannon. Aizu and Dimitri were about to follow him when suddenly high explosive cannon shells streaked over their canopy, followed by a formation of four gray and red EF-2000E Typhoon IIs. The 1st TJS, callsign "Rot", had arrived. Aizu and Dimitri had no choice; they had to engage them and leave Omega alone.

Wywyrm 1 23:23, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Vorbote Leader: Keep them off the bombers! November City must be destroyed!!!! Orders are to destroy everything in it!!!

The Su-43 fighters swerved into formation to engage Omega. The bombers continued their flight path, releasing their payloads.

Cmdr Lightning 23:39, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Omega noticed the incoming fighters and knew he couldn't engage them and the bombers all at once...or could he? He came up with a clever plan to take care of the bombers, and his squadmates might get a laugh out of it afterwards. As Vorbote fired XLAAs, Omega made his move.

Vorbote 2: Fox Three!

Omega: I don't think so!

At that moment, Omega firewalled the afterburner and flew right at a bomber, or rather, towards its underside, and just before he was under it, he pulled up sharply. The missiles failed to track and struck the B-2 instead of him!

Vorbote 1: You idiot! You shot down our own bomber!

Vorbote 3: I'll get him!

At that moment, Omega did the same thing, and yet another B-2 fell from friendly fire. He repeated this sequence again and again until all the bombers were down, and he hadn't fired a shot!

Omega: How could you shoot down your own bombers? Either I'm that good, or you're that' stupid!

Vorbote 1: That is it! Let's go get him guys!

Claymore 1: Nice try, but you'll have to deal with us first!

Claymore intercepted Vorbote, and began dogfighting them, leaving Omega to rejoin his comrades and fight against Rot.

Wywyrm 1 23:50, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

As Rot and the two members of Sabre team clashed, The planes taking glancing strikes at each other cannons and missiles alight. As Dimitri went into the vertical with a Typhoon, Aizu swung left and pursed another. Aizu got clear tone and fired, hitting the plane in the aft fuselage. the fighter spiraled to terrafirma in flames as Aizu broke off to engage another, Dimitri suddenly thought back to his childhood when his Father told him stories of his Great Grandfather fighting Rot.

Dimitri: Deja Vu, no? -ASRAAM lock tone- Fox 2! Fox 2!

Rot 4: Captain! AHHHH! -Explosion-

Rot 1: I wasn't able to protect him....Time to die Osean Dog!

Dimitri: Aizu! on your six! Aizu!!

Aizu: Im evading! Dammit! I didnt think the Typhoon E was capable of that!

The Typhoon stuck to the Su-43 like he was magnitized, he fired his cannon widly attempting to hit his mark.

Aizu: Rather illlogical this guy is, RRGH! -cannon shell impact-

Rot 1: Down you go. Fox 2!

Aizu: Sh__! I got to generate an angle!

Aizu activated her occular implant and connected it with her Helmet Mounted Display, her implant with the helmet plotted a course which involved pulling a split-S and accelrerating away. In the last second the manuver worked at the cost of almost stalling her engines. she accelerated away and turned high. before she could get on his six a misisle decimated the Leader. It was Omega.

Dimitri: Omega!

Omega: Im on station, lets finish this up! Claymore has the others tied up.

Aizu: Agreed!

Rot 2: Captian! Bail out! Am i the last one left? Requesting Backup!

Omega: Fox 3...

As he fired the XMAA tore through the sky and hit the last Typhoon, Rot was downed. But Verbote Team was still engaged with Claymore, Shion was being pursued and the rest of team has too tied up to help her, Dimitri streaked into firing position to get a XMAA lock on the Verbote team craft. Otaku 01:33, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Claymore confirmed most of the Verbote fighters down, save the one tracking Shion...but something wasn't right, and Omega knew it. Then he saw him, Verbote 1, diving in on Dimitri. Omega was at a bad angle for a guns kill, and he was out of missiles, but Omega noticed that he was almost above Verbote.

Omega: I hope Dad knew what he was doing when he came up with this...

At that moment, Omega pulled up vertically, firewalled the afterburner, and climbed high above Verbote before he switched off the G-limiter, flipped his aircraft back around in a 16 G reverse somersault, and dove back down at full speed. Verbote was about to fire a missile at that moment when an object streaked past him at close range...then his right wing came off.

Verbote: Omega! He rammed me! Since when could he do a "Zero Maneuver"!?...Damn! I can't maintain my flight path! I'm bailing out!

As Verbote bailed out, Omega pulled up into formation with Dimitri...missing all of his right wing.

Dimitri: What did you do!?

Omega: A maneuver my "Dad" invented called the "Zero Maneuver", and to put it simply, it means using your plane's wing as a cleaver.

Aizu: How are you still flying that!?

Omega: If you read the memoirs of Larry "Solo-Wing Pixy" Foulke, you would know that keeping your speed up, giving rudder and aileron in the opposite direction, and opening up your flaps can help stabilize your aircraft. Now as the landing gear on my Lance Falcon is damaged, I'll have to make a deadstick landing.

Dimitri: Can't you bail out?

Omega: No. Verbote put a cannon round through the firing circuit. I'll be fine.

Back at base, Claymore, Saber 1 and Saber 2 landed without a hitch. The runway was then cleared for Omega's landing.

Control Tower: You sure you can do this?

Omega: I've done this before...

At that moment, Omega shut off his engine at barely two feet from the ground and dropped, sparks flying from his aircraft until he skidded to a stop at the end of the runway. He opened the cockpit and staggered out before giving an O.K. sign to the ground crews.

Wywyrm 1 03:35, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

At the Underground HQ, several officers handed a report of the battle to Schenze, who in turn handed the document over to an angered Obersterführer, who crumpled up the paper into a tight ball.

Galaan Scharfefaust: What the hell is this?!

Schenze: In case you'd like to know, they were intercepted by...

Galaan Scharfefaust: Sabre Team. I know. It's the damned Razgriz all over again!!!

Scharfefaust pulled out his modified .357 Colt King Cobra and accurately shot the useless document into smoke.

Schenze: Not to worry. The next strike will succeed.

Cmdr Lightning 04:54, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Whoa, hold on a sec. Where's the 3114th TJS? Windhover 1 05:52, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile at base at hangar C-1

Dimitri and his Father Victor a fighter pilot turned ground crew/freight pilot are unloading crates off a Grumman Greyhound III transport. The crates are M-4A2 ICWS rifles and M-16A5 ICRs. Dimitri was dressed in his civilian garb, Black Pants with straps and a Ghost in The Shell T Shirt. Shion was sitting on an oil drum in a black dress and combat boots. Omega awaiting his reserve plane was practicing with his Katana.

Dimitri: Never at rest are you? -lifts crate- this thing must weigh a ton. whats in it marble?

Omega: You two are violating dress code. but aside from that trivial matter. is my aircraft ready?

Victor: Not yet. she isn't fully prepped. its been a while since it flew.

Shion: Is that a Neko Girl on your plane Dimitri? Its kinda cute. haha.

Meanwhile in the commanders office

Commander: -takes a drag off his cigar- Their combat preformance is unparalled, But i hope that its enough against Belka. First Wywyrm now November City. this is getting out of control.

Maj. Ivy Schevchenko: indeed it is sir. My country is deploying Kavant Squadron and Neucom is sending a new squadron "Thunder" they are equipped with new YFR-23C Black Widow IIIs. hopefully it'll bolster our defenses.

Commander: Kavant? -sighs- more fodder for the Nationalists. Apparently GR the Belkan Puppet Corporation is sending ground froces our way. this may call for a close air support op.

Ivy: Maybe. Theres rumors Sabre might match The Razgriz. but time will only tell. Sir, about Kavant they've improved since the fall of Erusia.

Otaku 06:13, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

(@Windhover 1, the 5th TJS "Windhover will be deployed in all due time)

Omega was getting impatient, as his aircraft wouldn't be ready for quite some time when he remembered there was an F-22C Raptor II that had been the reserve plane of a pilot who was shot down days ago. When talking to the late pilot's crew chief, he was known to have been very...persuasive.

Omega: I need that Raptor II to replace my Lance Falcon.

Crew Chief: I'm sorry but I can't just reassign it to you.

Omega: *Points Mini-Uzi at his forehead*

Crew Chief: Nevermind! You can have it!

Omega: Thank you. I'll need the aircraft repainted in light gray with the wings, elevators and verticle stabilizers painted navy blue.

Crew Chief: So you're flying in "Demon Lord" colors. I'll see what I can do.

With the problem of his aircraft taken care of, Omega returned to the rec room, where he reported to Aizu, as she was his commander.

Omega: I was reassigned an F-22C Raptor II.

Aizu: And how exactly did you pull that off?

Omega: ...Let's just say the Crew Chief had nothing better to do.

Wywyrm 1 17:20, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 2: Escalation[]

Mission 4[]

Schenze: Wywyrm Squadron, the Obersterführer wishes to see you personally. He and Nightmare Geschwader are holding an emergency meeting.

Commander Lightning

One hour later, Wywyrm Team arrived at the briefing room, and by the look on his face, Alpha was fuming from the failure of the November City Offensive...and the blood on his unsheathed katana meant he had recently killed somebody as punishment for that failure, in this case Vorbote 6, the only one to return alive as he had turned and ran when Claymore showed up.

Alpha: I cannot believe this! We lost our own bombers to friendly fire!

Wywyrm 3: Damn, those Vorbote idiots are lucky that most of them didn't return, or they'd all be dead...

Alpha: Saber is really starting to get on my nerves...what is it mein Fuhrer? Why haven't we declared War yet? Or better yet, why haven't they declared War yet?

Wywyrm 1 04:37, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

Scharfefaust tapped the armrest of his chair rapidly, equally furious. (His face is never seen.)

Galaan Scharfefaust: Alpha, you sound like you've been reading too much about World War II. the key here is to dwindle the trust between the others, so that they'll end up fighting each other. Then once the winner is left, they'll be too weak to defend themselves. And then the power of Belka strikes, taking the rest. That's why we sent an attack with aircraft bearing no markings. They'll question each other. Think about it.

Windhover 1: Hang on!!! The Windhover TJS is coming!

Nightmare 2: Well, it's good to see that the Windhover TJS is here, too, because you need to be here for this.

Galaan Scharfefaust: A small team of pilots wiped out all of Atlas, and our covert bomber squadron at November City. They call themselves Sabre. There are three of them, and they did severe damage on several occasions! I will not have some meddlesome group of Osean hotshots disrupting our plans!

Alpha: That plan could be out the window already. Osea knows we're the ones that attacked already...but we could always try turning Osea's allies against them...and I have a plan to do just that. What's more, Neo-Grabacr is already in position to assist in its execution...

Three Days Later in Osea...

The Saber Squadron are called back to the briefing room for their next assignment.

Base Commander: Saber, I'm pleased to inform you that you'll be going on the offensive. In this case, your target are be the main roads between the munitions factories in Sudentor and the Osean-Belkan border, or more specifically the bridges along those roads over Nibelung River. This is because Belka can't ship all of their supplies by air, so delaying their ground units could be a crippling blow. You will be working in conjunction with both Claymore and Rapier Squadrons. Now just so you know, Rapier is an elite squadron of four F-15S/MT+ fighters. They are easily on par with your skill, so don't worry about them.

Omega: I've never heard of Rapier. They sound like a new squadron.

Base Commander: They are. They were formed by transfering four air crews from four different squadrons into one. Like I said, don't worry about them. You all have one hour before you need to leave. Use that time wisely.

Wywyrm 1 16:31, September 12, 2010 (UTC)

In the Hour before the mission, Hangar C-1 was active as ever. Dimitri was going over his F-16G-2 before they took off, Ground crew loaded weapons onto the plane, his father Victor cussing out a mechanic for being too slow with a muntions cart carrying the new AIM-154 Hydra XLAA, The Hydra was a high speed, long range missile. It could acheive speeds of Mach 5.6 and in a terminal boost top Mach 6. they were only prototypes however. so only Saber flight was getting the chance to try the new weapon. Omega checked over his new F-22C that he "Persuaded" a crew chief to give him. Aizu was already in her Su-43N waiting and looked tense while she read a checklist.

Dimitri: Well here we go -climbs into plane- here we are, weapons check...fuel....

Victor: Son, watch yourself. Shes being tempramental, just watch yourself if she gets out of hand. And for Gods sake. Careful with these new missiles! Goes for you, Omega and Aizu. 550,000 Zollars a prototype lets just hope they dont blow on the rail.

Dimitri: Nothing to worry about old man. Cannon...(murmurs new paint scheme, check)

Claymore flight was getting ready for Take off, meanwhile Fiona chatted with Rapier 1 and Maj. Schevchenko. Rein slipped into her F-14G and began checks. Things seemed routine for the time least.

Fiona: Well I heard rumors of a new Yuke squadron and Neucom squadron coming over. is that true?

Maj. Ivy: Yes it is, however the Oseans were quicker to deploy Rapier team. Thunder and Kavant squadrons wont be showing up for a little bit. Rapier team is an experienced unit. they'll keep up with you guys in the coming mission. So no worries of anyone weighing you down.

Rapier 1: We'll do just fine...just you watch.

Fiona: Just because its a Mud-Moving operation doesn't mean we should let our guard down. Anything can happen; i just hope they don't send another Ace unit.

Maj. Ivy: Yeah.

Otaku 06:05, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

Twenty minutes later, they were on the runway. Rapier Team was given the go-ahead to take off first. In perfect unison, they throttled up to full power and took off at the same time before climbing away to clear the way for the others. Claymore was next, followed by Saber.

Omega: Switching to passive radar sweep.

Dimitri: You know it'll be harder to aim your missiles that way right?

Omega: It improves stealth. Plus the Raptor II can recieve radar data uplinks from an AWACs to guide its weapons if neccessary.

Wywyrm 1 14:39, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

After Saber flight took off, the squadron linked up with Rapier and Claymore teams who were awaiting Sabre. The flight began to make their way to their area of operations along the Nibelung river, suddenly they intercepted radio chatter from an enemy Belkan squadron. Aizu ordered her team to hold fire until orders were given but she ordered weapons safety off. Guardian came in over the radio with the data on the incoming fighters.

Guardian: Confirmed heading vector 180, due south to your posistion. Five MiG Three-Three's, looks like they are loaded to bear guys.

Aizu: Confirmed. All Sabre units, prepare to fire.

Dimitri: Got more hits on my Radar! AWACS, whats the situation?
Guardian: Four Mirage 2000-48s. heading 315 confirmed.

As soon as they confirmed the Mirages, Sabre jumped into action. they moved to assault the MiGs while Claymore and Rapier headed for the Mirages. Omega armed the new Hydra XLAAs and locked on to the lead two MiGs, As he fired and called Fox 3. the missiles accelerated away at mach 5, as they closed the distance the missiles boosted to Mach 6 and in the blink of an eye the two Fulcrums were in flames. Dimitri closed with a MiG and opened up with his ASRAAMs. the missiles exploded destroying another MiG. The remaining MiGs moved to attack Aizu but she fired her XLAAs and took them down. Otaku 20:04, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

With that out of the way, the formation regrouped and continued on their mission. Interestingly enough, Omega took note that Rapier still had all of their missiles, but then he noticed that they were all AGMs save a single pair of Sidewinders, so he paid them no further thought. The first target appeared further up ahead a few minutes later, the one designated for Rapier. Ten minutes later, Claymore attacked their target, and ten minutes after that, Saber arrived at their target.

Omega: The target is at 12 o'clock low. Range confirmed at 4 miles.

Dimitri: Roger that, I'll follow you in Aizu.

Aizu: Beginning attack run.

Aizu and Dimitri fired their weapons at several key points on the bridge and brought it crashing down. Omega was supposed to fire on the transports fleeing the area, but for some reason he had turned his aircraft to the Northeast.

Omega: Guardian, bandits confirmed at 12 miles out. Please advise.

Guardian: Sabers 1 and 2, Saber 3 has picked up a flight of bandits on radar. Stay sharp.

Dimitri: Enemy reinforcements...I was wondering when they'd show up...

Aizu: Great, just when I thought the Belkans had chickened out.

They had done anything but chicken out. These were the four FA-18V ADIs of the BAF's 8th Air Division 2nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, callsign "Neo-Grun".

Neo-Grun 1: There they are...set ejection handles to green and arm all weapons. Prepare to engage.

Wywyrm 1 22:46, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

(Somehow the computer forgot I was logged in. Sorry)

Wywyrm 1 22:46, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

The FA-18s circled in, trying to draw a bead on the planes of Saber flight. Claymore flight just returned from their attack run and got caught up with SF-39s that followed them. those planes now enaged one another, Rapier team inadaquately armed could only stay low and out of the fight. Guardians ESM support operator was watching the situation from above, she and Guardian watched the scope intently, suddenly one fighter dissapeared from radar. it was Dimitri downing one of the ADI Hornets, Grun team suddenly chimed in.

Neo-Grun 1: Dammit Jordan is down, time to get serious. all Grun units focus fire on the Lance Falcon at once!

Neo-Grun 3: You got it Captian. Fox 2!

Dimitri: Son of a...Shut up! -Yelling at missile alerts as he evades-

Neo-Grun 4: Hes fast, but not fast eno...-Explosion-

A missile slammed into the nose of the Hornet exploding and sending the plane spiraling to Earth, it was Omega. Dimitri got on the tail of the number three plane and locked on, he fired. but to no avail. He popped flares and made a diving left turn. He followed locking on once more, he fired and this time it made its mark, the plane burned and slipped from the sky. Aizu fired on Neo-Grun 1 now who was all alone now. alone and making evasive manuvers fear struck his heart.

Neo-Grun 1: What are you!?

Omega: Just a pilot, Box him in Aizu!

Aizu: Got him.

Dimtri: Its over. -flanking from the right.-

Suddenly the three were interupted by a flurry of missiles they broke hard, it was an X-02. but it was alone. It carried different markings than the Belkans. it was a crimson color with two Diagonal stripes on the tail. It was a lone Ace. One of the rare instances when a lone Ace made an appearance. The pilot was heard over the radio.

Kurosu: This is Kurosu. Im on site.

Neo-Grun 1: Kurosu tie em' up while i regroup. careful these guys just downed my men.

Kurosu: Copy that Grun 1. Fox 3!!!

Dimtri: Break! how many!? -Evading hearing missiles streak past- hes got to be firing some kind of MWM! (Mutliple warhead missile.)

Aizu: Just be happy its not a TLS!

Omega continued pursuit of Neo-Grun 1 while Dimitri and Aizu faced the Wyvern. Omega got lock but it broke as Neo-Grun 1 went into the Vertical, the two jockeyed for position as Omega fired his cannon. Omega got lock on and fired. the already damaged ADI was down, but he ejected in time before it detonated. meanwhile the X-02 was firing into the team, its MWM missiles streaking every which way.

Neo-Grun 1: its up to you Kurosu.

Kurosu: They're nothing to me. May you meet your end! Fox 2!

Aizu: -explosion- Dammit! Im hit, im still airworthy.

Dimitri: Get out of there!

Otaku 04:50, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

Omega looked back at Kurosu below and noticed smoke trailing from Aizu's fighter. Although he had only met her recently, about three weeks ago to be exact, she was still his comrade, and he would not make the same mistake his template had made in letting his wingmen die. He flipped his aircraft over and dove straight down before pulling in behind Kurosu. He was about to overshoot, but he managed to catch the pilot's attention with some cannon rounds to the rear fuselage before he shot past and pulled into a climb.

Omega: It's me you want! I'm the one the Uber Luftmarschall wants dead!

Kurosu: Actually he said to kill all of you, but if you insist on dying first, I will happily oblige!

Kurosu pulled up in pursuit, but Omega used another maneuver invented by his template: the Stalled Rocket, to get behind Karuso and fired more cannon shells into the X-02. The Belkan Ace pulled away, with Omega still behind.

Dimitri: C'mon Omega! Fire your missiles!

Omega: I used my last one on Neo-Grun 1. I'm going in guns-only.

Dimitri: Against an X-02!? That's suicide!

Omega: You told me the same thing about my dead-stick landing, and I survived that didn't I?

Wywyrm 1 15:12, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

Scharfefaust and Schenze began laughing as they watched the fight. They thought for sure that Omega would be no match for Kurosu.

In Dinsmark, several soldiers of Scharfefaust's private army, in green and blue uniforms, began kicking an Osean in the face.

StürmenArmee (not to be confused with Earth's SturmAbteilung) Soldier 1: Osean pig!

The soldier brutally kicked the downed Osean prisoner in the face.

StürmenArmee Soldier 3: On your feet, pig.

A StürmenArmee officer held his Luger P08 on the Osean, who stood up, terrified.

StürmenArmee Officer 1: Hold your hands above your head, Osean. Higher! Keep your hands in the air so you don't touch anything Belkan. You swine have defiled us for the last time! But that's now ended. MOVE!!!

He kicked the Osean again, and forced him to move to the prison.

User: Commander Lightning

Omega was running out of options, Kurosu was good, very good, plus he was flying an aircraft that outperformed his in every way. He was considering bailing out by now, but then he remembered something. His katana, which was named Muramasa, was named for a legendary sword, and no matter what, its wielder would never lose a battle. His callsign was Saber 3, and only now did he realize the connection. This enpowered him, causing him to fight more aggresively.

Guardian: Saber 3, bug out and return to base! You don't need to be the hero!

Omega: *Laughs* This is Muramasa, I think I'll stay and fight for a while.

Guardian: What did you just say?

Kurosu: It's time this fight was ended, Traitor!

Omega: The blade of the legendary sword can never be broken! I will not lose!

As Kurosu fired XLAAs, Omega nosed over into a dive and deactivated the G-limiter as his altitude decreased rapidly, 2000 feet, 1000 feet, 500 feet... At 200, he pulled up sharply, cuasing Kurosu's missiles to slam into the ground. As Kurosu followed, Omega pulled a Cobra maneuver and was now behind him again at barely ten feet away. Omega fired his cannon one last time, exhausting all of his ammunition. A few seconds later, the X-02s engines cut out.

Kurosu: Blast!

Kurosu bailed out, the X-02 plummeting to the ground. As Omega pulled back up to altitude, he realized he was alone, and low on fuel.

Omega: Sabers 1 and 2, where are you? Kurosu's down!

Wywyrm 1 18:11, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

Back in Belka...

Schenze: That Osean swine defeated Kurosu. That demon.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Schenze, tell the ground crew to get ready for my takeoff. I'm heading out by nightfall of their next mission.

Schenze: Yes, my Obersterführer.

Cmdr Lightning 18:23, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 5[]

In the Wywyrm Squadron's briefing room, the entire Wywyrm Team had been assembled: they were livid, but none more so than Alpha. Omega, being identical to him, had been quite an embarrasment so far. He needed to find a way to destroy Saber before they destroyed the entire Stahlerne Luft...for his own sake.

Alpha: The Obersterfuhrer will be leaving on a sortie soon with the Nightmare Geschwader. However, I believe we should go on a sortie of our own, as the Neo-Grabacr Gruppe is a bit...tied up at the moment. We will take off in F-16G-2s with Osean markings and IFF signals rather than our Super Falkens. From there, we will fly due east to meet up with a tanker near the Erusian coastline but outside of the Neucom Air Defense Zone. Then we will fly around the edge of Neucom airspace to western Yuketobania, where we will launch an attack on a Yuketobanian Naval Fleet in a harbor there. Takeoff is at 1800 hours. Dismissed!

Wywyrm 1 18:57, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

The ADFXC-05 Gewalt, Scharfefaust's personal aircraft, was primed for takeoff. Although the engines flared up, they were silent, and only a whistle could be heard.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Here's the plan. The attack on the harbor will proceed as planned. Should they ever come along, I'll deal with Saber Squadron, silently... ...then take down one of their pilots to cut their strength by a third...

Cmdr Lightning 19:10, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

(Just so you know, Saber is in Osea, so Wywyrm would be far away from them. Also, I think we should stop here for now to give the others a chance to catch up)

Wywyrm 1 19:35, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

So.. what do I do in the war? Windhover-1 05:55, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Galaan Scharfefaust: Should they ever come along, I'll show them what this war is about. Our hatred of Osea is infinite. Our power and superior skill will overwhelm them. Osea thinks they're so big. Well, in time, we'll show them how defenseless they are... (((My hatred of Osea lies within myself forever. I will never forgive them for their takeover of much of our land...)))

Within moments, the Gewalt and several modified Su-43s took off at high speed. Cmdr Lightning 13:13, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Rodd Householder: Windhover TJS ready for takeoff! Windhover-1 14:10, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

I TOLD YOU TO WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wywyrm 1 14:41, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

(My apologies...) Cmdr Lightning 14:49, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

(We're waiting on you Otaku...)Wywyrm 1 20:00, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile in Osea

Dimitri and Rein were at the target range on base, ever since the ground attack operation they had not been deployed. Dimitri fired an M-1014 Shotgun into a target, the shot ripped the target into shreds. He reloaded and fired again. Rein was shooting her custom C.96 pistol into the target downrange. Dimitri approached her.

Dimitri: Nice grouping

Rein: -fires- Thanks. you too.

Dimitri: Hm? with this meat-grinder? nah.

On base things had oddly calmed down into a dull roar, despite the delpoyment of Tornado Gr.5s and A-10Cs to support ground troops in Wesson, they were under attack by a Belkan Armored unit that had crossed the border. figthing was intense and bloody. The Belkans continued forward despite heavy losses. By the end of the day the Oseans and Neo-UN forces were victorius. though their forces took heavy losses. meanwhile in FATO a group of resistance supported by the SARF Squadron of the UPEO attacked a laboratoary at Brunies university, retrieving Doctor Mihai Fleischer. With him they also stole several data packets Marked "Gewalt", XB-10E, Vakyrie Seed, and Movements as of X-XX-2048.

The SARF squadron dropped their JDAM bombs on Belkan and GRDF posistions and secured their escape route. before they could make their way to the Safehouse on the Fatoan/Gebet Border a lone ace in an F-15S/MTD+ appeared taking down three of the SARF memebers before disengageing leaving only two of them alive, his callisgn was Reise. the data and the doctor had made their way to allied lines unharmed via the Osean CIAs "Underground Railroad".

Meanwhile in the commanders office

Aizu: Sir.

Commander: Are you feeling well Miss?

Aizu: As well as i ever have been, sir.

Commander: Your wingmen say otherwise. are you having flashbacks of the Corporate War?

Aizu: -With Passion- Of course not! um. Sir.

Commander: It says in your record you were shot down by the Syphrna after dogfighting the X-49.

Aizu: Thats true. but it has no bearing on..

Commander: It does, when you were hit by Kurosu. It must have shook you up.

Otaku 21:41, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Omega, on the other hand, was fuming. His "Brother" Alpha had been the cause of him losing trust amongst most of the other Osean military units, save his squadron, or at least he hoped he still had their trust; he especially hoped he wouldn't lose the trust of his flight lead, mostly for professional reasons, given that trust between a squad captain and his or her wingmen is key in a fighter squadron, but at the back of his mind there was another reason nagging him, but he didn't know what it was. All he knew is that he had to earn the trust of his comrades...and he knew just how to do it. (Attacking the Wywyrm Base, a smart move given that Wywyrm wouldn't be leaving for several hours on their mission)

Half and hour later, Dimitri and Rein are still at the shooting range when suddenly the roar of two F-119 Turbofans spooling up echoed throughout the base. Omega pulled his Raptor II out of the hangar and onto the runway before throttling up to full power and taking off, destination unknown.

Base Commander (Intercom): Attention! Unauthorized take-off confirmed! All fighter pilots report to the briefing room ASAP!

Wywyrm 1 22:14, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

As Claymore, Rapier and finally Saber entered the breifing room, The commander looked stern and looked like he wanted to get something over with. and fast...Dimitri and Aizu knew it was Omega. The rest of the teams quickly caught on. Maj. Schevchenko started the breifing her thick Yuktobanian accent filled the room. A group of pilots were there, they weren't Osean that was obvious.

Maj. Ivy: Listen up! Sabres number three has made unathorized takeoff! Hes currently headed in the direction of Belkan airspace. Your objective is to intercept and escort Saber 3 back to base. In case of being attacked by Belkan fighters you are cleared to engage only if fired upon. understand?

Rapier 1: Got it. Don't you worry.

Claymore 1: understood.

Aizu: -takes breath- Omega...

Dimitri: Don't worry we'll round him up and get him home. I know hes your subordinate but dont blame yourself.

Aizu: I know, its just...nevermind.


Thunder 1: We'll get him home.

The Major nodded and the teams leave the breifing room for the hangar, the team took notice of the NEU (Neucom Emergency Unit) Patches on the shoulders of the YFR-23 pilots.

Dimitri climbed into a F-20K Super Tigershark and began to start the engine. Aizu was in an Su-37 Super Flanker since her 43 was grounded. The other squadrons were at the ready and began to take off. First Claymore was up, then Thunder, Rapier and finally Sabre was airborne. Rein broke off from claymore and joined Sabre team. AWACS came in over the radio.

Guardian: This is Guardian, all units intercept and force Omega to return. that is all.

Thunder 1: This is the 90th tactical fighter Squadron Thunder of the NEU. lets get that pilot home.

Aizu: I hear you, alright all Sabre units disperse

Dimitri: understood. -breaks off-

Rein: got it. Dimiri i'll be close. This is Claymore 3 i'll be with Sabre team.

Claymore 4: Understood, don't get too comfortable.

Otaku 22:51, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Suddenly, Guardian broke in over the radio.

Guardian: All units retreat! Eight bandits approaching from your 12 o'clock at Mach 4, it's Wywyrm!

Thunder: What the...

Alpha: This is Wywyrm 1, engage the enemy.

Dimitri: What the...was that Omega!?

Aizu: It can't be...

At that moment a swirling dogfight ensued. Rapier was hit first, the entire flight bugging out. Wywyrm 1 had gotten onto Aizu's tail and was almost ready to fire his TLS.

Alpha: It ends here Sabre. Firing TLS!

Before Alpha could fire, however, tracer rounds slammed into his wing, causing half of it to break off and forcing him out of the fight.

Alpha: Dammit! Who hit me!?

At that moment, Omega's F-22 pulled into formation with Aizu, flying slightly behind her to make sure he wasn't followed.

Omega: Sorry I did this, but I came here to take out Wywyrm. I sucessfully shot down four of them, but I'm out of ammunition, so that's it for me.

Aizu: Why?

Omega: I...I didn't think you trusted me...and I thought maybe this way I could prove my loyalty...I was wrong...

Wywyrm 1 02:36, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Within moments, a green laser struck Aizu's fighter. No sound of an engine was heard, and only a faint silhouette of a large fighter aircraft was seen in the sky, but for only two seconds.

Cmdr Lightning 17:49, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Omega had barely evaded the lethal arc of energy fired from the unknown aircraft, but now he felt as if it had hit him directly. Aizu's fighter had dissappeared, and he couldn't detect a distress beacon.


Dimitri: Saber One's down!

Wywyrm 2: Hah! It seems the Saber has lost its edge!

Wywyrm 3: Let's finish them off!

Omega: You started a war...You targeted defenseless shot down our pilots...and now you shoot down my flight lead!? I won't allow this to go on any further!

Omega had only run out of ammunition, meaning cannon rounds, so he still had his missiles, and now he was about to unleash his full fury on Wywyrm. Wywyrms 3 and 4 came at him from head-on, firing their TLS cannons frantically, but they missed each time. Omega fired a pair of XLAAs that slammed into the Super Falkens that were soon followed by another pair that salmmed into the cockpits, killing both men instantly.

Wywyrm 2: What the...Saber...they're flying more aggressively!

Unnamed Belkan Pilot: Could these be the Demons from thirty-eight years ago!?

Wywyrm 2: It must be...Razgriz!

At that moment Omega pulled in behind Wywyrm 2, and despite violent evasive maneuvers in every which direction that brought the fight down to below one hundred feet, it was to no avail. Omega fired a final pair of missiles at Wywyrm 2; the Super Falken burst into flames and slammed into a bridge. Scratch Seven Wywyrms.

Omega: Aizu...I'm sorry...I failed you...

Wywyrm 1 18:22, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

After another dangerous green laser was fired, a voice was heard on a private communications link to Omega. The voice was sinister and sadistic at this moment.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Surrender, and I may show you mercy...

At the same time, fifteen Su-43s flew inbound to intercept the rest of Saber.

Cmdr Lightning 18:32, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Omega:...No. Dimitri, can you hear me?

Dimitri: Loud and clear! We're in big trouble here!

Omega: Listen, there is a slight delay between the firing of that laser, the targeting coordinates can be estimated on radar. Follow my lead and we'll escape from here alive. As soon as we get across the border into Osea, the ASAT defense network will keep them at bay.

Dimitri: Roger!

Neo-Meteor 1: Don't let them escape!

Despite repeated assaults from the Gewalt and the two squadrons, Saber barely escaped the combat zone, Claymore having eggressed already. Once they were in Osean Airspace, the two charted a course back to their base.

The air seemed heavy as Saber returned from their mission. As Omega exited the cockpit of his F-22, he was trembling slightly; witnessing Aizu's virtual obliteration had shaken him to the core, anyone could see that. As it was unconfirmed whether Aizu could bail out or not, she was listed as Missing in Action. In her absence, Omega was reassigned the callsign Saber 1. In Aizu's memory, he painted a personal ensign on the vertical stabilizer: it was an image resembling a breeze (Mistral is a cold, dry northerly wind common to Southern France, which was Aizu's callsign: Mistral 1), and superimposed in that breeze...the Demon of Razgriz.

Wywyrm 1 19:04, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Rein and Dimitri were beaten and demoralized. He had never seen such an aircraft before, not to mention the possible death of Aizu. He trembled and shook all over, some people had written this off as part of his ADHD disorder; but it was his fear. his anger, he total distaste and hatred of the Belkans and Their miitary. Rein just slept the entire time they were on base. Omega sat there holding a pendant that belonged to Aizu, it was said to a talisman from Estovakia.

Omega: I can't blame myself. She knew what she was getting herself into.

Dimtri: We all did -takes a drag off his cigarette-

Thunder 1: We lost greatly. You lost your flight lead and i lost three of my wingmen.

Dimitri: Im repainting my new plane tommorrow, the tigershark is blown to hell. Belka will burn....

Rein: Dont get lost in the Blizzard, young fox.

Otaku 19:34, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Three hours before dawn, the Gewalt and Nightmare Geschwader landed back in Dinsmark at a secret airbase.

Nightmare 34: The cowards ran off once we arrived.

Nightmare 21: They think they're so tough, but in truth, they're nothing. That'll teach them a lesson!

Nightmare 15: Even if they are reminiscent of the Razgriz, our courage and intimidation will overwhelm them.

The squadron returned to the underground HQ.

Galaan Scharfefaust: To Belka's first victory against Saber.

Schenze: Heil!

Officers: Heil!

Schenze: That'll teach those scum a lesson they'll never forget!

Galaan Scharfefaust: By the end of this war, revenge will be fulfilled. Death to Osea!!!!

Nightmare 17: Death to Osea!

Schenze: Death to Osea!!

Cmdr Lightning 19:24, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 3: The Demons Revealed[]

Mission 6[]

It had been 5 days since Saber Team was deployed even more frequently now as the situation become dire. The Belkans had attacked an Osean Naval Base near Hiarlark AFB. The Osean Navy, however, had managed to smuggle out their Carriers and a small flotilla of support ships. However, the Osean High Command knew that the Belkans would soon find them and strike again. Saber as well as the reorganized Claymore and Thunder Squadrons would be deployed in defense of the Carrier fleet, while Rapier was sent off on a supply interdiction mission not unlike the one when Aizu had been shot down.

Base Commander: I know the loss of Captain Tsukihime is still fresh in your mind, and for that reason you were only deployed within our air defense zone. However, we need you once again to fly a long-range mission, this time in defense of the 3rd Fleet's Aircraft Carriers and a Yuketobanian Scinfaxi II class submarine. You objective is simple, defend the fleet, and if you need to rearm or refuel, you may land on any of the carriers.

Dimitri: Our planes aren't designed to land on carriers...

Base Commander: They are now. I have instructed your Crew Chiefs to fit your aircraft with equipment needed to operate from carriers; we don't know how long it will be before this base gets slammed, so we need to hurry. Takeoff is in one hour. 5th Fighter Wing, dismissed!

Wywyrm 1 20:04, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri stared at his new Su-37 and its new paintscheme. long gone was the neko girl that adorned the planes nose, he revived his great grandfathers emblem the Kitsune girl holding a Zanbato, except the Belkan Flag was impaled on the blade. The plane sported a Black, Grey and red Camo. The plane was equipped with more Hydra XLAAs and ASRAAMs, the underside also bristled with Canisters. these canisters were AGM-154s. Multi warhead AGMs.

Dimitri: Looking good.

Rein: My F-14G is already fitted for carrier landings, so. Im Sabre 3 now.

Dimitri: Stay close and don't worry, we'll take them down.

Omega: Prepare for take-off. go through all checklists and notify me at once. understand?

Dimitri & Rein: Sir!

Rein: I had an odd dream last night about Aizu...

Dimtri: ?

The groundcrews were milling about, after modifying the planes they were readying them for operation, missiles and guns were checked by pilots and groundcrew alike.

the situation was tense, a group of men in suits and ties sat around a monitor.

Dimitri: Drone Operators.

Rein: Drones?

Omega: QA-4 Serpens attack drones. they'll be supporting us off and on.

At the commanders office...

Maj.Ivy: I'll be making my move to the carriers, I hear the OFS Rooivalk is lovely this time of year.

Commander: I'll stay here to the end, theres no point in abandoning a base so soon. Besides my men need me. -takes a drag off cigar and coughs-

Maj. Ivy: You should seriously quit.

Commander: Cough! im fine...Get moving Ivy. That HH-9D isnt going to wait forever.

Maj. Ivy: Its been a pleasure working with you. may we meet again.

Otaku 20:21, September 16, 2010 (UTC)


Alpha: Colonel Householder, your squadron is to spearhead the operation against the enemy carrier task force, understood?

Rodd: Jawohl. What about the back-up plan?

Alpha: The marines are already in position to strike onboard the Scinfaxi II. Don't worry about them. Get your squadron over there!

Hours Later, Osean-controlled waters...

All was surprisingly calm as Saber arrived on station over the carrier task force. They weren't too far from Heierlark AFB, the place where Omega had awakened and had been trained; that place had a sentimental meaning to him because of that, but it was a bittersweet memory. He could still remember training flights near Waldreich, where he would look down below and see the remnants of the nuclear craters. Although they were nowhere near as distinct as they were decades ago, they were still recognizable. A stone pillar built in the center of each crater now marked where each was detonated. Omega snapped out of his daze and returned to the task at hand.

Dimitri: Look at that fleet down there!

Rein: That can't be just Osean ships down there.

Omega: Confirmed. The Scinfaxi II and its support vessels are down there as well. The submarine is currently on the surface...not the best idea so close to Belka...

Wywyrm 1 22:20, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

Upor II: This is Battleship Upor, all ships report in

Admiral Tsanev: This is Carrier reporting in

Dub: This is the destroyer dub. all is normal

Hyperion: This is Cruiser OFS Hyperion.

Vladimir: This is Cruiser Vladimir. all clear.

Bull Run: This is Battleship OFS Bull Run.

Raven: This is Cruiser NMF Raven.

The support fleet for the Scinfaxi II steamed forward, while the carriers Rooivalk, Eagle, and Vincent Harling with its Cruisers, Battleships and Detsroyers chugged forward. Overhead was a mixed fleet of F-14Gs, F/A-18Vs, F/A-51s, and F/A-4Xs continued escort. The Yukes Yak-141s and Su-37Ks also patrolled below. Sabre team got a heads up from an E-2H AWACS callsign Cyclone.

Cyclone: This is Cyclone, looks like the Belkans are crashing the Party. all fighters engage any and all Belkan Fighters. That is all. times tweleve F/A-32Cs and Six F-35B Super Lightings.

Dimitri: Copy that Cyclone, enaging

Rein: This is Rein, engaging.

Omega: All Sabre teams assault at once!

Dimitri got lock with his XLAAs and fired, the missiles streaked to their target. he Rolled, dove and accelerated to the enemy. Omega and Rein released as well. their missiles streaked to their targets. Five of the F/A-32s exploded from their combined fire, Dimitri turned left into an F-35. Omega fired on an F/A-32 with his cannon destroying it. Rein shot another Lighting down. suddenly an XLAA streaked past omega and hit an F-35. An F-14G blazed past it was the Rooivalks Carrier fighter.

Dimitri: About Damn time you woke up.

Rein: -downing enemy fighter- alright the Navy is here.

Omega: Stay on your toes, who knows what enemy has planned.

Leon 1: This is Leon 1 alright come and get me.

Hyperion: Missile strike off port bow!

Otaku 22:48, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

As the fighting became more and more intense, most of the anti-ship aircraft had been down. However, at this time a new squadron appeared. Ten aircraft in all, 1 F-16C Block 32A, 7 F-16G-2 Lance Falcons and 2 EA-18M Growler IIs were approaching the area.

Cyclone: We're picking up new enemies on radar.

Windhover 1: The battle's begun.

Windhover 2: So this is the Saber Team. I've heard enough of your tall tales for one lifetime!

Windhover 3: It's time to see if you measure up!

Cyclone: They've come! The Windhover Squadron is here!

Omega: Roger, engaging!

However, Windhover was a diversion. Deep in the Scinfaxi II, a crack team of nearly one hundred Belkan Marines began their operation. Their objective: commandeer the Scinfaxi II and escape back to friendly waters.

Wywyrm 1 01:37, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Windhover 1: Ergh! These guys are good!

3314th TJS F-16C

Windhover-1 02:12, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Windhover 1: Remember! I'm still good with my ol F-16C Block 32A!

Windhover-1 02:18, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Sabre 2 and 3 began to assualt the formation, they got on the six of one of the F-16G-2s they fired and destroyed it. Windhover 6 was down. the plane spiraled into the Earth in flames. They turned hard left together, one of EA-18Ms came into sight, suddenly the radar began to fade. they engaged ECM pods. they fired and their missiles faltered. Omega was on Windhover 1s six and gaining lock when his lock on became delayed and screwy. Leon 1 fresh off downing another Windhover plane turned right and accerated towards the enemy EA-18M.

Cyclone: Radar is as clear as a Catbox. all units take the jammers down. were trying to counter ECM at this time.

Rein: Roger!

Dimitri: Copy that.

Omega: Dammit cant get a lock, im going to Guns!

Saber 2 and 3 attacked two seperate enemies, they downed another F-16G-2 and then downed a random F/A-32 that came into sight. An F/A-4 of Fenrir squadron was being purused by a Windhover F-16. The F/A-4 pilot called for help. as he did the fight got more intense. things became increasingly confused with Jamming active. The Captain of the Scinfaxi II became suspicous of the men on board his ship. he asked his #2.

Captain: Vladimir. activate the radio dead man switch on the Scinfaxis missiles. I will give the order in case of mutiny.

#2: Understood sir. activating dead man switch.

A time limit of thirty minutes was placed on the signal. a shortwave pulsing signal was emmited. if it was interrupted or the transmitter hidden on the Ship was destroyed the missiles would begin an automated firing sequenece where they would launch and detonate at 75,000 ft. resulting in the payload destroyed and the enemy with no offensive weaponry.

The system was crude, but if the enemy didnt know of this system, they wouldnt have any method of attack aside from torpedoes.

Suddenly, shots rang out inside the Scinfaxi II. The Belkan Marines had begun their attack. When the Captain tried to set off the remote, he was shot and killed by his Number Two, a Belkan Spy. He shut off the transmitter manually and gave the order to prep the MWBMs for launch.

Wywyrm 1 02:47, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri: Im on his six, firing!

Windhover 5:-cannon shells hitting- Im hit! going down, i gotta punch out Boss!

Windhover 2: If you go down at least crash into the enemy vessels!

Otaku 02:26, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Just as it seemed over for the Fenrir pilot, the surviving Windhover pilots pulled away. A communications sitrep was intercepted by Cyclone.

Alpha: Get out of there Windhover! MWBMs ready to launch!

Cyclone: What the...

Suddenly, a missile broke the surface and detonated in a massive explosion. The carrier Eagle took a direct hit and began listing, as did several of the support ships.

Dimitri: Damn those Belkans! They've commandeered the sub!

Omega: All pilots! Climb to above five-thousand feet immediately! Carriers Rooivalk, Admiral Tsenev and Vincent Harling and Battleship Upor, evasive maneuvers! Ready ASAT defense systems!

Cyclone: Missile impact in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, impact, NOW!!!

Another Burst Missile detonated, severely damaging many of the ships in the fleet as the Scinfaxi II made a swift retreat. Despite the damage, none of the ships were sunk, and all were eventually able to return to nearby ports for repairs, albeit the Eagle would now need a complete overhaul. Omega's plane had taken some shrapnel from the missiles, but was still flyable.

Omega: It's 2010 all over again...

Wywyrm 1 02:43, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Fenrir 1: On your six Leon 1.

Leon 1: is it safe?

Omega: For now.

The pilots of Saber and the Leaders of Leon and Fenrir were flying above the damage. The fleet made it through but was scarred from the attack. The pilots were ordered to land on the Allied Carrier Rooivalk (Red Kestrel), Omega, followed by Dimitri and Rein landed. the modifications made to the Su-37 and F-22C held up. The allied aircraft though they took losses it wasnt as bad as Saber team thought. The deck of the carrier was busy and planes were still landing.

Dimtri: Makes you think of Top Gun huh? Haha. Anyway CVN-98 carriers are the pride of Oseas Navy alongside the Battleship Bull Run. Ah. my country only has a couple Carriers...

Rein: Yeah, she and sisters replaced the Kestrel, Vulture and Buzzard.

Leon 1: Andrew Lott, Captain of Leon Team. welcome to the CVN-98. The Rooivalk.

Omega: Captain.

Dimitri: Wonder what was up with the enemy squadron we encountered. they really put up a fight.

As they milled about the Hangar deck, the AWACS operator Cyclone was drinking a coffee and having a talk with a Yuketobanian Flanker pilot. Suddenly a chopper could be heard among the Aircraft on deck. An HH-9D helicopter landed on deck, a complement of Marines and a middle aged officer stepped out of the chopper. It was Ivy Schevchenko. Major, Yuketobanian Air Force. She was a pilot turned desk jockey, but she was deployed into the combat zones with pilots. She was sent by the base commander to monitor Saber, Claymore, and Rapier teams. Thunder as well. Otaku 03:08, September 17, 2010 (UTC)


Windhover-1 07:23, September 17, 2010 (UTC)


Windhover-1 07:26, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

(We'll assume they were picked up by the Scinfaxi' II and are now safely on board the comandeered submarine)

Wywyrm 1 14:33, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 7[]

With time; the Osean and Yuktobanian Anti-Submarine aircraft lose all track of the now captured Scinfaxi II. Mostly due in part to constant and vicious GRDF Air Patrols in and around Belkan Controlled seas. Things once again became routine and the allies once more focused on just getting their ships repaired at port. Claymore Leader and Sabre 2 are sent out with Leon 1 to patrol the skies over the carriers. Their planes streaked across the air over the various Docks and Dry Docks that lined the Harbor.

Claymore 1: Things are clear on my end, over.

Sabre 2: Same here, how about you Leon 1?

Leon 1: Got nothing on my Scope, AWACS got anything?

Cyclone who was now above the aircraft now examined his scope, the pilots of the E-2 turned Left and then right. They got nothing.

Cyclone: Picture clear all units RTB, next patrol is being vectored over to your post to relieve you.

Claymore 1: Copy that.

The planes made their way to the carrier Rooivalk which was now in the middle of the port after reciveing repairs at dock. The pilots after landing began to BS about todays patrol. Dimitri sat on the tail of Reins F-14 and waited for her. Things seemed like they were at peace. Omega had gone up with the patrol that relieved theirs, and the team received a much needed break. The Major approached the team.

Maj. Ivy: Now before i begin the breifing, which i wont be giving until Omega returns. This is the following information as of now.

QA-4 Serpens Drones attacked and sank the General Resource Warship named after their CEO. which was a crippling blow to the enemy.

An unknown resistance group appeared assisting the already established resistance against Waldreich Targets.

And a sypathesier group in Osea called for the Belkans to assist them.

Dimitri: Which didn't turn out so well for them.

Claymore 1: you mean those whackjobs in the Falcons of Dawn?

Maj. Ivy: yes. The majority of the enemy units were found and taken care of. many of them killed in the following gunfight.

As she went over the events for the day, things just felt like S.S.D.D.

At that moment, Omega's F-22C landed on the flight deck after a throroughly dull patrol in which no enemy fighters appeared, although he was able to shoot down a pair of UAVs. Upon climbing out of the cockpit he was informed that he had been ordered to report to the briefing room upon his return by one of the ordinance specialists.

Five minutes later...

Omega stepped into the briefing room still in his flight suit, with his helmet under his arm. Based on his expression, he was not in the best of moods.

Omega: Another uneventful patrol...scratch two UAVs...Now what is it I needed to hear?

Wywyrm 1 00:41, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment Ivy looked up at Omega away from her clipboard. Dimitri and Rein also asked what the mission would be.

Ivy: You are to go on the offensive against the corporation. Gerneral Resource, this is a deep strike mission. you will acompanied by Leon, Claymore and a flight of B-52K Stratofortress bombers. the mission is simple eliminate and destroy General Resource facilities and aircraft. The facilites and air bases are in Tauberg.

Dimitri: The old location of Excalibur, that god forsaken laser cannon.

Omega: The Demon Lord and Pixy took that down in 1995. I seriously doubt its still there. but be ready for anything.

Claymore 1: I just hope were not being driven into another trap, did anyone find it odd that Rapier team broke off when we went to get Omega? And where have they been?

Dimitri: Yeah...

Ivy didnt answer, she was baffled too. The 1412nd squadron was assigned to close support from what she heard but haven't heard about it since.

Ivy: I am not sure about it. the intel on the General resource base and facilties came from an encrypted message in Belka.

The message read...T4RG3T S1GHT3D...4ttACK requested. It came over a different channel than the Osean CIA.

Omega: Bastardized Leet speak? know i know we've hit the bottom the military intel barrel.

Otaku 04:58, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

One hour later, Saber, Claymore and Leon squadrons flew high above a massive formation of B-52Ks in a delta formation. Suddenly, four F-15S/MT+ fighters appeared and formed up. It was the 1412nd Squadron, Rapier.

Rapier 1: Sorry we're late. We were also assigned this escort mission.

Dimitri: You could've been a little more punctual you know.

Rapier 2: If there's anyone to blame its logistics. Our fighters took a beating during our last mission, particulalry to the engines, so we were grounded until the replacement engines could arrive and be installed. The repairs were completed just twenty minutes before we took off.

Omega: ...

Rein: Is something wrong Omega?

Omega: No...we're approaching the target. Be on your guard.

This of course was a lie; he was thinking about Aizu, and what might have happened had he been able to warn her about the incoming laser blast...

Wywyrm 1 05:12, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

Tauberg. Once a nature preserve had vast forests, the area around the old excalibur was clear cut and now in 2048 most of the once tall evergreen trees that adorned the area were clear cut and now an air base and factories stood in its place. The area was a buzz with activity. GRDF ace Keith Bryan was sitting on the flight line awaiting sortie in his F-22C. alongside him were Belkan fighters from Komet team.

Komet 1: Time for some payback, down all Sabre units and the heavies over.

Keith: Stay focused. Dont let your emotions get the best of you.

Allied Bomber: This is bombing unit. Drop payload and egress the combat zone. leave the fighters to the Demons.

#2 Bomber: Copy that.

The bombers began their run, suddenly AAA and SAMs cut the sky. fighters took off into combat, Dimitri closed with a Belkan plane and fired, his missile made contact and the fighter fell. Rein followed up with an attack as Omega broke off to support the bombers. Bombs began to impact the runway, the explosions sending pavement into the sky. fires lit the nights sky.

Dimitri: Bagged one!

Omega: The Bombing has started, firing XLAA.

Komet 6: Im hit! -Explosion-

Komet 4: Dammit hes hit!

Bomber: things are going smoothly.

Rein: Look at that! I didnt think it's be that violent.

Otaku 05:27, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, an XLAA streaked over Omega's cockpit. He spun his plane around to see a desert-camoflaged F-22C fly past, one that he knew anywhere.

Omega: It's Keith Bryan! He's leading the defense!

Keith: So you're the so-called "Demons"...heh, right. You show no sign of being the Razgriz.

Omega: You would be surprised Keith. Why don't we show you just how "Demonic" we are!

With that, the remaining fighters from Komet fell in behind Keith Bryan, creating a six-plane formation. Saber flew right at them, beginning a 2 on 1 duel for the skies over Tauberg.

(I'm getting off in about 17 minutes so you know. It's getting late over here...)

Wywyrm 1 05:43, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

(Since nobody posted in more than a day, I'll post again)

After a furious dogfight, Bryan and the Komet Team were shot down, all of them managing to bail out of their doomed fighters.

Keith Bryant: You're good...but not good enough to be the Razgriz...-ejects- -explosion-

Omega: Think what you will. Either way, you still lost...

About half an hour later, the team returned to the Rooivalk and were resting up in preparation for their next sortie, which for all they cared could be within a few hours or even a few minutes. Much to everyone else's surprise, for once Omega wasn't practicing with his katana. Instead, he was writing something. Without him knowing, Dimitri stole a glance at what he was writing: it seemed to be a poem, containing three stanzas:

Cum historia

Mutat valde Razgriz

Revelat ipsum

Primum daemon scelestus est...

Cum potentia

Caenum daemon fundet

Mortem en terram

Deinde moritur...

Cum somnus finit

Razgriz surget

Surget iterum

Magnus heroes est!

He couldn't read the language, as the languages he knew were Osean, Yuketobanian, Leasathan and a little Belkan, but he had never seen this language before; however, he recognized the name 'Razgriz', and knew that whatever Omega had written had something to do with the legend. At that moment, Omega closed his notebook and sat back.

Omega: You know it's impolite to spy on others Dimitri.

Wywyrm 1 17:02, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 8[]

After the mission against GR and its facilities its military activity was blunted, as a result GRs combat operations slowed down focing the Belkans to pick up the slack and spread its forces wider across the lines.The Belkans again had a number of set backs in the Occupied territories, Ustian Liberation Corps. were forming across the nation and attacking several facilities and even managed to take Valais Air Base back. A number of Sorties were launched against the base. Resulting in several victories for the Belkans, but nothing could stop the Corps steadfast resistance or break their resolve.

The lone Ace Reise, who had destroyed the UPEO fighter squadron during a resistance raid was summoned by the Fuher himself to eliminate Sabre team, his ally and cousin Kurosu would be deployed to Ustio to aid their allies. In an airfeild near the so called sealed gate to North Belka a small plane landed. Hopping out of the plane were several Ex.Belkan Soliders and Civilans led by a female. The female kept her hair under a hat, she wore an Olive and Black Trenchcoat, DPM military fatigues and wore buckled boots. no one knew her except that she was to be Addressed as Urufu . Slung over her shoulder was a FN FAL rifle. she also carried a Platnium and Black USP .45.

Urufu: Are the preperations complete?

Member: Yes ma'am. we have the plane waiting in the Hangar, shes hidden underground.

Urufu: Good what type?

The member choked up and looked at his allies. He swallowed and spoke.

Member: An F-G Hawk...

Urufu: What!? Is that some joke?

Member #2: No its a fighter, but she was made in the 2030s. We took our time and upgraded it for this sort of thing.

I assure you she'll fly well.

Urufu: Prep the MiGs for take off as well. and continue our efforts in keeping the Belkans out of here. What is that yelling?

A man yelled and thrashed, two Members had him. Another kept an M-4 level to his head.

Member#3: This mans a MOLE!

Urufu: Is this true? -Is handed a Belkan Medallion with a motto- This is the Belkan secret police emblem. kill him. Otaku 03:01, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile on the Rooivalk

Saber Team had been called to the briefing room for the briefing on their next mission. From the tense atmosphere in the room, they and the other pilots could tell that this mission was important.

Intelligence Officer: We intercepted an encripted message originating from the Belkan Waldreich that is of great interest to us. It is a call for support from a resistance group operating within Ustio, at a location we believe to be near Valais Air Force Base, and you, Saber Team are being assigned to provide that support along with Rapier, who will meet up with you over the base. I'm sure she will much appreciate it...

Omega: She?

Intelligence Officer: The following message was recieved was recieved from their leader, and by the sound of their voice, we assume their leader is female...

???: This is agent Urufu of the Ustian Liberation Corps. We have successfully captured Valais Air Force Base in Southeastern Ustio, but we are constantly under attack by Belkan Air and Ground units. Please send support immediately; we can't hold out much longer by ourselves!

The message was garbled slightly, distorting "Urufu's" voice slightly, but one person in the room knew who that was: Omega. He did something that nobody had ever seen him do: he smiled, albeit it was very subtle.

Dimitri: Huh? What is it Omega?

Omega: Nothing...*regains composure*...Saber Team, prepare for immediate takeoff! I want all of up in the air in ten minutes!

Rein: Ten minutes!? What are you nuts!?

Omega: Just do it! *Turns around and mutters to himself* Hang in there Aizu, I'm coming...

Wywyrm 1 03:29, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Gunfire and explosions lit the area as the reistance corps held off another Belkan Assault, the enemy Belkans were furiously attacking with everything they had. Troops, Tanks, APCs and Fighters Blazed Overhead. The members fought numbers of Belkan troops in the hangar, several of them were armed with G-36 or MG-3 machine guns. Both sides moved from cover point to cover point firing at one another, from time to time enemies and allies alike would hit the floor littered with gunshot wounds, the gunfire became a loud din that drowned out the battle outdoors. Urufu ran to a concrete divder and threw a flashbang, the loud bang and flash threw the Belkans off and gave the resistance time to attack without the Belkans firing back.

Solider 1: The Bastards! I cant see a F*&^ing thing!

Member: Nows our chance fire back! -Fires Uzi-

Member #2 : GO! Fire Away! -Fires M-249-

Urufu: Go! move up, give them no quarter! (She aims her FAL and cracks the skull of an Enemy Lt. with two shots sending him to the floor)

Bullets hit and splattered the Belkans across the floor, blood and brass mixed on the floor as the fighters , though the MiGs and Some Su-30Ns (N Model is a Modifed Su-30) were taking off. No fighters had gotten airborne, the intense fire from the Belkans had destroyed or damaged any fighters that attempted to take off. But this squadron of Brave Ustian pilots took to the skies and broke hard to engage the enemy in the skies. Meanwhile Urufu and her men held on as the enemy brought in a BTR, the vehicle got into position and fired its 30mm cannon mounted topside of the vehicle. Belkans scrambled out of the vechicle and moved in. Urufu was handed an AT-4, she clicked the safety off as her men chucked smoke to cover her movement.

Urufu: I got to keep moving...Omega, Dimitri. Get here fast.

She got into posistion with her Launcher and fired on the BTRs rear end. the open gate on the BTR have her a instant kill shot. She fired as the rocket streaked into the vehicle leaving smoke and flame in its wake. The Rocket exploded and incinerated the crew of the APC and lit the vehicle on fire. The Belkans who survived the explosion ran with their tail between their legs.

Urufu: -Dropping Laucher and standing- All units Route the Belkans!

Members: URAAH!

As the men Yelled their battlecry an Su-30 fired its cannon and destroyed its prey, an SF-39. She smiled as she saw the pilots she trained alongside the Ustian Air Force regulars began to hold off the enemy forces.

Otaku 04:31, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, four F-16G-2s began an attack run heading straight for Urfu's position; she could hear the pilots screaming at each other to stop them, but they were all preoccupied. Then she heard another, more familiar voice.

Omega: Saber 1, Fox Three!

the Lance Falcons were slammed by Hydra missiles and fell to the ground in flames as an F-22C, Su-37 and F-14G flew overhead at high speed.

Omega: Urufu, this is Saber 1, we've arrived on station! Please respond!

Wywyrm 1 14:37, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

As she heard the voices and recognized the aircraft, she smiled and looked to the skies, the three fighters moved across the skies at low level; above was the furball. Omega awaited a response and was tense, waiting for a voice. Suddenly he heard a voice come over the radio It was Aizu! The squadron became overhwhelmed with a certain excitement.

Aizu: This is Aizu! Omega are you there!? -Gunfire-

Omega: Were on site. We'll cover you for as long as we can!

Aizu: You never calm down, alright. I need you to clear the skies first. We can handle the ground troops!
Dimitri: Understood, moving to assault all air units.

The squadron broke off and engaged the enemy fighters over the airbase, Dimitri turned hard left into an Su-37 and shot it down with cannon fire. Its wing shot off.

Rein fired XLAAs and broke off to engage an F/A-32C that was commencing an attack run prompty. Omega provided the reistance with ground cover as he made multiple attack runs with his cannon to stave off the Belkan Infantry as well a couple of Tanks. By now the Belkans were getting desperate and were their numbers dwindled as the resistance air and land forces with Sabre team swept up the enemy forces. Dimitri destroyed another F-16G-2 and turned to engage an RAH-66B, he was strafed by cannon fire in his right wing and pulled up. He realized a Lone Ace had appeared. It was Reise.

Reise: Turn and face me Osean!

Dimitri: Im an Aurelian you idiot. (Under his breath) Got an F-15! its a Lone Ace!

Otaku 15:05, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Omega looked up above him and saw the F-15S/MT+ Dimitri had mentioned; he had been briefed on Riese, and from what he had been told, he was good...very good. This would be a true test of Omega's flying abilities.

Omega: Saber Team, Engage!

Rein: Hold it! New bogey on radar!

At that moment, an X-02 entered the fight; it was Kuroso!

Kuroso: Long time, no see Saber!

Dimitri: I was wondering when you'd show your sorry face in the air again!

Omega: Focus on the fight and stay alert. Don't get too cocky.

At that moment, Omega pulled in behind Kuroso, the latter pulling pugachev's cobra and slipping out and behind Omega. As the X-02 fired a QAAM, Omega skidded to the side and spun his Raptor around. The two passed as Omega pulled into a high speed climb at full power, Kuroso and Riese in pursuit.

Dimitri: Omega! They're both on you!

Omega: Dimitri! Fire on Riese! He'll break away if you do!

Dimitri: Roger! Fox Two!

Dimitri fired a missile, but rather than breaking away, Riese deployed a flare, causing the missile to explode hamrlessly behind him. Omega swore something under his breath, but nobody heard him. He pulled up even higher and disabled all limiters on his aircraft; he was now in full control of the aircraft, with no flight computer to keep his maneuvers within the estimated structural tolerances of the aircraft. He pulled up into the sun and in mid air at full speed, he literally flipped his aircraft around a hundred and eighty degrees back towards his foes in a crushing 20-G pull, something the Raptor II was never designed to do. The two aces looked back in shock as he streaked past.

Riese: What the! He's too fast! How are we supposed to match that!?

Kuroso: Keep your cool Riese. Eventually he's bound to make a mistake; everyone does, and if you're a fighter pilot, it means you must do or die.

As Riese and Kuroso were focused on Omega, Dimitri and Rein pulled in behind Riese and fired. A vertical stabilizer and elevator broke off of the aircraft, but Riese kept the damaged fighter in the air as if it were nothing. He pulled back around and dove for the deck with Rein and Dimitri in pursuit.

Omega, meanwhile, entered a lone engagment against Kuroso, the Belkan fighters not even daring to engage for fear of running into either of their shots. Their fight mostly resembled a jousting match, with each combatants making a head-on pass at a combined closure rate of over Mach 6, followed a single missile shot (usually they missed or it was a glancing blow), then gaining distance and finally turning around in crushing 15-G snap turns before repeating again.

Kuroso: Can you feel it? That primal and destructive force that resides within all of us? That is the thrill of the fight!

Omega: I fight because I was engineered to do it! I was born for combat!

Kuroso: So it seems Alpha was right about you. You really are "Brothers"...

Despite himself, Omega found himself almost wishing Aizu was watching him, but he pulled his focus back into the fight in order to remain alert.

Wywyrm 1 16:48, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

As the fighting on the ground reached its climax, Aizu looked quickly into the air. She saw Rein and Dimitri pursuing the F-15SMTD+ of Reise; gunfire and missiles streaked past him as the F-14 and Su-37 turned with the Eagle, left and right. She then saw Omegas Raptor and a Crimson X-02. They made head on passes at one another shooting and then breaking off to engage once more. Her attention was ripped away as Belkan troops fired on them. Omega made another snap turn and at full bore came head on at the X-02 who was also coming headlong. Omega gained Lock on and fired. his missile streaked past the X-02 who now pulled into the vertical. He now blew past him, Omega now pulling up had 16-Gs pushing back on his body, the X-02 as he went Vertical was in sight.

Omega: I have a lock...The force that resides within us, we can harness it to destroy our enemies!

Kurosu: Brother of Alpha come now, you're better than this! -explosion-

The X-02 was now hit in the left engine and lost power it heaved forward and listed left, black smoke spewed everywhere. Omega caught some oil on his cockpit and peeled off. The X-02 Stalled and now fell. However the crippled Wyvern gained power once more and pulled up hard. Meanwhile Dimitri and Rein were now in a turning fight with the F-15 of Reise, Dimitri got firing soloution with his guns and fired a burst into his Wing, Rein crossed over Dimitri and flanked from the right. she fired her cannon and punched holes into the Fueselage of the F-15. a fire erupted on the right side.

Reise: Their Cooridination! how are they? -Rolls and Dives-

Rein: Im in pursuit!

Dimitri: Got your back.

The three dived and now closed with the Earth below, Rein fired her cannon and took the other vertical Stabilizer off. they knew it was over. A Hyrda whizzed past her. a final nail in the enemy plane. the explosion sent the plane rolling and engulfed in fire. Reise was killed on impact. The flaming carcass of the fighter slamming into the ground. The last lone ace now crippled was in shock from seeing his cousin meet such a fate.

Aizu: Yeah! Thats how you do it! Alright, their aircover is collapsing. all units to the MM-3 Tank and charge the hangar on the Left flank!

Member: Yes Ma'am! -Fires his FAL-

Omega: We will overcome you in this fight Ace.

Kurosu: Over my grave you will! Belka will reign and Erusea will have its Freedom!

The fighters closed once more, head first.

Otaku 17:44, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Omega: Erusia and Belka as you know them to be died out thirty years ago! Your hatred is slowing you down!

Kurosu fought furiously, firing at every possible opportunity and scoring several hits, but eventually even he realized all was lost. Saber surrounded him on all sides and fired a pair of missiles each. They slammed right into the X-02 and slammed it in half.

Kuruso: *Alarms* I...I see now...its all over... *Explosion*

Omega: Bandit down.

Minutes later, Saber Team landed on the runway at the now secured Valais Air Base. Omega climbed out of his plane and immediately drew his katana and Mini-Uzi in case there were any enemies left.

Wywyrm 1 18:33, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri Had his Sistema drawn, beads of sweat rolled down his cheek, the andrenaline made his veins ache. He breathed in and out slowly to control himself. Rein stayed back with a pair of reistance members. He peeked around a corner as Omega walked in front of him. Dimitri reached for his thigh holster and drew a Knights Armament PDW. he unfolded the stock and shouldered it. As he did a Belkan BSK commando ambushed the pair.

Omega: Get down! -fires his Uzi-

Dimitri: On your Left!

As the Belkan commando attacked from his left Aizu with her FAL punched a hole in his head. The solider fell, Omega and Dimitri lowered their weapons as Aizu and her men ran up to meet the Pilots. The resistance were celebrating across the base. Weapons fired in the air in commeration of the fight.

Aizu: You look you've seen a ghost you two. I see you haven't killed yourselves yet.

Omega: Its relieving to see you once more Aizu.

Dimitri: Hows it going Big sis? (He sees Aizu as a sister)

Aizu: -laughs- I missed you all so.

Dimitri: Wheres Rapier team? Ya poluchil plohie vibratsii ot nih, kogda my vzleteli. (I got a bad vibe from them when we took off in Yuktobanian.)

Omega was almost speechless, he had a flood of emotion when he saw their flight lead. But he controlled himself and kept his compsure. The three now reunited now moved to the main hangar where their planes were being towed to. The Hangar was like a shrine for fighter pilots, Banners of the Ustio 66th AFU "Galm" were hung around the hangar. An F-15SMTD+ and a F-G Hawk sat idle in the rear of the Hangar. The Hawk was Aizus plane but the F-15 was a captured GR fighter. For now the team could relax, Their planes could Rearm and get repaired.

Otaku 19:38, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Just over an hour later, Saber became aquainted with the Resistance. Each one of them was of great interest to them, but a few, noticed some other details

The first thing several of the guards noticed was the coloring of Omega's F-22C, which ironically was strikingly similar to that of Galm's flight lead, "Cipher". Of course, this white and blue paint scheme was chosen by Omega to be a contrast with the black and red paint scheme favored by his Belkan counterpart, Alpha. The second they noticed was Omega himself; he was Osean, but his physical features were clearly Belkan, which explained why everyone was suspicious of him at first. The final one was only noticed by Dimitri and Rein; Omega seemed to avoid contact with Aizu, as if he was hiding something...until she decided to speak to him.

Aizu: So you became the flight lead. Congratulations.

Omega: Yeah...

Aizu: What's wrong?

Resistance Fighter: -chuckles- You know you might want to be honest with her; Aizu is hard to get.

Omega: -shocked expression- What the...-blushes slightly and turns away- It's nothing like that! We're comrades, but our relationship is purely professional.

At that moment, the four F-15S/MT+ fighters of Rapier squadron landed on the runway, and by the look of their fighters, they had been attacked, but by what? Several of the guards approached Rapier, who by now were out of their planes.

Resistance Fighter: What took you so long? We've been waiting for over an hour!

Rapier 1: A Burst Missile. The Scinfaxi II has been made fully operational!

Wywyrm 1 20:06, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 4: The Search for the Scinfaxi II[]

Mission 9[]

After Rapier team notified their allies of the Scinfaxi II's attack, information began to flood allied command on the wherabouts of the Scinfaxi II. Some of it was second hand useless information passed by word of mouth, sometimes it lead the allies to vital supply centers for the Belkan Fleet. One thing was certain though. No matter what they did, the allies were always too late to catch the Scinfaxi it always slipped away. Intelligence also indicated that the Scinfaxi was restocked with its burst missiles and was awaiting orders to attack.

At Valais Air Base

Aizu looked at Dimitri who was reading a military book, mainly on Ships.a stack of books were in front of him. all of them were turned to sub based warfare and the Scinfaxi. Dimitri mumered specifications to himself, all while his Mp3 player played a a slow Electronic track. Aizu looked over to see if Omega was in the room, he was no where to be seen. Rein was reading a Gothic Lolita Fashion mag to her self, Aizu knew she would have no clue where he was.

Dimitri: Burst Missiles typically are MIRV projectiles, capable of breaking off into 6-8 warheads depending on payload and mission.

Aizu: Dimitri...

Dimitri: -reading, electronic music- Range is unlimited as long as crew is restocked and ship is rearmed, typically supplied by more outdated Yuke Submarine types....

Aizu: Dimitri!!

He snapped out of his trance and looked at Aizu, he yawned and murmered something in Laesathian under his breath. He looked over at the doorway, put a stupid grin on. and looked at Aizu.

Dimitri: -Laughs- Your knight is here sis.

Aizu: -Eyes the size of Dinner Plates, Blushing- Quiet! Thats an Order! Rein put a leash on your pet!

Rein: Since when was he my pet!?

Omega/Ustio Pilot: Settle down people! Listen up!

The Briefing began, several Ustian pilots, along with Rapier and Sabre team sat and listened in. The mission would go as follows. The pilots would have to fly back towards Aurick Bay, Rendevous with the carrier unit once more and refuel there, there the pilots would fly north and then back east towards the central Anfang Sea, where apparently the Scinfaxi II was cycling crew and being supplied with provisions. There they would make their attack on the Submersible carrier and its escort submarines. unlike 2010, the possibility of running into an enemy interceptor unit was high, especially around Crescene Island. The Operation was high risk and the possibility of losses were projected high. But they had to attack and destroy it at all costs.

Omega: We have an Hour to get ready and take off into combat.

Usito Pilot: Men, I understand you haven't flown this kind of mission but just follow what Ms. Aizu has taught you. Dismissed!

Aizu: Is the GR F-15 ready?

Mechanic: Yes ma'am she is, Painted and ready for flight! (The F-15S/MTD was painted in her Su-43s Black with Purple Vertical Stabilizers, Wingtips and The Mistral Emblem that Omega emblazoned on his plane.)

Otaku 05:26, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

As Saber Team sat in their aircraft on the runway an hour later, Omega had run some calculations in his head; he knew how long it should take to restock the Scinfaxi II. Once they reached Anfang, they would have about twenty minutes to attack before it would escape, but knowing their luck, it probably would escape, especially if there was an interceptor squadron.

Omega: Saber Team, report.

Aizu: Saber 2, roger.

Dimitri: Saber 3, roger.

Rein: Saber 4, roger.

Control Tower: Saber you are cleared for takeoff. Rapier's planes are still in repairs, so they won't be joining you on this mission as planned. Those burst missiles really chewed them out!

Omega: Acknowledged. Beginning takeoff run.

Following that, Saber's F-22, Su-37, F-15 and F-14 took to the sky and began the long flight through Belkan territory to get to Anfang. Omega had planned the fastest route, but it was also by far the most dangerous.

Omega: In order to make it through, we will be passing through Belkan Strategic Priority One Airspace B7R, codenamed "The Round Table".

Dimitri: The Round Table!? Why there!?

Omega: It's an awful place, but the fastest shortcut. Arm all long-range missiles just in case we're attacked, which in all likelihood we will. Be on your guard.

Upon arriving at B7R, all was calm for some time until they reached the edge of the mountains, at which point an AWACs, callsign Specter, reported in.

Specter: This is AWACS Specter. Eight bandits approaching B7R from the Northwest at high speed!

Dimitri: What!? Now!?

Meanwhile, at the other end of B7R, eight MiG-31R Foxhound-Cs approached the four bogeys. They had been told this was the Saber Team, so each of the pilots knew to end the fight quickly; this wasn't a problem usually, as they were the elite 12th TJS of the 8th Air Division, callsign "Neo-Schwarze".

Neo-Schwarze 1: This is Neo-Schwarze 1, target is on radar scopes! This is the Saber Team we're dealing with, so don't let your guard down. I know they won't. Prepare to fire MBCs.

As Schwarze fired, their aim was slightly off, and Omega now knew who they were up against.

Omega: Foxhound-Cs, we're up against Neo-Schwarze.

Aizu: Great, the vulture has come to prey on the dead...

Neo-Schwarze 1: So you're Saber. You're not so tough.

Omega: This is the Round Table. Dead men's words have no meaning.

Wywyrm 1 15:12, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

CRAC Schmerzmittel: Indeed they don't. Dead men such as you, Omega.

A familiar AWACS aircraft appeared overhead, and launched seven Cormorant UCAVs and three Vogel UCAVs that sped into the battle zone.

CRAC Schmerzmittel: You're just like the early Ghosts of Razgriz... ...a bunch of meddling fools!

Cmdr Lightning 20:51, September 23, 2010 (UTC

Omega, Aizu, Dimitri and Rein continued turning with Schwarze while evading MBC fire and the attacking Cormorants. At this point, it became clear that their usual tactics wouldn't work here. They would have to fight in pairs.

Omega: Split up! Dimitri, you take Rein, Aizu, you're with me!

Dimitri: Wilco!

Rein: Okay!

Aizu: Roger!

They split into two-plane elements and dove for the deck. They pulled up and began weaving through the mountains to shake the pursuing Vogels and MiGs.

Neo-Schwarze 5: They're too low! I can't fire my MBC!

Neo-Schwarze 1: Missiles won't track either. We'll just go in with guns!

As the Vogels pursued, the two formations each opened up their breaks, causing them to overshoot, at which point they went down under a hail of tracers.

Neo-Schwarze 1: Curses! Follow me! Let's wipe them out!

Despite Neo-Schwarze's presence, Saber Team knew that the real threat was Schmerzmittel. Omega saw the AWACS above.

Omega: There's the AWACS, concentrate all efforts on bringing it down!

Schmerzmittel: Neo-Schwarze, they've changed targets, they're coming our way!

Neo-Schwarze 1: Hang in there, we're coming.

Neo-Schwarze caught up to Saber, forcing the squadron to break off their attack and begin fighting Neo-Schwarze again.

Wywyrm 1 21:15, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

The AWACS aircraft fired a barrage of what appeared to be QRAM missiles. These missiles, upon reaching into closer range, split into clusters of guided warheads that swarmed after Saber Team's aircraft.

Cmdr Lightning 21:23, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

In order to evade the missiles, Saber Team pulled several hard turns and crossed over each other's flight paths to confuse the missiles. Some crashed into each other and exploded, others were overloaded and lost their lock, but all had been evaded. Neo-Schwarze came at Saber from head-on, but this time Saber was ready.

Omega: Target locked! Fire all XLAAs!

A torrent of twenty-four XLAAs streaked towards Neo-Schwarze, Three per fighters. The MiG pilots scattered to evade, but the Hydra's tracking software was too advanced to be fooled so easily. Five of the Foxhounds exploded, the other three breaking up just as their pilots ejected.

Dimitri: Yeah! That's the way to do it!

Omega: Well done, we all made it through...but that cost us our chance to attack the Scinfaxi II, we must must abort the mission or run out of fuel over Belkan territory.

Rein: Damn!

Aizu: Just when I thought we were clear...

Back in Belka...

The Belstapo guards walked out of Alpha's office, again carrying the corpse of an unfortuneate messenger the mentally unstable clone had murdered in response to a failure.

Alpha: Saber shot down Neo-Schwarze! The entire 8th Air Division could be wiped out before this year is out!...I need to rethink my planning. Perhaps if I transfered Neo-Schnee to the Scinfaxi II...

About an hour later, Saber landed back at Valais and climbed out of their fighters; they were exhausted, anyone could see that. When the gun camera footage was reviewed by the ground crews, it soon became clear why Saber had failed; Neo-Schwarze was a real handful.

As for Saber, they each went to the rec room. Dimitri began sketching something, with Rein looking over his shoulder. Omega had a laptop out and was looking over a file that Aizu recognized only by the symbol at the top: the Dragon that symbolized the old Wywyrm Team and was used to symbolize "Project Dragonchild"; she was one of the few people in the entire world who knew that Omega was a product of Dragonchild, the other being his counterpart and nemesis, Alpha. He had read the file before, perhaps hoping he could find answers, but he didn't seem to find much of anything.

Aizu: Tell me Omega, why do you keep reviewing that file?

Omega:...I told you that already. I'm trying to find out exactly what I was meant to do...I mean, I know I was made to fight, but what is my life's purpose? What do I have to live for other than this War?

Aizu: Well...what do you cherish the most?

Omega: Well...I guess I don't have much of anything to lose. I don't have any memories dating back more than a couple of months; I know virtually nothing about who I am other than my own name, how I came to be and why.

Aizu: I see...

Omega: ...But I guess there's something I value...

Aizu: What might that be?

Omega: -sighs and turns away slightly- It's not really's someone...

Wywyrm 1 22:29, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

The Scinfaxi II was later moored into the bay near Stier Castle. Bolts of lightning crackled outside near the castle, where in the topmost tower, Scharfefaust awaited news of the battle, although he already knew...

Galaan Scharfefaust: At last, we have a Scinfaxi of our own.

A transmission came onto the monitor.

CRAC Schmerzmittel: Obersterführer, Saber is pulling away back to Osea, but Neo-Schwarze has been shot down.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Send a crew to pick them up. One of the rules of this war is that Belka must always be on the offensive! If those Osean scum ever try to fly into our airspace again, you know what to do...

CRAC Schmerzmittel: Yes sir!

The transmission finished after that, followed by a rumble of thunder outside.

Cmdr Lightning 22:54, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile At Valais....

Later that week an allied paper was faxed over, the city of Killenger was taken back by a joint assault operation launched by Osea, UPEO, and Aurelia. The Osean 23rd Infantry with the UPEO SARF squadron along with the 32nd Aurelian Marines forced their way in conducting a flanking action on both sides while the SARF squadron assaulted down the center. the combined fire of the ground forces with the help of the fighters won the day. Dimitri was sketching once more, with Rein looking over his shoulder, Aizu sipped lightly on a cup of coffee. Though it was seven in the morning the temprature was 64 with high humidty.

Aizu: Im dying to know what the day is going to be like.

Dimitri: -Drawing- Its going to 87 and clear today Aizu. We got a patrol at 1300, followed by a Mission brief at 1650.

Rein: You've been drawing planes quite a bit. is that a Geopelia and a XFA-36?

Dimitri: Yeah, Ive been working on it for a couple days now.

Omega: You got quite the eye. -draws Katana and begins to swing- me...its...this...sword....

Aizu looked up and her eyes sunk, her body felt like it had a lance through it. She picked up he cup of coffee and left the room, like she wanted to be left alone.

The door closed behind her, Dimitri looked at Omega and spoke.

Dimitri: Hey. Stop swinging that thing!

Omega: What if i dont?

Dimitri: Aizu just left like she was hurt. Go and see her...

Omega: ...-swinging-

Dimitri: Hey! did you hear me you Prick!?

The sword swung around and was to his throat. Omegas eyes narrowed when he saw the Sistema pointed at his temple. The two looked at one another, Omega had a blank look on his face. Dimitri though pale. looked serious, He drew the hammer back. Aizu walked in and saw the two at each other. weapons drawn.

Aizu: What the hell is wrong with you Two!?

The two lowered their weapons and realized what they were doing, the stress of combat was getting to them. The two seperated from each other and now sat in their indiviual quarters. The standoff stunt was enough to send Aizu, Rein and the others over the edge. Dimitri felt like a small child, Omega just sat there and stared at his wall.

Otaku 04:44, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri continued sketching in his quarters to relieve his stress somewhat; Omega had no such luxuries, as all of his belongings were back on the Rooivalk, the few that he had anyways. He would have been deeply embarrassed to be seen like this now. Omega, the unfaltering, invincible supersoldier, was in reality nothing more than a nervous wreck of a clone; he had been told by a Neurophysician that his mind was unstable due to being formed by a computer, but these were emotions that plagued him.

Aizu, meanwhile, had followed Omega back to his quarters out of curiosity, despite the sign he had posted on the door saying to stay out. She peaked into the room to see him sitting at a desk, hunched over with his hands to his face; it surprised her how vulnerable he appeared in this state, but then again, a lot of things about him surprised her, including his tendency to talk to himself when he is alone...

Omega: I am a fool...they were right. I am merely a clone, an abomination of nature created to destroy natural life in war, only a shadow of a man...Dimitri and Rein have risked their lives for me many times, and yet I go berserk on them...and Aizu, that one flicker of light in a perpetual void that is my life...I would tell her how I feel, but such feelings are not mine to have towards anyone; as an artificially engineered lifeform, even if I am biologically human, it is not my right to grow attached to anyone in such a manner...I'm sorry Dimitri, Rein...Aizu...

Mission 10 (Windhover Redux)[]

The next day, Omega called Saber and a pair of Ustio resistance squadrons, Fenrir and Halo, into the briefing room. He had been able to obtain information on the Scinfaxi II's course, and from that he was able to make a rough estimate as to where the Scinfaxi II was at the moment.

Omega: Through several calculations based on data recieved from the Rooivalk late last night, I have been able to locate the Scinfaxi II.

An Axe and Hammer projector dating back to 1995 but still in great condition came on line to show a map of South Belka. Omega pointed at an area not too far from the Waldreich Mountains on the map.

Omega: This is Steir Castle, a fortress dating back to the medievel era before Belka was even a nation. It overlooks a bay, and in it is where I have estimated the Scinfaxi II's position to be. We failed to take it out last time, but this time we must take them out immediately. The bay is too shallow for it to dive, so until it makes it out to sea, it will be vulnerable to attack. Any questions? No? Good...dismissed! Man your planes; takeoff is in twenty minutes!

As Omega calmly walked out of the room like usual, Aizu couldn't help but be shocked at how quickly he regained his composure, even though she now knew it was only a facade. However, she knew that no matter what she couldn't tell Omega she had seen him like that; it would ruin his trust in her beyond repair.

Wywyrm 1 14:30, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

Contrary to what intelligence gave them, a vast array of SRAM launchers lied within the turrets of the castle. A naval fleet of anti-air submarines littered the bay from slightly underwater, ready to catch any attackers by surprise.

Meanwhile, three XB-10E Darkbird-class Stellar Battlecruiser prototypes floated eerily in space, undetected, approaching over Osean territory. (These aren't part of the regular Stahlerne Luft Raumflotte. They're a special detachment via orders from Dinsmark and Stier Castle.)

Cmdr Lightning 02:52, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

(Lightning, you do realize that these Darkbirds will NOT be deployed for quite some time: around Mission 18 sounds right, since by then all twelve of them along with the Leviathan would be complete. I will allow them to be doing a reconnaisance flight, but NO ATTACKS YET!!!)

What was also unknown was that the Scinfaxi II had already left... (Gtg. I probably won't be back on until two days from now)

Wywyrm 1 15:28, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

(Alright. I'll hold you to it. Besides, those particular ships are modified to avoid detection.) Cmdr Lightning 15:53, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

About half an hour later, the three-squadron formation of Saber, Halo and Fenrir arrived on station near Steir at high altitude. Their attack plan was simple: dive down to just over one hundred feet off the deck, designate the Scinfaxi II using their targeting lasers, then rain hell on the Belkans using Anti-Ship Missiles.

The missiles they carried were advanced Gladiopiscis (Swordfish in Latin) Mark IIIs, produced by Neucom Incorporated as a Mach 4-capable anti-ship missile, and thanks to a static field generator, it could also travel underwater as a "missile-torpedo" for attacking ships below the waterline or for use against submarines. However, for all their advantages, they had an Achilles Heal; these missiles were also highly temperamental, and their guidance systems often failed; since the mission depended entirely upon at least a few missiles hitting their mark, eight of the aircraft, Saber and Halo, carried these in place of their usual long range air to air missiles, whereas Halo carried JDAMs for attacks on ground targets.

For the time being, they all went by the callsign Saber, Fenrir being Sabers 5 through 8, and Fenrir being Sabers 9 through 12.

Omega: We're approaching the target, all aircraft descend to attack altitude.

Aizu: Saber 2, Roger.

Dimitri: Saber 3, Roger.

Rein: Saber 4, Roger.

Halo 1: Sabers 5 through 8 acknowledging.

Fenrir 1: Sabers 9 through 12 following.

Omega: Glad to hear it. Let's take out that damned monster of a submarine!

Specter: This is AWACS Specter to Saber, disregard! Bogeys inbound from your six o'clock!

Aizu: Dammit!

Fenrir 1: Of all the times...

At that moment, tracerfire hailed down on the allies as an eleven-ship formation streaked overhead. The 5th TJS "Windhover" was back for a rematch!

Windhover 1: Sorry, but we can't let you do that!

Windhover 2: The Uberluftmarschall has ordered us to blast you to "Kingdom Come", and we will not fail him!

Dimitri: Windhover again!? Why now!?

Omega: Sabers 5 through 12 break off the attack run, jettison your ordinance and retreat! We'll handle Windhover!

Halo 1: Roger, breaking off. Good luck Saber 1.

Omega: You too.

The Ustian fighters jettisoned their JDAMs and Anti-Ship Missiles and bugged out, leaving Saber alone against Windhover.

Dimitri: This is bad, we're outnumbered, outgunned and completely surrounded!

Omega: We've been through tougher engagements before, we'll make it through this one too. Lure them into a turning fight at high speed; our aircraft can turn tighter at high speeds than the F-16s and EA-18s they're flying; be sure to obtain the altitude advantage when possible.

Saber then split up and engaged Windhover in a fast-paced dogfight on the deck. Omega was up against Windhovers 1 through 3, Aizu was against Windhovers 4 through 6, and Dimitri and Rein teamed up against Windhovers 7 through 11.

Wywyrm 1 19:09, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Just then, a strange voice was heard on the communications to Saber. It was the same voice Omega heard that day during the ambush in the skies of Belkan territory.

Galaan Scharfefaust: You have some nerve intruding into my domain. You think you're so tough?... I'll show you who's in charge, Osean scum!

Gatling guns from the castle's turrets unleashed a heavy barrage of gunfire. SAM missile turrets stationed along the castle walls fired away their missiles to tighten the barrage.

At the same time, a surprise attack from B2 stealth bombers was launched against the base in Ustio. Bombs and missiles rained down. Hangars and training facilities were being blown to pieces one by one, before the planes had a chance to take off. They then turned their attention to the control tower.

Base Commander: Saber Team, come in! If anyone can hear me, we're under attack!

Cmdr Lightning 16:15, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

(It's Valais in Ustio, Lightning)

At that, Omega practically exploded in blind fury; he couldn't believe that Scharfefaust would have the audacity to even speak to him.

Omega: Fenrir, there are bombers attacking the airfield! Give them a taste of the fires of Hell!

Halo 1: Roger, this is Saber 5, we're engaging the bombers!

As Saber continued to dogfight with Windhover, Scharfefaust's taunting finally became too much for Omega.

Omega: You Belkan Coward! You are a disgrace to everything your nation once stood for!

Windhover 1: Don't insult the Obersterfuhrer, it's a bad idea.

Omega: So is challenging a Demon at his own game.

Windhover 1: What did you just say!?

At that moment, Omega and Aizu aquired a firing solution on two Windhovers each and gunned them down at point-blank range, with three more falling to Dimitri and Rein. The odds were now even, and Windhover knew that they were fighting a losing battle.

Windhover 4 fell first, 3 following seconds later, and 2 mere moments after that, until finally, Omega fired a Sidewinder up Windhover 1's tailpipe, destroying the engine.

Windhover 1: Maybe these are the Demons...*ejects*

Omega: Windhover confirmed down, now let's get back over to Valais and defend our base!

Wywyrm 1 17:02, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 10+ (Valais Air Battle - Lone Ace Duel)[]

(Just so you know, the lone ace who comes later in the fight will be an Su-37 Super Flanker Pilot, callsign "Strigon". He has the Strigon paint scheme on his fighter and fights much like Ilya Pasternak in Ace Combat 6 while in the Nosferatu. He will also have eight Vogels fighting beside him, much like the UCAVs he uses in the aforementioned game. He will also be fought again later while flying a CFA-44B Vampir, an upgraded Nosferatu, as part of the Paladin Squadron.)

After what seemed like an eternity, Saber finally arrived over Valais to a horrifying sight; the entire base was burning, but for the most part it was just the living quarters and the hangars, as the fuel and ammunition dumps as well as the old Galm Hangar were untouched, but probably wouldn't be for long. Omega could see three different furballs between the Belkan escorts and the Ustio defenders; each had maybe eight planes, only four of which were allied. He could identify them as Halo, Fenrir, and much to his surprise, even Rapier Squadron had engaged in the battle; now he saw just how good they were, as they seemed to be able to anticipate the Belkans perfectly. There was also a MiG-44 Falcon Squadron that appeared on his IFF as the Yuke Kvant Squadron, but they were focused on the bombers.

Dimitri: This isn't good. The entire base is going up in smoke!

Rein: Damn those Belkans!

Aizu: What's our first priority Omega? There are too many targets for us to all engage.

Omega: Concentrate all efforts on the bombers, ignore the escorts when possible. Make hit-and-run attacks and don't waste ammunition. Work in cooperation with the Kvant Squadron; they're in MiG-44s, as are some of the Belkans, so watch your fire!

Wywyrm 1 17:02, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Urteil Leader: Ah. Here come the pests now.

The Belkan MiG-44s peeled off to engage Saber.

Urteil Leader: Now you'll know why we're called Urteil! It's your judgment day, evil demons!

Cmdr Lightning 17:38, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri: Here they come!

Omega: We don't have the fuel or ammunition for a prolonged dogfight. We'll have to let somebody else take care of them while we take care of the bombers.

Aizu: Kvant 1, do you read me? Intercept those fighters!

Kvant 1: Roger Saber 2. We're engaging the escorts!

As Kvant engaged Urteil, several more escort fighters joined the fray and harrassed Saber when possible; they need to stop this, and fast, but how?

Omega: Wait a minute...Aizu, Dimitri, Rein, did you jettison your Anti-Ship Missiles?

Dimitri: Hmm...No, I didn't. Why?

Rein: Why are you asking?

Aizu: I get it! We can still launch the missiles at the bombers, but they won't track their targets. We can fire them unguided and shoot them down!

Omega: Precisely what I had in mind. Attack the bombers!

Saber flight each started going after the bombers with their anti-ship missiles. By using the pipper on their HUDs, they manually aimed and fired the anti-ship missiles intended for the Scinfaxi II. In an instant, half of the bombers were going down in flames, another fifth recieved damage and was forced to retreat.

Urteil 3: Anti-Ship Missiles!? They're using THOSE on the bombers!?

Urteil 1: You've got to be kidding me!

???: Relax, I'll handle them.

Urteil 1: Huh? Who is this? Identify yourself!

???: This is Aleksandr Voychek, callsign "Strigon". My plane is almost ready for takeoff at the moment, tell all friendly aircraft to retreat. I will arrive with a large force of UCAVs to finish the job.

Urteil 1: Roger that.

Urteil 3: Who's Strigon?

Urteil 1: A mercenary hired by the Uber Luftmarschall himself. He's said to be even better than his grandfather, an Estovakian fighter ace back in 2016.

Dimitri: Look at them run! That'll teach them!

Omega: Don't lower your guard just yet. A second wave is hgihly probable, so stay alert at all costs.

The Belkan fighters pulled away, the remaining bombers just ahead of them. The Allied pilots could breathe a sigh of relief, unaware that their relief would be short-lived; Strigon was NOT one to trifle with.

Twenty minutes later, the base was buzzing with activity as the fighters were rearmed and refueled in preparation for a second wave in the even one came. Saber took advantage of this time to review what had happened, and in Omega's case, that meant eavesdropping on Belkan communications.

Omega: They're heading, this can't be right...the Razgriz Straights!?

Wywyrm 1 19:10, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Valais Control Tower: Huh?! This signal wasn't there a moment ago! Sir!! It's Windhover 1.... IN A MODIFIED F-4E!!

Windhover-1 03:21, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

(GRABACR, THE ACE FOR THIS FIGHT IS STRIGON, YOU ALREADY FOUGHT!...Then again, I have an idea how you can still participate...)

At that moment, however, another signal, this time about fourteen of them, appeared. The personel assumed it was the second wave and sounded the alarm.

Dimitri: Huh? The second wave is here already!?

Rein: Don't we ever get a break!?

Aizu: War stops for no one. We have to get out there and fight.

Omega: Well said Aizu...*grabs helmet* Saber Team, Scramble!

Saber Team's pilots immediatley scrambled back to their fighters, now refueled and armed for air-to-air combat, and took off, the other pilots would follow as soon as their planes were ready.

Meanwhile, Windhover 1 approached the base at high altitude; he was alone, which was something he had been warned, by his old wing commander long ago, was suicide. He didn't care at the moment; he just wanted revenge for his humiliation by Saber. However, he was suddenly passed up by a V-formation of fourteen aircraft: thirteen Vogel UCAVs lead by a single black and red Su-37 Super Flanker.

Windhover 1: What the, what's the big idea!?

Strigon: This is Strigon. Windhover, may I ask you two things?

Windhover 1: Ask away.

Strigon: One, didn't anyone tell you that solo missions are suicide?

Windhover 1: ...Yeah, but this is personal.

Strigon: Your emotions blind you Oberst Householder; to be truly effective in a dogfight, you must let go of all emotion and focus on nothing but your opponent and your immediate surroundings. My second question is if your F-4 has ECM pods equipped?

Windhover 1: Affirmative.

Strigon: Very good. Fly at the edge of the combat zone and use your ECM pods to jam their missiles and radars best you can, whether we fly back or hike back could depend on you.

Windhover 1: Roger. Commencing designating flight patterns and locking ECM bandwidth.

Five minutes later, Saber finally picked up the formation on radar. There were fourteen of them, thirteen UCAVs and one Super Flanker.

Aizu: There they are.

Omega: No bombers...strange. We could be flying into a trap; stay alert.

Dimitri: Yeah, I don't like this either...hey, is that our opponent speaking?

Strigon: So this is Saber...quite a mixed-up group you are...

Omega: Who are you? Identify yourself?

Strigon: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aleksandr Voychek, ex-Squadron Commander of the Yuketobanian Air Force. I am known by many names, the Black Death, the Grim Reaper, but the one I most prefer, and the one you shall address me "Strigon".

Omega: So you're descended from Victor Voychek...well sorry, but even he wasn't the top gun! Fox Three!

Saber Team each fired four Hydras; they flew towards their targets for a while when suddenly they stopped tracking and shot right under them.

Dimitri: What!? Our missiles went stupid!

Rein: My radar's experiencing interference!

Omega: ...A jammer aircraft...that must have been the first contact we picked up...

Aizu: What should we do about it?

Omega: Dimitri, Rein, you two split off and hunt down that Jammer. Aizu, our heatseekers should still work. We'll take care of the fighters until the Jammer's been shot down.

Aizu: Wilco!

Strigon: And so it begins...

Wywyrm 1 18:58, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

As Dimitri and Rein flew towards the source of the ECM, the jamming got more intense comms even got choppy from the signals. Dimitri looked back and knew that the UAVs would be a pain in the ass to down, he thought back to his book on the Emmerian-Estovakian War about the Strigon leader using the CFA-44 supported by the UAV-45. this would be no different.

Dimitri: just dont learn do you?

Windhover 1: You'll see. I am blessed....

Rein: There is no blessing in war...

At that moment the two armed their Sidewinders and went close in. They knew the AIM-154 wont lock on and track. The two turned into each other and crossed over, their coordination was like that of the Espada squadron. Rein flanked with cannon fire from the left while dimitri fired an HSM into the side of the Phantom. Windhover jinked but the 20mm slammed into his wing. an ECM pod spun off pelted by bullets.

Dimitri: The Jamming, its reduced!

Aizu: radar is partially clear. finish him off!

Windhover 1: My ECM!

Windhover went vertical and dived into Dimitri, he fired. Dimitri slashed right and The F-4 was in hot pursuit. Windhover fired once more. this time the missile almost clipped the Flanker. Rein got in behind the plane and fired her cannon once more. bullets took out the left engine of Windhover. his plane waivered and listed. but he recovered, he pulled a split S and regrouped. Dimitri and Rein regrouped and turned together to face him.

Windhover 1: NO! I will anihilate you all!

Dimitri: You are blinded by your hatred.

Windhover: Spirit Fox...You and that little girl...WILL DIE!

The three came head on and fired all at once, Cannon sheels shredded the F-4 causing a fire in the middle fuselage, the plane burned and smoked. Rein was hit by a sidewinder, but still airborne. Householders F-4 spiraled and spewed flame in its dying breaths. The radar began to clear.

Dimitri: Rein! you okay!? not now....not like Aizu...

Rein: Im okay I'll land....

Halo 2: We'll cover you.

Dimitri: Be safe...

Otaku 02:18, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

Omega and Aizu heard Rein report the damage to her aircraft, and by the ooks of it she was still okay. Windhover had managed to get his F-4 out over Belkan-controlled territory and bailed out. As for the two Sabers, Strigon and his Vogels were proving to be a match for them; there was a possibility they might lose, even with their radar clear. They had mostly concentrated on the Vogels, and so were able to shoot down four of them, but nine still remained, and Strigon was now on Omega's six o'clock.

Omega: Aizu, Strigon's on my six!

Strigon: Fox Two!

An AA-8M Aphid II missile shot towards Omega and exploded beneath him; the shrapnel damaged his plane, but Omega was still alright at this point. He barrel rolled downwards before pushing over into a vertical dive, Strigon in pursuit.

Strigon: You can't escape from me. You cannot cheat Death itself!

Omega: You forget Voychek. I was engineered for combat.

Strigon: What's that supposed to mean?

Omega: Physiologically, I am far superior to you. You can take up to 12 Gs in a G suit, while I can take over 20 Gs without one; I am only limited by my aircraft.

Strigon: That means nothing!

Omega: Until you try to follow me...

At that moment, Omega firewalled the throttle, flying lower and lower, straight down towards the ground. Strigon pulled up at about one thousand feet, and by the dust cloud below, he assumed Omega had crashed...until he heard a missile alarm. He jinked in time to evade the missile as well as to see Omega shoot straight up into the air; he had pulled up only a few feet from the ground, much to Strigon's chagrin.

Strigon: What!? Is this some kind of Black Magic!?

Omega: Perhaps you should have thought twice before challenging a Demon. Aizu, finish him!

Aizu: Roger, Fox Two!

Aizu fired a Sidewinder at point-blank range, and not surprisingly, the shot hit its mark. The Su-37 shuddered and stalled as Strigon bailed out from his fighter. The Super Flanker slammed into the ground in a massive fireball as Omega and Aizu pulled away.

Omega: Nice shooting Aizu.

Aizu: Thanks. We still have those Vogels to take care of you know.

Omega: Alright, let's take them out quickly.

Wywyrm 1 14:42, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

As the rest of the team moved to engage the UCAVs, Reins F-14G was forced to make a belly landing off to the side of the runway. Luckily for Rein the fighter did not burst into flames from the damage inflcited by Winhovers F-4. the fighter skidded along a partially grassy patch alongside the runway, she managed to unbuckle herself and get away from her fighter. Dimitri relieved broke off and moved to engage the UCAVs that had tied up Omega and Aizu.

Dimitri: Radar Lock, Fox 3!

As four hydra missiles screeched toward the Vogels, two missiles connected while the others evaded. Dimitri dropped to the deck and accerated, hoping that he could go vertical and get the drop on one.

Dimitri: Alright, in posistion....-pulls up- got lock!
Omega: Heads up!

Cannon shells streaked past his Flanker, he rolled and leveled his fighter out.

Otaku 20:34, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

Back in Belka....

Windhover: Galaan would be proud! I shall take down those Osean fools with my stolen F-14A from a museum.

Windhover: This time, no more sorties. I will be permanently based in a unknown location in Belka.. for reserve.

Windhover 1 03:55, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Omega and Aizu were now on the final pair of Vogels and closing the range; the UCAVs pulled all kinds of evasive maneuvers but to no avail. Omega and Aizu fired several cannon shells at the UCAVs and destroyed them.

Omega: UCAVs confrimed down.

Aizu: Mission Complete.

As the two of them returned to Valais and climbed out of their fighters, Aizu noticed Omega walking with a slight limp. He had a large piece of shrapnel dug into and almost through his lower right leg, and yet he didn't complain at all.

Aizu: Omega, you're wounded!

Omega: It isn't as bad as it looks Aizu; I'll be fine,

Aizu: How would you know that?

Omega: If it hurts, it isn't bad, but if it's numb, then you should be worried...but thanks anyways...

Aizu was puzzled by this, as Omega had never thanked anyone for anything before. He really had changed somewhat since they met.

Wywyrm 1 14:38, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, eight strange Vogel UCAVs with a new bent-wing design flew a patrol around Stier Castle. In Scharfefaust's secret quarters in the topmost tower, a pilot that was taken prisoner from Valais Air Base was being strangled tightly.

Valais Pilot: Stop... ...please...

The downed pilot gasped for air, while an intensely enraged Scharfefaust was strangling him by his neck, having witnessed Strigon being shot down by Saber.

Galaan Scharfefaust: If there's one thing I can say to those Osean filth, it's this: "I HATE YOU!!!!!!"!!!!!

With that, he threw him into a wall. The pilot was still alive, but Scharefaust pulled out his pistol and shot him, instantly killing him.

Cmdr Lightning 21:20, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile over Directus....

The allies had not pushed far into Ustio, despite partisans and Sabre team liberating Valais, the region was still swarming with GR and Belkan forces. That night a stike mission involivng Claymore 3 Shion Kanazwa in an Osean A/F-117X NAV Hawk was prepping something special for the Belkans. In its belly was a 40mm SDRD (Small Diameter Rail Driver) meant for the destruction of a GR controlled bunker. She was also backed up by Fiona in her Delphinus III.

Shion: Arming Hot, the Lance is ready to fire.

HQ: Copy That. Proceed with your current course and speed.

Fiona: Radar is clean, no Bandits in the zone.

The bay of the NAV Hawk Opened and the cannon charged, a whine could be heard. As soon as Shion got in range her 117 shuddered and a pale blue spark could be seen from the cannon. The projecticles fired in a two round salvo, The whine grew to a screech and the plane recoiled. a second later two rounds hit the posistion, a massive expolsion broke out followed by a fire. Shion fired another slavo. the same result came from it.

HQ: Direct hit! looks like the Lance did its job. alright all aircaft RTB, MQ-9s are inbound.

Shion: Bugging out. roger that.

As they broke away, several Reaper and Serpens drones made their attack. some of them Kamakazied the enemy posistions packed with C4. other fired Hellfires and Mavericks. With that the pair slipped away from the zone.

Otaku 18:55, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 11[]

Windhover 1: Galaan, A man named Omega has found out about the truth about our plan. They are righteous fools, they will move to stop us from our next plan.

Windhover-1 12:26, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Scharfefaust tapped the left armrest of his chair impatiently, furious about Saber.

Galaan Scharfefaust: I didn't invade Ustio and the others just to lose.

He pressed a series of buttons and switches, readying fifteen Vogel IIs.

Schenze: This should be very interesting...

The Vogel IIs wailed out of the castle, accompanied by the escorting Cormorants and Vogels.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Once we've wiped out Apito, we'll strike fear into Saber, and show them that they have awakened our wrath. Belka will succeed in establishing a global empire...

Cmdr Lightning 14:06, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

(Sand Island was abandoned, remember?)

Wywyrm 1 19:33, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, Alpha finally entered the briefing room flanked by seven pilots. Alpha gave a salute to Scharfefaust and Schenze, with them returning the salute.

Alpha: Mein Fuhrer, Saber is currently planning an attack on the Scinfaxi II at the Razgriz Straights, but I can assure you that the Apito strike should go without a hitch.

Scheze: All of your plans have failed so far Alpha, so what makes you think this will suceed?

Alpha: *laughs* The Scinfaxi II will serve as a diversion to ensure that Saber won't be able to stop us at Apito. I have stationed Neo-Schnee onboard the Scinfaxi II to provide air defense.

Schenze: I see...and who are these pilots you have here?

Alpha: This is my new squadron. I have selected seven top pilots from several of our top squadrons, and with our Super Falkens repaired, we will lead the attack on Apito personally. I would also request that Neo-Meteor Gruppe and Neo-Bussard Gruppe of the Nightmare Geschwader provide top cover.

Meanwhile, at Valais...

The Commander of Valais Air Base, just recently rescued from a POW camp, had arrived on base barely a day ago and already he was calling in several of the resistance pilots for a briefing. The topic of the briefing, of course, was their next mission, one of the utmost importance; failure was not an option.

Base Commander: Thanks to intercepted radio transmissions, one of our personel *glances at Omega* has located the Scinfaxi II. It is moored in the Razgriz Straights to the North of Annea. It's a long flight, and I am aware that the approach route flies you straight through GR-controlled airspace, but we will never have another opportunity like this to take out that monster of a submarine. For the sake of secrecy and the defense of our base, only one squadron, Saber, will participate in the attack. Saber, listen up!

Aizu: We're listening.

Base Commander: The Scinfaxi II is under escort by a fleet of twelve hunter-killer submarines and two ballistic missile submarines; what's more? An elite Belkan fighter squadron, callsign "Neo-Schnee" is stationed on board the Scinfaxi II; you will have to shoot down Neo-Schnee then proceed to launch the attack against the Scinfaxi II itself. This won't be easy, but that's why we're sending you. Takeoff is in half an hour. Dismissed!

Half an hour later, Saber sat in their planes on the runway and readied for takeoff. Rein's F-14G was all but destroyed, and Omega's F-22C had taken all the abuse it could, so the two of them each had new aircraft; Rein was flying an F-15S/MT+ provided by an Ustian squadron, while Omega had a MiG-44 provided by the Kvant Squadron. When they recieved the order from the control tower, they took off one by one and began the long flight to the Razgriz Straights...

Wywyrm 1 14:41, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Two hours had passed for Sabre as they made their way to their objective, Somewhere over the Ceres Ocean they would have to refuel. Even then they still had a long flight ahead of them, Dimitri got bored and began to fiddle with his Mp3 player that he modded to work with his headset while still keeping him in contact with his squadmates. The dull roar of Metal began to fill his headset while he looked straight ahead and kept the flight stick steady.

A little while after...Over the Ceres Ocean.

Osean KC-777: All pilots check your planes and prepare for refueling

Omega: Copy that. Commencing refueling run.

As the pilots made their refueling run, starting with Omega's MiG-44, then Rein and Aizus F-15s and finally Dimitri's Su-37. The planes were gassed up and ready to go. The tanker notified them that they would have to rendevous with another tanker on the way back in order to make it back home to Valais. They all acknowlodged this and broke off from the tanker. As they got back in formation, AWACS after refueling itself called over the comms.

Guardian: Listen up! In case of emergency you can leave the combat zone and head due south to Emmerian airspace, they have agreed to help us out.

If you think you wont make it, just fly south.

Dimitri: Roger that AWACS, I'm quite sure we'll make it home.

Omega: Don't get cocky or overeager. Just fly as we always do.

Rein: This is Sabre 4, copy that.

The planes began to make their way to the frozen north, even in spring or summer it was still a hostile and dangerous climate for a human being to survive in. Ice floes and Glaciers though broke up from the warmer weather, still dominated the landscape below.

Kitsune 1 19:05, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

The airborne drone attack squadron flew in a holding pattern high above Apito, right above the clouds to shroud themselves from radar.

Morse Transmitter: R-E-M-A-I-N---I-N---H-O-L-D-I-N-G---P-A-T-T-E-R-N---U-N-T-I-L---S-C-I-N-F-A-X-I---I-I---H-A-S---L-A-U-N-C-H-E-D---T-H-E-I-R---A-I-R---D-E-F-E-N-S-E---C-O-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T----------A-F-T-E-R---L-A-U-N-C-H---D-E-S-T-R-O-Y---A-P-I-T-O---A-N-D---K-I-L-L---A-L-L---O-S-E-A-N---S-O-L-D-I-E-R-S---A-N-D---C-I-V-I-L-I-A-N-S---A-L-I-K-E

The transmission sent the Vogel IIs and their escort drones orders to remain in their holding pattern until Saber's attack on the Scinfaxi II began. Above the drones were several Super Falkens, and the Gewalt, along with a squadron of modified Su-43s.

Cmdr Lightning 19:56, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

About an hour later, Saber had arrived at the Razgriz Straights. The very name 'Razgriz' should be enough of a warning for anyone to stay away, but obviously the Belkans, and Saber for that matter, didn't seem to care. Razgriz itself would define who was in the right and who was in the wrong on this very day, right here.

Omega: All planes descend to two hundred feet. Maintain radio silence.

Dimitri: Roger that...

Minutes later, Saber continued their approach when suddenly Omega's radar warning system picked up that they had been spiked by a picket submarine. They had only ninety seconds to attack before the Scinfaxi II would escape!

Omega: They've detected us! Saber Team, we have only ninety seconds to attack! Give it all you got!

Aizu: Careful...

The Scinfaxi II began diving proceedures, but it was too late. Saber slammed it with a quartet of anti-ship missiles as it dove.

Dimitri: Dammit! We're too late!

Omega: Don't give up so soon Dimitri...


Scinfaxi II crewman: F#%^! Our ballast tanks took a direct hit! Unable to submerge!

Scinfaxi II officer: Forget it! We'll have deal with them on the surface! All hands to general quarters; prepare for emergency surface!

Scinfaxi II crewman: As soon as we surface, launch Neo-Schnee and radio high command!

-end eavesdropping-

Dimitri: I didn't understand a word they said just now.

Omega: They are unable to submerge and intend to fight us on the surface. Get ready!

Seconds later, the Scinfaxi II broke the surface, and seconds after that, four F-14Gs launched from several hidden catapults and took to the skies.

Aizu: They're launching fighters!

Omega: Our priority is the Scinfaxi II, but until we take out Neo-Schnee, that will be virtually impossible. Engage the enemy fighters.

Guardian: -alarm- Scinfaxi II launching burst missile! Saber! It's headed your way!!!

Omega: Pull up above five thousand feet!

Neo-Schnee 1: Not so fast Saber!

Guardian: 10 seconds to impact...8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, bursting, now!

Saber and Neo-Schnee had barely pulled up above 5000 feet when the Burst Missile detonated below. The Scinfaxi II also began putting up a barrage of SAMs and AAA to defend itself from Saber. As for the air battle, Saber had split up into two elements, Omega leading one, Dimitri leading the other as they engaged Neo-Schnee.

It didn't take too long for Dimitri and Rein to aquire firing solutions, but just as they fired, Neo-Schnees 3 and 4 both did a mid-air reversal and evaded the missiles before firing back. Dimtri and Rein barrel rolled to evade the missiles, but this separated the two of them as their foes went after each of them one on one.

Omega and Aizu, on the other hand, had it even worse. Neo-Schnees 1 and 2 had them boxed in while the Scinfaxi II's AAA fire made their fight a living hell.

Neo-Schnee 2: You're no Razgriz. I don't see why the others seemed so frightened.

Omega: It's because humans by nature fear what they do not understand. I fear nothing.

Neo-Schnee 1: You're contradicting yourself. You said yourself that humans all fear something.

Omega: I never said I was human.

Neo-Schnee 1: I'm fully aware of your origins Omega; I've done my homework. You're no more or less than any of us; and I know what you fear: loss.

Omega: What are you talking about?

Aizu and Omega formed up and began coordinating their efforts and began making passes at them whenever they could. Eventually, Neo-Schnee pulled in behind Omega and fired missiles at him. Omega pulled up, reversed and flew right between the F-14s, Neo-Schnee's missiles right behind him. The Ultra Tomcats broke off to evade their own missiles, but in doing so, Neo-Schnee unwittingly put himself in Aizu's sights.

Neo-Schnee 2: -missile alert- Dammit! Will that alarm cut it out already!? -explosion- I'm hit! Neo-Schnee 2, punching out!

Neo-Schnee 1: What!? There must be some mistake!

Aizu: You know what that mistake was? You were so focused on your target you ignored everything else.

Omega: Splash one Tomcat.

Guardian: Another burst missile!

Wywyrm 1 20:47, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

The fighters all slashed to high altitude, the fight becoming an ever-confusing fur ball. Cannon shells and missiles went in all directions. Suddenly a deafening explosion was heard as the missiles detonated in mid air. A streak of flame and a frantic radio call came over everyones headset. Neo-Schnee Four had made a mistake he dropped below 5000ft. in pursuit of Rein. Reins fighter barely made it out of the explosion.

Neo-Schnee 4: Why? Dammit my own incompetence! -Ejects-

Neo-Schnee 1: Scinfaxi! Friendly fire! Friendly!

Scinfaxi Officer: You are to continue your mission as planned, fire next salvo...

Rein: -Breathing- I can't make it....

As she said that she turned hard right and pulled up to engage Neo-Schnee 3 who was in a turning fight with Dimitri. Dimitri hot on the tail of the F-14, treied to gain a firing soloution. Both planes pulled high-G turns. In Neo-Schnee 3s case it was to break lock, for Dimitri it was to gain a firing solution. Neo-Schnee 3 scrubbed off too much speed and now Dimitri was in range of attack. he heard a high-pitched tone as he gained lock. As he fired Neo-Schnee tried to roll and dive under. It was too late, the ASRAAM slammed into his tail. Shards of Metal and Flame came from the tail of the fighter as it spiraled towards an Island Observatory below.

Neo-Schnee 3: I can't eject! Im going to hit that building! BOSS! -Explosion-

Dimitri: Bandit down! He crashed into that observatory!

Guardian: Two down, All units! Climb to 5000 ft! Sabre 4! Climb!

Dimitri: Climb! You Have to! Move it!!!

Omega: Go, Go, Go!

The fighters all scraped back up to 5000ft, as another salvo of Burst Missiles raced back down from low orbit. Aizu and Omega were in Pursuit of Neo-Schnee 1 and 2 together as they climbed above 5000 ft. Dimitri looked up as he went vertical, he could see the sharp vapor trails of the Warheads as they came back down to earth, he counted six. he knew that was the Scinfaxis typical MIRV missile load. He looked back down and his heart sunk as he saw Rein struggling to climb....

Kitsune 1 21:47, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

(Neo-Schnee 2 went down first, so only Neo-Schnee 1 is left.)

Omega looked back down at Rein below, then at Neo-Schnee, then back at Rein. If Omega went to help Rein, he would leave himself open if Neo-Schnee 1 went on the offensive, but if he went after Neo-Schnee 1, there would be no way Rein could make it. He had told her to keep her airspeed up before in order to prevent a stall, but now it seemed that he would have to intervene.

Guardian: 10 seconds to impact, 8, 7...

Aizu: She's not gonna make it!

Omega: Blast!

Omega broke off his pursuit of Neo-Schnee 1 and began diving towards Rein. Aizu and Dimitri had no idea what Omega was up to, but they both knew he was in trouble.

Guardian: 6, 5...

Omega finally made it down to Rein's level; he had come up with an insane plan, but it was the only option.

Guardian: 4, 3...

Rein: Get out of here Omega...

Omega: I'm not leaving you behind!

At that moment, Omega placed his aircraft right behind Rein's, placed the nose against her aircraft and firewalled the throttle; he was pushing Rein up!

Guardian: 2, Bursting, Now!

As the Burst Missile detonated, Omega just managed to push Rein above 5000 feet, at the cost of taking damage from the shrapnel. Neo-Schnee 1, as predicted, had gfone on the offensive and was right behind Omega, perfect for a missile shot.

Neo-Schnee 1: So long Saber! Fox Two!

Omega: I don't think so!

Omega pulled a cobra maneuver to evade the missile, causing Neo-Schnee to overshoot.

Neo-Schnee 1: No!!!

Omega: Fox Two!

Omega's ASRAAM hit home, Neo-Schnee's F-14G shuddered and fell.

Neo-Schnee: I...I never thought you would be so good...maybe you are the Razgriz... *ejects*

Scinfaxi II Officer: This is impossible! Neo-Schnee's down!

Wywyrm 1 14:40, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

With the squadron destroyed, the team moved on to the Scinfaxi II. Which was now defended by several machine gun and SAM emplacements in addtion to a few fighters and a group of R-701 Triakis Helicopters launched from her picket subs. The choppers were closing the distance and hugged the landscape, bristling with AAMs and a 30mm Cannon. Not to mention the Burst Missile threat that still existed. Sabre team dove down to engage the Scinfaxi II below. As they moved on the Submarine, machine gun fire and Missile warnings went off.

Dimitri: Heads up!!! -Turns hard right-

Rein: Moving to evade!
Aizu: I got lock! I got to evade!

Belkan Marine: -Firing MG-4- Get some! Damn Oseans!

Omega: I got a lock -gunfire hits wing- Firing!
As soon as he did, the anti-ship missile left the rail and its engine fired. Omega pulled up hard and away. An F-35 Super Lightning took off from the Scinfaxi II, only to be cut down by Aizu's Gunfire. Dimitri pulled up and began a dive to gain a lock, as he did the ASM slammed into the side of the submarine; a massive explosion followed by a fire is seen. Dimitri gains lock that very second of impact and fires his ASM. the missile streaks into the top aft section of the Scinfaxi II, despite the efforts of the Marines and CIWS.

Dimitri: Hit! The Scinfaxi II took a hit!

Omega: Don't celebrate just now, its still afloat.

Aizu: Just die already! Got lock!

Scinfaxi II Crew: The Engines wont respond! We cant move! Sir!

Scinfaxi II Officer: They arent demons fire missiles now!

Rein: I got lock!

The two girls fired their anti ship missiles at the same time, this time the missiles streak toward their targets. But were damaged by CIWS weapons. Aizus harmlessly slammed into the Ocean. Reins meanwhile hit the submarine and tore a hole in the side. The two pulled up before a Triakis helicopter could fire on them. Another burst missile launched from the ship Guardian called it out.

Guardian: Scinfaxi lauching burst missiles! Re-entry in Thirty seconds! wait...its headed elsewhere. its trajectory isn't on course for here!

Omega: AWACS talk! where is it headed?

Aizu: Come on AWACS your radar control is critical!

Kitsune 1 18:30, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

(Let me guess, it's either a burst missile aimed at Guardian, or an ICBM aimed for a target not in the air)

At that moment, Omega began crunching numbers in his head, based on the trajectory and time to impact, he came to a mortifying conclusion.

Omega: Damn! Guardian, deploy ECM! It's aimed at you!!!

Guardian: Roger, activating ECM!

It was too late; the missile exploded and vaporized Guardian. The situation was now critical; if Saber couldn't finish the Scinfaxi II in a hurry, they would all be dead. Then Omega had an idea, one that was dangerous, but was almost guaranteed to work.

Dimitri: Dammit! They got the AWACs!

Omega: It's crazy...but justcrazy enough to work...

Dimitri: What?

Omega: ...Everyone listen up! Climb above 5000 feet, now!

Aizu: Why? We can't let them launch another missile!

Omega: I need you to get clear! I'm aiming my last missile for the missile silos!

Dimitri: Are you nuts!? You'd be setting off hundreds of tons of rocket fuel and explosives!

Omega: Just pull up when I tell you to and you'll be fine. Rein, just as a precaution, stay above 5000 feet for now...Ready...3...2...1, Pull up!

Omega fired his last missile and pulled up into a vertical climb. Seconds later, as Saber reached the safety of the clouds, a massive explosion ripped the Scinfaxi II in half. Some of the crew were standing on the deck within moments in an attempt to escape; one of them looked up at that moment and saw the four planes from Saber team silhouetted against the sun, and much to his horror, they resembled a quartet of ravens flying over them, searching for their prey.

Scinfaxi II Officer: We have taken on Razgriz himself...and we have lost...

The two halves of the Scinfaxi II sank beneath the waves and exploded as the reactor was breached, leaving Saber alone in the skies above.

Omega: All planes, return to base...this battle's over...

Wywyrm 1 18:57, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

With the loss of AWACS Guardian, HQ called an Emmerian R-501 to refuel Sabre team and ordered the team back to the Rooivalk for Debreifing. From there they take off from the Rooivalk to Valais Air Base. Sabre Team Waited for their tanker as they left the Razgriz Straits. Neucoms Thunder squadron was escorting the Tanker.

Thunder 1: Gas up and lets get home. The Emmerians and Yukes can handle the wreckage.

Omega: Copy that, everyone prepare for refueling.

Aizu: way ahead of you.

Meanwhile at a GR facility Tauberg, Belka.

A girl about age 17 was tying a pair of combat boots while sweeping her long Blue hair out of her eyes. A pilot apparoached her. It was Keith Bryan, he was escorted by a scientist. The three began to talk.

Scientist: Did you sleep well Jane?

Harpie: Yes. Though the stasis tank was rather wet. Keith sama?

Keith: Yes?

Harpie: Is Cynthia San awake?

Scientist: De-Sumblimation is complete, but she must adjust to her body in stasis.

Harpie: Aww...Well i got Keith to entertain me.

Keith: Well it wont be long, Though it took them a while to extract her mind from the Electroshpere...

Were attacking the Rooivalk when the Fuher gives the order. The Pride of Oseas fleet shall sink!

Kitsune 1 00:42, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Upon returning to Valais about four hours later, Saber was in for a shock. The Base Commander and several MPs were waiting for them by the briefing room, at which point they proceeded to inform them of the attack on Apito; casualties for civilians alone was estimated at over twenty thousand, and what was more? The aircraft were using the Saber IFF signal. Although High Command was certain it wasn't their Saber, they still knew that something was up.

Later, in the Rec Room...

Omega: I can't believe this...they used the Scinfaxi II as a diversion!...I should have known better, I shouldn't have let my guard down!

Aizu: Omega, calm yourself!

Omega: Twenty THOUSAND people are DEAD because we were at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Aizu could understand why Omega would be so upset over such high civilian losses, but at the rate Omega was going, he was going to drive himself to insanity sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Tauberg, Belka...

At Tauberg, Harpie was still trying out parts of her uniform and reading the regulations manual she was provided when she heard a knock on the door.

Harpie: Come in, it's open.

At that moment, the door opened and a tall figure stepped in; he was wearing a full Belkan officer's dress uniform that was well kept and had unfamiliar rank epaulettes on the shoulders. He had pilot's wings on the left side of his jacket, so at least she could assume he was a squadron commander or perhaps even higher.

Harpie: Um...Sir, who are you?

Alpha: I assumed that maybe Keith would have informed you of me, but I see that wasn't the case. I am Arrik Felsen, Uber Luftmarschall of the Stahlerne Luft. If you like you may refer to me as Alpha...

Harpie: So you're the commander in chief!? I expected someone like you to be a bit...

Alpha: Older, I know; it is unwise to allow oneself to be decieved by appearances.

Harpie: I see...I'm Jane, but I prefer to go by Harpie.

Alpha: I know who you are already, and that is why you have become of interest to me.

Harpie: Huh?

Alpha: I will explain everything in time; have patience...

Wywyrm 1 04:25, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 5: The Demon's Dark Reign[]

Mission 12[]

Valais Several days passed in which, surprisingly, nothing happened; apparently this was to allow both sides to retrieve their wounded near some battlefield on the South Belkan border, although snipers on both sides still took potshots at each other when possible. During this time, the Saber Team focused on things other than combat. For Omega, much to the others' surprise, that meant reading, a LOT of reading. It mostly had to do with technological details of Belkan weaponry, but there were other topics that nobody bothered to ask Omega about. Soon enough, however, the Saber Team would be thrust into combat again.

Base Commander: Alright people, listen and listen good. We are nearly ready to begin a counter-attack on the ground aimed at liberating the capital, Directus. However, before we can do that, we need to reduce Belka's ability to oppose us, and that means damaging their war production. Our spies have located a large industrial complex at the old Avalon Dam facility; it has been confirmed that the main products manufactured there are armored vehicles and aircraft along with what we believe could be enriched Uranium for use in nuclear weapons. Your mission is as simple as it gets: blast that industrial complex into oblivion. I must inform you, however, that there is another of the 8th Air Division's fighter squadrons near Avalon, so expect to be attacked as soon as your raid begins. Get in and get out as fast as possible!

Now as Kvant needed their MiG-44 back, another F-15S/MT+ was procurred for Omega as well as Rein since hers was damaged during the attack on the Scinfaxi II. They had and hour before takeoff, but that did nothing to ease their tensions; Omega in particular was determined to make Belka pay for all those civilians killed at Apito.

Wywyrm 1 17:25, October 7, 2010 (UTC)


Three aircraft, all F-16G-2s, and a fourth aircraft, an FA-4X-2, idled on the runway. They had been informed of the likelihood of an enemy strike soon, and so the seven white and gray planes of the elite 'Neo-Silber' Team were fueled, armed and ready to take off at a moment's notice should the enemy be detected.


Harpie had now become fully aquainted with most of her comrades stationed at Tauberg, including the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron; sure, they were all old hands, but they couldn't help but express amusement at her dry wit and occasional wise cracks. Even Alpha would crack a smile now and then, but today, Harpie was being presented with her first aircraft: an FA-51E Kilij straight off the production line; it was still in its factory standard gray paint scheme, something that Harpie no doubt would change sooner or later.

Alpha: Here it is. One brand new FA-51E.

Harpie: *looking Kilij over* this is quite a piece of work...

Alpha: You have to respect the engineers that designed this plane; it was intended as an FA-18V replacement, and in fact, Neo-Grun was supposed to reequip with it before they were shot down. I flew the same aircraft during my advanced flight training prior to the Corporate War three years had best become aquainted with the controls quickly; your first sortie will be tomorrow afternoon.

Harpie: Yes sir! *salutes*

Alpha: As you were...

Wywyrm 1 17:42, October 7, 2010 (UTC)


Another flight of aircraft landed. Three F-14Gs led by an R-103 Delphinus. It was Fiona and Claymore team. They were shoring up the ranks for the attacking force on Avalon. They were to refuel and prepare for sortie with Sabre. The Resistance forces were prepping to attack Solis Ortus with a flight MiG-33s and a FB-111G Super Arrdvarks, the planes waited on the runway readying for their attack. Flying the winged emblem of Ustio proudly. Fiona's R-103 pulled in looking out of place in comparison to the others aircraft.

Fiona: -climbing out- Gas her up will you? and get some AAMs on this thing! I wasted three on some Sukhois!

Maxwell: You sure are brimming with energy.

Victor: Get me a muntions Cart! And gas this weird ass thing up!

Ground Crew: Y...Yes Sir!

Maxwell, Shion, Carsten and Fiona entered the Hangar of Sabre which was the old Galm team hangar. Fiona looked at the fighters Three S/MTDs and one Sukhoi, Dimitri was checking over his Su-37 and humming a Belkan Metal tune to himself. singing occasionally, Omega and Aizu were talking with the commander over the mission and what needed to happen in order for Ustio to be free. Rein for some odd reason was goofing with her hair and sidearm; sitting beside her fighter.

Dimitri: (Humming) All Deine Tranen...Dein Hass..Segen....All Das...OOF!

Shion: Dimitri! -Clung to him- You're Alive! Has Aizu and Omega played nice!?

(Dimitri though suprised knows Shions overbearing nature when it comes to him.)

Rein: We've been fine, This operation will prove difficult. We all must work together to accomplish the Objective. Rapier team was also called for this Op.

Omega: Yes, this will be one of the more difficult we have participated in.

Dimitri: What about a command and control craft? Have we found one to replace Guardian?

Base Commander: Yes we have. His callsign his Eagle Eye, a Resistance AWACS unit. They Operate an E-777 captured from GR.

Kitsune 1 02:21, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment the Rapier Team's pilots entered the hangar; they had definately cleaned up their appearance quite a bit since their last meeting, and by the light spring in their steps, they each seemed rather confident.

Omega: Rapier, what brings you here?

Rapier 1: We've been assigned to the strike force in the air-superiority role, or more specifically, to hunt down Neo-Silber.

Omega: You'll be killed if you do.

Rapier 3: The only reason why we keep getting shot up is that those jackasses in the high command keep sending us on ground attack sorties; we were trained in air superiority operations and nothing else, but we're damned good at what we do.

Rapier 1: This time you'll be able to see our real skill...*turns around*...good luck...Razgriz.

As Rapier walked away, Omega looked at them with a puzzled expression, something Aizu took note of.

Aizu: What is it?

Omega: What? Oh, nothing...

One hour later, Avalon...

Saber, Claymore and Rapier arrived at Avalon and ducked into the canyon to avoid the AA defenses over Avalon as they approached the facility; their primary target for now would be the dam, which provided electrical power to the factory complex itself; if they could destroy it, there would be no way Belka could return the factories to working order. The three squadrons began flying faster and faster, increasing engine power to avoid the ocassional SAM that was thrown their way. Omega was especially tense, but he didn't know why, although he had a strange feeling of impending danger looming ahead. At that moment, the strike forcefinally arrived at the Dam.

Fiona: We made it through!

Rein: So this is Avalon...

Rapier 1: We've arrived. Rapier Team, break off and search for Neo-Silber.

As Rapier broke off, Omega suddenly noticed a lone bogey on radar approaching fast, straight towards him.

Omega: Aizu, take the rest of the team and follow Rapier; there's a Lone Ace I have to deal with.

Aizu: Roger that. Omega...

Omega: What?

Aizu:...Be careful, okay?

Aizu, Dimitri and Rein broke off to follow Rapier as Omega pulled up to a higher altitude when suddenly he felt as if something were coming at him. He jinked hard to the left to evade the red arch of a TLS cannon. He had no doubt in his mind he was up against a Super Falken, but if this pilot was alone, there was no way it could be Alpha; something told Omega that this was somebody else he might know.

Omega: Huh? What was that?

???: Just me...

Omega: What?

???: ...Yo buddy, you still alive?

Omega: What!?

At that moment, Omega looked to his right as the bogey passed him; it was a white ADF-02A-2 with a black underside and the right wing painted red. He knew exactly who this man was.

Omega: Dylan Foulke, am I right?

???: I prefer Pixy if you don't mind...

Omega: Regardless of name, I will not lose to you.

Pixy: We shall see...

Omega and Pixy turned back around towards each other and with another pass, one of the most intense one-on-one dogfights of the War began. (and cue Zero!)

Wywyrm 1 03:06, October 8, 2010 (UTC) (Windhover, I said weeks ago that ANYTHING pertaining to a soundtrack will go on the talk page, not the main thread itself. Repost that on the talk page and keep posts on the main thread relevant)

Wywyrm 1 16:58, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

Not looking back at the dogfight behind them the rest of the flight pressed on and continued with their operation, Aizu ordered the team to desperse and attack the ground targets in and around the dam facilities while Claymore tackled Warehouses and Muntions storage facilities at the far end of the dam. Dimitri noticed the lack of fighter cover, maybe because the Belkans thought Foulke would be enough in his Super Falken to hold them off not to mention Rapier tying up the advance guards. Fiona Intercepted comm chatter from a solider at Avalon, they were calling in air support from a nearby base and those fighters would be there in fifteen minutes. Aizu banked hard left and fired her cannon into a guard tower that took pot shots at her, cannon shells ripped open the tower and sent it down in flames.

Aizu: Tower down! on to the next posistion!

Dimitri: Nice shot Sabre 2, i've destroyed two of the enemy gun towers on my end.

Rein: Claymore 1 just intercepted comms, an enemy fighter unit is on its way!

Aizu: Get Ready! Lets wrap this up, everyone focus fire on the remaining gun towers!

The three planes combined their collective firepower and began to smoke the remaining enemy posts, an AGM slammed into a guard post closest to Rein. Reins fighter streaked overhead as the soliders fled from the collapsing tower. those unlucky enough were crushed under the concrete structure. meanwhile Claymore team returned from attacking the warehouses and bunkers leaving them a flaming ruin. Vehicles, Fuel, and ammo all burned from the JDAM and missile impacts.The flames occasionally interuppted by a massive explosion. Dimitri closed in on a tower, as he did every gun and launcher fired straight at him. he broke hard right and rolled to evade the withering fire. he turned back and took aim, he got lock tone before they could fire again. A Kedge missile left its rail as he pulled up. the missile imapcted and destroyed the tower.

Dimitri: Last gun tower destroyed. Lets move on to the remaining facilities.

Aizu: Follow my lead and stay close, Claymore team requesting cover.

Claymore 2: Roger That, wait I got Five hits on my radar! its that fighter unit!

Aizu: Looks like they're early. All units engage the enemy formation.

Rein: Copy that.

As they climbed to meet the enemy formation head on, a desert camoed F-16R and an Su-27KL led the other five MiG-33 Fulcrums into posistion. The Su-27 pilot went by the callsign Akula while his counterpart in the F-16R went by Schakal 1. The two lone aces were different, one was Estovakian while the other one was a Belkan. They broke formation and commenced their assualt, Schakal going high while Akula went wide right. The MiGs barreled headlong at Sabre. Aizu looked to her Right and broke to engage Akula while Dimitri noticed Schakal going high. Rein followed Dimtri. Claymore team with the exception of Shion (#3) dove low and moved to attack the remaining muntions dumps. Fiona furiously barked at Shion to get back into formation.

Claymore 1: SHION! You're not armed for air to air they'll eat you alive! get low!

Shion: Fiona! I have to help Dimitri!

Claymore 4: Shion! the demons can handle themselves!

Schakal 1: My first victim. Die Aurelian Fox!

Dimtiri: NO!

Sudddenly Schakal 1 fired a canister. A Multi-Warhead missile.The canister bursted open and its contents sped away, a quartet of missiles blazed at her. Suddenly the F-14G was hit one after another, by the time she tried to turn right to evade, the fourth lanced dead center through the plane. Exploding and sending the plane down in two; Dimitri just flew on by Schakal 1 in shock of what he saw. Aizu turned hard left and rolled over, as Akula fired a cannon burst. Aizu did a spilt second search with her augmented eye as she eavded Akulas fire. Subject Search....-INVALID- 010101...

Aizu: Ergh...-cannon fire blazing by, turning- Shes down.

Dimtri: What...Why...-Inaudiable Yell-

Akula: -Female voice- Come we'll see what pilots you are.

The fighters all began to turn into each other, Schakal and Dimitri came headlong. While Aizu and Akula got into a turning fight, meanwhile Foulke and Omega locked in a duel to the death raged on. a furball. An inferno burned over Avalon; While this burned on a group of Silver Eagles prowled the perimeter of Avalon waiting. Kitsune 1 04:59, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

Omega heard his squadmates' shock over Claymore 3's death and was immediately enraged; it was one thing to shoot at him, but killing his comrades was an unforgiveable offense. Omega was now turning as quickly as he could to evade Foulke, who was now using Burst Missiles rather than his TLS. By Omega's own observation, it had been disabled by the damage he had inflicted thus far, which although great seemed not to affect the Super Falken; he was beginning to suspect that this could be the new ADF-02M prototype that had been hinted at in the intelligence reports that had the A-2 model's performance with the A-1 model's protection and overwhelming firepower.

Pixy: I'm sure you know what happens next after this Omega.

Omega: Yeah, you die!

Pixy: No, you don't see the big picture...the new world he has planned out will begin history annew, much as my grandfather wanted to do in 1995.

Omega: Who's this you're referring to?

Pixy: Use your imagination...

Omega pulled up sharply and did a reversal as he fired into the Super Falken, doing severe damage but having no adverse effect on performance. Each of them pulled away from each other and turned back in, made a pass while firing their cannons, then gained distance, reversed and repeated in something resembling a medieval jousting match.

Wywyrm 1 14:39, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Saber and Claymore continued turning with Shackal for some time. Rapier reported in that they were engaged against a formation of General Resource fighters over the factory complex and were winning, which at least let them know they were alright. That didn't change Saber and Claymore's predicament, however.

Dimitri: Come here you sons of b****es!

Shackal 1: Looks like the fox has come out to play. Shackal 2, let's move in and take him out.

Schackal 2: Roger, I'm following.

As for Aizu, her options were running out as Akula moved in for the kill.

Akula: There's a reason why demons only exist in legends: they don't exist, and Razgriz is no different.

Aizu: Razgriz wasn't a demon, he was a hero!

Akula: Razgriz was both, but not at the same time. You, on the other hand, are neither. This is the end for you!

Just as Akula was about to fire, two aircraft flashed in front of her, disrupting her aim and forcing her to turn away to avoid a collision.

Akula: Hey, "Solo-IQ Point" Pixy! Stay out of my line of fire!

Pixy: You're no Kupchenko yourself Akula...c'mon Omega! Come at me head on!

Omega: Shut up already! Aizu, you okay?

Aizu: I took a few hits, but I'm fine; you should be more worried about that Super Falken riding your tail.

Omega: Don't worry, I know how to deal with him.

Omega firewalled the throttle to gain distance and turned back around to find Pixy locked onto him. The lone ace fired two missiles at him from head-on, convinced that it was over. Just before they could impact, Omega put his plan into action, executing an aileron roll that lead to the missiles shooting rigtht past his wings as he fired a few final cannon rounds. The two of them passed and turned into each other one last time when Omega saw smoke coming from the Super Falken's right engine and wing; it was all over.


Pixy flew right at Omega at full speed, intent on ramming him; Omega pulled away slightly as the two flew past each other one last time. Pixy shot past just before ejecting as his Super Falken exploded.

Omega: Splash one Super Falken!

Shackal 2: Unbelievable! Foulke was shot down!

Shackal 1: Not now Shackal 2, I'm trying to focus here!

Fiona: Focus too hard and you'll yourself get killed by the one you don't see...

Fiona fired a missile from directly behind Shackal 1 that went right up the tailpipe and exploded, completely annihlating his aircraft. Shackal 2, realizing she was outgunned, decided to bug out.

Fiona: That better Dimitri?

Dimitri: I would have prefered to have done it myself, but I guess this is okay...burn in Hell, Belkan Jackal!

In the case of Aizu and Akula, Aizu's maneuvering had thuroughly frustrated Akula, and at long last the lone ace exhausted her ammunition.

Akula: F***! I'm out!

Aizu: Maybe Razgriz is a bit more than a legend, isn't it Akula?

Akula: Shut up!

Akula pulled up and tried to escape, but even with the damage it had sustained, Aizu's F-14G could deliver more thrust from its more powerful engines and easily caught up to the Flanker. Aizu got good tone with one of her sidewinders and fired at point blank range. The missile flew up at Akula and slammed right into the wing but although it didn't explode, the impact itself was enough to smash the left wing off of the Su-27.

Akula: Dammit! *ejects*

Aizu: Bandit down.

Eagle Eye: Warning, enemy reinforcements approaching at high-speed, confirmed one F/A-4X and three F-16G-2s. Something's wrong...stay alert!

As Saber and the remnants of Claymore formed back up, Rapier called in to confirm the report.

Rapier 1: This is Rapier 1. Neo-Silber is approaching you're position, but we're tangled up with an entire General Resource Fighter Wing over here. You'll have to take them on yourselves.

Wywyrm 1 17:14, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

Schenze: CRAC Schmerzmittel, this is Schenze. Direct orders from the Obersterführer: "Prepare to ascend to into the mesosphere on the next operation.".

Schmerzmittel: This is CRAC Schmerzmittel. Yes sir.

The airborne carrier remained in a holding pattern in the upper stratosphere, where just above the stratopause, a shield of sheer cold offered ample cover against any potential attackers.

Cmdr Lightning 18:53, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

Neo-Silber began approaching the enemy when the flight lead overheard the transmission.

Neo-Silber 1: Schmerzmittel, this is Neo-Silber 1, do you read me?

Schmerzmittel: Loud and clear. What is it?

Neo-Silber 1: If you don't mind I'd like this to be a clean fight for now. If we get into trouble, I'll let you know.

Schmerzmittel: ...I think we can arrange for that. I wish you the best of luck.

Neo-Silber 1: Thanks...c'mon boys, let's take them down!

Nep-Silber 2-4: You got it Boss!

Wywyrm 1 18:58, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

With the approach of Neo-Silber, Sabre got back into formation. Omega and Aizu took the lead while Rein and Dimitri hung back, Omega watched his radar and watched as the signatures dropped altitude and kept its heading head long at Sabre team. Dimitri still shook up was emotional; He had knew Shion. Before she was a pilot, just when she was a girl. He armed his Hydra missiles and checked remaing ASRAAM count, he was still good on ammo. Aizu ordered all units to lock long range missiles and prepare for BVR engagement. Everyone acknowleged and prepped to fire.

Dimitri: This is Kitsune, I'm ready to fire. I couldn't do anything to stop that Jackal...

Omega: Snap out of it! Dimitri, clear your mind and focus. We can do this.

Rein: We will conquer, greiving is for the ground.

Dimitri: Roger.

As soon he said roger the four planes of Sabre and Neo-Silber opened fire on one another, long range AAMs streaked both ways as the fighters closed the distance and evaded. Sabres XLAAs and Silbers SAAM/XMAAs slid past one another harmlessly just to explode hundreds of feet away from their intended targets. Dimitri went high with Rein, Omega flanked left, and Aizu went Right. the fighters turned in on their prey, Silber 1 rolled and dove away. The #2 plane came at Omega and merged with him, Rein and Dimitri dived into and opened up on the #3 plane that they seperated from their leader. they fired their cannon, damaging the left wing of Neo-Silber 3. Aizu gave chase to the #4 who tried to turn in on her F-15.

Neo-Silber 3: Im hit! I'm trailing smoke! still airworthy. moving to engage enemy fighter.

Neo-Silber 1: Just remain calm, remember everyhting i taught you, stories are just that. Stories Razgriz

The battlefeild is not black magic it is strategy and tatics.

Neo-Silber 2: Im hit! that F-15! Im punching out!

Omega had gotten on the tail of the Lance Falcon he flanked, after the two pulled a spilt-S together somehow Omega manged to get a quick missile lock before it Banked right and took the Lance Falcon, Its tail shredded off trailing fire. Dimitri who was now on Neo-Silber 3 got within gun range, Dimitri cleared his mind and began to fight. No matter how hard his emotions stabbed at him he stayed focused on the fight. Rein followed and watched as the two fighters twisted and turned with one another, guns blazing.

Dimitri: Krovʹ za krovʹ, Kitsune Fox 2!

Neo-Silber 3: Ah! -rolls and pulls a spilt-S- That plane with the fox girl! Damn him!

The missile harmlessy sped past, but Dimitri continued pursuit. Rein moving out to flank him and force him to turn right as Dimtri Turned left into him. Omega was now in Pursuit of the F/A-4 of Neo-Silber 1 and was gaining lock on the Old mans Phantom. Aizu meanwhile contiued her relentless assault on Neo-Silber 4.

Kitsune 1 16:34, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Schmerzmittel: This is CRAC Schmerzmittel. We request to hold off the attack until the dogfighting is over. Neo-Silber wants us to wait in a holding pattern a little longer.

Scharfefaust, on the other hand, was not impressed, as he saw Saber tailing Neo-Silber.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Proceed as instructed...

Schmerzmittel: Jawohl, mein Obersterführer. Neo-Silber, this is Schmerzmittel. You have eight minutes to finish Saber off, no more, no less. If you get gunned down or run out of time, we will proceed to carry out the plan.

Cmdr Lightning 02:32, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Just as Neo-Silber was about to respond, several explosions and a blood-curdling scream were heard on Schmerzmittel's end as Saber gunned them down; it now became apparent that Saber needed to be brought down now. Their one trump card, for the time being, had been waiting near Tauberg; a massive mobile railgun codenamed "Annihilator".

Schmerzmittel: Neo-Silber is down.

Annihilator: This is the Annihihlator, roger that. Preparing to fire Nimbus Burst Warheads.

Annihilator Gunner: Voltage increasing past 80%...90%...100%! Sir, we are ready to fire!

Annihilator: FIRE!!!

A massive 1500mm round shot from the railgun, straight for Avalon. However, their aim was somewhat off due to a glitch in the targeting computer, and so ended up hitting Rapier's position, giving Saber a warning.

Dimitri: That light! What was that!?

Omega: Not a clue, but it looks like that's where Rapier was. Rapier, come in! Rapier!

  • static*

Omega: ...Damn...listen up everyone, those were Nimbus warheads. Fly below 1000 feet and you should be fine; now let's get out of here!

Aizu: Roger!

Rein: Wilco!

The remaining allied aircraft dove back into the canyon just as the next several rounds hit, staing los until they escaped the weapon's effective range.

Rapier, meanwhile, had managed to bail out, and half an hour later they were before Alpha at Tauberg, his young protege (Harpie) standing by his side.

Alpha: Alright, did you accomplish the primary objectives?

Neo-Grabacr 1: Jawohl herr Uberluftmarschall. We have gained as much useful information on the Neo-UN's forces as possible...and we obtained what you asked for personally.

Neo-Grabacr 1 pulled a trio of vials out of his right breast pocket of his flight suit and placed them before Alpha; they seemed empty at first, but upon closer inspection, a single hair was in each one. Alpha smirked and nodded in response.

Alpha: This is not to go on records of any sort, nor are you to even hint at this; Sharfefaust cannot suspect for even a moment what my plans are. Dismissed!

As Neo-Grabacr gave a salute and left, Alpha sat down at a desk and examined the vials; the plan he was referring to, of course, was high treason, but he didn't have to worry about being monitered. He had personally removed all observation systems in his offices and quarters, and the BSK troopers based both at Tauberg and his home city of Sudentor were completely loyal to Alpha and were fully aware of their treasonous decision as well, although none of their comrades, or anyone else, even had a clue; furthermore, the Annihilator would serve to deter any effort to kill him with its overwhelming firepower and armor. Even the Gewalt would have a hard time attacking it due to the orbital range of its air and space defense weaponry, and if all else failed, he could call upon the Darkbirds if necessary, which ultimately would be impossible for the Gewalt to match due to their combined firepower. As he sat their brooding over his plans, Harpie noticed how tense he was.

Harpie: Alpha...

Alpha: Yes?

Harpie: Out of curiosity, what's in the vials?

Alpha:...genetic samples...the ones that will create our new 'friends'. You understand?

Harpie: *grins* Yes, I do.

Back at Valais, Saber and Claymore staggered out of their planes and went about their business. Dimitri went to his room and brooded over Shion's loss, while Rein did her best to comfort him. Aizu went to the rec room to read in peace but was surprised not to find Omega there; Omega had gone to the showers, given he hadn't had one in over a week as of yet, and he took advantage of this time to think things over, but for once, his thoughts were not on the war, but what he might do after the war.

Omega: I was born for battle...a born soldier of unmatched ability...but can I ever be more than a living weapon? Could I perhaps be more or less...normal?...Maybe and maybe not...I guess it would all depend on what the others will do after the war ends...Dimitri might become an artist, and Rein might do the same, perhaps with him, and Aizu...

Omega stopped himself upon thinking of his number two; he had no clue what she would do when this was all over, but at that moment he realized that her decision would determine his fate following the conflict. Only now did he realize that he had been hoping for something more, something that he had told himself time and again to avoid at all costs. Attachment could prove to be his demise...but it could also be his greatest strength.

Wywyrm 1 03:44, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, in Dinsmark, Schenze was called in for an urgent situation. Scharfefaust waited impatiently for the others to arrive.

Schenze: You wished to see me, sir?

Galaan Scharfefaust: You know why I brought you here. The Annihilator's impact points weren't even close to hitting Saber.

Schenze: But Obersterführer, we didn't tamper with any of the controls. Someone just swerved its crosshairs to fire on Neo-Grabacr Wing.

Galaan Scharfefaust: No one has access to the Annihilator's controls apart from you, me, and Alpha. Tell the Uber Luftmarschall that I wish to see him at once. No exceptions.

Schenze: Yes sir.

Schenze picked up the phone.

(Lightning, remember what I told you about your signature?)

The phone rang in Alpha's office, and as Alpha checked the caller ID, he wasn't the least surprised that it was the Oberstfuhrer himself, who was probably just as flustered as he was on the Annihilator's inaccuracy.

Alpha: I wonder who that might be? (sarcasm)

Several seconds later, Alpha answered.

Alpha: Yes mein Fuhrer?

Scharfefaust: I was hoping you could explain to me why the Annihilator's shots missed Saber at Avalon.

Alpha: The technical advisors warned both of us that the targeting computer, though advanced, is still experimental and is prone to errors for the moment; there was a glitch just prior to firing, and I can assure you it is being recitified immediately.

Scharfefaust: A glitch? I doubt that.

Alpha: I did my own troubleshooting to double-check the accuracy of the technician's report and the result was the same; I am currently having several people the Darkness of Enigma Team hard at work as we speak to correct any programming errors...and of course I threw in some of my own...persuasion.

Scharfefaust: I need that weapon's targeting computer back on line as soon as possible; we need to go back on the offensive!

Alpha: The magnetic anomalies in and around Airspace B7R will prevent us from attacking targets in Ustio with any degree of accuracy, however we could in theory turn it against the Osean fleet near Anfang when they make their landing in a week.

Scharfefaust: ...That will suffice...and when will the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron be ready to fly again?

Alpha: The seven reserve pilots have been transfered to Paladin Squadron to defend the Annihilator, but I am currently training three new pilots for the squadron, and I am certain you won't be disappointed. Alpha, signing off.

As Alpha hung up the phone, he turned towards Harpie and leaned back in his chair.

Alpha: Let that be a lesson for you; always think one step ahead of whomever you're trying to decieve and be prepared to answer any questions they might ask.

Harpie: I'll be sure to remember that.

Wywyrm 1 22:01, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Scharfefaust put the phone down, and pounded the desk.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Let's hope they handle it, or else.

He loaded his pistol.

Galaan Scharfefaust: I will have Strangereal in my grip, through and through...

Cmdr Lightning 22:14, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 13.1 (Alpha's Coup D'etat)[]

Six days later, Saber and Claymore had been given much-needed breaks from combat to recover from Shion's loss and the fatigue from constant missions, but now it was time to get serious. The Neo-UN was going to attempt to land troops at Anfang in twenty-four hours, and the two of them were to fly back to the Rooivalk in preparation for their mission; the stakes would be high during the landing, and it could depend on Saber to ensure their success. The main thing on all of their minds, however, were the loss of Rapier to the Nimbus burst warheads; none of them were sure what had fired it, but they knew that if any more were launched at the invasion fleet, they were in trouble.

Wywyrm 1 23:38, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

After what seemed like an eternity (it was only a few hours really) of waiting for the call to the briefing room, Saber and Claymore were finally called back for their briefing.

Base Commander: *clears throat* Alright, this is it, the big push. In exactly twenty-four hours, you will be supporting the largest amphibious landing in history over the Anfang coast, codenamed Operation Maverick; Over 400,000 Neo-UN troops will be involved, so you have your work cut out for you, especially since the fighting strength of your fighter group was reduced by a third with the loss of Rapier, not to mention Claymore 3...but let this be your chance for revenge. If the landing goes off successfully, we can end the war within months, if not...well, then we'll probably have to fight it out for at least another eighteen months by the high command's estimates. There will be six landing areas to cover: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot; once the troops and armor have landed, you are to support their advance towards the enemy coastal defense batteries and forts. The success of the operation may well rest in your hands. Dismissed!

As the two squadrons left the building, Aizu noticed that Omega seemed somewhat distracted, but by what?

Aizu: What is it?

Omega: ...Nothing...It's just that something isn't right about this, but I'm not sure what...its as if we're being tricked into doing something other than what we think.

Aizu: Like what happened in 2010?

Omega: My thoughts exactly.

Aizu: Well...we can't know for sure, but we have to focus on the mission at hand.

Omega: Right...make your preparations to leave. We're taking off at 0300 hours.

As Omega walked out of the building towards the hangar to talk with his crew chief, he noticed something different about the runway: there were four Su-37s, painted in a gray camoflage scheme with yellow detail work on the uppoer fuselage while the underside was entirely goldenrod; there wereUPEO roundels on the wings and the symbol of a hawk over a shield on the tail. He had never seen planes like that before, but since there were four people in flight suits standing next to them, he assumed they were the pilots of those planes. He walked over in their direction to find out the purpose of them being here.

Omega: Which one of you is the flight lead?

???: That would be me.

A young woman in her early twenties had answered him, and despite her delicate appearance, Omega could tell that falling for that facade would be the last thing anyone would ever do.

Omega: And you are?

???: Captain Elita Bernitz of the UPEO SARF. Executive Officer of the 156th Tactical Fighter Squadron, callsign "Aquila"...but most refer to us as the "Yellow" Squadron.

Omega nodded in response; he had heard of the 156th's actions as part of the Federal Erusian Air Force throughout the years, but it had never occured to him that the UPEO would revive them.

Yellow 1: And you are?

Omega: ...Captain Arrik Felsen of the Osean Air Defense Force. I'm the squadron commander for the Neo-UN's "Saber" Squadron; you are to refer to me as either "Omega" or "Saber 1", understood?

At this, the UPEO Captain smirked slightly, catching Omega slightly off-guard.

Yellow 1: So you're the Demons we've heard about...well, we'll just have to see how good you really are tommorow morning. We're also here to provide support for the landing. Farewell.

With that, she gave Omega a wink, turned around and lead her squadron away to make preparations for the mission. As the Yellow Squadron turned and left, Omega stood there thinking to himself.

Omega: I'll have to be careful with her; she's up to something...

(For those of you who don't know, Elita Bernitz should have been the giveaway; Aquila is in reality the Belkan 4th TJS, callsign "Neo-Gelb". Also, the reason why she seems to be hitting on Omega is that she hopes to make Aizu jealous and therefore drive a wedge between the two of them, disrupting the squadron's operations in the process; however, Omega has no interest in Elita other than being suspicious of her intentions, and rightfully so.)

Wywyrm 1 19:09, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Neo-Grabacr returned to Dinsmark in a convoy truck, meeting up with the Belstapo.

Belstapo Officer 20: Ah, the wingmen of the 937th Geschwader. Neo-Grabacr. Welcome back. Your squad leader has been waiting to hear from you.

Neo-Grabacr 1/Nightmare 1: We got tied up on loose ends during that last firestorm. We're heading to see him right now.

Belstapo Officer 20: Very good.

The pilots walked into the Chancellery's main halls, and went down to the underground HQ, where Scharfefaust waited for them.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Welcome back, Neo-Grabacr Wing. I trust you had no trouble getting back here?

Nightmare 1: Of course not. We ran into no trouble at all. We just had to use a truck, because there were no aircraft we could find.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Well then, I commend you for finding out the new information that the Osean pigs had in their files.

Nightmare 1: Yes. We found information on their new fighter designs that they may plan to use against us, and new naval vessels as well. No new ground vehicles or tanks, though. But that's not all we found out. On our way back here, we discovered something else......

Scharfefaust was shocked to hear the next set of information that was told to him. Being part of the 937th Squadron, when it came to matters like those, Neo-Grabacr knew no loyalties, except to Scharfefaust himself.

Galaan Scharfefaust: ...So, that's what's going on. Well, I have a little surprise for him in space.

He pressed a switch, and sent several SSTOs into space.

Darkbird 2 (StürmenArmee Engineer): This is Darkbird 2, callsign Imperious. One of our engines has gone out.

SSTO Company Officer 2 (StürmenArmee Officer): We hear you, Imperious. We're heading in to make repairs.

The first SSTO docked with the Imperious. When the hatch opened, a group disguised as an engineer with StürmenArmee escorts walked out. The rest of the SSTOs did the same process with the other Darkbirds in the space fleet.

Darkbird 2 Captain: Good to see you. One of our engines just suddenly went out.

SSTO Company Officer 2: Don't worry. We'll take care of it.

A message came up on his "repair kit". The message said: "Initiate Direct Code Order 3A95E". The StürmenArmee Officer gave a hand signal to his squad and the engineer. They suddenly raised their weapons and stormed the Imperious, killing all personnel stationed aboard the ship. The same thing happened aboard the other ships.

Nightmare 1: It was easy to find out what he was doing. We won't let that traitorous Uber Luftmarschall get away with it.

Galaan Scharfefaust: You have done well. Schenze, we shall prepare for our next operation after this, and this time, we'll crush all before us... It won't be long until at last, Strangereal is in our grasp...

Schenze: It will be done, Obersterführer...

Cmdr Lightning 20:49, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

Back in Tauberg, Alpha, who was at this time in his office signing a document in his office recieved a Red Alert on an encrypted channel, codenamed "3A95E". Harpie, who was with him at the moment, noticed him tense up as if he had frozen solid; not a good sign. Suddenly, he leapt up and slashed his desk clean in half with his katana.

Alpha: How did he find out!? Neo-Grabacr was supposed to be on MY side!

Harpie: What happened!?

Alpha: Scharfefaust has discovered our plans; a bit earlier than I expected, but I'm still one step ahead of him. I have over ninety percent of the military under my control thanks to my "Replacement" Officers...

Alpha pressed a button on the wall behind him, and five minutes later several of his personal guard entered the office.

Alpha: Major Weiss, send a message to General Esiner on the Anfang coast. He is to let the allies land, then draw them towards Dinsmark but away from Tauberg.

Weiss: Jawohl mein Fuhrer!

The troopers saluted and left as Alpha pressed another button and gave a broadcasted message to several military commanders throughout the Waldreich.

The time has come to take action at last! Execute Operation Tempest!!!

At that moment, his Coup began with amazing speed and brutality in many locations.


General Falter, a Whermacht officer, was overseeing a live-fire training excersise when his cell phone rang. He answered only to hear Alpha's order of execution/

Falter: It will be done mein Fuhrer...

He ordered his troops to stop and to turn their attention to a nearby base that was certainly not under Alpha's influence for certain.


The entire city was in chaos; the BSK had suddenly turned on their leaders and opened fire on their comrades who remained loyal to Scharfefaust. Others were storming government buildings, the ones not blasted to the ground by the BSK tanks at least. The few air units loyal to Scharfefaust tried to bomb them, but the laser fire from another Darkbird, the Warhammer, completely obliderated them as they took off. It didn't take a genius to know that Scharfefaust's only option was to flee.

Of course, that would be a slight bit more difficult than one would think, as the Gewalt had been damaged by Sabotuers and could not take off due to structural damage. However, one Darkbird, the Dragoon, was still in a hangar, not yet launched due to the inavailability of a qualified crew; this would be Sharfefaust's only hope of escape.


Back in Oured, the frenzied radio communications between the Belkans were decrypted and translated, but nobody could make any sense of it all...until one of them made an important discovery.

Operator: What the...they're fighting amongst themselves! A Civil War has begun!

Wywyrm 1 21:24, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

The Grey Men, the StürmenArmee, and Nightmare managed to get inside the Dragoon, Scharfefaust at the bridge. The Dragoon took off, with the Gewalt carried right under the hull.

Galaan Scharfefaust: How could this have happened?! We were just about to get revenge on Osea! All he wanted was power!!!

The Dragoon climbed steadily through the troposphere, then the stratosphere, then the mesosphere, then the thermosphere, then the heterosphere, then reached the ionosphere.

Schenze: Now entering the ionosphere. Repairs on the Gewalt are nearly complete. 93%. Keep going!

Grey Men Soldier 2: Yes sir!

Within several minutes, repairs were complete.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Urgh... We were this close to taking Strangereal!!!

He climbed into the Gewalt, and flew alongside the Dragoon.

Galaan Scharfefaust: You may have won this time, Arrik... ...but... ...I shall return... ...and you'll soon know that the true Belka will destroy you...

The Gewalt and Dragoon flew far from orbit, into the depths of space, to bide their time to plot the future of Strangereal.

Cmdr Lightning 21:42, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 13.2 (The REAL mission)[]

Back in Tauberg, a very tense Alpha Felsen awaited a report on the results of his Coup; even with most of the military under his control, he knew there was still the chance of failure. Harpie was also nervous, but she was also excited knowing what would follow if it was a success. At that moment, Major Weiss stepped in to the room.

Alpha: Well?

Major Weiss paused for a bit then grinned smugly.

Weiss: The Waldreich is ours.

Alpha could barely contain his excitement, for now he knew that very few could stand in his way; this was cause for a celebration as soon as the War was over.

Alpha: We've done it...thank you for your support...Generalfeldmarschall Weiss.

Weiss: Y-You're promoting me to Field Marshal! Mein Fuhrer, I am honored!

Alpha: Glad to hear it; you are now the General Field Marshal of the Wehrmacht, and I have just sent a message to Brigadier General Householder that he is now Uberluftmarschall of the Stahlerne Luft, but the Special Air Division is to remain under my direct Weiss, I don't want you to stop the Oseans at Anfang, but stall them so we can attack with the Annihilator.

Weiss: Jawohl mein Fuhrer!

Back at Valais

As Saber Team walked into the mess hall to grab a quick bite before turning in for the night, the air was buzzing with activity. Several people, including the Yellow Squadron, were all sitting at a table discussing something that obviously had them very excited.

Dimitri: What happened here? Did Sharfefaust die of a heart attack or something?

Halo 1: Close enough; Scharfefaust has been removed from power, that's the good news. The bad news is that now we have to deal with that Felsen lunatic instead.

Omega: Did you say 'Felsen'!?

Halo 1: Yeah, why?

Omega: ...This just became much more complicated...

Later at 0300

Saber Team, now fully equipped with F-15S/MT+'s to simplify maintainance, lifted off the runway and began flying en route to Anfang, followed by Claymore, Kvant and Yellow to prepare for the invasion.

(Alright, now the REAL mission begins)

Wywyrm 1 01:45, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

At Stier Castle, a strange event occurred.

Galaan Scharfefaust: And now...

When Scharfefaust pressed the switch on the Gewalt's cockpit dashboard, the aerial drones stored inside the castle swarmed out and took to the skies. They were on no mission, except to fly to a hidden station from his secret project. They rocketed through the atmosphere, and into space, until they reached the station, where a covert reconnaissance airborne carrier was dropped off by the Dragoon.

Nightmare 8: This is very promising.

Schmerzmittel: Archives in the castle have been erased.

Schenze: Very good.

Galaan Scharfefaust: It'll take more than a power-hungry traitor to ruin my plans. Perhaps within months, or even weeks, we'll take back our nation!

The Rald soldiers and officers saluted Scharfefaust and Schenze. And later, a streamlined Darkbird was being assembled on the far side of the station alongside the Dragoon.

Cmdr Lightning 20:19, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

At this moment, three Darkbirds, Warhammer, Dinsmark and Kronprinz Erich were observing the allied movements carefully.

Warhammer: This is Warhammer; the enemy's on the move

Dinsmark: This is Dinsmark, remember our orders; do NOT engage.

Kronprinz Erich: The Allied attack on Anfang will begin in one hour; let the Annihilator take care of them.

1 hour later...

At long last, Saber, Claymore and Yellow arrived at Anfang just as the landing aircraft approached the beaches; the Belkans had already opened fire with guns of every caliber, from light machine guns to the 15-inch coastal defense batteries, on the fleet and landing craft. It soon became clear that the batteries would need to be silenced with a combination of air strikes and naval bombardment from the three battleships in the Neo-UN fleet.

Omega: This is it...everyone stay alert.

Bravo Team: This is Bravo Team, we've landed! Deploying now!

Dimitri: Hit that beach and start running! There's no time to kiss the ground!

Rein: To Hell with this war...

Yellow 1: This is Yellow 1, enemy helos imbound on the beachhead; moving to intercept!

Yellow Squadron broke away in perfect unison and began an attack run on a mixed formation of Comanche IIs, Super Apaches and Triakis attack choppers then were immediately sprung upon by Belkan fighters.

Omega: This is Saber 1, let's move in to protect Aquila.

Aizu: Roger.

Fiona: Hold it! This is Claymore 1, bogeys inbound from 6 O'Clock high!

At that moment, tracers engulfed Saber, followed soon by a quartet of F-22Cs; the snake emblem on the tail immediately sent a warning to the allies.

Grabacr 1: This is Grabacr 1. All units, commence battle.

Grabacrs 2-4: Roger that!

Omega: It's Grabacr! Omega engaging!

Aizu: Mistral engaging.

Dimitri: Kitsune, engaging!

Rein: Shuriken engaging.

Fiona: Claymore Team, Saber can handle Grabacr, let's assist the Yellows!

Claymores 2 and 3 (Claymore 3 was Claymore 4 before Shion died): Roger!

Wywyrm 1 21:03, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

(The Ralds are nowhere near the planet. They left orbit after the coup. Remember?) Cmdr Lightning 21:33, October 15, 2010 (UTC)


Wywyrm 1 23:40, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

As the Grabacr group began to engage Sabre team, the ground war was heating up. It felt like every gun in Belka decided to open fire on the allied forces. Alpha Team managed to make to the seawall with light losses and were now locked in a firefight with the Belkans. Bravo was chugging along and several of their vehicles were stuck, engineers were unable to reach the vehicles due to heavy machine guns. Claymore commenced a strafing run on the bunkers while yellow tied up the helicopters. Tracers and a pair of JDAMS lit a bunker up as the fighters pulled away. The engineers got a break and made a run for it, the immobilized tanks provided covering fire. A Triakis flat spinned trailing fire after Yellow 3 shot its tail off.

Fiona: Alright! Thats what i want to see! -looking at the flaming bunkers-

Alpha: Alirght, we got this all units covering fire! -weapons fire-

Engineer: Alright! Get this tank moving!

Yellow 1: Another chopper shot down! Apache is burning!

Belkan Solider: Dammit! their tanks are moving again! engage them with the Panzerfausts!

Meanwhile Grabacr and Sabre engaged one another, tracers and missiles streaked past one another. Explosions bursted as the AAMs could not connect. Omega was hot on the tail of Grabacr 2 After a 30 second turning fight Omega Managed to gain lock and fired his AAM; The missile streaked into the tail of the Raptor and exploded. The fighter spiraled out of control and fell. Dimitri was being fired upon by Grabacr 4 who had managed to get on his tail. Dimitri leveled out and pulled hard on the stick, his fighter rolled back and he pulled a Kublit. Grabacr 4 in shock looked up. Dimitri waved and with that he was on his tail.

Grabacr 4: God Damn Him! The Fox thinks he can play tricks!?

Rein: I got him!

Dimitri: Locked on!

Rein fired from above diving, while Dimitri fired on his six. the missiles raced to the target at mach 3. A missile lanced straight through 4s wing and exploded. Dimitris slammed into his veritcal stabilizer. the fighter burned and spun out of control. Dimitri broke hard while Rein went on by. Aizu now was on Grabacr 1 chasing him through a torrent of AAA fire, the deadly cat and mouse chase became more and more tense as they dropped to treetop level. undoubedly someone had to give, Aizu determined braved the fire and pushed on through. Omega lifted into the Vertical as he was pursued by Grabacr 3, the fighter fired a chain of tracers at him. Omega began to tailslide the fighter as he turned, the shells going on by. Though Omega scrubbed off a lot of speed with this maneuver he knew for a fact he had #3 right were he wanted him.

Omega: You really underestimate me don't you?

Grabacr 3: Quiet Osean! I got tone! Shove it you doppelganger! (Referring to Omega as Alphas Doppelganger)

Omega: You must have a better insult than that.

As the missile closed, Omega began to turn left hard. As he turned he leveled quickly and pulled a spilt-S. The missile streaked on by despite Omega dropping to 2000ft. Grabacr 3 cursing heavily. Aizu meanwhile landed some cannon hits on the #1 fighter as she was closing in for the kill. As Aizu lined herself up, the F-22 suddenly pulled a Cobra and began to slide in a stall. Aizu began to slow down and tried not to overshoot but she did. The F-22 suddenly went full throttle and began to line up on Aizu.

Kitsune 1 00:15, October 18, 2010 (UTC)

Windhover Leader: I have seen enough death and destruction... I am defecting to the neutral nation of Emmeria. Windhover Squadron, are you with me on this?

Windhover 2: Yeah, sounds like a fun gig.

Windhover 9: Exactly what I'm looking for.

Windhover 10: Same here..

Windhover-1 06:41, October 18, 2010 (UTC)

Grabacr 1 got tone on Aizu, and as far as Omega knew, he had to move fast to stop Grabacr 1.

Grabacr 1: I have a lock! Fox Two!

Omega: Oh no you don't!

As Aizu jinked hard to evade the missile, Omega crossed behind her flight path and caused the missile to latch onto him. The missile closed in despite Omega's maneuvers until finally it impacted his left wing root. It was a glancing blow, but a blow nonetheless.

Aizu: Omega, you've been hit!

Omega: Hey, save the waterworks! Planes are expendable; its the pilots you can't replace...

Wywyrm 1 14:41, October 18, 2010 (UTC)

At that moment, the enemy had also taken note of the damage to Omega's plane; he was slowing down, his left engine and wingroot trailing thick smoke behind him.

Grabacr 2: Hey! Their flight lead's trailing smoke!

Grabacr 1: This is the moment we've been waiting for! Let's go!

As Grabacr dove in for the kill, Omega knew his luck had finally run out, and he resigned himself to what he had to do.

Omega: Aizu, listen. I'm gonna bail out, then I'll join the fight with the infantry on the ground, got it?

Aizu: What!?

Dimitri: You'll get killed down there! That place is a meat grinder!

Rein: Don't do it!

Omega: I have no other choice; my fuel tanks are on fire, I've lost engine 1 and engine 2 will give out any second. Aizu, you're in charge of the squadron for now. Omega punching out!

Several seconds later, nothing. The circuit to blow the canopy had shorted out. Grabacr 1 pulled in front and flew straight at Omega's doomed plane to finish him off.

Omega: Dammit...this complicates things, must I do all the work around here?

Several seconds after that, something flashed around the cockpit just before the COFFIN system fell away in several pieces. Omega had slashed it away using a combination of his katana and his own augmented strength. He stood on top of the foreward fuselage as the enemy careened towards him.

Grabacr 2: What the...he's gone insane!

Grabacr 1: No, he's up to something, but what?

Just as Grabacr fired and passed over head, Omega leapt up and brought his katana in a slashing movement over his head before he fell away from his aircraft and opened his parachute. Seconds later, Grabacr 1's wing sheered clean off from Omega's unorthidox attack.

Grabacr 1: F***! I'm bailing out!

Grabacr 2: Copy that. All remaining air units, form up on me; I am assuming command.

Meanwhile, below, Omega ran out of the surf and onto the beach, straight for the enemy positions with his katana out and his mini-Uzi firing a lethal torrent ahead of him; he wasn't out of the fight just yet.

Wywyrm 1 19:27, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

The Rald Belkan head staff watched the situation from the station's satellite monitor.

Schenze: Saber 1 is finally downed.

Galaan Scharfefaust: I knew he wasn't as sharp as he appeared to be. The so-called "mighty" Razgriz descendants turn out to be only human after all. And now, everybody knows that they can be defeated, just as they were during the last encounter.

Schenze: And two enemies were downed, one from both sides, for the price of one. Plus, we recovered the Darkbird, the first ever built.

Galaan Scharfefaust: It shall be the flagship of our space fleet, then. As soon as the Annihilator is destroyed from all of the fighting, then it will be our time to strike. Strangereal will soon be ours for the taking, and Belka will rise again.........

The Darkbird docked at the station near the Dragoon, where another Darkbird-class ship was already finished being constructed.

Grey Men Darkbird Pilot: Docking process complete. Schmerzmittel, the Darkbird is back in our hands.

Schmerzmittel: This is CRAC Schmerzmittel. Excellent work.

Cmdr Lightning 23:46, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

Then at that moment, an intelligence officer entered the room; by his own appearance, he looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Schenze: What is it Major?

Intelligence Officer: Obersterführer, Alpha's forces have nearly completed the Leviathan. They're going to take it on its maiden flight any day now!

Schenze: That's bad news...the Leviathan has more firepower than all of the Darkbirds and the Annihlator combined.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Well it looks like we'll have to wait and see what happens. Chances are the Leviathan could experience difficulties, at which point it won't be ready before the end of the year... ...but don't let your guard down. Our main objective is to have the entire world under my grip.

Schenze: Understood, Obersterführer!

Back on Strangereal...

On the ground, Omega had made it to the front lines, much to the surprise of the men there.

Omega: Lieutenant, give me a sitrep.

Aurelian Lieutenant: Captain Felsen, good news and bad news. The good news is that your plane crashed into an enemy pillbox and disabled it; the bad news is that the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of our division has been killed by a sniper; our forces are in disarray!

Omega: ...Let's see what I can do about that. Tell all units to follow me in; we're going to bust through their center.

Aurelian Lieutenant: What!? That's nuts!

Omega: Just do it!

Aurelian Lieutenant: ...Yes Sir. All units, follow Captain Felsen!

Omega: On my command...CHARGE!!!

Omega ran towards the Belkan positions, allied infantry and tanks behind him as his comrades began attacking from the air.

Back in the air, Saber and Yellow were fighting to provide top cover while Naval fighters took over the air superiority role. As for them, they were rather comfortable compared to the troops on the ground, except for Aizu; she was worried. Omega could easily hold his own on the ground, she knew that, but against an entire army?

Aizu: Omega, can you hear me?

Omega: Don't worry about me, I'll be okay. As soon as the fighting winds down a bit I'm gonna steal a Belkan fighter and I'll fly out to the Rooivalk.

Aizu: Be careful Omega...

Yellow 1: *snicker* Do I sense chemistry between you and your flight lead?

Aizu: I...I-I don't know what you're talking about.

Yellow 1: Yeah you do. Just remember that Omega is not natural; he is a living weapon, nothing more.

Aizu: He's a lot more than that!

Dimitri: I've been in my share of dogfights so far; this would be the first time I've been caught in a catfight...

Rein: Now isn't the time for joking around Kitsune!

Yellow 2: Yellow 1, focus! You nearly got jumped there!

Yellow 1: My bad...thanks. Yellow Squadron, break away and concentrate on the bunker half a klick to the northeast, then attack the nearby airfield, but try not to destroy it completely; we'll need it later.

Wywyrm 1 03:52, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

As the fighters began busting holes in the enemy defense line in conjunction with the ground forces a young seargent in the UPEO special forces linked up with omegas attack unit of Aurelians and Oseans, she slid down a ridge and glided past a tank that was firing its main gun. despite the gun throwing her off and nearly making her trip she managed to make to Omega firing his Uzi.

Sgt. Sakurai: Sir! my men have spotted a small airbase up ahead, were trying to make contact with Leon and Fenrir to take out the F/A-32s and F-18Vs.

Omega: -firing Uzi, Mag change- hmm an airstrip. just what i needed. Alright Sarge. Lets get these tangos out of the way! Private, Corporal!

Osean Marine: Sir?

Aurelian Solider: At your command.

Omega: Clear a path and get my squadron to drop on that pillbox! that'll give us a striaght shot to enemys rear and airfeild!

Sgt. Sakurai: I hear you! lets go! -Fires her 552-

Soliders and Marines: GOOOO!

Neucom Soldier: This is Abel-Two-Six. I need bombs on the center bunker! repeat bombs on central bunker!

Aizu: Roger that, This is Sabre 2, firing!

Dimitri: Fire!

Three missiles slammed into the bunker, a violent explosion bursted forth. With that allied soliders and Omega had a clear shot down the enemy center. Soliders and tanks drove toward the center, despite heavy Belkan fire. Some of the Belkans panicked and ran from their posts. The F-15s circled back overhead watching the fight from above.

Dimitri: Such violence, such power. We are helpless to stem the tide of human nature.

Rein: We do what we must in face of such enemies Dimitri.

Leon 1: all Leon units take the enemy planes out and clear a way to the airstrip and enemy command posts!

Leon 2: Roger boss!

The Four F-14s of Leon team circled in and fired on an enemy F-16G2, the plane was hit and streaked flame, A pair of tanks exploded as Dimitri and Fiona destroyed them. The Allies were moving at a brisk pace despite the reistance. Omega and the allied troops moved in and were now behind an enemy bunker. an Aurelian Solider pulled the pin on a Thermite grenade and threw it in the bunker. It exploded, the flaming corpses of the enemy spilled out from the mouth of the Bunker.

Kitsune 1 21:58, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Omega and the allied division kept moving forward at a rapid pace, spearheaded by Ferdilance tanks and Antilion APC Walkers. They were already at the airfield by now and were able to prevent the launch of conventional aircraft, although VTOL F-35E Super Lightnings continued to take off and join the fight along with swarms of Triakis attack helos. Just as they were halfway across, however, half a division of Panzerkampfwagon Pzkw.IX Sturmleopard tanks opened fire on their position with their 5 inch railguns.

Sgt. Sakurai: Incoming!

Omega: Dammit! Sturmleopards! Call in an air strike! We're getting slaughtered down here!

Osean Marine: You don't have to ask me twice! Attention, allied aircraft! This is the 15th Marine Division; we've made it to the airfield but we're pinned down by some Sturmleopards! Somebody take them out!

Leon 1: Roger that.

Aizu: Wilco. Saber Team, engage the enemy tanks!

Omega: Hurry up Aizu, our casualties are over twenty-five percent! *Fires an H & K G.11 picked off from a dead BSK trooper*

22:14, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

Schenze: The Aurelians are breaking through, with help from Saber.

Galaan Scharfefaust: I know. The Aurelians and Sabre are doing too well. They've been quite a thorn in our side for a while now, but soon enough, we'll get our long awaited revenge.

Schenze: Jawohl, Obersterführer.

Cmdr Lightning 04:39, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

The allies pinned down by long range fire from the Sturmleopards and their conventional MBT counterparts called in an airstrike by Sabre and the allies to neutralize them. The Sturmleopard was few in number but their firepower was immense. Suddenly one of the Sturmpanzers stopped firing, the gun began to overheat.

Belkan Tanker: Wha!? The gun! she wont fire!

Belkan Solider: Let it cool off you dumass! AGHHH!

An explosion echoed on the feild, it wasn't an airstrike. The railgun exploded and blew the front of the tanks turret off. Sabre and Claymore rolled in and fired at the tanks their rounds hitting their mark and destroying them. However there were still more Conventional MBTs to deal with.

Kitsune 1 16:01, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

As the Sturmleopards came under fire, they were forced to fall back to save themselves; elsewhere, Belkan soldiers retreated in panic.

Sgt Sakurai: Yeah! We've done it!

Osean Marine: Look at 'em run!

Neo-UN Mercenary: I've earned my paycheck today! Maybe even a premium to boot!

Omega: Well done people; the day is ou-...hold it! Do you hear that?

Osean Marine: Hear what?

Sgt Sakurai: I hear it too...a strange whistling noise...

Omega: I recognize that noise! Hand me that radio! *radio* All allied aircraft, you have ten seconds to get below 1000 feet! Move it!

Dimitri: What!?

Aizu: Not again! Everyone do as he says!

Yellow 1: Roger!

Leon 1: Wilco!

All of the allied squadrons dove down as fast as they could; a mere few seconds later, several massive explosions shook the ground and lit up the skies as a Nimbus warhead detonated, but it wasn't over the ground forces; the fleet had been targeted! Several ships were already going down by now.

Leon 1: The Vincent Harling and the Admiral Anderson took direct hits! They're going down fast!

Leon 3: The Yuke Battleship Pujitnov just capsized! What the Hell happened!

Eaqle Eye: This is AWACs Eagle Eye. The weapon in question is believed to be a Nimbus-class Multiple Burst Warhead artillery shell. Stay below 1000 feet if you want to survive!

Leon 1: Roger! Rooivalk, evasive maneuvers!

Eagle Eye: *alert tone* 10 seconds to impact...8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, impact!!!

A second Nimbus warhead detonated, taking out three Yuke heavy cruisers, four Osean destroyers, an Aurelian aegis ship and inflicted damage on the Yuke carrier Admiral Tsenev and on the ex-Belkan (now Osean), battleship Sudentor. Then everything was silent once more.

Ten minutes later, the surviving allied planes flew over the fleet and inspected the damage; their fleet was in shambles. It had been reduced by 30%, a catastrophe in every sense of the word.

Rein: I can't believe this! How could we be so stupid as to let our fleet get in harm's way!?

Aizu: This could have been a trap.

Omega: You said it.

Dimitri: What? Omega, where are you?

Omega: I'm in the X-02B on your six o'clock. I managed to pull it out of one of the undamaged hangars at the airfield. Aizu, given you are still the acting squadron commander, permission to reassume command.

Aizu: Affirmative. Everyone make room.

The three planes moved aside somewhat as Omega slipped back in to his number one slot; the X-02B had the IFF signal that Omega typically used, which ironically was somewhat different from the rest of Saber to begin with, but it had an unfamiliar paintscheme. It was all crimson in color (similar to the ZOE Falken's scheme), with a coat-of-arms emblazoned with a fluer-de-lais on the tailplane.

Dimitri: Omega?

Omega: Yes?

Dimitri: What unit is the X-02B from?

Omega: It's from the Belkan 8th Air Division, 9th Taktische Jagdstaffel, one of their elite squadrons. Their callsign is "Ritter", meaning "Knight".

At that moment, Dimitri made a wisecrack under his breath that had something to do with him refering to Omega once as Aizu's "Knight in Shining Armor".

Omega: What did you just say?

Dimitri: Oh nothing, it's just that "Knight" seems rather fitting...isn't that right Aizu?

Aizu: Hey!

Wywyrm 1 16:36, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

Fifteen seconds later, a series of explosions engulfed the hangars in flames, as six aircraft that at first appeared to be X-02 Wyverns destroyed the airfield.

Rald Leading Pilot: You're a serious pest problem, Sabre. It's only fair that we even out the odds.

Leon 2: Where did they come from?!

The strange X-02s flew right at Leon team at high speed. They weren't X-02s, but X-05s. They had six wings: two upward-bent forward-swept wings near the cockpit, two downward-bent forward-swept wings near the tail, and two level forward-swept wings near the mid-section of the craft.

Leon 3: I've never seen that kind of design before!

Todflügel Leader: Fire!

Todflügel Squadron fired a series of XLAA missiles at the allied fighters. Three of Leon team's F-14s were quickly destroyed. Another missile flew right on Leon 1's tail.

Leon 1: Sabre, I just lost my entire flight! There's a missile fast on my tail, and I can't shake it off!

Osean Marine: What the hell are those things?!

The missile struck Leon 1's F-14, and destroyed it.

Todflügel Leader: Remember that Strangereal exists only for the supreme glory of Belka!

Todflügel Squadron flew to the higher atmosphere, where they were picked up by the Dragoon and brought back to the space station.

Cmdr Lightning 20:01, October 24, 2010 (UTC)


The Annihlator's attack was a rousing success; with only two rounds, they had begun to turn the tide of the war, as Alpha had planned. Just as everything seemed to be going smoothly, however, Alpha recieved a disturbing report: several X-05s deployed aboard the Dragoon before it had disappeared had attacked the allied forces; immediately, he knew who was responsible, and subsquently flew into a frenzied rage.

Alpha: Scharfefaust! I should've known he would escape!

Weiss: Well, this complicates things...

Alpha: I'm not in the mood for your sarcastic understatements at the moment!...I'll have to take some extra precautions. Seargant, get me Luftmarschall Lindemann on the SLR Warhammer!

Belkan Seargant: Jawohl. I have him on the line!

Lindemann: What is thy bidding mein Fuhrer?

Alpha: Place Warhammer and the other operational XB-10Es on full alert. You are cleared to engage and destroy any spacecraft of any nation at your discretion. If you detect a loyalist XB-10E, destroy them immediately! Switch the frequencies on your IFF transponders as well to ensure no errors on your end.

Lindemann: Jawohl mein Fuhrer! Luftmarschall Lindemann, out!

As Lindemann signed off, Alpha turned back over to Weiss.

Alpha: ...Now we're fighting a war on two fronts, down here and in space...we'll have to execute our plan real soon...

Weiss: What am I to do?

Alpha: ...The Neo-UN will likely attack the Annihlator soon. You and the Paladin Jagdstaffel are to stall them by fighting to defend the area, the Annihlator being under your direct command. As for myself and Harpie, we'll execute the real mission...of course, with some assistance.

Alpha gestured towards the door as three others walked in; they were all in Stahlerne Luft flightsuits with the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron patch on their shoulders. Weiss immediately recognized their faces and was about to protest when Alpha shot him a look that told him to remain silent.

Alpha: We will begin the operation as soon as the Neo-UN begin their attack. Understood?

Zeta: Understood...

Rho: Yes Sir...

Chi: Wilco...

Alpha: Oh, and make sure that wherever Scharfefaust is, that he recieves the following message:

Do not fret, the enemies of Belka will be punished severely; you may not see it yet, but the Neo-UN will soon be fighting amongst themselves. So just sit back in your chair and enjoy the show.

P.S. Further resistance is futile; the "Beast" will soon rise from the depths, and when that happens, ALL will kneel before me!

(Yes, Zeta, Rho and Chi are also Dragonchild clones; more specifically, they are clones of the Saber Team, Zeta being Aizu, Rho as Dimitri, and Chi as Rein. As for the operation, let's say it will be the most bold initiative yet on the part of the Belkans, as it will also coincide with massive air attacks on several major cities throughout the world. "Beast" refers to the XB-5000X SLR Leviathan, as "the Beast", or Leviathan as it was once called, refered to what is today known as the Antichrist, but in this case refers to his trump card.)

Wywyrm 1 00:13, October 25, 2010 (UTC)


Leon 1 sucessfully bailed from his plane was now safe, Osean Army Rangers had picked up on his tracking singal and scooped him up into their MH-9E helicopter. Sabre, Yellow, Claymore, and Fenrir teams were ordered to land at the airfield that the allies had captured. the undamaged hangars would be their new temoprary homes until the full extent of the fleets damage was asessed.

Aizu: Well men, we make the best of the quarters here.

Dimitri: -takes out knife, cuts Belkan flag down- Much better, the place isn't so bad once the ugly yellow napkins are cut down from the walls.

Rein: You said it. Omega whats the plan? What do we do?

Omega: Intelligence says we might be dealing with bandits beyond our reach, high up. in orbit.

First the Scinfaxi II and this...when will this ever end?

Aizu: Omega, well figure a way out. we always do. Anyway i hear rumors that we might have a few tricks up our sleeve as well, Theres word of a fighter and a weapon that Dimitris homeland and Osea have been working on.

Aizu sat down, taking the top half of her flight suit off. Her black tank top clung to her body. Indicating she sweated gallons up in the skies. Dimitri doodled on a napkin while Rein layed down on a couch. A Neucom solider walked in with Bernitz (Yellow 1), Yellow 1 was like Aizu except her wore a shirt way lower cut.

Yellow 1: Quite the battle huh Mistral? dont't you agree?

Aizu: ....

Neucom Solider: Sir?

Omega: At ease. What is it Seargent?

Neucom Soldier: We'd like to thank you, you have our utemost graditude. Sir.

Omega: Brothers in arms fight together. to survive. Im sure you would all do the same for me and my squadron.

Yellow 1: Those were some words Omega. For a weapon.

Aizu: ....Will you shut up!?

Dimitri & Rein: Son of a...not again.The two pilots stared each other down, neither one flinching or moving. Aizus heart raced she insulted her flight lead under her breath. Like she wanted to start a fight, the Aquila leaders serpentine like gaze bore into her. Suddenly the tensions were broke by Captain Lott. He walked in, feeling like he had his very essence ripped out.

Leon 1: All of em' except 3 are dead. 3 is in an ICU. and they attacked our fleet, reducing our victory to mere dust. Who of all people...

Dimitri: Captain, we know how you feel. We must regroup and carry on. that what me must do.

Over Belkan Airspace.

Four YFR-23's and a new fighter blazed overhead. The fighter was a new design, a Varible geometery fighter designed specifically for air dominance. The fighter was a mix of F-14, Su-37 and XFA-27. codenamed Muramasa. The fighters came in at mach 2, the YFR-23s broke from the fighter and engaged. Several MiGs fell to the fighter, while the Black widow IIIs shot down several SF-39s Flames of destroyed fighters and debris fell from the skies. The fighter blazed back to Osean airspace escorted by the YFR-23s.

Kitsune 1 04:45, October 25, 2010 (UTC) 04:38, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 14[]

In the next twelve hours while the survivors were being rescued and treated and whatever could be repaired hauled away beyond the shore, the weary Neo-UN squadrons, now temporarily assigned together as the 58th Fighter Wing, did their best to ease their tensions between now and their next flight. This did nothing for Omega; he had heard Yellow 1's underhanded insult, and normally he would have accepted her statement as fact, but for some reason, he was furious. As he paced back and forth in one of the crew's quarters, he noticed Yellow 1 walking down the hallway. Alone. As she passed, Omega reached out and pulled her into the room, covering her mouth so she wouldn't cry out.

Omega: Alright Elita Bernitz, we need to talk.

Yellow 1: I don't speak to weapons.

Omega: Look here, I may be different from you. I have different origins, and a different purpose, but is that all I am to you!?

Yellow 1: *chuckles* Oh, so now you have feelings...or do you?

Omega: What do you mean?

Yellow 1: *Laughs* The fundemental difference that makes you inhuman is your inability to express true emotions. Trust me, I've read up a bit on Project Dragonchild.

Omega: Oh really? Elighten me...

Yellow 1: You cannot express real emotions, three emotions in particular.

Omega: And which ones are those?

Yellow 1: Laughter, Remorse and least of all, Love.

Omega was about to argue back but couldn't find anything to reply with; it was true that his sense of humor was virtually non-existent, and for some reason he felt no guilt towards his actions. Worst of all, he could feel love, if it really was love, and yet he couldn't express it towards the one person he loved the most. Despite all of this, he knew he could adapt, and that meant that maybe she could be wrong.

Yellow 1: It hurts, doesn't it? Well get over it.

Omega: ...You're...You're wrong!

Yellow 1: What!?

Omega: You say I can't express any of those emotions, well I'll prove you wrong!

With that, Omega shoved her away and stormed out until he made it to the end of the hall at which point he literally ran into Aizu.

Aizu: Whoa! Sorry Omega.

Omega:, don't apologize, it was my fault.

Omega glanced back behind him towards Yellow 1, who only nodded in reply; he was determined to prove the UPEO Ace wrong, even at the cost of his dignity.

Omega: ...Aizu...may I speak to you...alone?

Wywyrm 1 05:33, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri sat there in the hallway holding his picture of Shion, looking at it thinking back to when they were in school. he remembered the funeral services that day. The crack of the M16 rifles when they lifted into the air in salute. The squadron stoic. Suddenly Bernitz interupted him.

Yellow 1: Oh. Greiving still i see....

Dimitri: You wouldn't know the half of it Aquila....

Yellow 1: -Leaning over- you were just kids in that photo.

Dimitri: what the hell does she want!? Hey if you're planning on getting under my skin you can leave, you're creating more problems than needed.

Bernitz smiled crooked, and lifted herself up. I wonder what Those two were off to. She walked away. She looked back at Dimitri, as soon as she did Rein approached Dimitri.

Rein: I wouldn't trust her one bit.

Dimitri: Shes been trying to get under Aizu and Omegas skin. like she wants to drive a wedge between them.

Rein: She suceeded at that. I wouldn't let her get you alone.

Kitsune 1 06:15, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Hours later, all of the remaining pilots were called to the briefing room; the mission was given a Priority One, meaning this mission could determine the outcome of the war; Dimitri and Rein both noticed that Omega was a bit more quiet than usual, and seemed to avoid their eye contact. As for the Yellows, they seemed indifferent to what was going on but nonetheless focused on the mission.

Base Commander: We have determined the source of the attack on our fleet; apparently a Belkan superweapon located near Tauberg is responsible. Codenamed "Annihilator", it is a massive tank sporting a railgun on top capable of firing 500 mm rounds, including Nimbus Warheads. Its range covers most of the Osean Continent, but due to its sattelite-assisted targeting, that range is limited to 2500 miles in all directions; however, it is extremely accurate within those distances. Fenrir and Saber Teams will be attacking the Annihilator, while Yellow will provide top cover outside the combat zone for the return home. Any Questions? No? Good, now get out there and make your countries proud!

Wywyrm 1 14:38, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Two miles northeast of Oured...

Four CV-22E Silent Osprey (CV-22 modified for a reduced radar cross-section and produces less noise) transports of the Belkan Stahlerne Luft landed at an abandoned factory under total radio silence; once there, Three of them unloaded twenty-eight fully armed soldiers of the 1st BSK Division, the infamous "Devil's Legionaires" under command of Major Hal Darmann, known amongst his men as the "Judge". They were well-equipped with powerful yet lightweight equipment, including the advanced AR-1A Punisher Assault Rifle. The fourth Osprey, however, deposited but six people: Major Darmann, Alpha Felsen, as well as Zeta, Rho, Chi and Harpie; all of them wore uniforms of Neo-UN militaries, the commandos all having UPEO uniforms, as did Zeta, while Alpha and Harpie had OADF flightsuits on, and Rho an AAF flightsuit; this was part of Alphas most ambitious scheme yet, codenamed Operation Cloak and Dagger. Their objective: assassinate the Osean President and place the blame on the Neo-UN Saber Squadron.

Judge: All units are present and accounted for mein Fuhrer.

Alpha: Excellent work Major; we've made it in without being detected. It seems the Oseans have grown lax over their air defense protocols.

Zeta: I never thought that getting in to the capital could be so easy.

Rho: Remember Zeta, we're not there yet.

Chi: Relax, this shouldn't be too difficult.

Harpie: Alpha, do you think this will be easy?

Alpha: I am under no illusion that this will be easy; this will be no cakewalk for sure, so all of you must remain alert.

Alpha was the most stressed of them all, as the mission hung entirely on his shoulders, not only as the commander of the mission and the leader of an entire nation, but because he was to be the assassin. All of the Legionaires were Dragonchild Supersoldiers, save Judge of course, as all of the original Legionaires fled when the Waldreich came to power. Despite this, he knew that they were heavily outnumbered, so in order to succeed, they would have to aim for the heart of the enemy; failure was not an option.

With that said, the commandos piled in to several APCs dropped off and hidden during the night for the drive to Oured, t-minus three hours to the start of the mission.

Wywyrm 1 03:35, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile over Belkan Airspace

The fighters of Yellow and Sabre had finally made it into Tauberg airspace, but things didnt seem right. The Behemoth Landship The Ahnnilator had yet to show it face much less fire. Probably they were waiting to draw them in and fire a near point blank range to throw them off and pelt them with AAA fire. meanwhile on the ground a group of commandoes watched over a hill they were Neucom Special Forces and a group of Osean Delta Force who had an MM-4 Light tank hidden in the bushes. They were to merely observe and relay target posistions to the pilots.

Delta: S*** look at the size of that thing!

NSF: OF course its Huge. That thing is packing the largest railgun in existence! I thought the Chandelier was bad!

Aizu: This is Sabre 2, operators. Be more professional about this! maintain radio silence.

Eagle Eye: All units commence lowering altitude.

Rein: Roger

Dimitri: Copy.

Omega: This is Omega, all planes drop below 2,500 feet. that way their radar wont pick up on as easy.

Yellow1: You sure sound tense Sabre lead. cutting out radio.

Aizu: ....Cutting out radio...

The fihgters cut radio and dropped altitude to 2,5000 feet. Sabre Led Yellow through the area that was once lush with trees and wildlife. now replaced by buildings and firing ranges. they came over a forested patch of land and contiuned level flight at 2,200 feet at almost 900 mph. A lone fighter, a gray M3FU was patrolling at high altitude. The fighter had the same look as an F-15C except the vertical Stabilizers were Raked back and there were raked back ventral fins in the tail. the wings had a cranked arrow look as well. It was Kanon a female UPEO ace turned merc.

Kanon: This has to be most annoying patrol mission i've gone on. No enemies. no money. wonder when Aizu and her wonder team will show up.

Aizu: were within Range of the that it!?

Omega: yes. all unit break radio silence and commence attack!

Sabre (all): Roger.

Yellow1: .....

Kitsune 1 17:06, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

As Saber and Yellow began their assault, missiles and tracerfire seemed to engulf Omega and Aizu from two different directions. An M3FU flashed by Aizu before climbing up sharply to prevent a counterstrike.

Aizu: What the hell!?

Omega: Aizu, break!

Kanon: Well Aizu, I was wondering when you'd show up.

Aizu: You have a lot of nerve firing at me! Let's end this right now!

Omega: I'll cover you Aizu.

Strigon: Can't let you do that Evil Demon!

Omega: What the...Voychek!

Strigon: Surprise, surprise. Paladin Jagdstaffel, engage! Concentrate on that X-02B; ignore the rest!

Paladins 2-8: Jawohl! Engaging!

Omega broke away from Aizu as eight CFA-44B Vampirs, an improved CFA-44 Nosferatu, pounced on him from all directions, one of them with black and red markings and the other seven having black and indigo markings. By far, this would be Omega's toughest fight yet.

Dimitri: Omega! Aizu!

Omega: Dimitri, you and Rein are to continue your mission; take out the Annihilator no matter what! Yellow Squadron will cover you!

Dimitri: But...

Omega: That's an order not a request!

Dimitri: Yes Sir...-mutters- damned prick...

Rein: He just doesn't want you to get in the line of fire Dimitri. Besides, he can hold his own.

Yellow 1: Let's take out that cannon!

As Aizu and Omega entered their own personal duels, Dimitri Rein and the Yellow Squadron commenced the attack on the Annihilator.

Oured, Osea...

The Storm Troops sitting in the APCs outside the capital building were tense as they awaited communications from Tauberg, but Alpha was especially tense; were they already too late?

Radio: -static- This is Aleksandr Voychek, callsign Strigon, the enemy has begun their attack.

Alpha: Roger. Hold them off until our mission is complete. -cuts transmission- Now! Let's go!

The doors of the APCs opened up as the troops exited the vehicles, weapons at the ready.

Alpha: We move now! Angriff!!!

With that, the Commandos raised their AR-1As and opened fire on the MPs guarding the building; the sound of weapons fire caused the civilians in the area to scatter in panic; the war had come to them at last. Alpha then drew his katana, Zeta her twin MP5Ks, Rho his twin Mini-Uzis, Chi her M-16A5 and Harpie with a standarad AR-1A lead the troops foreward and stormed the capital. As the roar of Belkan aircraft, disguised under Yuketobanian IFF signals, filled the skies, Cloak and Dagger, the largest offensive operation in military history had begun.

Okchabursk, Union of Yuketobanian Republics...

The city was in chaos as AGMs and aircraft crashed into the earth below. The city had come under a massive air attack as part of Operation Cloak and Dagger, a Belkan plot to turn the Neo-UN against itself. Similar attacks were being launched on the cities of Dresdene, Cinigrad, Apito, Oured, Griswall, San Salvacion, Farbanti and Gracemmeria, and all aircraft involved operated under IFF signals of a Neo-UN member nation, albeit the encryption on their transmissions were so thorough that the Belkan forces could speak freely to one another. One such formation flying above was one of four MiG-44 Falcons, the Belkan Ofnir Squadron, disguised under the IFF signal of the Osean Dragon Squadron.

Ofnir 1: This is Ofnir 1, the enemy is in disarray; this is too easy.

Ofnir 2: You said it; this will show those bastards to meddle in our homeland's affairs when our local war becomes a World War.

Gracemmeria, Republic of Annea...

Meanwhile, in Gracemmeria, the attack was even more intense; Annean Forces had suffered fifty-percent losses already, and at this rate all was lost. One of the few surviving Annean Squadrons, the ex-Belkan Windhover Team, was engaged in a deadly high-speed dogfight between two elite Belkan F-16G-2 Lance Falcon Squadrons disguised as Osean squadrons. None of the Aneans even had a clue they were being tricked.

Windhover 1: Blast! These guys are good!

Windhover 3: There's too many of them! We should fall back!

Drossel 6: Drossel 6, Fox Two!

Windhover 9: I'm hit! Windhover 9 punching out!

Bussard 1: Nice shooting Drossel 6! Let's finish them off!

Bussards 2-12: You said it!

Drossels 1-12: Let's do this!

Wywyrm 1 18:22, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

Tauberg, Belka...

The fighting had reached a feverpitch as by now many Belkan fighters were in the air and were harassing the attacking Neo-UN aircraft. Aizu was still locked in combat with her former comrade, Kanon. Aizu fired what had to be the fourth missile at Kanon but yet again the rogue mercenary skidded to the side as the missile flashed past.

Aizu: Dammit! Missile shot trashed!

Kanon: You rely too much on technology Aizu, and you know that technology seldom works perfectly.

Aizu: I don't need you to tell me that!

Kanon: Then learn from your mistakes!

Meanwhile, Omega was faring even worse; Paladin was good, very good, and by now, despite four of them splitting off to engage the Yellow Squadron, he was fighting for his life as he evaded tracerfire from four different directions at once and constant missile shots from the four Vampirs circling him.

Voychek: Do you feel that Omega? That foreboding feeling that this is your last battle? It's called fear, and when you're afraid you're certain to make mistakes.

Omega: I don't feel fear.

Voychek: Omega, you and I both know that you aren't that apathetic.

Yellow 1: You'd be surprised Voychek.

As Yellow 1 dove on Voychek, the Estovakian mercenary dodged to the side as two Vampirs gave chase. Despite her maneuvering, it seemed that Bernitz wouldn't make it.

Yellow 1: Dammit you bastards! I can't shake them!

Paladin 7: Say goodbye...

Omega: Fox Three!

The two Vampirs exploded as they were hit by Omega's XLAAs; much to everyone's surprise, he had saved Elita Bernitz, none moreso than the UPEO ace herself.

Yellow 1: saved me. Why?

Omega: I may not like you, in fact I hate you, but irregardless of that I am not losing another comrade if I can do anything to prevent it.

As Omega pulled away from her to reengage Paladin, Yellow 1 was stunned at what had just happened; she had read that Dragonchild Clones have no concern for the lives of others, even their comrades, but Omega's protection greatly contradicted the reports.

Yellow 4: Captain, you okay?

Yellow 1: ...Yeah...

Yellow 4: What's wrong?

Yellow 1: Maybe...maybe I was wrong. Maybe he really does care for his comrades...I've greatly underestimated him.

Yellow 2: Ma'am, what are you saying!? You remember our mission objective; it must be done today or else. We have to destroy them if we are to succeed in our mission.

Yellow 1: ...

Wywyrm 1 00:34, November 1, 2010 (UTC)

Omega turned back into the Vampirs and brought four of them down with XLAAs, leaving just two left in the fight.

Paladin 3: How can this be!? There must be some mistake! -explosion-

Paladin 4: This can't be happening! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! -explosion-

Paladin 2: Numbers three through six are down!

Omega: Fox Two!

Paladin 2: What the...-explosion-

Omega pulled away and leveled off as Paladin 2 plummetted to the ground in flames; there was no ejection from his aricraft. Omega looked back in front of him to see that Strigon had come out ahead of him and was going to make a head-on pass.

Voychek: It ends here, Demon!

Omega: You misjudge me Voychek, it has only just begun!

Strigon fired his ADMMs with a full salvo, all locked on to Omega. The Osean ace barrel rolled up then back down, evading each of the missiles before firing his own shots. The Sidewinders struck Strigon right behind the cockpit, breaking the Vampir clean in two.

Voychek: Damn you Razgriz! DAMN YOU!!! -explosion-

Omega: Splash Eight Vampir. Paladin is down.

Wywyrm 1 14:38, November 1, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile Aizu was locked in a dogfight with Kanon her old comrade, the two had flown together in combat before in 2045 and now she was her opponent in this war. The M3 sharply turned left and rolled over, Aizu followed in her F-15 managing to get a lock on her and fired. Once more the fighter efffortlessly shook off the missile; Aizu tracked Kanon with her eye and linked it to her helmet mounted display a small trailing green "trace" appeared off the tail of the bandit fighter. Aizu armed one more missile and fired. The missile streaked toward its target, Kanons fighter tiwsted, slashed left and right, the missile exploded off her tail sending shrapnel into the fighter.

Kanon: GAH! What the!?
Aizu: Technology fails huh? only when the pilot behind the controls has no skill!

Kanon: Persistient just like dad.

Aizu: What does that have to do with anything!?

The two fighters crossed over each other, Aizu dodged left and Kanon went right. As they scissored back and forth trying to gain firing soloutions on each other, 30 and 25mm tracers balzed by the planes. A 25mm tracer hit Aizus left wing as she cut back over to fire on Kanon. Kanon turned in on her and pulled up. Aizu cut the throttle and turned hard into her in pursuit. Dimitri, Rein and Yellow squadron began their attack on the Cannon itself. The massive landships gun began to rise as the crew began to charge the massive rail cannon. Supporting the Cannon was a group of AAA vehicles and Ground troops, this vehicle had a whole divison dedicated to its defense. Yellow 1 led the attack with her squadron while Dimitri armed his LAGM to fire, Rein followed suit as the attack commenced.

Weiss: Arm main gun! Knock those flies from the sky! All AAA commence fire!

AAA Vehicle: Copy that! Everything is going to plan.

Yellow 1: Firing!

Dimitri: Magnum!

Rein: Magnum!

Yellow Squadron: Firing, Fox 2!

The entire flight released its armament against the Annhilator. Missiles streaked into and around the landship. Explosions broke out as AAA vehicles and the Annhilators defenses were whittled down. Dimitri and Reins LAGMs did the most damage against it, though the cannon wasn't stopped entirely. The cannon continued charging and the remiaining vehicles open fired. The planes broke hard as Yellow and Sabre took fire. 23mm and SAMs flew towards them. suddenly a shockwave was felt, the Anhilator open fired! The cannon suddenly dumped waste heat out of the backside in the form of steam. The cannon prepared for recharging, the ground forces and what little enemy aircraft left over tried to intercept the teams.

Dimitri: Alright. Looks like we dented them a bit. Rein on me. Aquila!

Yellow 1: Yes!?

Dimitri: Go after the AAA! we'll empty our AGMs into the Annhilator!

Yellow 4: Alright, Good luck then.

The fighters broke off from one another and began attack. Yellow 1 suddenly felt something inside her head, this feeling of fear, a feeling like a serpent crawling up her chest. She drowned it out and began her attack alongside Sabre and her comrades. Meanwhile the situation with Aizu and Kanon had heated up as Omega rushed to aide his allies.

Kitsune 1 05:55, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Kanon took advantage of the disruption caused by the shockwave and pulled into a vertical climb only to immediately recieve a missile alert from below.

Kanon: What idiots! Watch where you're pointing those SAMs!

Annihilator Radar Operator: That was an Air-to-Air missile, not a SAM; you've got a fighter on your six o'clock, an X-02B Wyvern!

Omega: You won't harm my wingman, I won't allow it! Fox Two!

Kanon: Damn!

Kanon reversed her climb and managed to evade the missiles, but took a few cannon rounds as Omega flew past her. The M3FU was a very sturdy fighter however, so even with all these hits it was still flyable. As she pulled out of her dive, Aizu had pulled in behind and fired again. Kanon barrel rolled out of the line of fire and dove for the deck with Aizu behind her. Unfortunately, this would be her own undoing.

Kanon: Try and catch me if you can Aizu; we both know who's better on the deck.

Aizu: Aren't you forgetting something?

Kanon: What are you...oh $#%+!

Omega was at Kanon's 12 o'clock, barely ten feet above her altitude and closing fast; there would be no way to evade if Omega and Aizu fired at the same time.

Omega: Fox Two!

Aizu: Fox Two!

Kanon: Ejecting!

The mercenary bailed out seconds before the missile impacts and parachuted to the ground. Omega and Aizu broke away from each other then climbed to 1,000 feet and formed up again.

Omega: You okay?

Aizu: I'm fine...she bailed out, didn't she?

Omega: knew her once didn't you?

Aizu: I'll explain later...

The Annihilator fired again at this moment, but the attackers were too low to be in the blast radius of the giant railgun's nimbus warheads. Immediately after, a lucky shot by Dimitri took out the cooling unit.

Dimitri: Yeah! I hit the cooling unit!

Rein: That should stop them in their tracks!

Annihilator Engineer: Sir! The cooling unit's out!

Weiss: Switch to auxiliary cooling units.

Yellow 3: Hold it, they have an auxiliary unit!

The auxiliary cooling units, located inside of the gun itself, would not be an easy target; one would have to literally fly straight down into the gun and destroy the cooling units, then proceed to fly out through the barrel. If a nimbus warhead was fired while the attacker was inside, it would be all over.

Wywyrm 1 14:31, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

Yellow 4: There's no way we can fly in there and take it out; it's too narrow!

Yellow 2: We did our best...but it's all over...

Omega listened to his comrades lammenting their defeat, but Omega knew that it was never over until everyone believes it is, and he knew that there was still one small chance to take out the Annihilator.

Omega: ...Or is it?

Dimitri: Omega?

Rein: Captain?

Aizu: Wait a! Don't do it!

Omega: I would rather see myself fly to my death than have to live on knowing my wingmen died in place of me. There's no other way...wish me luck Aizu...

With that, Omega pulled straight up into a climb the dove down, deep into the Annihilator's inner workings. He pulled up inside of the cannon itself to find himself flying head-on at a Nimbus Warhead loaded into firing position. He would have only split-seconds to fire, and then would have to fly at full speed in order to survive the blast.

Omega: Feel the flames of Hell!

Omega fired his last four XLAAs in an unguided shot and flew full speed ahead...

Wywyrm 1 19:36, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

The fighter took the brunt of the explosion, shrapnel and flames surrounded the aircraft. All Omega could see for that few but long seconds was orange, black and white as his entire plane was engulfed. He blew on through maraculously as his plane only took minor damage, though the paintwork was severely burned from the explosion. He continued down the barrel of the weapon and found the cooling system of the Annihilator, though the Nimbus round exploding in the Annihilator had already taken its toll on the weapon itself. He gained lock with his conentional missiles and fired. An explosion rocked the inner workings of the weapon. at the base of the barrel he found his exit a small port at the top of the barrel that served as a vent. he firewalled the throttle as he moved to escape from the dying superweapon.

Aizu: Come aren't dead. come on.

Rein: He's got to make it!

Delta Operator: I see it! Its a burned X-02! Its Omega!

Eagle Eye: Confirmed! The weapon is still standing though!

Dimitri: Not for long. he had to have taken that cooling system out, not to mention the warhead that went off inside.

Aizu: Omega! You're Alive! Haha!

Omega looked back as the smoldering landships weapon turned its turret toward the flight, The Belkans furiously working to get the weapon to fire once more. Without its cooling systems the weapon could spontaniosuly explode. Even with that risk the crew of the Annihilator contiuned to charge the next shot. Omega ordered the squadron to break, the F-15s and the X-02 moved to evade as the weapon charged. Yellow moved into formation and armed their weapons they fired their missiles into the rear of the weapon explosions rocking the backside of the landship, it was over for the Annihilator.

Annihilator Captain: We must Fire! I dont care if weve taken Stern and Barrel Damage! take those planes out!!!!

Annihilator Solider: u...Understood....prepare to fire!

Annihilator Officer; Cooling systems down! Fires have broke out everywhere! we mustn't fire!

Annihilator Capatin: FOR BELKA! FIRE!!!!

A round ripped through the barrel of the weapon literally. The resulting overcharged shot reverbbed through the cannon and a massive explosion broke out, shattering the weapon; the Annhilator collapsed in on itself as fire engulfed it. The crew that survived bailed overboard to the escape only to fall to their death. The shockwave from the explosion was felt by everyone for almost a half a mile. Surrounding vehicles were knocked out as well from the detonation of the cannon and its Nimbus rounds. The allied special forces and squadrons were in shock of Omega and his teams accomplishment.

Dimitri: The dragon is dead! We've destroyed it!

Aizu: Excellent piloting Omega!!

Delta Operator: YAAAHOOOO!

Yellow 1: Its dead. I must Complement you all on a job well done.

Neucom Special forces: YES! EAT IT YOU MOTHERF****S!

Eagle Eye: Target Destroyed. All planes we got one hell of a wecloming party waiting for you back home!

Kitsune 1 01:38, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 14+[]

Fifteen minutes later, Saber and Yellow arrived over the Waldreich Mountains and began charting a course for a base in Wesson, Osea. They were all exhausted and fatigued, Omega in particular, but the Osean ace had too much dignity at stake to openly admit it; these were far from ideal conditions for such a long, monotonous flight back to base, as they were unaware of a fifth Su-37 trailing them, although it would show up on IFF as a Yellow Squadron Plane.

Rein: That was quite the battle wasn't it?

Dimitri: Yeah...

Aizu: You're not kidding...Omega, you okay?

Omega: Wha...yeah, I'm fine...

Yellow 1: ....

Yellow 5: -encrypted Belkan channel- T-minus twenty seconds...get ready

Yellow 2: Yeah...

Yellow 3: Affirmative...

Yellow 4: Roger...

Eagle Eye: -alert tone- Emergency transmission from central! We've -static-

Aizu: What the...our radio's being jammed, as is our radar!

Yellow 1: ...Aw blast! Saber, if you wish to live, dive immediately!

Dimitri: What?

Yellow 1: Just do it!

Omega: SAAMs inbound! Evade!

Suddenly several SAAMs streaked past from behind the Saber Team; only one group could have fired on them. It was Yellows two, three and four, with Yellow five in the lead.

Yellow 5: You'll pay for your betrayal Captain Bernitz. All units, I will now assume command as Neo-Gelb 1. You must destroy them; we can't allow them to end this war!

Neo-Gelb (All): Wilco!

Neo-Schwarze 1: This is Neo-Schwarze, Roger. Commencing attack as planned.

Several more SAAMs were fired at Saber and Yellow 1, this time from eight MiG-51S+ Fullbound-Cs of Neo-Schwarze, who survived the first encounter without any injury at all..

Omega: We've been ambushed!

Dimitri: Bernitz, that bitch!

Omega: Hold it Dimitri, she's on our side. If she hadn't given us the warning, I wouldn't have seen those missiles coming.

Aizu: What's happening!?

Rein: Yellow was a Belkan aggressor squad?

Elita: Yes. I was operating as Neo-Gelb 1, but as you can see I am now considered a traitor. This was all part of a plan to get rid of you so that Alpha could turn the Neo-UN against itself.

Omega: That explains everything! It's all coming together now!

Rein: We've gotta tell people about this...but how!? We're completely surrounded!

Omega: So we'll break through! Follow me at full throttle on the deck to the west! Let's go!

Neo-Schwarze 1: We can't let them escape alive; aim for the cockpit!

Saber and Yellow dove for the deck as another barrage of missiles came their way and flew for their lives until at last they reached the air defense zone and returned to base.

Mission 15[]

As the members of the Saber Team and Elita Bernitz landed at Wesson, they could tell the atmosphere was tense, but there was no clue as to why...until several MPs came up to the beleagured pilots.

MP: The Colonel has requested to see the five of you in his office; it is of the utmost importance.

Dimitri: Huh?

Omega: Hmm...I smell a rat.

Aizu: Me too.

Elita: As do I...c'mon, we have to comply for now.

Fifteen Minutes Later...

Osean Colonel: Ah...Saber Team, I was expecting you.

Omega: Indeed...

Osean Colonel: Arrik M. Felsen, or I suppose you prefer "Omega"...Four years ago, Project Dragonchild was declared a failure, and the files purged by GR scientists to prevent any information on their experiments becoming public knowledge. Now it is believed that two clones of the same man were created, and one of them happens to by mere coincidence been stowed away at some random base discovered by a Spec Ops Team. From my understanding, you claim to be that clone we brought back.

-loads pistol-

Is that true?

Omega tensed at the sight of the loaded firearm; his instincts told him "destroy", but he knew it would be best to restrain himself for the time being.

Osean Colonel: Can't prove your own military record...can you? -reaches for panic button-

Rein: -whispers- should we run?

All: -nods-

Omega: Now!

At that moment Omega pulled out his Min-Uzi and shot the lights out before slashing the barrel of the Colonel's gun with his katana and running with his squadmates. The Colonel pulled out a backup weapon and fired after them, but the so-called "spies" dissappeared into the darkness.

Wywyrm 1 02:19, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

36 minutes later....

The entire base was on alert, sirens rung out alongside alerts coming over the intercoms echoing all over the base. Rein, Aizu, Omega and Elita walked down a narrow alleyway between the mess hall. Aizu had her USP drawn alongside Omega, Rein and Elita with their weapons drawn. Dimitri in the meantime was sent out to scout the hangars. All the hangars were locked down their planes were seized and surrounded by guards armed to the teeth with M16A5s and M4A2s. Dimitri gripped his Colt and turned away suddenly Rein Came around the corner with her Jericho .41 drawn.

Dimitri: -Shocked- dammit! don't sneak up on me!

Rein: Omega sent me out to get you. we have to find a way out. -Hands Dimitri his Desert Eagle- You asked for this?

Someone is here to see you and Omega as well...

Dimitri gripped the Two tone black and nickel handgun and hostered his colt. They headed back to Omega and the others. Meanwhile Aizu, Omega and Elita were talking quietly amongst themselves. he looked up and saw his father standing over him, the three made their way back to the rest of the team.

Aizu: Whats the point of all of this!? Is Belka trying to keep the war going by turning the allies on themselves!?

Elita: Now you know something you were better off not knowing, Alpha's plan to turn the allies on one another. They have every military in the Neo-UN wrapped around

their finger. Theres no way anyone will beleive us now.

Omega: There has to be someone out there. Someone who sees through my brothers plot! This war has gone on long enough.

Aizu: Its like he wants a world dominated by battle and death!

Aizu lifted her pistol down and aimed down the alleyway. Suddenly she realized it was Rein, Dimitri and someone else. The ageing father of Dimitri. Victor. He lifted his head as his glasses glared from the vapor lamps of the base.

Dimitri & Rein: Its no use! They seized our planes in the hangars!

Victor: -walks by Aizu, sits down- Have we scouted all the hangars? Hangar D in the back isnt so heavily guarded, they seized my cargo plane in the hangar next door though. We need to move quickly if we want to fly out of here!

Omega: But isn't hangar D where they hold the?

A few minutes later they cracked the door of hangar, dust swirled around in the ray of light as they looked inside the hangar. they snuck in as Victor and Omega took the lead. Elita looked at Dimitri and Rein. And wanted to speak, but she was interupted by Omega.

Omega: Save your breath, we got to find a way out of here. -brushes the dust off the aircraft- These are...

There were Four Planes, all of them were two seat trainers. F-16Ts. They had all glass cockpits instead of the COFFIN system everyone was used to fighting in. They were completely unarmed. the planes also Donned high visibility Orange and White markings with Osean Roundels. Despite the type of aircraft they were faced with using, beggars couldn't be choosers.

Victor: We'll escape in these training Jets, Rein you take the backseat behind me. Son, Omega, Aquila. get in the others now.

With that the pilots all piled into the training aircraft, and so. the escape from Wesson Air Force Base had begun.

Kitsune 1 02:59, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

Omega sat in the F-16T and checked out the systems; he had flown an F-16XA Sakerfalcon in training and an F-16G-2 Lance Falcon early in the war; surprisingly the systems were virtually alike, although he had to admit it was weird not flying with a COFFIN system as he was accustomed to.

Victor: Let's get out of here. Follow me!

The four F-16s pulled out of the hangar and on to the runway, much to the astonishment of the security forces on the ground.

Osean Guard: Are they seriously trying to escape!?

Osean Pilot: I'll scramble my squadron for immediate takeoff!

Victor took off first, then Dimitri and Aquila, leaving Omega alone. He looked back at Aizu in the back seat; he could see fear in her eyes, but at the same time there was a strong determination. There was no turning back now.

Omega: Omega, rolling!

He jammed the throttle forward and shot down the runway at full speed until he was able to pull up sharply into a vertical climb before leveling off in formation with the others.

Dimitri: Well...this is it I guess.

Aquila: Where to now?

Omega: I...I don't know...but maybe we can try to head north. If we're lucky a UPEO ship could find us after we ditch.

Victor: That's probably the best idea we have right now, given that the UPEO has declared itself neutral hours ago...But I have another plan. I'll tell you about it when the time comes to act.

Three Hours Later...

Four F-15SMT+ fighters flew in a delta formation in trail of the runaway pilots; although they had Osean markings, they were a GRDF squadron working for the Belkans, callsign Adler, lead personally by Keith Bryan; the Corporate War Ace still seathed with anger towards the Saber Team, and he knew this was the chance for revenge.

Keith: This is Eagle 1. Enemy detected on radar; you are cleared to engage.

Shogun: This is AWACs Shogun, roger Eagle. Are they really traitors?

Keith: Yeah...

Shogun: Damn...I can't believe this! Show them the price of betrayal! Avenge the President!

Back with Saber...

Omega: Belkan aggressors inbound; it's the Adler Squadron!

Dimitri: Damn, they're closing in!

Aquila: We can't fight back, so now what?

Victor: ...Ah, there it is...there's some islands down below. Follow me closely at low altitude and you should be fine.

Omega: Roger, I'll take the number two position.

With that said, Victor suddenly rolled into a vertical dive, Omega right behind him, followed by Dimitri and Aquila. They pulled up barely 100 feet from the surface of the ocean and immediately banked hard right to maneuver around a mountain.

Victor: Hang in there; you'll be okay.

Omega: Question, where did you learn to fly like this?

Victor: -laughs- In many air battles long ago my young aviator.

At that moment, the flight's radar began to pick up static.

Keith: Damn! There's a strong magnetic field below us!

Victor: Volcanic Islands generate strong magnetic fields. Our radar's out too, so follow me closely.

Five minutes later...

After many sudden gut-wrenching maneuvers, Victor suddenly pointed Saber straight towards a cave.

Victor: We're ducking into that cave now, understood?

Dimitri: What!?

Aquila: I don't like the sound of that...

Omega: We can do this. I have faith in all of you.

Victor: That's the spirit! Here we go!

Keith: They disappeared; all units, break away. Our job's finished.

The four Falcons dove into the cave and entered the abyss; to call it dark inside the cave was a grand understatment, but there was just enough light to see where they were going. Even so, the walls appeared uncomfortably close to the wingtips of the aircraft.

Light suddenly appeared ahead; the exit was not far off.

Victor: The exit's up ahead.

Dimitri: The light! It's blinding me!

Aquila: Focus and you won't crash!

Omega: We made it!

The four F-16s pulled up to a higher altitude, and immediately they were spiked by radar again.

Shogun: The traitors are on radar again! Eagle where are you!?

???: Don't worry, I have this covered.

Shogun: Identify yourself.

Pixy: Dylan Foulke, callsign Pixy. I've been sent to shoot down the traitors.

Shogun: Roger, you are cleared to splash the enemy.

Sure enough, the distinctive outline of an ADF-02A-2 Super Falken appeared on radar as the mercenary approached.

Omega: Damn...we're finished...

Victor: He's not really our enemy.

Omega: Huh?

The Super Falken passed them then pulled in behind the F-16s; a peculiar series of flashes started coming out from a sensor panel in the nose of the plane.

Dimitri: He's using a signal lamp...T-R-U-S-T...M-E...B-A-I-L...O-U-T. He wants us to bail out?

Omega: Sounds good to me. Victor?

Victor: Yeah. Eject one by one.

With that, Victor ejected first as the menacing red beam of a TLS cannon sliced through his plane and destroyed it, followed by Dimitri and Aquila. Finally, Omega and Aizu ejected as the TLS fired a fourth time. The pilots all pulled their parachutes and landed in the water below in one piece, thanks to Foulke.

Foulke: You'd better give me a medal for this...

Five minutes later...

An HH-98A hovered over the crash sight as they searched for survivors of the crash; they weren't there to confirm their deaths, but to prevent them.

Sea Goblin: This is Sea Goblin, no signs of life detectable; enemy down.

A ladder was then lowered to the waiting personel below. Elita, Rein and Aizu climbed first, followed by Victor, Dimitri and finally Omega. The one thing the clone never discussed was the fact that he had a huge dislike of getting wet.

Sea Goblin: Hang in there guys, we're taking you to your new home...

Wywyrm 1 04:49, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

(One last thing to note: the new Razgriz is as follows):

Razgriz 1: Arrik "Omega" Felsen - F-14G (Later Xe-262/X-50)

Razgriz 2: Aizu "Mistral" Tsukihime - F-14G (Later YF-23M Zhivak II)

Razgriz 3: Dimitri "Kitsune" Patterson - F-14G (Later YF-31 Muramasa)

Razgriz 4: Rein "Vixen" Smithson - F-14G (Later YF-31 Muramasa)

Razgriz 5: Elita "Aquila" Bernitz - Su-37M (Later X-02B Wyvern)

Razgriz 6: Dylan "Solo-Wing Pixy" Foulke - ADF-02A-2 Super Falken

Chapter 6: The Razgriz Flies Again[]

Half an Hour Later...

The Osean Aircraft Carrier OFS Rooivalk was moored at a port in the northern Osean territories along with a small support fleet; they anxiously awaited the return of both the Sea Goblin Helicopter Squadron and of the lone mercenary launched to intercept the "traitors". On the bridge of the carrier stood the Executive Officer of the fleet. Admiral Marcus Snow, formerly a pilot in the Osean Maritime Defense Force and at one point the number four pilot in the legendary Razgriz Air Command Squadron, watched the horizon for signs of activity.

At that moment, the familiar whistling of jet engines could be heard as Dylan Foulke landed on the carrier, using the ADF-02A-2's advanced control systems to land despite not flying a plane equipped for carrier operations. Not longer afterwards, the Sea Goblin Helicopter Squadron landed and deposited the marines as well as six weary-looking people; Snow recognized them immediately, and rushed out of the bridge to welcome their arrival.

On the Flight Deck...

The six pilots stood shivering from the water drenching their clothes. All of them were tired for certain, none moreso than Victor Patterson; he had to admit it was great to relive his prime, but also knew he was too old for this. Two men approached them, one in a flightsuit with a GR logo on the shoulder and the other in a Navy dress uniform, clearly a high-ranking officer. The marines and pilots stood at attention, but the officer gave them a nod to remain at ease.

Pixy: Looks like you're still alive Razgriz...

Victor: Dylan "Solo-Wing Pixy" Foulke, I do look like your grandfather.

Omega: Admiral Snow, Sir!

Snow: You've always been too spit-and-polish Omega, relax. Keep this up and you'll drive yourself insane in a week.

Victor: He's right Omega, it's been at least four days since you've slept at all.

Omega: I can go five days if I -staggers-...have to...-collapses-

Aizu: Omega!

Pixy: Dammit Felsen, you push yourself way too hard. C'mon, let's get him inside; he can have my quarters for now.

Aizu and Pixy lifted the supersoldier's limp arms onto their shoulders and dragged him towards the hatch leading below decks; for someone of his size, he was surprisingly lightweight, but this probably was due to the fact that Omega rarely stopped practicing at the shooting range or sword drills to grab a meal; there was no doubt in the other's minds that he had finally reached his limit of endurance.

Meanwhile, While, Dimitri, Rein and Elita talked with the sailors in the galley, Victor stood next to Snow watching the sunset as they discussed important topics.

Victor: I thought he was long gone...

Snow: Who?

Victor: Erik. Yeah, it's true that I knew who he was when he was under his alias for a while, but I thought that when he died it would be the end of this madness...

Snow: Trust me, I knew him too for a time...when he arrived on the Kestral back in the Circum Pacific War, I was suspicious of him myself. He was a strange one: bold yet introverted, cold yet passionate. He was a man of many contradictions...but that would explain something else as well.

Victor: Hmm?

Snow: Alpha and Omega are manifestations of Erik's mind, and it was discovered fairly recently that he had a split personality...Alpha and Omega are each distinct halves, one good, the other evil...but what is so interesting to me is that Omega reminds me not of Erik but of...

Victor: What?

Snow: Blaze...

Victor: You mean the Demon himself...yeah, I know what you mean...

Snow: We'll need pilots; the guys avalible of ours were killed by the Annihilator. All we have left is that mercenary Foulke. We'll need your help.

Victor: I'll pass old friend...all this intense flying isn't good for an old it's their time to shine...

Back Below Decks...

Omega awoke on a cot in one of the crew's quarters, with Dylan Foulke and Aizu sitting by him. He had passed out, he knew, much to his surprise, but what shocked him was that he was out of his flightsuit.

Omega: -blushing- Wha...did you?

Aizu: Don't worry, It's not what you think.

Dylan: The Doc took care of that; you were suffering from Hypothermia, so we had to get you out of your flightsuit in order to stabilize your body temperature. Plus it smelled like fish.

Omega: ...Okay...

Dylan: I have to head topside to talk with my crew chief, so behave yourselves while I'm gone you two.

Aizu: We okay Omega? You seem troubled by something...

As Dylan left, Omega let himself relax slightly, although he was still rather tense, not only from recent events but from being alone with Aizu; it was true that he had more or less made ammends with Elita, but still there was a nagging feeling, as in a sense she was right; he hadn't been able to tell Aizu how he felt, no matter how he tried...he would have to tell her sooner or later.

Omega: It's...It's complicated...

Aizu: What do you mean Omega?

Omega: Please Aizu, call me Arrik...that is my real name...

Aizu: I see...Arrik...what's bothering you?

Wywyrm 1 01:11, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Meanwhile Dimitri sat and watched the news, In anger he flipped it to another channel. Its was the same thing. News stories and broadcast interuptions were all over the TV and the Net, all about how the allies blindly turned on one another and began to delcare war on each other, as well the as the dilpomatic and politcal nightmare that had broke out. The Vice president of Osea blamed the President of Neucom, Aurelia, Annea, Prime minister of Yuktobania and even attempted to go as far as blaming the UPEO chairman for this mess that was created.

Dimitri: Idiots every single one of them. This is all Belkas fault! not the Belkan people but a hateful, manipulative bastard named Alpha. -takes breath- i can't beleive this.

Rein: Its okay Dimitri, i know how you feel. We all feel this way.

Dimitri: No! it isn't! how can people be so stupid!?

Elita: Deception is a core rule of warfare, trick your enemy into perceiving and attacking a threat isn't really there. Its happened before.

Several minutes later.

Rein had layed down on a couch in her quarters her bluish black hair spread across the cushions. She was worried about the team most of all Dimitri and Omega. Dimitri's anger and stress from the encroaching hate and stupidty of the allies and Omega forcing himself into combat time and time again without even eating.

Rein: Are you okay? -looking up at Dimitri-

Dimitri: I took a walk, I'm okay now. Elita is talking with big sis (Aizu) right now. Why the long face Vixen?

Rein: You and Omega, you guys are pushing yourselves too much.

Dimitri: You have as well, don't worry so much. -sits down and puts Reins head in his lap- We'll overcome. We will win and bring this into the light of day.

Rein smiled and lifted up. she quickly kissed him on the lips and grinned.

Rein: Thats the Dimitri i remember.

Meanwhile in the CIC room of the Rooivalk

Snow: Status on all allies invovled? I need information!

Operator: Sir. Excalibur is present, Bull Run is at the ready despite repairs holding her back, Wesson is at the ready, The Monte Breeze is currently resupplying, the Amsel is also undergoing resupply. Intelligence ship Centuari is currently intercepting signals from our military and others.

Snow: Keep an eye on it then, Tyler!
Operator: Sir!?
Snow: Radar? Any hits whatsoever?

Operator: None, scope is clean. Thermal is clean too. I'll keep an eye out sir.

The CIC became busy as imformation and data flowed in, meanwhile Sabre got a much deserved rest from the frantic combat of the current conflict which had reduced itself to a brawl.

Kitsune 1 03:55, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Dinsmark, Belkan Waldreich...

Alpha stood up even straighter than usual as he triumphantly presided through the streets of Dinsmark to thunderous applause from the people; he had declared the day a national holiday and ordered half of the armed forces to take their leave, the rest remaining on the border on guard shifts for the time being. This was just a publicity stunt to gain the favor of the people, without whose cooperation Alpha would not be able to succeed in his ultimate plan. Hundreds of BSK troopers marched before him as he gave them a stiff-armed Belkan salute, with Zeta, Rho and Chi by his side as well as Harpie and a young blond-haired woman: the revived Cynthia, Fitzgerald along with Kuroso and Generalfeldmarschall Weiss, who although severely wounded in the Annihilator's destruction, had survived and was making a swift recovery.

On the news, an Osean news correspondant showed the televised speech as several crewmen and Dimitri, Elita and Rein watched in horror.

Alpha: People of the grand Belkan Waldreich, I stand before you with high esteem to inform you all that all cause for fear is over; all frontline troops have returned from the battlefields for the time being as the enemy assault has ground to a halt! I thank you all for your undying spirit and loyalty, and for the sacrifices you all have made in the name of the Fatherland. And so, we stand united! Ein Waldreich! Ein Volk! Ein Fuhrer!!!


Correspondant: There you have it from Dinsmark, Belka. Now on to the Weather...

-TV turns off-

Dimitri: That BASTARD!!!

Elita: I never liked Alpha you all see why...

Rein: This $#%+ just got real...

Wywyrm 1 05:10, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, I'm outta the game. Continue the story but... leave Emmeria and meh squadron alone okay?? Windhover 1 05:42, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 16[]

The Next Day...

The Rooivalk sat idle with her support fleet in the north Osean port, below deck the drew in the hangar were checking a group of aircraft that Sabre selected for thier use. With the exception of Bernitz and Foulke all of the Sabre teams Aircraft were F-14G Ultra Tomcats that were pulled from an Osean container ship. Bernitz got the only Su-37K that was actually left over from a Yuke squadron that took up residence on the Carrier but were ultimately shot down.

Omega: Our new aircrafts, make the best of them team.

Sabre (all): Sir! -salute-

Elita: Omega, where do we go from here?

Dylan: Good question Aquila.

Omega: We defintely have to go back on the offensive against my brother and the forces loyal to him. But theres also the nagging question of...

Dimitri: The allies and what to do to prevent further bloodshed between them.

Omega: exactly.

Aizu: I suggest we check with the CIC of the Rooivalk. From there we can get a better handle on the situation. plus we can try to contact some allies from Ustio, if they haven't gone mad along with the Allies.

Omega: Good idea. now we just have to...
Suddenly the alarms of the ship went off, personel scrambled to battle stations. across from them the cruiser Monte Breeze was abuzz with activity as well as personel manned machine guns and began to drop their moorings. Suddenly Admiral Snow was heard over the intercom.

Snow: This is Snow! All personel to battle stations, we have incoming aircraft from all sides!!! Its Osea, Aurelia and Yuktobaina! Get on those Phalanx! Yes those!...-Screech-

Omega: Suit up! We need to get to the breifing room and then airborne! Move it!

Aizu: Understood. Arrik?

Omega: Yes?

Aizu: I dont like this...not at all.

Omega: I know.

The pilots ran to the breifing room with the gear in hand and were alrady itching to take off. Victor hit the projector and began to speak. Everyone was intently looking at the images and the data and trying to get a handle on the situation.

Victor: It appears weve been found. Multiple fighters from every nation in the Neo-UN is coming this way. We are unsure of numbers, but what we know is that it will be an all out brawl up there. No one i mean No One. is your friend up there. We must fight to survive. Dimitri you might find this disturbing.

Dimitri: yes? go ahead.

Victor: It appears your old squadron, the one i used to command and you led is headed straight at us. Kitsune flight. We dont know about num...

Dimitri shocked interupted

Dimitri: They're using my own men against me!? Dammit!

Rein: Calm down Dimitri, who else is headed for us? It cant just be our...allies.

Victor: Claymore team was also spotted with them. Im afraid. Yukes Kavant team was also spotted, Osea also sent the Dragon squadron. Aurelias Falco team was spotted as well.

Dimitri: God dammit. Shion and I had a trainee might be in command of Kitsune! Ryuzaki!

Elita: There might be Neucom teams headed for us too.

With that Victor uttered "Razgriz, Launch. halt the allies attack on one another. If you can reason with them. fine. but for the most part take them all out. We must survive." The pilots all nodded and headed for their planes in the hangar. Their mission clear.

Kitsune 1 20:16, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

As the Saber Team's aircraft were raised to the flight deck, the team was astonished at the sight before them. The three enemy fleets hadn't fired on anyone yet, rather they were just at a stand-off at the moment. The enemy fighters circled above ominously, but for the moment, the Oseans assumed the Rooivalk was on their side.

Pixy launched first and immediately climbed as high as he could to get a good vantage point, followed by Aquila, then Rein, Dimitri, Aizu, and finally Omega. They formed up and flew headlong towards the enemy, whose fighters now approached at high speed while the warships held back in their standoff.

Omega: Rooivalk, what are our targets.

Victor: We have Claymore, Falco and Kavant on our scopes, and a fourth squadron of what look like Su-43s taking off from the Aurelian carrier, callsign...Alect.

Dimitri: Great, THESE guys...

Aquila: Enemy almost in missile range.

Omega: Not yet. Make sure you don't hit Claymore; they might side with us eventually.

Three seconds later, Kavant was in missile range, their MiG-44s gleaming brightly in the sun. It was now or never.

Omega: Open fire!

Wywyrm 1 22:49, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

As soon as they fired several Hydra XLAAs left their rails and careened toward the Yuketobanian fighters. Two of the planes doged the but the remining three were hit by missile fire. The MiGs immedately spiraled streaking flames as the pilots ejected from the planes. Omega cut high as Aizu went left. Dimitri and Rein took the flanks and now enciricled the remaining MiGs. Meanwhile a group of F-2Es from Kitsune circled around wtaching the squadrons engage one another.

Ryuzaki: Look at this. All this death and destruction, becuase of them.

Kitsune 2: Sir?

Alect 1: Get into the fight, we have no choice! Zap those bandits!

Ryuzaki: How much did Laesath sell you guys off for?

Alect 2: That doesnt matter. look at those Oseans, they think they rule the skies! Lets go!

The Su-43s broke off to engage the Dragon squadron who was now engaging the Yuketobanian Kavant renmants who slipped from Sabres sight. Alect 2 banked hard left and attacked dragon 3 who was now pelted with gunfire, Kavant 5 fired into Alect 3 who easily rolled off.

Dimitri: Its them! Its Alect!

Aizu: Moving to engage all Alect fighters.

Dragon 1: we need help guys! shoot them down!

Omega: Locked on! Fox 2!

A missile streaked into Kavant 4 and his plane exploded in mid air. now there was only 1 member of Kavant left who now hit the deck and began to leave until backup arrived. Aizu fired into Alect 5 and damaged his fighter. The fighter streaked smoke as Aizu was fired upon by Alect 2. Omega got on the six of Alect 2 and fired his Sidewinder. Another missile hit the top of 2 and the fighter exploded. Omegas missile added insult to injury and sent it into a flat spin. Dimitri hooked over to engage Alect 1. when cannon shells went over his nose.

Ryuzaki: I know who you are!! Traitor!

Dimitri: Kid! stop! you'll die!

Aizu: engaging the F-2!

Rein: NO!

Kitsune 1 00:24, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Omega looked down at his comrades from above and looked for an opening; he was at a bad angle for either a gun kill or missile shot. He had to get the F-2 off of them however, no matter what the cost. Omega pushed over into a steep dive at top speed and flashed right across F-2s nose. Ryuzaki broke away to avoid a collision and looked around frantically for his enemy.

Ryuzaki: Dammit!

Omega: You made a grave error to attack my allies, now face the Demon's wrath!

Ryuzaki: We'll see about that.

Omega pulled back up towards the F-2 to shoot him, only to find that Ryuzaki had reversed and was now boring down on him. The two of them passed at close range, Omega pulled around into a dive, Ryuzaki pulled back into a climb, beginning a deadly waltz known as a Rolling Scissors. The F-2 had a huge advantage in agility, but had nothing on the Ultra Tomcat in terms of speed, climb and dive rates.

Ryuzaki: You truly are demons, but there is nothing heroic about you!

Omega: I'm not trying to be a hero, just trying to end this war.

Meanwhile, high above, Dimitri, Aizu and Rein looked at the engagement unfolding; there was no way they could try to provide cover without hitting Omega in the process. Aquila could try to get Ryu into a turning fight, hadn't she turned off to engage another formation of Yukes, even though by the looks of it she had them more than outmatched...but where was Pixy?

As it turned out, he had already moved to set a trap for Ryuzaki; as soon as they were in front of him, as he and Omega passed, Pixy would fire his laser and shred the Viper in mid flight.!

Pixy: Firing TLS!

Omega: Whoa!

Omega pulled up sharply to evade Pixy's laser, but unfortunately for Ryuzaki, the laser sliced his fighter clean in half along its length, blowing it apart when the fuel ignited in a massive fireball. Pixy pulled back up to evade the debris when tracers streaked past his Super Falken; Alect 1 had gotten behind him, and even in a Super Falken it would be difficult to outmaneuver a Berkut.

Wywyrm 1 02:14, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Dimitri: ....

Kitsune 2: Boss!

Dimitri: That Idiot!

Dylan: We must fight to survive. That all there is...-Loud Thud- Dammit. Still glommed on!

Alect 1: Even in a Falken!? This will be easy.

As he said that Aizu, pulling up now had a firing solution on alect 1. She fired her cannon but missed. The Leasathian fighter pulling away from the Falken as Aizu darted past. Aizu rolled over and dove once more. this time she pulled up and turned hard left with the Berkut.

Aizu: Got you!

Alect 1: in that thing!? give me a break!
Omega: Got your back Aizu. locked on!!

Alect 1: Wha!

Without him noticing Omegas F-14 came from his outside as he turned with Aizu on his tail. Omega fired two sidewinders at him as he struggled to break Aizu off his tail, Aizu barely keeping up suddenly saw a missile streak past her. The second missile made contact with Alect 1 and sent him spiraling to earth.

Alect 1: AHHHH! What the hell!?

Aizu: Ah! moving to evade! -Her fighter almost collding with the burning wreck of Alect 1.-

Aizu pulled up hard as Omega tured right to engage the remaining Alect fighters, Dimitri and Rein meanwhile were trying to corral the Kitsune team and keep them out of the fight. These guys were merely trainees thrust into combat and now with their leader dead. they were in dissaray. Oseas Dragon squadron dropped out of the fight after Elita shot three of them down with her Hydra missiles and now she moved to assault the next Osean squadron Mako. But before she could several long and medium range missiles tore through them. they came from two squadrons. They couldn't beleive who it was.

Thunder 1: Its time to stop the bloodshed! Anyone who stands in our way or the ghosts is dead!

Omega: What the hell!?

Claymore 1: Since when did you join the Navy!?

Elita: You couldn't have possibly known..

Claymore 1: Your carriers CIC explained everything to us. Were on your side, lets get out of this fight. All units take them down!

Omega suddenly realized the fighters had dropped out of the fight and stayed low. They must have picked up on something when the fighting commenced. Suddenly the Osean squadrons howled at Claymore and Sabres "Betrayal"

Mako 1: Its them! The ones who killed the president! Claymore is in on it too!

Mako 2: Butcher those dogs for their crimes!

Mako 3: Hey the Terrorists got backup from those Neucom F***ers!

Meanwhile Kitsune team engaged their old comrades, missiles and tracers flew back and forth as each fighter stayed glued to one another. Dimitri had finally realized that the only way to convince any of his old squadmates to stop fighting him was to either force them to expend their ammo or shoot them down and force their surrender.

Rein: Stop fighting! dont you recongnize our voices!?

Kitsune 2: Who cares who you are!

Dimitri You will. Kitsune Fox 2!

A missile strekaed straight into Kitsune 2, his F-2 slid sideways and its wings folded in. the fighter exploded shortly after 2 managed to eject. 3 shocked from this attacked Rein with guns blazing, Rein dodged her F-14 right and kept turning. Dimitri switched back over and focused on 3 who was now trying to get on Reins Six.

Rein: Get him off!

Kitsune 4: This makes me sick! locked on!

Dimitri before he could gain lock, noticed that Kitsune 4 had fired an AAM and now the missile slammed into Kitsune 3 vaporizing the plane completely. Rein pulled an immelmann and leveled out as Dimitri and Kitsune 4 now moved into formation with her.

Kitsune 4: Sir. Airman first class Nathan Martinez. At your service.

the three planes, now unified, now moved to support Sabre and their allies in driving the enemy back from the zone. United they could stand a chance against the fleet and the ovewhelming numbers of bandits that were attcking one another along with the defectors and Sabre.

Kitsune 1 07:47, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

The dogfight had become a confused melee as fighters from three different nations hurtled at each other, not a good place for Saber and their allies; now they needed to focus on the surface ships below. Pixy could easily slice a destroyer in two with his TLS, but the others would find this task more difficult; their best hope rested with the Osean-built battleship Bull Run in the Rooivalk's fleet, equipped with recently upgraded 16-inch guns and cruise missile launchers. In order to ensure perfect accuracy, they would need to give coordinates to the ship from their position all while avoiding the intense AAA and SAM fire. But at that exact moment, something happened that completely turned the tide of the battle.

Yuke Aegis Chuda: This is just sickening; why must we fight such a pointless war!?

Yuke Carrier Admiral Tsenev: We fight to teach those treachorous Oseans a lesson in civility. Remember all the women, children and elderly dead at Okchabursk.

Yuke Aegis Chuda: But there was no way the Oseans would do such a thing!

Yuke Carrier Admiral Tsenev: You don't know that; they've done worse before.

Yuke Aegis Chuda: That does it! Commander, I demand you step down this instant!

Yuke Carrier Admiral Tsenev: What!?

Yuke Aegis Chuda: STAND DOWN!!!

With that, the Aegis pulled in front of the carrier and came to a full stop, obstructing their path, but the Yukes were not about to let that stop them.

Yuke Carrier Admiral Tsenev: You will pay dearly for your betrayal Captain Sergei. All units, a traitor is obstructing our advance; target the Aegis Cruiser Chuda. Open Fire!

Several Yuke ships fired a withering salvo at that moment and reduced the once proud Aegis to a burning wreck in seconds, practically breaking it in two from the explosions. All of the combatants stopped firing for a moment as they lucked on with a combination of horror and stunned disbelief; even Omega found the sight horrifying, and could not say anything.

Dimitri: What a sad sight...they would rather destroy themselves than turn towards the light.

Martinez: I can't believe they would stoop so low!

Omega: Hold it, they've all stopped firing; something's happening down there...

Osean Cruiser Invincible: Did they just fire on their own ship!? How could they follow such an order!?

Aurelian Aegis Cygnus: How could they do this!

Yuke Destroyer Gumrack: I don't know about you, but we've all had enough! All who seek an end to this unjust war, follow us!

The Gumrack and Aegis Pujitnov pulled out of their fleet and set a course at full speed towards the Rooivalk's fleet, joined by the Osean heavy cruisers Invincible, Glorious and Chivalry as well as the Aurelian Cygnus, Orion, Rigel and Antares. Even the Captain of the Osean Aircraft Carrier OFS Vincent Harling had a change of heart.

Johanson: This is Captain Chase Johanson of the OFS Vincent Harling. OFS Rooivalk, we are joining your fleet!

Omega Felsen 20:02, November 9, 2010 (UTC)

Back in Anea....

Windhover 1: Comrades! I have returned with survivors from the EE war to commence construction of my latest project!!! The Chandelier II. Windhover 1 09:11, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

Windhover, you reaize this interferes with the continuity of the storyline, right? Omega Felsen 18:27, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

Too late, the Chandelier II is nearing completion.... 1 more bolt to bolt!! Windhover 1 04:22, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Tell you what Rodd...why don't you remove this FOR NOW, then after the combat in 16 dies down, then you can go to a "cutscene", showing said weapon under construction? How does that sound? Omega Felsen 05:37, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Dammit! Chandelier on hold then. <_< Windhover 1 07:35, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

Alright before this thing dies out Im posting on this. Alright before Rodd interupted with the supa weapon. we were lets see....The allied fleet grows in size thanks to defectors. and action. Kitsune 1 04:57, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

The ships were now steaming towards the allied fleet as the OFS Vincent Harling took the lead with the Cygnus, Gumrack, and Invincible at her side. The Harlings carrier fighter began to fall out of the fight and moved to escort her. Though there was some initial hesitation among them.

Canis 1: Follow the Harling and protect those ships!

Canis 3: Sir. we were fighting them. Are you sure?

Canis 1: This is an order! defend the fleet!

Velox 1: This is the Velox squadron of the Aurelian Navy, Admiral Snow. Captian Johanssen; permission to join your fleet.

Snow: Permission granted aviator, redirect your flight to support Sabre.

Velox 4: Confirmed. breaking off.

A hoarde of Osean F-14G's, Aurelian MiG-33 SS, and a small unit of Neucom R-102's began to come to the aid of Sabre. The enemy that was now in chaos couldn't beleive their eyes. The enemy ships began to fire on the allied fleet. Despite Shells, Missiles and Aircraft grazing the ships they continued to steam forward and now began to fire back starting with the Bull Run who aimed its main 16 inch battery at the Yuke Carrier Admiral Tsenev.

Rein: Target confirmed. Bull Run do you have a visual?

Bull Run: We got them. Begin Bombardment! FIRE!

Monte Breeze: Help the Cygnus out! They are our brothers! FIRE!

The 16 inch guns blared out in a thunderous report. The first two rounds slammed in front of the Carrier, suddenly a massive expolsion burst forth. The front of the Tsnev was litterally blown off, fires broke out on the entire front half of the vessel. Stopping the Yuktobanians from launching any more fighters. An Osean Destroyer was hit seconds later by the Monte Breeze's auto-cannon. 76mm shells ripped the entire right side of the ship off. Sabre team now engaged a formation of F/A-32C's that attacked from the left flank. Sabre turned into their attackers and realized it was General Resource planes.

Dimitri: F*** of all the times, these imperialistic pricks deicde to show up. no matter engaging!

Omega: I got lock! Fox 2!

Aizu: Mistral Firing!

Rein: Vixen Fox 2!

The fighters all unleashed a salvo of missiles and broke every which way, two of the F/A-32C's exploded and fell. Meanwhile Omega pulled back hard and got behind an Erne. While Rein gained a lead on a fighter that broke Right. She fired her cannon and the enemy plane was deicimated. The wing of the Erne Broke off and the plane was sent into a death spiral. Dimitri,Aizu, and Martinez kept going straight and intercepted a trio of F/A-4X's with GR markings. Elita and Dylan however were low to the deck attacking enemy ships and attack aircraft. A Red TLS beam cut through the bridge of a Neucom S Warship and halted its progress. Elita followed up with a pair of LASM and managed to hit before pulling up to avoid CIWS fire.

Velox 2: Downed one Hornet! on to the next one!

Elita: Heads up!

Velox 2: Whoa! how did he get on me!?

Dylan: Hang on man. got this one. Fox 2!

Dylan fired his missiles and destroyed the Su-37K that attempted to attack Velox 2, Dylan and Elita pulled up while Velox unloaded their cannon rounds into another Osean Cruiser annhilating it, though a lucky shot a shot down Velox 5. Dimitri, Aizu and Martinez now fresh from attacking the GR aircraft now spotted some GR warships moving to aide the forces that were blinded by hate.

Osean Cruiser: We can't keep this up. We have to withdraw!

Yuke Destroyer: Dammit! How could they have done this! It must have been those demons!

GR Squadron: The men who killed my squadron!

Omega: Guys this is getting more and more confused, be on the heads up for enemy fire. Canis, Velox, Claymore, Gumrack, Bull Run! Focus all your fire on the remaining ships! Sabre, Kitsune 4! Up high with me!

Sabre/Kitsune 4: Copy

Dimitri: Got a plan? Looks like GR is sending their planes high to meet us.

Rein: This is Vixen, I can't take this! I hate this!

Martinez: Vixen, we all do. But we have to push on!

Aizu: Well said. Lets Go!

Thunder (All): Demons! We got your back. Commence attack.

Kitsune 1 04:57, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Saber and Kitsune dove on the FA-32s and brought down a fair amount of their number in the initial pass, the rest being force to break off as their concentration faltered from the loss of their comrades, including their flight lead. However, an alarm began going off in Omega's cockpit, signalling that his fuel level was dangerously low. He had to either land immediately or ditch in the sea, and he had no intention of having to bail out into the ocean for a third time in the war (the first being at Anfang, the second near the Cirrus Islands).

Omega: We're completely outgunned still, and my fuel guage is getting towards the critical zone. We'll need to retreat as soon as the Belkan fleet arrives, then we can land and regroup far from the combat zone.

Aizu: How much fuel you have left?

Omega: Enough for five minutes tops, less if my fuel tank was hit.

Rein: You probably were; I still have twenty minutes worth.

Dimitri: Yeah, those Belkans will really confuse things though, so Omega's probably right.

Snow: Agreed. There's no shame in falling back to regroup. All units, pull out of the combat zone before those Belkans get here.

Johanssen: Good idea.

Cygnus: I second that.

Gumrack: We took some damage already, so it would be best to fall back for repairs, but where?

Snow: The abandoned Belkan base in the Razgriz Straights will probably be the best choice.

Pujitnov: Understood. We'll lead the way; we know a way there that minimizes the risk of getting stuck in the ice.

With that said, the allied aircraft pulled away from the engagement and the ships turned away while the Bull Run and Cygnus provided covering fire. Omega, his plane in bad shape, managed to land his F-14 on the Rooivalk just as his engines burned up the last of his fuel. The rest of Saber followed soon after along with Kitsune. The rest of the squadrons landed on the Vincent Harling. Although they were retreating, they held their heads high as unlike many of their foes, they would live to fight another day. The Belkan fleet had arrived by now, and naturally the enemy turned on them and let the others go, deciding that the Belkans were a larger threat...

(I'm not letting this die, I was trying to find a way to get this thing moving along)

Omega Felsen 20:03, November 16, 2010 (UTC)

Dinsmark, Belka...

As Alpha finally got himself situated in what had been Scharfefaust's office, he at last realized Phase One of his plans. A new banner was now flying over the capital, a gold banner with a white midsection and the Iron Cross in the center, the banner flown by Erik Felsen's Fourth Reich in 2017. Now, Alpha's Domain, the Sixth Reich, would soon usher in the beginning of a new world order, one dominated by a new master race of genetically enhanced superhumans, like himself. Harpie, his protege, sat in chair just across his desk from him.

Harpie: So this is the Beginning of the New Order?

Alpha: No, not yet. It is the Beginning of the End of the Old Order. The New Order will rise once the Old one has ceased to exist, and if we can keep the Neo-UN fighting itself for two years or so, then it will be so.

Harpie: Hmm...I wonder though...

Alpha: Hmm?

Harpie: What if Omega and the others escaped? What if they're still alive?

Alpha: I wouldn't be surprised, but the world is against them; they will be powerless to stop us. They and that traitor Bernitz are but five people, trying to stop billions from destroying each other. It is only a matter of time before...

At that moment, Uber Generalfeldmarschall Weiss staggered into the room looking as if he had been running for his life, the patch covering his missing left eye until it could be replaced being off at a slight angle. He was very pale, as if he had been scared out of his skin.

Weiss: Mein Fuhrer, I've recieved word from Grosseadmiral Seigfried. The 2nd Fleet has successfully engaged and destroyed three enemy fleets!

Alpha: As I expected they would. What is the cause for alarm?

Weiss: But there were some that not only escaped, but joined together to form a new fleet!

Alpha: What?

Weiss: Several ships from Yuketobania, Osea and Aurelia have united under the command of the Osean aircraft carrier Rooivalk. What's more? Saber is among them, and with two new pilots!

Alpha was clearly taken aback by this report and froze in stunned shock. He had anticipated Saber surviving the onslaught, and that some might side with them, but to think that an entire fleet's worth of ships from three warring nations would was unbelievable to him. He had made a grave error in not destroying Saber sooner rather than later, and now he would pay dearly for it. The next second, however, his surprise turned to rage as he stood up and slammed his fist into the desk and broke it clean in two.

Alpha: This is getting completely out of hand. I want Saber to be annihilated! Use whatever means necessary to lure them into a fight they can't win, then destroy them with everything we've got! They and their allies are the only ones standing between us and the New World Order! Have I made myself clear?

Weiss: Jawohl mein Fuhrer! -salutes-

With that, Weiss turned on his heel and staggered back out, shutting the door behind him.

Former Belkan Weapons Research Base, Razgriz Straights...

The pilots from both carriers wasted no time in helping to transfer equipment from the ships, working side-by-side with personel from maintainance to security all the way up to the executive officers. The Captain of the Aegis Gumrack in particular did what he could to help despite taking a light wound to the shoulder from shrapnel. The Captain from the Chuda, who somehow survived the blast and had been rescued, was immediately taken inside and treated for his wounds with the rest of the survivors from the Yuketobanian Aegis.

The Saber Team themselves were in a variety of roles at this point; Dimitri was helping to get the generator repaired and running, while Rein worked with the Sattelite monitering equipment and Aizu assisted in treating the wounded in what had once been the enlisted mess but was now a sick bay. Bernitz and Foulke were in the air patrolling the area in case they were shadowed, and Omega was in a room with the rest of the pilots to give them their debriefing.

Omega: I commend you all for your bravery and willing self-sacrifice. I cannot thank you enough. Our ships, both the ones in the original fleet as well as yours are in mostly good condition with light damage at the most and are still seaworthy; the same cannot be said for your former allies, who were sunk by the Belkan 2nd Fleet. As for our aircraft, surprisingly there were no losses on our side; all of you flew admirably, that is why you are here right now.

Martinez: Captain Felsen, may I make a request?

Omega: Yes Airman First Class Martinez. Ask away.

Martinez: I request to join the Saber Team.

Voxel 2: So do I.

Canis: We all would like to join.

Omega, surprised at how up-front they were with their request, didn't know what to say, but then an idea crossed his mind, one that he knew could make a major difference.

Omega: about we do this...

Ten Hours Later...

Late that night, Omega lead his squadron members over to one of the large hangars intended for entire wings of B-1R Lancer IIs; they had no idea why they were supposed to go there, only that Omega said he had something to show them. They now stood just outside the closed doors, the lights inside completely off.

Pixy: So what are we here for?

Aquila: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

Omega: Just something that I and the rest of the pilots came up with...

Omega pressed the button to open the hangar doors, turning on the lights simultaneously. The doors slowly slid open to an awe-inspiring sight. All twenty-two pilots other than Saber were all lined up in a row and standing at ease with their arms behind their backs, alng with four others that seemed unfamiliar. Behind them, also in a row, was an equal number of F-14G Ultra Tomcats painted jet black with red detail work on the tail, and between every fourth plane, a banner with the likeness of the Demon of Ragriz, with the words 'Ghosts of Razgriz' emblazoned on a superimposed scroll, and below that, the words 'Razgriz Tactical Fighter Wing'. Eight elements of pilots and planes were before them, all in the same colors, united for the same mission: the restoration of peace and the downfall of evil.

Dimitri: What did you do!?

Pixy: Okay, this tops anything I've seen before...

Aquila: What made you think of this!?

Omega: It was their idea at first to join, but I worked off of it a bit, and this is what we got. The new coats of paint on the F-14Gs are finally dry...All flight leaders report!

Aurelian Pilot: Sir! Second Lieutenant Jacobson, callsign Razgriz Nine reports as ordered!

Osean Pilot: Sir! Captain Hughes, callsign Razgriz Thirteen reports as ordered!

Yuketobanian Pilot: Sir! First Lieutenant Minsk, callsign Razgriz Seventeen reports as ordered!

Yuketobanian Pilot: Sir! Captain Aevia, callsign Razgriz Twenty-One reports as ordered!

Aurelian Pilot: Sir! Captain Matthews, callsign Razgriz Twenty-Five reports as ordered!

Now it was the last flight's turn, and Bernitz nearly gasped in surprise at who it was. It was the Neo-Schnee Team, shot down over the Razgriz Straights, well, what was left of it. They had survived there, somehow, and had defected it seemed, but surprised her greatly.

Hillerman: Sir! Major Hillerman, callsign Razgriz Twenty-Nine reports as ordered!

The Saber Team was speachless as what had just transpired before them, but Dimitri had to ask the question.

Dimitri: Who's Razgriz One through Six?

Omega: That would be us. Aquila, you lead Bravo Flight, with Foulke as your number two. Aizu, Dimitri, Rein, you're with me in Alpha flight...any more questions?

Dimitri: Nope, I'm good.

Aizu: ...

Omega: What's wrong Aizu?

Aizu: Oh, nothing. It's just's moving. I didn't think something like this would happen.

Omega: Aizu, have faith. We will end this senseless bloodshed one day, I know it...Razgriz Fighter Wing, fall out!

Razgriz 7-32: Yes Sir!

The pilots all fell out and returned to their makeshift barracks for the night, running to beat the rapidly dropping temperature.

Omega: Come. Let's get inside before the temperature drops too low.

With a nod in agreement, each one left one at a time until it was just Omega and Aizu, the former closing the hangar doors and shutting off the lights.

Aizu: Arrik...

Omega: Yes?

Aizu: ...Thank you...for everything...

Mission 17[]

At daybreak of the following day, the base was already buzzing with activity as ships were repaired, systems brought online and planes armed and fueled for the day's mission, whatever it may be. The pilots of the Razgriz Tactical Fighter Wing had turned an old storage shed into a makeshift briefing room, as the actual briefing room, like the enlisted mess, was turned into a medical ward. Omega, Aizu, Dimitri and Rein all stood at the front of the room beside Victor Patterson, as the generator was turned on and the projector flickered to life, showed the old Axe and Hammer Arms Technologies logo, then showed the briefing map.

Patterson: As you know, since we're at the Razgriz Straights, we are dangerously close to the border of the Republic of Annea, even though we are technically in the still-neutral Kingdom of Nordenavic. Or at least it seems that they're neutral. The Intelligence Vessel Canopus picked up a highly encripted transmission that we decyphered as being in Belkan, to a small shipyard along the east coast of Annea. It was made from Nordenavic, and the contents were as follows:

Nimbus ready for transfer. Departure at 2200 hours. September 2nd, 2048.

Now September 2nd was yesterday, so this was sent last night. The 'Nimbus' they refer to is most likely a Nimbus Mark VIII burst warhead, the same fired by the Annihilator Land Cruiser; this seems to indicate that they could be working on a secret weapon of some sorts.

Now for the Flight Plan. Alpha and Bravo Flights will fly to the east towards the shipyard, where the mission now splits into two objectives: Razgriz 2 through 8 are to provide a Combat Air Patrol, while Omega, flying in an unarmed reconnaisance configuration, will take snapshots of the area after evading the enemy radar. If you're attacked, get out of there immediately, you hear?

Omega: Yes Sir. Razgriz 9 through 32, split yourselves into shifts for Combat Air Patrol around the base perimeter. That is all.

Omega Felsen 03:27, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

Chandelier II is ready for firing. Windhover 1 06:35, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

(Not yet Rodd. Have patience, I already have a plan for the Chandelier II, but it'll have to wait until Mission 19. Respond on my Talk Page if you have any questions)

Omega Felsen 06:39, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

Dammit, just dammit....... Windhover 1 07:15, November 19, 2010 (UTC)!

(Let's just say there's been some delays in shipping the ammunition. It won't FIRE until late in Mission 18, but it can be completed).

Omega Felsen 15:36, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

Four Hours Later...

At long last, the eight F-14G Ultra Tomcats sent up for the mission arrived just outside of the Annean Air Defense Zone. They were all aprehensive, especially Omega, as he had to fly in completely defenseless, take some photos, then get the hell out of there. Even then, he did manage to obtain one safeguard by convincing his crew chief to load the cannon, but this meant that he was defenseless beyond a range of 3,000 feet directly in front. Still, it helped.

Dimitri: Here we are.

Pixy: You ready for this?

Omega: Yes, I'm ready.

Aizu: Be careful in there Arrik.

Omega: I will; maintain radio silence -shuts off radio-

With that, Omega pulled away and dove towards the deck to fly in at low altitude and hopefully avoid the enemy's radar. The terrain was relatively flat at least, much easier to fly through than the hills and valleys of South Belka or the canyons at Avalon. He could fly through at relatively high speed without much trouble, except that the radar covered everything above eight hundred feet...

Omega Felsen 15:36, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

Windhover 1: The reason the Chandelier II's ammo is delayed: The container ship carrying it colided with another container ship, but this ship was carrying a full load of f***ing toilets and stuff.. So. Won;t fire until mission 18. Windhover 1 10:27, November 20, 2010 (UTC)

(C'mon! Don't let this thing die people!!!)

Five minutes later, Omega was having to be very careful with his flying, not to avoid the terrain, but because the radar net had thinner gaps. Even for someone with his level of patience and motor skills, he found it difficult, VERY difficult. Then, just up ahead, he saw it at last, the harbor where the shipment was supposed to be delivered, but to his surprise, the ship was not there.

Omega: -activates radio- RS-1, I've reached the target. The ship is not here.

Patterson: Probably some delay of one type or another...there should still be some ships there. See if you can catch their nationalities in a photo.

Omega: Wilco.

Omega looked down and conveniently, the ships were a fair distance in front so that all he would have to do is dip the nose then pull up again after taking the photo.

Omega: -takes photo-

Patterson: Photo Recieved...hmm, I see ships with the Annean Navy ensign as well as those of the Belkan Kriegsmarine. That clears things up a there anything else of note there?

Omega: Yes, the airfield half a klick to the west. I'll check that one out too...

With that, Omega made a full 180 and flew back to the west. The airfield, being a base, would be a hard target, since it would be nearly impossible for the defenders to miss him on his approach.

Omega: Almost there...and...-takes photo- got it!

Patterson: Photo Recieved...Great, now get out of there!

At that exact moment, the air raid sirens began sounding throughout the airfield.

Annean Guard: Bogey detected! Scramble!

Unknown Pilot: Ritters 1 and 2 standing by on the runway. Ready for takeoff. Ritters 3 through 8, be ready to follow after.

Omega pulled up high and firewalled the afterburner to escape as a barrage of SAMs were fired at him, and minutes later, eight X-02Bs were pursuing him in the air.

Ritter 3: That plane has no nationality?

Ritter 1: Appearance analyzed. Bogey characterized by black fuselage, red tail.

Ritter 2: It's an Ultra Tomcat. Probably Osean.

Ritter 4: I'm almost in range...

Omega: Sorry, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve...

What Omega was refering to, of course, was a last-minute addition to his payload on the crew chief's recommendation: ECM pods. Omega had argued that it would only be dead weight, but now Omega saw it as a blessing.

Omega: Jamming enemy radar.

Ritter 2: Huh!? My radar! It's offline!

Ritter 1: move...

Minutes later, Omega finally made it close enough to the border that Ritter turned back, and Omega formed back up with his squadmates.

Omega: Never did I think I'd be flying recon; now I know what those guys feel like when they have to do this.

Pixy: I know what you mean; I started my flying career as a recon pilot.

Aquila: Really? The grandson of the famous "Solo-Wing Pixy" flying recon?

Pixy: Hey! Somebody had to do it!

Dimitri: Cut the chatter.

Rein: Yeah, who were those X-02s anyway?

Omega: Ritter Squadron. I know without a doubt that they're Belkan aggressors.

Aizu: Then we'd best be ready to fight them sooner or later. Let's go home.

Omega Felsen 06:14, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

Omega circled in and now took up the rear posistion in the eight plane formation, letting his wingmen defend him in case the enemy decided to fire on them. Oddly enough the X-02's turned back and hit full afterburner, almost as if they were spooked. their chatter was heard over the radio.

Ritter 1: Looks like his friends have shown up, they have to be armed. Everyone listen up; turn around and head back to base. We aren't as well armed as them.

Ritter 3: WHAT!?

Ritter 4: Just follow your orders! head home.

Aizu: Enemy fighters are bugging out. I thought we had a fight on hands for a moment there.

Omega: Alright we got what we needed all planes set course for home.

Rein: Copy that. We'll have intelligence decipher the images.

With that the eight Tomcats turned around and egressed from Annean airspace and headed for base in the Razgriz Straits. Several minutes later the fighters landed back at their base along with the other fighters that were sent out on patrol to guard the airspace around it. Dimitri and Rein climbed out their respective fighters and began to talk about the current situation.

Rein: So. Where do you think that Nimbus shipment was headed for? You think theres some kind of new landship of some type hidden in Annea, Belka or Osea?

Dimitri: Ive heard other rumors like that yes. Have you heard of the XB-10 "Big Mama"?

Rein: No. Why?

Dimitri: -shakes head- 1998 there was a super bomber bulit called the XB-10, it was used by the URF to destroy the military corps. But Scarface squadron destroyed one in Commona Islands and shot one down in the North of the country.

Rein: That was ages ago. What does that have to do with anything?

Dimitri: I heard Yuktobania and Emmeria had XB-10 like projects going in the 2020's mainly to be Missile and Bomb trucks. Also to double as huge ass command aircraft.

Omega: Another curse of Belkan weapons development. Heavy command cruisers and so called "Super Gunships" there is a possiblity that those weapons could exist and be deployed against us or the allies.

Aizu: More needless bloodshed between our nations. These weapons. they are nothing more than tools of mass destruction and malice. They wont bring them any closer to victory.

Patterson: Hmm...

They dispersed and began to talk amoungst themselves, Dimitri and Rein helped Omega unload the Canisters that contained the film while mechanics detached the ECM pods. Elita walked over to her Su-37 that was parked oppisite of her Tomcat. The Yellow and brown camouflaged jet stuck out amongst the Black tomcats. The others such as Martinez and the old leader of Neo-Schnee were headed for the mess hall to get something to eat.

Martinez: Race your ass! -runs-

Hillerman: Not a chance in hell kid! -Runs-

Fiona: Jeez. Its just food guys.

Matthews: -runs- yeah but its worth it!

Kitsune 1 21:50, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

As it turned out, Martinez and Hillerman tied in their race; Martinez, though younger, was very lean in build, while Hillerman, though older, was more muscular, making them an even match. Besides that point, the four of them were at a bench in the mess hall, now cleared out as the wounded had been moved to what had been the officer's quarters, and of them, half were well enough by now that they were let out.

Martinez: did you get here?

Hillerman: Who, me?

Fiona: It was directed towards you, yes.

Matthews: I was wondering as well.

Hillerman: -sighs- Well, you see Neo-Schnee was one of the top fighter squadrons in the Stahlerne Luft's 8th Air Division, with myself as the leader, and after the Scinfaxi II was hijacked early in the war and brought in to repair some light damage caused by sabotuers, we were transfered to that behemoth of a submarine. Some time later, we came under attack by the Saber Squadron. I had heard about them, so I had prepared accordingly by having our Ultra Tomcats loaded with QAAMs. We launched and engaged them, and caught them by surprise. However, the battle turned against us once our number three dove on the number two plane. One of them immediately let lose with a literal hailstorm of bullets and brought him down in flames; I still don't know how he got out, and he doesn't remember himself.

Fiona: Go on...

Hillerman: I still had no idea what happened, but then another fell, then another, and finally, I was on the number two pilot when just as I was ready to fire, I was hit from behind by the same pilot from earlier. I still don't know whether it was the number four or the leader, but whoever he was, I was impressed. As for the other planes in the squadron, two EA-18Ms, acting as AWACS aircraft, circled the combat zone...if you're wondering where their pilots are, one of them's working on analyzing the recon photos, while the other's leg was so frostbitten it had to be amputated.

Fiona: I know who shot you down. It was Omega.

Hillerman: Omega? Who's that?

Matthews: The Wing Commander.

Hillerman: Are you serious!? Here I am, talking about my days among the enemy, not knowing that the man who shot me down happens to be the guy in charge! That's just priceless! -laughs-

Omega Felsen 01:35, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

The station was now swarming with UCAV craft, and a sizable fleet was now assembled, including a new kind of UCAV space fighter. The Gewalt flew out of the station's hangar with the last of the XB-10E cruisers.

CRAC Schmerzmittel: Final checkout complete. All cruisers have left the hangar.

Galaan Scharfefaust: At last, soon enough we'll be able to leave this decrepit station and have Strangereal for all of Belka. The real Belka... (((Enjoy your last battle, Omega, because even if you do manage to overthrow that useless Alpha, I'll be coming for you...)))

Schenze: Soon those pathetic Osean scum will die, and we'll bring the world to its knees!

Galaan Scharfefaust: (((...I will be seeing you, Omega... ...very soon...)))

Cmdr Lightning 04:11, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

Dinsmark, Belka...

The command bunker beneath the Belkan Reichstag was buzzing with activity as Alpha entered the complex to make his usual inspections, with Harpie and a pair of Sturmkommandos by his side. Something was amiss, and he had a good idea what it might be.

Alpha: Report, Generalfeldmarschal.

General Field Marshal Rostner, the assigned commanding officer of the Strategic Defense Command, turned, saluted and gave his reply.

Rostner: Our comunications analysts have discovered suspicious com traffic between Nordenavic and the Annean Mainland. There are several times where Nimbus warheads are mentioned, and several where a railgun is mentioned as well. Then, the Kronprinz Erich I took this image on the far eastern side of the continent.

Rostner pressed a button on the console behind him, causing the image to appear on one of the large moniters. Although it seemed far from fully complete in appearance due to its skeletal structure, it was without a doubt a functioning railgun much like the old Chandelier. This one, however, was mounted on a massive rotating turret base, allowing it to fire wherever it was needed. Based on the size alone, Alpha knew that the Belkan homeland was well within range, and that meant his carefully built empire was in jeopardy of being annihilated. But to the others' surprise, he seemed to already know.

Alpha: Just as the Ritter Team said; I knew it would be a good idea to place spies within that upstart army. Tell them to lie low for now. The Saber "Ghosts" can handle it, although they don't know that they'd be doing us a favor. Make sure to keep it that way.

Omega Felsen 23:08, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 18[]

The following day, the wing was called up for their briefing, and based on the stern look upon Victor Patterson's face, this mission was of vital importance.

Victor: We discovered that the facilities in question were indeed a naval port, and that the Belkans are operating within it, as well as the destination for the cargo. Supposedly, these Nimbus Warheads are supposed to be delivered to the old Chandelier site. Why that might be so is beyond me, as the Chandelier was destroyed in 2016. However, what is known is that the ship carrying the warheads struck an iceberg and has made for repairs in Nordenavic. Your mission is to destroy the cargo ship and its supporting vessels, regardless of their flag. We cannot let these warheads through, as they will likely be used against us if we are discovered. Launch!

Omega Felsen 19:17, November 29, 2010 (UTC)

At Nordenavic, a hidden Rald Belkan U-boat was submerged underwater, lying in wait, while two Belstapo officers relayed information about the current activity to an orbital satellite, which in turn transmitted information back to the nearly empty station.

Nightmare 2: How pathetic. They weren't even attacked, and the cargo ship still suffered damage.

Nightmare 1: Even that so called "superior" race has their flaws...

Galaan Scharfefaust: And so do those new Razgriz fools...

Cmdr Lightning 20:26, November 29, 2010 (UTC)

The crew of the ship were going about their business as the day went by, the sonar operators of the cargo ship already knew that they were being tailed. The U-Boat wasnt completely invisible to their eyes and ears the crew was communicating over a secure channel and changed it every two minutes to prevent hacking. The data was sent to a destroyer escort that fired depth charges followed by another cruiser nearby.

Destroyer: Pathetic sub thinks they can tail us huh? Keep dropping charges and monitor the situation!

U-Boat Captain: We're under fire! but how!?

Another tremor rocked the U-boat, followed by an explosion.

U-Boat Captain: Mein Obersterführer, we're under attack! The enemy has escort ships. Move to evade you idiots!

Cargo Ship: Good, that'll keep them off our backs.

Schenze: Damn it! Those fools! Dive now! Your U-Boat should've been able to avoid detection! Dive!!!

U-Boat Captain: ..............

The U-Boat took serious damage and now sunk to the bottom of the sea. A furious Scharfefaust pounded the armrest of his chair, and watched as the U-Boat disappeared from sonar.

Galaan Scharfefaust: All we can do is keep watch on Strangereal and get ready...I want that planet under my control by the time this war is over.


The squadron flew towards the location of the cargo ship and her esocort fleet. Thunder Squadron who defected as well were flying their trademark FR-23A Black Widow III's were flying alongside their allies in the Razgriz squadron. Their planes were painted Jet Black except they had blue Checkerboard patterns on their wingtips. The ex NEU pilots were watching the sea below.

Thunder 1: Looks like the sea is starting to freeze once more. no wonder they damaged their ship. Razgriz. expecting anything?

Omega: aside from a small armed escort fleet and a cargo ship we need to sink? Nope. but be on your guard.

Aizu: Arrik. I got a couple signatures on radar. look like a pair of fighters.

Victor (Ground): Look like some escorts. IFF is GR alright.

Dimitri: Got it. Moving to engage.

Rein: Moving to engage.

The F-14s broke off from formation and engaged what turned out to be nothing more than GRDF F/A-4X's they fell in quick order but were replaced by Belkan F-20K tigersharks. which were proving to be a hassle.

Omega: they know what they're doing. Fox 2!

Haifisch: Evading now! So this is the Razgriz!? what a joke! Engage them all!

Dimitri: Another lone ace? What a pain in the ass....

Aizu: Just enage them and down them! Fox 2!

Sagefisch: What!? Moving to---

A massive explosion broke out as the #3 tigershark expolded and fell to the sea. the #2 Moved to attack Rein and Elita with radar guided missiles. both of them managed to get out of his targeting recticle in time when she shot.

Elita: Stay close in with him! He'll snap off a kill shot at long range!

Dimitri: Hey! Come at me! -turns left and dives-

Dimtiri got lock and fired. the fighter broke right as Dimitri dove and leveled out pursuing her on her six. Dornhai (dogfish) was now in his sights. Haifisch barked to her wingman. as he closed in. 06:37, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

Guys its me Kitsune (Otaku) I for some reason it wont let me eidt. alright proceed!!!

Roger that. (Btw, the YF-23 paintjobs seem to match that of the Wizard Squadron in ACZ)

Haifisch slowly eased in behind Dimitri as the Ultra Tomcat pursued the Tigershark through several violent, twisting maneuvers and was able to keep pace with her prey, but there was one problem: so violent and sudden were Dimitri's maneuvers that Haifisch had a difficult time keeping up while simultaneously trying to get a lock with a missile, but her cannon was still capable of bringing him down.

Haifisch: aufweiderssen...Razgriz...

Omega: Remember, there's always a bigger fish.

Haifisch: Huh?

Omega: And that bigger fish is on your six o'clock.

Haifisch looked back frantically to see that to her dismay, another Tomcat had dropped on her tail.

Haifisch: If you think for a second you have the upper hand, you're dead wrong!

Omega: Why does it matter? We're already dead, but our edge has not broken.

Haifisch: So you are the Saber Ghosts. I thought so.

Dornhai: Cut the chatter and get down here already Haifisch.

Haifisch: Just hang on. I'm engaging the enemy wing commander.

Dornhai: -sigh- I better get additional hazard pay for this sortie...

The fight then split up into several different dogfights, and for once the Razgriz outnumbered its foes, over four to one now that one of them had gone down. In the middle of the dogfight, however, one of the Belkan Destroyers radioed in.

Belkan Loyalist Destroyer: Haifisch, Dornhai, something's wrong. We sank a friendly U-Boat!

Dornhai: Idiots!

Haifisch: You can't be serious!

Belkan Loyalist Destroyer: It was a malfunction with the IFF. Anyways, it looks like you could use some support.

Dornhai: A little help would be nice!

Belkan Loyalist Destroyer: Very well then. Launch!

At that moment, eight F-35E Super Lightnings took off vertically from the cargo ship and immediately hurtled into the fray. They were armed exclusively with air-to-air weaponry for combat air patrols.

GrauOrca 1: This is GrauOrca 1, Haifisch, we're joining the fight.

GrauOrca 2: Commence attack!

Thunder squadron barreled into the action and engaged GrauOrca, one of the top squadrons in the loyalist naval forces, second only to the former Neo-Schnee squadron. Speaking of Neo-Schnee, they too entered the battle against them, and a clash between old comrades began.

GrauOrca 1: Hillerman! Of all the people who could have betrayed us, you were the last one I suspected! How could you!?

Hillerman: It's called fighting by one's convictions. I will not stray from my ideals.

GrauOrca 1: You've changed, and not for the better. Let's settle this with tracers rather than words.

Hillerman: Gladly!

Meanwhile, back with the Razgriz Alpha Flight, Omega and Dimitri were now working together to down Haifisch and Dornhai, who had drawn them into a two-on-two fight with their well-timed maneuvers.

Omega: I'll go up high, you go down low!

Dimitri: Wilco!

Haifisch: Let's give them everything we got!

Dornhai: I think I know what you have in mind. Let's give them a dose of the "usual" tactics.

Haifisch and Dornhai pulled towards each other, narrowly avoiding a collision as Haifisch dove down low, then Dornhai up to Omega's level. Each pair fired at each other as they passed, Omega scoring some hits but not shooting the Tigershark down. Haifisch then dove in an inside loop, while Dornhai mirrored her maneuver. This placed them both directly behind their opponents, but Omega had other ideas.

Dimitri: Pull up Dimitri and don't stop climbing until you hit twenty thousand feet.

Dimitri: Okay, what do you have in mind this time?

Omega: Just a little fancy flying.

Omega then pulled up himself, climbing in parrallel to Dimitri, but slightly behind him and at an angle so that Haifisch and Dornhai were focusing on him. Then, at fifteen thousand feet, Omega opened up his flaps and cut his throttle to zero, causing him to nearly hover for a split second then slowly fall straight down with his nose up while the two Tigersharks streaked past. Omega had picked this up when watching a demonstration team in training.

Dornhai: What the hell was that!? What the...who's got a lock on me!?

Haifisch: He's behind us!

Omega: Enough of this nonsense. Fox Two!

Dornhai snapped back into a dive to evade the missile, but the QAAM turned inside him and struck his engine, disabling it on impact.

Dornhai: My engine's out! Ejecting! -ejects-

Haifisch: You sly bastard...

To avoid being hit herself, Haifisch pulled away and went into a dive when suddenly she noticed that somebody had a lock on her. She had fallen right into the trap, as Dimitri was now in perfect firing position.

Dimitri: Fox Two!

Haifisch: -explosion- Dammit! I'm losing power! My COFFIN's glitching out too!

The Tigershark smoked as it pulled up and leveled out, its engine clearly struggling to keep the fighter in the air. Dimitri was about to fire again when Omega called him off.

Omega: Leave her alone. She's had enough.

Dimitri: Let her go? That's not like you Omega.

Omega: Just follow your orders. We're finished here.

At that moment, four cruise missiles impacted the cruise ship, completely annihilating it. However, a loud roar was then heard as a massive explosion lit up the sky above them. Twenty F-14s, more than half of their number, were instantly annihilated.

Omega: What the...a Nimbus Warhead! Let's get out of here!

Hillerman: Roger, breaking off!

Aquila: Wilco!

Pixy: You don't have to tell me twice!

The remaining fighters formed up and hastily retreated. The surviving fighters included Omega, Aizu, Dimitri, Rein, Aquila, Pixy, Neo-Schnee and two others (including Martinez) along with Thunder. Only twleve fighters remained of thirty-two. Omega was clearly shaken by this, as proceedure dictated that he was presonally responsible for the lives of his suboordinates. This was a deep personal blow.

Pixy: Man...twenty pilots, all gone in a flash...

Aquila: I've been through some terrible losses before, but this is ridiculous!

Omega: We have tor return to base and regroup. Then we need to find the source of those warheads and blow it away as soon as possible!

Hoffnung, Belka...

Alpha was in an especially elated mood as he heard of the loyalist defeat near Annea; an entire enemy naval squadron had been all but annihilated, and so what if the Chandelier II was operational? It wouldn't be for long, as he had heard of this new Razgriz Tactical Fighter Wing from one of his AWACs, callsign NachtSchreck (Night Terror) flying beyond the combat zone. They would unwittingly be doing Alpha a favor, and would allow him to focus on his newest project.

That was why he was here, now, at an underground facility underneath the industrial center of the city. He had come here in hopes of at last seeing his wonder weapon for the first time as it was beginning to take shape, as did Grand Field Marshal Weiss, Field Marshal Rostner, Grand Air Marshal Dornier, Zeta, Rho, Chi and Harpy. The shief of development, an Erusian scientist named Normand Harris, Ph.D.

Harris: Mein Fuhrer, I was hoping you'd come.

Alpha: Ask and you shall recieve your answer. Where is it?

Harris: Actually, you're inside of it!

Everyone looked around in shock and disbelief until suddenly Harris threw a switch that turned on some lights and revealed the room to them. Control consoles and next generation three-dimensional displays were all over the room, as were massive reinforced windows at the back. They were on the bridge of the cruiser.

Alpah: Excellent work. Is it ready for testing?

Harris: It will be airworthy within a month, but not spaceworthy until July of next year. It will take another five months after that to install the weapons.

Alpha nodded in acknowledgement. Sure, things weren't moving as fast as he would prefer, but it was actually slightly ahead of schedule, and that suited him just fine even if he had to wait a few months longer. After all, it didn't matter at this point when it would be completed, only that it worked.

Alpha: Very well a year's time, the Leviathan will rise from the depths, and the New Order will begin!

Harris: Heil!

All: Heil!

Omega Felsen 21:48, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

Schenze: They launched a Nimbus warhead and annihilated an entire enemy squadron. All except twelve, which the Sabre team survived.

Galaan Scharfefaust: Well...I want them gone before the next year passes. We shall all see to it that we the true Belka are the only militants left. And as for the Oseans: the only way they could've stayed in action so long is because they had help...from another country that was isolated from the main continent. And I have an idea of which country has been supplying them with the equipment they needed....................................................

Cmdr Lightning 03:01, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

(Okay, it's either Aurelia, the Usean Federation, the Republic of Annea or the Union Shiruba, right?)

Omega Felsen 03:11, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

(The Republic of Annea. And I don't want to sound rude, but I'd like to keep control of Scharfefaust's, Schenze's, and Schmerzmittel's actions from this point on, if that's not a problem.)

Schenze: Where shall we retaliate, mein Obersterführer?

Galaan Scharfefaust: We'll slaughter the Annean slimeballs. We'll catch them by surprise, and then we'll level them. Military, industrial, and civilian targets will be smashed to pieces..............

By the next morning, all seemed quiet over the waters near Annea. And then, it happened. The Sun was blocked out as hundreds of X-05s soared over the harbors near the Annean mainland, and several B-1C(N) Lancers were following their escorts from high above. The ships were lined up neatly at the docks. Within mere minutes, the whistles of bombs filled the air. One by one, each vessel lit up and exploded. The harbors and nearby airfields were obliterated by the oncoming attack. The sky was lit with a fiery orange, and soon the entire Annean Navy was knocked out of action, and the Annean Air Force suffered severe losses from the attack. Soon, the whole of Annea was alarmed, realizing that their aid to Osea had not gone without retaliation from their oppressors, and they wouldn't spared from the onslaught that awaited them. There were only a few survivors of the attack, and they were already fatally wounded by strafing runs at their airfields. It would be several hours before the attack on the Republic of Annea itself ended. Once more, the Rald attackers disappeared on the horizon and into the sky just as they ended their attack. And just as they left, the B-1C(N)s released their V1 Tactical Warheads which detonated with a blinding light, leveling the capital and its surrounding cities. It was a swift, yet violent blitz. Despite their defenses, they were powerless to protect themselves against the sudden attack and were all but destroyed before they could counter.

Cmdr Lightning 03:38, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

anyway its Otaku again dont act like the skys falling lolz. I logged in again and it wont let me edit, so i logged out. And yes Wywyrm the paint that thunder carries is a reference to Wizard.

Meanwhile back at the base later that day

Dimitri lit a cigarette and started to smoke in the CIC of the Rooivalk and stood over the view screen. Him, Omega, Hillerman and Snow were looking at the data played back from the tactical nuclear attack. There were at least 10 bombers in the formation carrying nukes. Despite the reports of the fighters being in the hundreds the reports said there were at least 80 of them. Their planning, manuverability and tactics placing the impression on the Annean pilots that there were hundreds. The other bombers used cluster bombs and armor peircing warheads to destroy ships and industrial targets. It was the single biggest raid since the allied Tauberg campaign. They stood in disgust of the actions of the insane Ex-dictator.

Ensign: Sir! Three planes on radar! look like civil transports.

Snow: Tsukihime, Hillerman, Patterson, Felsen! Get airborne and investagate!

All: Sir!

The four F-14's went airborne and commenced interception of the unknown aircraft, as they closed the distance with the planes the names of major civilian airlines were marked on the 777, R-505, and 747. They were Air Ixiom, AER, and OWA. Several other signatures were picked up. Emmerian and Stovie fighters. The fighters oddly didn't budge or attack the Razgriz fighters they just stayed in formation with the airliners.

AER Flt.70: This is AER flight 70, unknown fighters to our right please identify yourselves.

Aizu: This Captain Aizu Tsukihime, Same question we going to ask you.

Omega: This is Captain Arrik Felsen. AER 70. what is your current heading?

REAF pilot: This is Blizzard 1, we are currently headed to USEA. We are defecting to the UPEO and we request you not get in our way.

EAF pilot: This is Reaper 1, im low on fuel Blizzard. 3 and 4 also report low fuel.

OWA Flt. 68: Were low on fuel as well. request to land elsewhere, Hey F-14 pilots. don't know a good runway? I got a boat load of refugees here. hungry mouths to feed and bleeding bodies.

F-14G Miko: Close call i might add. don't mind me..the callsign is Miko. Mercenary.

Dimitri: we have a runway nearby along with some support ships. Hey you're in luck she'll hold heavies like yours. alright we'll guide you in.

Air Ixiom 190: Thanks, we can;t tell you how grateful we are.

REAF pilot: Shall we trust them? Lets go.

The planes all U-turned and one by one the planes began to land, refugees, pilots and all. OWA was first followed by Ixiom and then the R-505 of AER. The fighters landed as well. Though it was a risk taking in refugees and unknowns there wasn't much they could do right now. An hour later civilians, soliders and pilots were being offloaded out of the planes. Miko a 5'4 Raven haired Shiruban stood there looking at the carnage, pain and suffering.

Miko: I can't beleive this. What monsters they must have been to commit such violence against these people. not all of them are combatants.

Dimtri: yeah.

Os.Marine: Get these people some blankets! Private on that stretcher!

Emmerian Child: Mom. when can we go home?

Mother: I doub't we'll ever see home again.

Dimitri: -growls...snifs- I can't stand this anymore. All this death and violence for what!? some world domination plot!? Low midned filth!!!

Omega: Thats why we must continue to fight, so that theres a future for everyone here. Aizu, me, you, that kid, everyone.

Rein: He's right theres no reason to give up now! we have to fight!

Aizu: -tears in her eyes- Let me...get these things for you. come along now. we'll get you something to eat.

Her occular implant reacted to her mood and glowed a low yellow. This moment made them realize what they were fighting for, not just their future and survival but the whole worlds survival now. Snow began to contact the UPEO for extra aid with litte or no respose. 06:21, December 1, 2010 (UTC)( Kitsune 1)

Later on, many of the passengers from the airliners were in the enlisted mess, again turned into a medical ward (a proper one was under construction using an empty warehouse, but that wouldn't be finished for about two months). Omega helped to bring in the wounded, all while trying to deal with the sense of guilt he felt for the twenty people whose lives were lost because of his shortsighted planning. He was normally cautious in planning, but for some reason he had gotten careless this time, and he was paying the price for it. Suddenly he felt as if he were being watched. He turned around to see one of the less-injured passengers, an Estovakian Annean Soldier staring at him angrily.

Esto. Soldier:'re that Belkan monster!

Omega: You have the wrong man.

Esto. Soldier: Nope, you're him alright, you slimy, subhuman spawn of Hell!

Omega: Sir, I'm warning you, cut it out! There's children in here!

Esto. Soldier: Bullsh--! You don't care about children or anyone else! I know how shifty you are, turning nations against each other like this and prolonging a pointless war! How can you even consider yourself human!?

Omega: I said shut up!

Esto. Soldier: Make me!

The Estovakian stood up and reached for the handgun kept holstered at his hip when suddenly he heard a metallic noise. He looked up as Omega pulled out his katana and attacked him in a frenzied rage. The soldier barely evaded the enraged clone's sword attacks, except the last one, which grazed his arm before slicing the barrel off of his handgun. Then he froze up when he felt the tip of Omega's sword against his jugular vein, barely touching his skin, but close enough to paralyze him in fear.

Omega: I've heard enough out of you! Any last words?

Esto. Soldier: Please! Let me live! LET ME LIVE!!!

Dimitri: Omega, what are you doing!?

Aizu: Arrik, stop!!!

Omega ignored the soldier's pleas for mercy and prepared to finish him when he noticed his surroundings and stopped. The entire room had fallen silent as everyone in it looked on in stunned horror. They were all looking at him in a way as if it were them with a sword to their throats; it made Omega think about those men he lost that day. Even his own wingmen seemed terrified of him. This was just too much for him, and as he breathing finally steadied as the adrenaline rush faded, with his hand trembling he slowly resheathed his katana, turned and walked out, trying desperately to keep his emotions under control. Finally, as he left the building, he couldn't take it anymore, and so he ran off to his quarters and locked himself inside. He was crying his heart out, which did nothing to help him, as he felt it was something he shouldn't do. He had scared the living daylights out of everyone in that room, so he didn't deserve their sympathy. First the annihilation of his wing, then this!? He just couldn't take the thought that he had probably, in that one moment, scared off his remaining allies, leaving him much as he was when he had awakened: alone.

Omega: I can't keep going on like this...maybe if I got some sleep I could clear my head...

Omega's Dream...

Omega found himself standing in the middle of a void, completely empty of any other life. All of his dreams had been like this, completely uneventful, and so at first he just resigned himself to resting when he felt something, a sligtly different vibe that usual. There was someone else there, somebody he didn't know, yet seemed so familiar.

???: Stand up, Soldier. Now isn't the time for weakness.

Omega: Huh? Who are you? Identify yourself!

???: Look behind you.

Omega spun around and lept back in surprise, drawing his katana as he did. The other person was about his height with a similar build, but he couldn't see his face clearly. Several things gave Omega a clue as to who this was: he was dressed in a Belkan Officer's dress uniform, at least that of a Brigadier General, with a Belkan Air Force Patch on the left shoulder, a squadron patch on the right, and pilot's wings pinned to his chest; he even had the Silver Cross medal arround his neck, and then the last thing Omega noticed was the one that helped confirm his suspicion; a katana was in a sheath on his belt.

Omega: Alpha!

???: No. I'm not him.

Omega: Who else can you be!?

???: Think about it, boy. Who else would be so similar to you?

Omega: Nobody. The only person other than Alpha who's even remotely like me is our template.

Then it hit him. If this wasn't Alpha he was speaking to, could it be their template?

Omega:, it can't be! Are you...just tell me your name already.

The figure said nothing, instead walking towards Omega; the supersoldier could slowly pick out more details until he saw a face much like Alpha's but different. His eyes were cold, and void of any emotion, a far cry from the arrogance that seemed apparent with Alpha. He was also very pale with a sullen look upon his face, cleary portaying that he was a veteren of countless battles.

???: My name is Felsen...Erik Felsen.

Omega's heart skipped a beat at hearing the name. Although only a dream, Omega was practically face to face with a young Erik Felsen, the template for both him and Alpha, and a soldier legendary as both a pilot and a swordsman.

Omega: Erik...Felsen....

Erik: Peace, my son.

Omega: Son?

Erik: I never had a child, so you and Alpha are the closest thing I have to children. When I saw Alpha for the first and last time on my death bed, I referred to him as 'Son'. That means that you are my 'son' as well.

Omega: I see...but how are you here?

Erik: Well...let's just say that both you and Alpha are more than just copies of me. In some ways, you two are me. You even possess some of my memories.

Omega: What!?

Erik: Think about it, how did you know how to use a sword from the moment you woke up? How did you have such great skill as a pilot? How is it that I can speak to you despite having died over three years ago?

Omega: ...

Erik: Listen...Omega, I'm sorry for both of you. Neither of you should suffer as you have. It turned Alpha into a monster, and there is a chance you might suffer the same fate.

Omega: Oh...

Erik: But you have one thing that prevents that from happening, something that Alpha didn't have.

Omega: What?

Erik: You have your friends, your wingmen; furthermore, you have another asset: Aizu.

Omega: Why her?

Erik: -laughs- You and I both know how you feel towards her. It is that connection with her that has made you fight harder, and is why you're still alive today. Alpha, on the other hand, lost everything in the Corporate War, much as I did in 2017, and so he is following in my footsteps. That is why I ask of you one thing...Omega, even if you too lose everything, you must destroy Alpha.

Omega: As if I haven't thought of that?

Erik: It's a great deal more dire than that. If you don't destroy him, all will be lost as he destroys the world and himself. If not to redeem me, then I beg of you to do it for yourself. You owe yourself a chance at a normal life, but until the War is over that cannot happen. Hang in there, my son. You'll pull through, I know it.

End Dream...

Omega Felsen 00:36, December 5, 2010 (UTC)

Mission 19[]

That morning mess hall.

Aizu, Dimitri and Rein were eating breakfast and trying to get a handle on what was going on. The refugees were all lined up awaiting food and drink many of the children and their parents were in the front of the line while the soldiers and airline personnel were waiting their turn.

Stovie Child: Mom i can't reach.

Dimitri: [Gets up and walks up, gives the kid a boost] There ya go.

Stovie Woman: Thank you sir. that's very generous of you.

Stovie Child: Can we eat with the army men? Please!?

Dylan: Go ahead, take a seat over there with the ladies. Dimitri?

Dimitri: yeah whats going on Pixy?

Pixy and Dimitri walked down the hallway, just shooting the breeze about the refugees and the current war situation. As it turned out the UPEO did send a message back to Snow and the Rooivalk.

Dylan: The UPEO chairman and military council decided to give us a chance. They realize what kind of a threat Scharfefaust's loyalists and Arriks men pose. They came to their senses for once.

Dimitri: They finally know they cant stay neutral in this war for long.

Dylan: exactly. hey what do you think of Elita?

Dimitri: What does that have to do with the current state of affairs?

Dylan: Haha i guess you're right, she was talking about you and Rein for a little bit sounds like shes mildly jealous of what you and Rein have. Anyway that's trivial right now. there's a war that needs to be fought. [sighs] we need to convince some of our allies to...

Elita: To do what?

Dylan: Speaking of the black haired devil there she is.

Elita: enough of your quips. Snow and Dimitri's dad wants us to the briefing room. they got something for us.

10 minutes later...

Patterson and Snow started talking as the monitor came on, a board of men in Usea appeared on screen their eyes fixed forward looking at the cameras. Among them were several Usean military generals and politicians, many of them in the fourties to sixties.

Delarussian General: I assume that this about the support request that you wanted to arrange between the UPEO and the Razgriz special air command unit. As a member of this board convince us why Usea and the UPEO should dissolve our neutrality agreements.

UPEO General: Yes the general has a point why should we aid a multinational group of rouge pilots and their objectives?

Chairman: gentleman settle down, theres no reason to get in their faces. General?

FCU General: I agree with the chairmans actions to respond to their calls. This war has gone on long enough, the allied nations were Fighting for a collective goal of stopping these mad men their plans. Now look at them all. just squabbiling and killing one another. How do we know that this war between the allies wasn't a rouse created by the Belkans?

Snow: Hmm...thats what we beleive for the most part. Felsen and Sabre tesify that they werent the ones who gunned down the president of Osea.

UPEO General: Aizu? Aizu Tsukihime? sorry admiral but ms. Aizu come forward.

Aizu walked forward and stood in view of the generals her pale skin lit by the glow of the lights. She cleared her throat and spoke.

Aizu: We can all testify that we weren't the murderers. we have no other evidence than that we were off on a support mission to aid the allies in destroying the Annhilator. There are others that would testify to that as well, we were framed.

Dimitri: Were not the men and women you're looking for. Honestly killing an innocent individual makes my skin crawl, im not that breed of person at all.

Delarussian General: I see but you must prove to us that your intent is not to perpetuate this chaos between the allies and aiding the Belkan war machine.

Chairman: We also have records that your sister Kanon, Sirrocco 1 went missing and has gone rogue. She also stole an M3F2 from our hangars. Have you engaged her in combat?

Aizu: Yes. I engaged her over the Annhilator landship while we were making our attack run.

Chairman: I see. Then we have a special request, we want you to shoot her down. She killed her entire unit and proceeded to kill several mechanics and soldiers before she went rogue. Traitors wont be taken lightly.

Snow: Woah. wait she isnt an assassin.

FCU General: Consider this a bonus to what we'll be proposing to you.

Dimitri: I see scratch your back and you scratch ours. Now what is that you propose?

Omega sitting silently, stood and moved forward into view. He spoke as Snow and Patterson stepped aside.

Omega: I'll accept it as long as it not some ploy to get us murdered.

Chairman: heres the deal. Theres a base in Nordennavic territory that once belonged to us, UPEO special forces we'll be sent in to seize the facility. Its an out of the way place and will provide us with a springboard to lauch our attacks on Belkan and possible Ex-allied agressor targets. We were forced to withdraw from out positions in Annea. So we need to lauch an assault operation to take the former base back from Belkan hands. From there we can start talking about support, supplies, those refugees Colonel Patterson talked of and most impotantly our alliance.

Kitsune 1 02:24, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

(Hey people, I'm back! Let's light the afterburners and get this thing going again!)

With that said, Omega was about to sit back down when he remembered his dream from the previous night. Perhaps he should talk with somebody about it, but of course he couldn't tell just anyone; the Colonel would be a wise choice, or maybe even Admiral Snow, a man who had known the original Erik Felsen for a short time. For now though, he felt it was best to keep his vision to himself; even so, the specter of his template remained a lingering thought in his mind.

Omega: Agreed on that point. If none of you mind, I request to leave for a short time to assemble the pilots who aren't wounded to fly on this mission, then I will bring them back here for a briefing in exactly forty-five minutes...

(This is all I've got for now)

Omega Felsen 22:20, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

With that, the clone turned and left the building before heading back towards the mess hall; he remembered what had happened the previous night, and was sure he had frightened people. Omega had avoided the building that morning for that reason; however, as he was about to enter, he remembered the demoralizing loss of his wing. Without a doubt, he had lost the faith of several people as a result, but if he could show his resolve to fight on, they would follow him.

He entered the mess hall much as anyone else would, and fortunately he didn't much attract attention. That wouldn't be the case for long though, as he walked to the center of the room, stood up on a table and called their attention to him.

Omega: May I have your attention, please? -pause- Thank you. As some of you are aware, I am Captain Felsen, or Omega as some of you know me, commander of the former Saber Squadron, and now the leader of the Razgriz Tactical Fighter Wing. Today we are going to undertake a massive effort to take back a Nordenavic Naval Base that had been commandeered by Rald Loyalist forces, one that will both ensure the saftey of those of you who are refugees as well as providing a staging point for our next move. This mission will be extremely dangerous, so I will require volunteers to fly with me and my squadron. So if anyone wants to join the effort, please come forward; I will not force anyone to do so against their will.

Hillerman: You know we're in on this one.

Blizzard 1: My squadron will join the effort as well.

Lightning 1: So will we.

Stovie Pilot (the one from the previous day): ...Why not? Scorpion Team, at your service.

Omega: Glad to hear it. Anyways, hurry up; briefing is in forty minutes, so you don't have much time.

- - - -

A few minutes later, the Belkan returned to the meeting, saluted the commanders and reported.

Omega: Schnee, Blizzard, Lightning and Scorpion Teams will be joining us in the fight.

Patterson: Understood. As you were.

Omega: Yes Sir.

He turned on his heel and exited again. His higher level of energy was becoming more noticable, since while he was exhausted earlier on his normal discipline had faded. Now he was almost as professional as he was before the War, but even then he seemed troubled. Curious as to why, Aizu followed him out to find him standing outside looking at the rising sun.

Aizu: You okay Arrik?

Omega: Yeah, I'm fine...

Aizu: You don't sound like it. What's wrong?

Omega: ...You may not know this, but as a clone, I'm supposed to be incapable of having desires or fears, and thus incapable of having dreams...well, I happened to be dreaming last night...I saw him...I saw myself, the REAL me...

The words "Real me" seemed tinged with grief, something that Aizu understood given that Omega was self-conscious about the fact that he was a clone. Obviously he was still struggling to get past the fact that being a clone meant he was still human.

Aizu: Huh? What do you mean by the "real" you?

Omega: No, I saw MYSELF, the man I'm supposed to be, my template...Erik Felsen...he told me several things, including something about myself that I didn't know: I possess some of his memories...which explains something that I've been trying to understand.

Aizu: And that would be...

Omega: ...You know what? Nevermind...Now listen, the mission briefing will be in less than forty minutes, so be ready. I need to check on the progress of the repairs on our planes...

Omega Felsen 18:23, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

(Seriously, we need to get this thing underway again)

As Omega arrived at the hangar and looked over the maintenance procedures being carried out on the planes to be involved with the mission, he took an opportunity to think about a strategy to use in regards to the upcoming mission; he knew that the attack on the airbase would be risky at best, especially due to the strategic importance it was to the UPEO’s high command. He knew how they felt about the war, which was understandable, but he also knew that Alpha had once been part of the UPEO’s SARF, and had supported world peace. This made him wonder what kind of tragedy could have turned his other into the monster he was today, although he had no doubt it was something to do with someone he knew, or possibly someone he had loved.

It was because of this that he was confused regarding his feelings towards Aizu. His feelings towards her were very strong, but he wasn’t supposed to have such feelings, or any other feelings for that matter. He was meant as a merciless, efficient, killing machine, and in that respect he had failed miserably. If anything, the driving force behind him throughout the war was pure rage, not his mission: to destroy Belka. If he couldn’t get his feelings in control, who was to say he wouldn’t turn into the same hollow shell that Alpha had become?

He was snapped out of his daze as he noticed his crew chief approaching him. However, there seemed to be something strange about him; he was more vibrant and energetic than usual, as well as much more severe. Something was out of place, but the cloned ace didn’t know what that something might be.

Omega: Can I help you?

Crew Chief: No thank you, Omega, the repairs on your plane are going just fine.

Alarms seemed to be going off in Omega’s head as he heard his Crew Chief. His voice was much more refined, and cold compared to normal. However, the one thing that was out of place was that he called him Omega, which he never did; he was always referred to as Captain or Sir by his maintenance crew. He had to find out what was going on, and fast.

Crew Chief: Is there something wrong?

Omega was about to answer when he heard somebody running up from behind him, the identity of this person being an impossibility. It was his Crew Chief, but that didn’t make any sense, as his Crew Chief was right in front of him…or was it the other way around?

Crew Chief: -Panicked tone- Sir! Behind you! He’s a doppelganger!

Omega: What!?

Sure enough, the super-soldier heard a knife being drawn from a scabbard, and out of impulse he slammed his boot into the other man’s chest and kicked him out of the hangar, onto the snow-covered ground outside. As he turned around to face the attacker, the stranger had stood back and seemed completely uninjured, but this was impossible; even the toughest soldier couldn’t take a back kick from Omega and stand back up immediately afterwards.

???: -laughs- Well, it seems you’re as sharp as I heard…

Omega: Who are you!?

The imposter didn’t respond, instead pressing a button on his belt, causing his appearance to instantly change in a flash as a personal Digital Optical Stealth system was powered down. The person revealed wore a BSK trooper’s uniform, his features belying a soldier who knew what he was doing.

???: What does it matter? Neither you nor I were meant to exist as far as your superiors are concerned…however, I would prefer if you referred to me as Omicron…

Omega: You’re a clone is what you mean.

Omicron: …You could say that…and you can also say that your brother ordered me to take you out… -draws handguns- He trained me solely for that purpose...

Omicron attacked Omega in a frenzy, the latter of the two drawing his katana to deflect the lethal arc of tracers. A furious melee began between them. Omega Felsen 21:21, January 26, 2011 (UTC)

Back at the briefing room, the meeting went on as usual, with everyone oblivious to what was happening by the hangers. Even so, Aizu was beginning to become unneasy, as was the rest of his squadron. She felt as if there was somebody pointing a gun to her head, a type of looming danger that kept her constantly on edge. Something was wrong, but she wasn't sure what.

Dimitri: Aizu? You okay?

Aizu: ...Something's about to happen, right now...

That next instant, she heard a distant noise, one of metal smashing against metal. It was faint, but it was all the conformation she needed. Aizu stood up and ran out of the room, much to everyone's surprise.

Dimitri: Hey! Get back here! -gets up-

Rein: Dimitri! -gets up and follows-

Dylan: -sighs- We'd better check this out.

Elita: Yeah, something tells me Aizu might be on to something... -both get up-

Sure enough, as soon as they exited, the Saber team found themselves staring at a struggle between two men, each wielding katanas. One was Omega, while the other, someone they didn't recognize, was in a BSK uniform. It was a Dragonchild soldier, sent to assassinate the team no doubt; Omega was a skilled warrior, but this was unlike anything he had encountered before.

Dylan: A BSK assassin!

Dimitri: Take this Belkan swine! -pulls out M1911 and fires-

Omicron snapped his vision towards Dimitri and leapt clear of the bullet's arc, Omega having to do the same as both were in the line of fire. The shot was enough to distract Omicron for an instant though, allowing Omega to leap into the air and skewer the super-soldier through his back. The clone's eyes shot open in horror as he was stabbed through his heart, and after a few seconds of struggling, he fell silent, slain by one of his own kind. The Felsen clone removed his katana from his fallen foe and wiped the blade clean against the snow, leaving a red stain in it before replacing it into its sheath. His expression was one not of anger, or even of resignation, but seemed to be in sadness; why he was so was beyond his understanding, but what he did know was that he had won, and that was all that mattered. Furthermore, he now knew that there was a very real threat of infiltration within their forces.

Dylan: A BSK commando? Didn't see THAT coming.

Elita: The BSK is extremely resourceful and just as tenacious, but this is something beyond them; they NEVER infiltrate an enemy facility alone.

Omega: -reaches down and grabs the DOS off of his adversary's belt- This one's a clone; he wouldn't need backup, expecially not with the portable digital optical stealth system he had used to disguise himself as my crew chief.

Dimitri: Whoa, hold it! Did you say this one's a clone!?

Omega: Yes, the same type I am. He was a super-soldier, engineered to kill and nothing I was intended to be...

Aizu: Don't say that.

Omega: Aizu, it is the truth, I can't deny it; however, due to that fact I can provide knowledge on how to best combat these enemies. Do you understand me?

Aizu: ...

At that moment, the General staff had just left the briefing room to find themselves among the Saber team, a dead man in the snow at Omega's feet.

Patterson: Omega, what happened!?

Omega: -stands at attention and turns- A BSK Commando had infiltrated the base and attempted to terminate me, but I killed him first, Sir.

Snow: Hold it, that's a BSK agent?

Omega: Not just a BSK agent...he is a clone, the same type that I am. Furthermore, he had infiltrated the base using an advanced digital optical stealth system -holds it up in his palm- I would request that the device be analyzed thoroughly and that security proceedures are stiffened substantially. In the meantime, I must gather the air units for their briefing.

Omega Felsen 00:32, January 27, 2011 (UTC)


Over the nearby waters, an Aurelian refugee cargo plane with supplies en route to Osea had been intercepted and was being attacked by five Yak-38 and ten Yak-141 VTOL fighters with no markings.

Aurelian Cargo Pilot: If anyone is out there, respond! My escorts have been wiped out, and we're under attack!

Three pod rockets struck the left wing, and the plane began trailing smoke.

Mercenary Pilot 1: To the scum aboard the cargo plane: Land at once! Divert your aircraft to the ground!

Aurelian Cargo Pilot: We've been hit hard out here! Damn radio!

Mercenary Pilot 1: I repeat: Divert your transport's heading to any nearby land, and prepare to be boarded!

Cmdr Lightning 01:49, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

Just as all seemed lost for the doomed aircraft, two of the Yak-141s reported in; a flight of four aircraft was approaching the area at high speed. Their IFF made them appear as a UPEO squadron, but something about them was different, something that seemed out of place. Shortly after, they contact the squadron.

???: This is the UPEO 151st Tactical Fighter Squadron, callsign "Aquila". Cease your attack on this aircraft immediately.

Mercenary Pilot 1: Put a sock in it unless you wish to die.

???: Allow me to rephrase that. Either surrender now and cease your attack or be annihilated.

Mercenary Pilot 1: Who the hell!?

The aircraft were now approaching from head-on, the mercenaries making out their silhouettes as Su-37s. These pilots would have to be aces if they flew such advanced fighters.

Neo-Gelb 1: Neo-Gelb Squadron, annihilate them. Open fire!

The Neo-Gelb Team let lose with a barrage of missiles that all but wiped out the attacking fighters before they pulled into formation with the ailing transport. It was supposedly carrying refugees, but in fact it was carrying something else, in this case it was data on a project owned by Chimera Technologies Limited, an Aurelian aerospace corporation that had manufactured the F-16G-2 Lance Falcon, the Waldreich's primary multirole fighter. They had been stolen by a commando team, and all had gone smoothly until the mercenaries interfered.

Neo-Gelb 1: Uhu, report your status.

Uhu (Owl): We are experiencing problems with our engines and have lost cabin pressure, but we can remain airborne long enough to reach Southern Osea. Neo-Gelb, we request your support.

Neo-Gelb 1: Roger, we will provide escort until you make your emergency landing. I will inform Reichmarschal Weiss so he can send in an extraction team; good work people.

The five aircraft then flew off to the north towards Osea, baring with them the plans for a fighter so advanced that it could take on an entire squadron of F-22C Raptor IIs and win; it's codename: Muramasa.

Two hours later, Nordenavic southeastern coastline...

A storm had blown in over the area, obscuring one's vision badly in all directions. These were hardly ideal flying conditions, but were perfect for mounting a surprise attack; the wind was strong enough to muffle the sound of several aircraft flying overhead, whose job at the moment was to move in and take out all aircraft in the area on the ground, then to establish air superiority. From there, they would support an amphibious and airborne assault on the shores below. The plan seemed simple enough in theory, but Omega knew that things would be difficult, especially if Belkan pilots were in the area. For the purpose of stealth, he communicated with his squadron through a voice-to-text interface, which took one's voice and produced text within the other pilot's hud that would be impossible to eavesdrop on.

Omega: All units report in.

Pixy: Pixy, standing by.

Hillerman: Schnee, standing by.

Fiona: Claymore, standing by.

Thunder 1: Thunder, standing by.

Lightning 1: Lightning, standing by.

Scorpion 1: Scorpion, standing by.

Blizzard 1: Blizzard, standing by.

Omega: alright, we're all here. Everyone get ready...

Snow: Alright. Now! Begin the attack!

Omega Felsen 05:20, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

(I'm sorry Lightning, but unfortunately people are starting to complain about your g-modding, and I'm inclined to agree. Tone it down a bit, okay? I've tried being tolerant, but there is a fine line between borderline overpowered and omnipotence. This is where I draw the line. However, the part with a squadron attack is something I can allow, just not as extreme.)

The Squadrons broke up into several groups to carry out their designated missions. Razgriz and Claymore would establish air superiority, Blizzard and Thunder would attack the airfield, and then Neo-Schnee and Scorpion would provide close air support for the ground forces. The troop transports began moving forward, and almost immediately, alarms were going off at the Belkan-controlled air base.

Rald Belkan Air Traffic Controller: Air Attack! All units, scramble!

Rald Belkan Comms Officer: Troops are landing at the coastline! Dammit! This is an invasion!

Rald Belkan Air Traffic Controller: All planes, get up in the air!

Gespense 1: This is Gespense (Ghost). We were returning from a patrol when we heard the distress calls. We are joining the fight.

Gespense 2: Sir, we don't have any escorts.

Gespense 1: I know; we'll just have to be careful.

As Omega listened in on the enemy communications, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look to find a flight of eight A/F-117X Navhawks, stealth attack bombers, approaching the coastline at low altitude. They were without a doubt after the invasion force.

Omega: Tango Charlie! Navhawks at 2 o'clock low. Omega, engaging!

Aizu: I'll cover you!

???: Not so fast!

Suddenly, a hailstorm of tracers arced over Omega and Aizu's canopy, forcing them to break off the attack along with Dimitri and Rein, the second element continuing on to attack the bombers. A flight of twelve F-16G-2 Lance Falcons had ambushed them, this group being flown by highly skilled pilots of the Trombe (Tornado) Squadron.

Trombe 1: Take this, evil ravens!

Omega: Never tempt the Razgriz. It'll be the last thing you ever do...

Omega Felsen 23:42, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

Gespense 3: Little do they know, we are carrying out the surprise attack, on their forces!

Trombe 2: Osean filth! You thought you could just invade our soil and walk away unscathed?!! Well, now it's time to show you who is in charge!!!!

A sudden abrupt transmission came onto the comms.

Schenze: You're not getting a chance! We know you're here! You and those foolish Razgriz vandals dare try to pose as the heroes when you're forestalling the imminent future that has been laid out for the world?! Trombe Squadron, GET RID OF THEM!!!

Trombe 1: By your command, Schenze. Omega, your attempted "surprise attack" will be the last thing you ever do...

Trombe 3 and 4 turned to engage Aizu. Trombe 1 and 2 turned to attack Omega.

Trombe 2: Any last words, scum?

Cmdr Lightning 00:46, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Omega didn't respond, instead pulling up sharply to evade a pair of missiles fired at him form six o'clock before executing a cobra maneuver. Trombe 2 overshot, but Trombe 1 wasn't shaken, so Omega firewalled the throttle abruptly, forcing his Ultra Tomcat into a climb and causing his second pursuer to overshoot yet again.

Omega: As a matter of fact I do have something to say to you. Your days in the air are over!

The cloned ace pulled his plane back around in a crushing twenty G turn, snapping himself around just as Trombe 1 and Trombe 2 pulled back around to make another pass. The two adversaries shot past each other at top speed then began turning back into each other, attempting to get on each other's tails. The F-16G-2 could easily out-turn the larger F-14G under normal circumstances, assuming the G-limiter on the F-14G was active. Knowing this, Omega deactivated the G-limiter and pulled into the Lance Falcons at full speed, beginning a long, drawn-out turning fight between the them.

On the other hand, Aizu was in an equally desperate fight, but fortunately for her she had been in a favorable position with higher altitude. She couldn't take the same G-load that Omega could, but she knew how to use the Ultra Tomcat's speed advantage to beat a more maneuverable foe.

Trombe 3: Almost there...almost there...

Trombe 4: Dammit! Missile Shot Trashed!

Aizu: What's the matter? Having a little trouble?

Trombe 3: Shut up! Fox Two!

Trombe 3 corked off a missile, the ex-UPEO ace sideslipping the projectile milliseconds before impact would've occured and pulled into a climb, the others following. She looked to her 3 o'clock to find Omega in a desperate turning duel with Trombes 1 and 2. The turns seemed tight enough to rip the wings off of the black and red fighter, and though Omega seemed to slowly gain the upper hand, there was no guarantee he could maintain the turns he was. She had an idea though, one that would turn the tables on her adversaries and her pursuers. Aizu rolled over and pulled back down into a dive, hurtling through the air directly in front of Trombe 1. In a panic, the two Belkans scattered to avoid a collision, in turn almost colliding with their wingmen.

Trombe 1: Whoa!

Trombe 3: What the Hell guys!? Watch where you're flying!

Trombe 4: The skies are too damned crowded!

Trombe 2: Stop arguing and focus on the enemy! We'll swarm them all at once!. Trombe 5 through 12, form up with us and attack. We'll take out the two lead pilots once and for all!

Trombe 5-12: Roger!

Omega Felsen 04:24, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Gespense 1: We're beginning our bombing run on the troop carriers now.

The A/F-117X bombers approached the amphibious transports.

Gespense 2: Target marked. AWAY!

A guided bomb was released, and destroyed one of the transports.

Gespense 2: Direct hit! The first troop carrier is down! Very good.

Rald Belkan Comms Officer: Gespense, finish off the rest of the transports!

Gespense 1: Jawohl! Gespense, swing around for another pass! Get ready for the next run!

Trombe 1: You picked the wrong Belkans to fight, Omega.

Cmdr Lightning 22:29, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Gespense pulled away for another pass when suddenly a hailstorm of XLAAs slammed into four of them and sent them tumbling into the sea. The formation scattered as they found themselves under attack by a flight of UPEO MiG-44 Falcons; it was Draco, the same fighter squadron formerly commanded by Alpha Felsen in 2045. Erich McKnight, the flight lead that had replaced Alpha following his defection to Ouroboros, was here to assist the assault on the Rald base.

Gespense 1: Break Formation! We're under attack!!!

Erich: Draco Flight, engage the enemy.

Draco 2-8: Yes Sir!

(Short post, I know, but I'm a little busy for the moment).

Omega Felsen 23:36, January 31, 2011 (UTC)

The Draco Team broke up into two-plane elements, with Erich and Draco 2 at first turning to engage Gespense when they saw the dogfight between two F-14Gs and 12 F-16G-2s. The fight was furious, and it seemed unlikely that any ordinary pilot could give a whole squadron of F-16G-2s a hard time with only one wingman. Even so, it appeared they were in trouble. They weren't transmitting valid ID signals however, which made Erich suspicious.

Erich: Draco 2, follow me. We're engaging the Lance Falcons, but watch out for the Ultra Tomcats.

Draco 2: Roger! Lead the way!

Meanwhile, Omega found himself in the crosshairs of several of the Trombe Squadron's planes, Aizu being in equal jeopardy. However, a friendly squadron was approaching, one that was unfamiliar but might be able to help.

Aizu: MiG-44 Squadron, confirm your callsign and affiliation!

Erich: Hey Aizu, is that you!? Thank god you're alive!

Aizu: Erich!?

Erich: Nevermind that, Fox Two!

(Another short one, but I can't do this all alone you know)

Omega Felsen 21:24, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Trombe 4: (last words) I have him in my sights...

A missile struck Trombe 4's fighter, and in response he veered to the left, attempting to get a clear shot at Omega while avoiding the missiles. This put him into another's gunsight, and was destroyed by a barrage of bullets.

Trombe 3: Well, look who came to the fight. I thought you were dead!

Cmdr Lightning 17:51, February 5, 2011 (UTC)

Erich: Well if it isn't the long-lost Tornado Squadron. It's been a long time.

Trombe 1: You betrayed UPEO along with Alpha and joined Ouroboros. I don't see why they would allow you back. Seems Alpha wasn't through with betrayal yet.

Erich: That was a while ago. Let it go already!

Trombe 1: Doesn't matter; traitors are destined to die, no exceptions. One of us in particular will die very soon, right Omega?

Omega: A Demon is immortal, no matter who they are allied with.

As Draco dove into the fight, the air battle again became split up, with one Belkan versus one Allied pilot apiece.

Omega Felsen 20:25, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Trombe 1: Well, what about Davenport of the original Razgriz? He died at the hands of Yuktobania's fighters during the Circum-Pacific War. No matter what you do, the storm is inevitable.

Cmdr Lightning 23:07, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

Omega: Shut up.

Trombe 1 again pulled in behind Omega, but the Razgriz flight lead pulled a sharp turn to the left and shook his pursuer. The Rald Lance Falcon overshot and began a climb to gain altitude before Omega could turn back and counterattack.

(Lightning, let's give other people a chance to edit before we go further)

Omega Felsen 01:22, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

After a heated air battle, the Trombe was shot down one by one. The fight was now growing desperate as Trombe 1 was left alone. In a frenzied rage, he pulled into Draco 1, intent on ramming him. The UPEO ace dodged the assault and left the Rald pilot flying at nothing...or was he? As it turned out, Omega was still with him, on his back with his canopy barely two meters from his opponent.

Trombe 1: Dammit! -looks up- What the!?

Omega: It's time you felt the flames of Hell burning your very essence into oblivion...

The Ultra Tomcat suddenly pulled just ahead of the Lance Falcon before quickly deaccelerating. The Rald loyalist let out a terrified scream as the exhaust flames from the twin engined fighter burned through his cockpit and incinerated him. A few seconds later, Omega climbed to 15,000 feet and formed up with his wingmen.

Snow: This is Admiral Snow. We've recieved words from the ground forces. The Air Field has been secured. Mission Accomplished.

Draco formed up with them as well as the other allies as they turned towards the captured airfield to land.

Erich: It's been a long time have you been?

Aizu: Just fine, thanks. It's good to see you again.

Erich: Yeah...Dimitri, Rein. You okay?

Dimitri: Yeah.

Rein: I'm just fine.

Erich: who's your flight lead?

Omega: That would

Erich: way...Alpha, how...

Omega: No...

Erich: What...oh, so you must be Omega, the other clone...

Omega: ...Whatever...we have clearance to land. Draco, you go first, we'll follow you in.

Omega Felsen 09:52, February 27, 2011 (UTC)