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Alright, X3 started great, we can all agree. After a certain amount of time it became too melodramatic. This time I hope this will be much more serious than the previous one, as the nature of the events within it is much darker than the canon games. We'll need to be extra careful not to mess this one up.

And another thing, should we or should we not keep Galaan Scharfefaust? I personally say no, but I could imagine Schenze (who would be in his twenties in AC5), being the leader of the Waldreich to start with (with Alpha still launching his coup somewhere along the line). What do you think?

Omega Felsen 23:18, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

Get rid of Schuaerfaust in my opinion Schenze makes way more sense to me being the furher of the Belkan Waldtreich. Characters are looking good so far, I wont be on often. but i'll keep tabs on the page and make edits when I'm able to acess the internet. Aircraft except for the Gewalt, X-05 should be kept from the last run. F-20K, F-14G (which will be called Tomcat II), F-16 G-2, etc. We should also post in the group when we need to as well. Kitsune 1 05:45, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

I understand. Thanks anyways.

I also agree on keeping the X-05 (six wing design is unique, though I would give it a new name as it should be an all-new fighter. I would say that a different plane could be used in place of the Gewalt. Remember our old friend, the AABX-01 Roc? I'm thinking an updated variant, the Advanced Strike Bomber or ASB, could be used instead, as they are a bit similar in terms of firepower, but performance is another story (fast but by no means agile, though is heavily defended and packs two lethal pulse lasers for self-defense).

Editing on an iPhone is HARD!!! Omega Felsen 06:29, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

Sounds good. YF-31 I would like to keep as well, given that i can revise the design and have it appear sometime, I'd like to switch Tsukimhime's fighter to an Su-37 istead of the Su-43.the ASB sounds okay, AABX-01 airframe modified for anti air and "missile truck" duties makes much more sense than the Gewalt.I want to do a COFFINized F-2A called the F-2E as well. though were overflowing with Viper Variants already Kitsune 1 06:55, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

So anyways, here is the lineup. Political Leaders are in italics:

Characters (by nationality, not affiliation)

(NUN) = affiliated with Neo United Nations

(NUN/NCI) = affiliated with Neucom Incorporated

(NUN/UPEO) = affiliated with UPEO

(UPEO/IMID) = affiliated with IMID

(UPEO/SARF) = affiliated with SARF

(BWR) = affiliated with the Belkan Waldreich

(BWR/GRL) =affiliated with General Resources Limited

(???) = affiliation unknown

* = Mercenaries/Spies/Agents

** = Alpha and Omega (clones of Erik Felsen)

*** = Other Clones

+ = Sublimated Humans (Cynthia Fitzgerald for example)

++ = A.I. (Nemo or ZOE for example)


(NUN) Dimitri "Kitsune" Patterson: Fighter Pilot - Aurelian Air Force

(NUN/UPEO) Rein "Thunder" Karter: Fighter Pilot - UPEO SARF

(NUN) James Patterson: Intelligence Analyst - Aurelian Air Force


(???) Arrik "Alpha" Felsen**: Chief Executive Officer - Belkan Luftwaffe/Leader - Neo-Ouroboros

(NUN) Arrik "Omega" Felsen**: Special Operations Agent and Fighter Pilot - Osean Department of Defense, Special Operations Division

(BWR) Lothar "Schenze" Deitmann: Fuhrer - Belkan Waldreich

(BWR) Rodd "Windhover" Householder: Fighter Pilot - Belkan Luftwaffe

(BWR) Elita "Weib" Bernitz: Fighter Pilot - Belkan Luftwaffe

(BWR/GRL) Josef "Pixy" Foulke: Fighter Pilot - General Resource Limited Air Defense Force

(NUN) Hans Grim: General - Osean Air Defense Force

(NUN) Wilhelm "Blaze" Ritter: President - Osean Federation (Sidenote on Blaze: his official records say he is Osean. In truth he was born in raised in Sudentor, South Belka. Only Admiral Snow, General Hans Grim, Kei Nagase Ritter {yes Nagase is the First Lady}, James Patterson, Schenze, Alpha and Omega know this).

(???) Jane "Harpy" Hermann***: Fighter Pilot and Alpha's (Secret) Protegé - Neo-Ouroboros

(UPEO/IMID) Rikhart Harken*: Merc Agent working for the UPEO/IMID. He shows great mistust towards Omega for unknown reasons...


(BWR/GRL) Keith Bryan: Fighter Pilot - General Resource Limited Air Defense Force

(NUN) Marcus "Swordsman" Snow: Fleet Admiral - Osean Maritime Defense Force

(???) Cynthia Fitzgerald+: Fighter Pilot - Neo-Ouroboros

(NUN/UPEO/SARF) Fiona Fitzgerald: Fighter Pilot - UPEO SARF


(NUN/UPEO/SARF) Aizu "Mistral" Tsukihime: Fighter Pilot - UPEO SARF


(NUN) Kei Nagase "Edge" Ritter: First Lady - Osean Federation (Yes I assumed that the Air Ixiom flight attendant later moved to Osea and joined the OADF, and is thus known as Edge.)

(???/BWR) Karl "Kurosu" Davidson: Fighter Pilot- Rogue Mercenary X-02B pilot.

(NUN/UPEO/SARF) Erich Jaeger: Fighter Pilot, Squadron Leader- UPEO SARF

Well, that's all I've got so far.


(???/BWR) Mikhail "Aniks" Romanov*: Mercenary

Omega Felsen 22:19, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

Also, no Nightmare Geschwader, but I will keep three Belkan Ace Squadrons, reorganize one and make two new squadrons.

Belkan Squadrons to be kept:

Schwarze (Black)

Gault (Gold)

Silber (Silver)

Belkan Squadron Reorganized:

Wywyrm (Wyvern)

New Belkan Squadron:

Weib (White)

Grau (Gray)

Rodd, you can be a lone ace, like Lorenz Reidl (Gault 7/Feniks) was in AC6.


Ace Combat X3

Ace Combat X3 Logo, made by Wywyrm 1 with Photoshop CS5 (still learning how to use it)


Omega Felsen 01:22, March 5, 2011 (UTC)


((OOC discussion is to be inbetween a pair of parantheses, as shown here))

((Okay, let's start this off a bit like AC3 with a training mission. This mission also introduces the main characters))


Mission 0: Red Flag[]

Wesson, Osean Federation, 0600 hours, March 25th, 2048,[]

The briefing room at the Osean Air Defense Force base at Wesson buzzed with activity as the pilots participating in the annual collaboratory training excercise codenamed "Red Flag". They were from several nations, naturally, and while some were battle-hardened veterans, others were barely out of replacement pilot's training. Attitudes varied amongst them, but most were excited at getting a chance to prove themselves the best in the competition. Their "kills" were tallied up, and would determine the one who became the year's "Top Gun".

Among the veteran pilots were two close friends; one of them was Aizu Tsukihime, callsign "Mistral", a young Shiruburan woman who flew for the GRDF before defecting to the UPEO SARF in the Corporate War three years prior; the other was an Aurelian (slightly younger than Aizu) named Dimitri Patterson, callsign "Kitsune 1", who was the last in a dynasty of accomplished combat pilots dating back to the beginning of aerial warfare. The two had come to know each other towards the end of the Ouroboros Crisis late in 2045, and since then had formed a strong bond, with Aizu being something of an older sister to Dimitri. The two of them sat side by side towards the back of the room as they awaited the rest of the pilots to file in, where they discussed recent events.

Dimitri: Just five days till the end of the excercise, then we'll finally figure out who's the best!

Aizu: (blank expression) ...Yeah...

Dimitri looked up at his friend's face; her expression was tinged with worry, the occular implant she had glowing a little dimmer than usual. He knew why Aizu was worried, and though he wasn't too worried himself, he had to admit that the cause of her apprehension was disturbing in the least and threatening at the worst. She was thinking of her old friends back in General Resources Limited, including Keith Bryan and the now late Abyssal Dision (who was a traitor); she knew they survived the war, but recently, somebody had done the impossible in taking control of GR away from the Board of Directors.

Rather, it wasn't someone, but something. In 2017, a major war, perhaps the most tragic war the World had ever known, had resulted in the collapse of the aggressor nation, Belka; it was true that the leader of Belka in that war, General Erik Felsen, had died in early 2045 in Aurelia, but nobody had anticipated that the idea of a New Waldreich would live on without him to guide it. It had lived on in the guise of Lothar Deitmann, whom took control of GR Ltd. and was able to use its massive resources to take back both North and South Belka, reviving the nation in barely two weeks flat. Wesson was now on the border between Osea and Belka, and though Belkan delegates had announced that Belka was not to expand further, there was still a feeling of tension in the air, one typically felt when a gun is pointed at the back of your head.

Meanwhile, in another part of the room, another pilot stood, this one being one of the "nuggets". He was a typical pilot by anyone's observation, but appearances are often decieving; his ability, for a reason beyond anyone else's knowledge, he seemed superhuman, to the point of being invincible, and yet he was so well-disciplined that he never expressed emotions. He was expected to be a top contendor, although he was the newest of the pilots having had just 13 days of training; as the underdog, he was given the monicker "Omega", and in his own mind, that suited him just fine. All he was focused on was the objective of the day's excercise, his very being devoted to the science and art of warfare, much like the Belkan General he bore a disturbing resemblance to, for a reason only a select few knew, himself included.

Omega Felsen 01:22, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

The uneasy tension in the air was made even more tense as the commanders entered the room. An eerie silence fell upon the room as the Base Adjunctant called everyone to attention, the pilots and everyone else standing ramrod straight. The Commanders were several aged pilots whom have each seen combat over a long period of time, their experience and wisdom now turned into a vital asset for pilots of the Neo-United Nations and the UPEO SARF. The lights were turned off completely as a three-dimensional holographic projector cam online to sort out the details of the operation.

Osean Lt. Col.: At ease, be seated. -all sit down- Now, today, as you all know, will be the beginning of our annual "Top Gun" challenge, and so it has been deemed appropriate to create a new mission scenario for this year. The scenario to be played out is called "Operation Cutthroat", a mission to simulate an attack on a heavily defended strategic location, such as an airfield; enemies are in the air and on the ground, so teamwork is crucial, so we will divide all of you up depending on your role in this operation into four teams: Red, Blue,Green or Yellow. You will recieve your assigned team upon leaving the room, and from there you will follow specific instructions. However, the roles of each team are as follows:

Green Team's objective is attacking the airfield with JDAMs and air-to-surface missile fire. They are the ones that will be critical to the mission's success, as they are the primary weapon in this scenario.

Yellow Team is to strafe aircraft on the ground to prevent reinforcements from taking off, and from there will secure an escape corridor for Green Team.

Blue Team is to fly a Combat Air Patrol to defend both Yellow and Green. Be on your guard, as you will likely be attacked, which brings us to the final team.

Red Team shall fly in the role of an enemy fighter squadron, their job being to defend their airfield from attack. Now, are there any questions? No? Good. Dismissed!

With that out of the way, Aizu and Dimitri both stood up with everyone else and filed out. Aizu recieved a card assigning her to Blue Team, while Dimitri recieved an assignment to Yellow Team (Omega is on Red Team). A few minutes later, they were both headed out to their fighters as they surveyed the lineup of aircraft, and soon enough they were in the air.

Omega Felsen 04:47, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

About half an hour later, the strike package arrived at the target. Aizu and Dimitri had each been very tense in their respective cockpits; they hadn't even detected a sign of the Red Team anywhere, further increasing their apprehension. Aizu had been in a situation much like this before, in 2045 as a member of the GRDF. She had been flying with Keith Bryant on a combat air patrol when they were ambushed by a flight of UPEO SARF MiG-44 Falcons, callsign "Lindwurm". The enemy flight lead flew a specially painted black and red version and very nearly shot her down that day, only allowing her to escape when reinforcements arrived at the last second; the ferocity of that fight still gave her chills to this day, particularly the efficiency of the enemy pilots. A radio call snapped her out of her trance.

Spade (Green Team Leader): This is Spade; target is almost in range. Green Team, prepare to make your attack runs!

Spade, an Osean pilot who had once flown in a squadron in Aizu's wing with the GRDF, lead his flight of F-16XA Gyrfalcons ahead of the formation directly at the airbase. The conditions were starting to match that same day almost exactly; only one thing remained hidden; the enemy, though it didn't take long for Aizu to figure out how to find them.

Fenrir: This is Fenrir, anyone detect any bogeys? We can't begin the attack safely until we have established air superiority.

Spade: Nothing on my scope. Mistral, you there? Can you try to home in on the enemy's com channel?

Aizu: I'm working on it -turns dials changing frequency-

After a few seconds of careful adjustments, Aizu could make out several unfamiliar voices, ones that were certainly the Red Team. From there she eavesdropped on their communications.

Dune: This is Dune, I see 'em. Tango-Charlie, 12 o'clock low at 4,000 feet.

Hatchet (Red Team Leader): Roger that. Do not engage until I give you permission...that means you too, Omega.

Omega: With all due respect, I must refuse to obey that order. I will not jeopardize the mission's objectives by following in hesitation. Omega, engaging!

Frantically, Aizu looked directly above and behind her to see a formation of twenty F-16G-2 Lance Falcons, ones that she knew for certain were from the Red Team. Suddenly, one of them pulled up sharply, rolled over the top and pulled back down into a dive at full afterburner...straight in her direction. Aizu pulled up hard to evade the attacking fighter, her Su-47 easily evading as the fighter seemed to overshoot when it suddenly flipped around and reversed its direction almost immediately. She pulled into a hard turn, the enemy doing the same as the rest of the Red Team reluctantly dove in to help their ally and engaged the rest of the Blue Team and Yellow Team, a pair of the fighters attacking the Green Team. For a brief instant, Aizu caught a glimpse of the enemy fighter; the F-16G-2 had somewhat different markings than a normal Osean fighter, having the mark of the "Omega" symbol on the tail.

Omega Felsen 03:28, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

Dimitri: Whoa! How did they ambush us like that!?

Fenrir: I don't know, but...dammit, I'm out!

The training flights used simulated weapons, in this case streams of computer data between the COFFIN systems of each plane that simulated missiles, tracers or other weapons, allowing for "live" fire excersizes against each other. One could tell them from real weapons though because of their glowing silhouettes matching the color of the team who fired it, but even so, one couldn't help but fear for their lives.

It wasn't so much this that frightened Aizu, but rather it was losing her nerve that she truly feared, something that had been fatal for many a friend of hers in 2045, particularly against the Ouroboros. Aizu wasn't afraid of her foe, Omega, but she knew how good he was simply by the extreme G-Force he exerted on himself in his reversal at the dogfight's start. He clearly knew how to get the most out of his aircraft, but the swiftness of his maneuvers seemed too quick, too efficient for an ordinary pilot. Fortunately, Omega had turned away from her when other fighters joined the swirling furball, leaving her safe for now as she engaged other "enemies". For the moment, she was behind the Red Team's flight lead.

Hatchet: I got a Berkut on my 6 o'clock! I can't shake it!

Dune: Hang in there, I'm almost locked on...

Aizu looked back to find another Lance Falcon behind her, the buzzing of a missile lock clear. At this range, evasion was out of the question, but before Dune fired, a "missile" hit his wing, forcing him out of the mission. This allowed Aizu to fire on Hatchet, who was hit as well by her fire, before pulling up next to Dimitri, who had shot down Dune.

Dimitri: You okay Aizu?

Aizu: Yeah, I'm fine. What about you?

Dimitri: Luckily, I'm fine. The rest of the other teams weren't so lucky, but the target was destroyed successfully.

In shock, the Shiruburan looked around on her radar scope to find it empty save Dimitri beside her. She and Dimitri were the only ones left in the flight, the rest falling in combat with the Red Team, though not until after the attack destroyed the target.

Aizu: How many planes were we up against?

Dimitri: I counted nineteen. All of them went down.

Aizu: Dimitri, there were TWENTY fighters on the Red Team. One of them is still out there; now the question is which one?

Just then, a single contact appeared on her HUD, the data of which said F16G2 OMEGA. The mystery fighter had reappeared, this time focused only on them. the sound of a radar lock further heightened her awareness of the situation.

Omega: Mistral, Kitsune, your flight ends here. Fox Three.

Dimitri: Break! Missiles!

As the XMAAs streaked towards their targets, Aizu and Dimitri pulled away from each other sharply to try and evade the missiles. Unfortunately this meant making themselves easy targets for a moment, which ultimately proved Dimitri's undoing.

Dimitri: F---! He got me! Sorry Aizu, but you're on your own. Good luck.

Aizu turned back towards her opponent, her mind now focused on bringing the enemy pilot down, no matter what. She and the enemy were alone in a one on one duel, something almost never seen since over a hundred years ago. Aizu disabled the G-limiter on her plane, a dangerous move but probably her best option just as she and Omega barrelled towards each other and shot past without scoring any hits before each pulled back in crushing turns, each putting incredible stress on their airframes. The two merged again and passed, but this time each pulled into a climb. The Lance Falcon, which could climb faster than its heavier and slower opponent, overtook Aizu, although Omega soon found his move to be an error. Just before she could fire however, Omega shot straight up, afterburner blazing before suddenly his engine cut out and he began to drop. He narrowly avoided a collision as he suddenly nosed back down and firewalled the engine straight at the deck. Aizu reversed and followed, though was careful to watch the altimeter. Omega, who was about 5800 feet ahead, was now dangerously low, and not one to take chances, Aizu executed a series of scissor maneuvers to lower her altitude and level out. When she came out of it, a dust cloud was all she saw where Omega's fighter was.

Aizu: AWACS! We have a man down! Repeat, Red 5 has crashed!

Omega: You are so gullible, 'Ace of the North Wind'...

Aizu: What!?

To her amazement, the Lance Falcon suddenly shot skyward out of the dust, too fast for Aizu to react. The Osean pilot then looped back onto her six o'clock and placed her on the defensive. Acting on instinct, she pulled her Su-47 around towards the airbase, Omega following close behind.

Back at the airfield, Dimitri was talking with some of the pilots from the Yellow and Blue Teams about the mission.

Dimitri: So who got you?

Fenrir: Dune shot me. He's an arrogant son-of-a-bitch, but has some amazing marksmanship skills; what can I say? He was a sniper in the GRDF before he joined the OADF.

Dimitri: I shot Dune down when he went after Mistral, and she got the flight lead.

Spade: -whistles- she's even better than I remember. What's taking her so long anyways?

Dimitri: ...the last Red Team pilot shot me down but missed Aizu, somebody going by...I think it was "Omega".

Spade: -surprised- Oh, him? Funny, normally he gets his opponents every time with the first shot. I don't know how he does it, but his maneuvers are insane! There's no way he can withstand that sort of G-load without causing severe damage to his body.

Fenrir: Hey, there she is!

Fenrir pointed towards the west just as Aizu's Berkut roared overhead, Omega's Lance Falcon right behind her as she went into a steep climb. He followed her maneuver, almost in range for a Sidewinder. Aizu knew she was running out of options; she was exhausted, and had to shake her pursuer somehow despite his seeming invincibility. Then she remembered his tactic that he used to evade her earlier.

Omega: Lock-on...

Aizu: Not today Omega!

She openned up the throttle to full power and climbed at full speed, distancing herself from Omega. The Osean lit his afterburner to chase, exactly as Aizu hoped. At that exact moment, she cut the throttle and dropped slightly, Omega flying right past her; for the first time ever, he was unable to hide whatever shock he felt at this.

Omega: What the...

Aizu: Game Over. Fox Two!

The simulated missile flew straight and true towards the F-16G-2 and exploded, her HUD confirming: "TARGET DESTROYED". Realizing what happened, Omega leveled off above her altitude, Aizu pulling into formation with her defeated foe. She overhead him talking to himself, and was amazed to find that he was genuinely shocked at his loss, as if he had never failed at anything before.

Omega: I...I don't believe it...I was made to be the perfect can I be flawed?

A minute later, the two landed and got out of their planes. Aizu was congratulated by her fellow pilots, but what she had heard after the dogfight had shaken her; what did he mean by made to be the perfect soldier? Then again, she might have just been tired and imagined it, as she imagined Omega would be.

As the canopy to Omega's F-16G-2 opened and the pilot exited his mount, Aizu was able to catch her first glimpse of her opponent. Omega, whoever he was, was about 6 feet tall with a lean, athletic build, dirty blond hair and intense brown eyes, made even more intense by the stern, emotionless expression he always bore. To her surprise, he was dressed in a standard flight suit without any G-countering equipment or even a helmet at all, and on his belt, was a katana, not unlike the sabers used as ceremonial weapons in her native Shirubura. His appearance alone made it clear that he was of Belkan descent, but there was something else about him that made her unneasy, as well as many others.

After the debriefing, Dimitri and Aizu had been discussing the mission, particularly its fast-paced, all-out final confrontation. Aizu decided to leave out that she had overheard Omega, as she wasn't exactly sure if she had imagined it or not, as it didn't make any sense in her mind. The conversation soon ended when they noticed Aizu's opponent some distance away with his katana, but he didn't seem to pay them any notice.

Dimitri: Wow, he's even more obssessed with combat than I had heard. He's never seen without that sword of his!

Aizu: It's a wonder why he never burns himself out...I only hope he can get over the fact that he lost to me...

Dimitri: Aw c'mon, he doesn't come across as a sore loser. Watch me.

Aizu: Dimitri, I don't think...

Despite Aizu's misgivings, Dimitri approached the South Belkan pilot, albeit perhaps naively so...

Dimitri: Omega, can we talk for a second...

Omega: -swinging katana-

Dimitri: Um...Omega? Hello?

Omega: -still swinging katana-

Dimitri: -suddenly furious- Hey, you prick! I'm talking to you!

As soon as those words came out of his mouth, Dimitri found himself staring at the steel blade of Omega's katana, the tip aimed for his Corotid Artery. Aizu immediately stood up and ran over to them and stood between Dimitri and the homicidal swordsman.

Aizu: Stop this, now! What do you think you're doing!?

Dimitri: Yeah, what the Hell!?

Omega: Never try to sneak up on me; it will be the last mistake you ever make...

Aizu: Put the sword away, now.

Omega: ...Fine. I suppose it'll save the MPs the paperwork resulting from a "fatal accident" on the base... -resheaths katana- What do you want Kitsune, Captain Tsukihime?

Aizu and Dimitri each noted the difference in tone and address between them. Omega had referred to Aizu by formal terms, and not Dimitri, probably as a result of the UPEO ace having been the only pilot so far to defeat him under any conditions.

Aizu: ...You fought really well earlier. I just hope you're not...

Omega: -eyes narrowing slightly- angry about losing? I have no need for such distractions as emotions, so to answer your question, no I am not. Now if you two will excuse me, I have to file a report with my superiors; good day.

With that, Omega turned and left the two pilots alone, intrigued and confused at the other pilot's response. His response had not betrayed any emotion at all as he had suggested; it didn't surprised them that he was well-disciplined, which was normal in any military even for pilots, but that it literally didn't feel at all.

Dimitri: Hmm...something's a bit..."off", about him...

Aizu: Yeah...

Dinsmark, Belkan Waldreich, 2000 hours, March 25th, 2048[]

The air in the situation room was tense as the Chiefs of Staff for the Belkan Military filed in to the chamber. These men varried greatly in many aspects, and came from all walks of life; Cael Sharnhorst, the General of the Whermacht (Army), was a former member of the GRDF board of directors; Bruno Yeomann, the Grand Admiral of the Kriegsmarine (Navy), was once a professor of Oceanography at Dinsmark University, and while older than the others was highly respected by all; finally, there was the strangest of them all. Reichsmarshall Arrik Felsen, also known as "Alpha", was the Grand Air Marshall of the Luftwaffe (Air Force), and had formerly been a fighter pilot that had served with the UPEO, and later, the Ouroboros in the last war. Despite being only 24 years old (as far as they knew), his arrogant yet charming nature had made him a clear favorite amongst the airmen of the Belkan military. He was also feared however, as he had a highly volatile temper, amazingly fast reflexes, and incredible intellect and strength. Few knew his origins, but those that did knew that he was no ordinary man.

Finally, one more person enterred, this one to the salutes of the General Staff. This was Der Fuhrer, Lothar Deitmann, also known by his old colleagues as "Schenze", although he rarely used the monicker any more. A former operative of the Gray Men, Schenze had long fought for his nation's prosperity, and was dismayed when Belka collapsed after the failure of Erik Felsen in 2017. He had served that regime dilligently nonetheless, and now he had corrected Felsen's error by restoring Belka to the status of a sovereign nation. It was because of this that he was reluctant to seek out Arrik Felsen as one of his General Staff, but for the moment he had other worries.

Deitmann: Report.

Sharnhorst: Our Army has finally built up enough strength to be able to fight against Osea. We are still outnumbered, but our weapons are for more advanced than theirs.

Yeomann: The Navy still needs some more ships, but for now our strength is adequate.

Deitmann: Very good...and what of you, Felsen?

Alpha: The 4th, 8th, 14th and 26th Air Divisions are already armed, fueled and standing by for their orders to scramble, mein Fuhrer. Our strength in aircraft outnumber the Neo-UN forces in the area by 4 to 1.

Deitmann: Excellent work, all of you...At long last, Belka's Global Empire will finally become a reality!

Omega Felsen 04:34, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

Mission 1: First Encounter[]

((Okay, this is the point at which everyone else can begin to contribute))

Wesson, Osean Federation, 0600 hours, March 26th, 2048,[]

The following day, Aizu and Dimitri each woke up and left their quarters and recieved an unexpected notice from the base commander. It read:

"Meet me in my office at 0600 hours today for your briefing; make sure that 1st Lieutenant Patterson also recieves this message."

That morning was supposed to be a break from operations to allow the maintainance crews to repair the fighters after about a week's worth of maneuvers without even basic inspections in several cases. The fact that Aizu and Dimitri were called in for a briefing meant that something was up. Each of them were apprehensive in this knowledge, and knew that whatever the briefing was on, there was an absolute certainty that they would be up in the air.

Dimitri: -annoyed groan- Seriously, we're supposed to take leave for the day. Why were we called in for a briefing first thing this morning?

Aizu: I don't know, Dimitri, but it's most likely important.

Dimitri: Tell me about it... -stops at the door and opens it- After you.

The two of them entered the office to find themselves standing next to Viper, an experienced flight instructor, who in turn stood before the base commander, Colonel Dominic Thameson. His expression was stern, even more so than usual; this meant that whatever this as about, he didn't like it one bit. This was a sign to expect the unexpected.

Viper: Okay, so Captain Tsukihime and 1st Lieutenant Patterson are here, that just leaves our fourth pilot, whoever that may be.

Thameson: -scowls- The Runner probably forgot to give him the message, but it shouldn't take him much longer to get here...

???: I've been waiting here the whole time, sir.

The Colonel spun around to find himself staring at none other than Omega, who had somehow snuck into the office undetected and had been standing behind him for who knows how long.

Thameson: -startled, then livid- Dammit Omega! Knock it off!

Omega:With all due respect, sir, I cannot be held responsible for your being oblivious to my presence.

Thameson: ...indeed. Keep this up and I'll make it so you'll be flying a desk for the remainder of your service. Now get in to formation!

Omega: -narrows eyes- Yes Sir...

With slight relctance, the Belkan walked over to stand next to Dimitri and snapped to attention.

Thameson: Okay, so now where were we? Oh yes, the brieifing...

The Colonel tapped a touchscreen on his desk a few times, dimming the lights and bringing up a holographic representation of the airbase and the surrounding airspace one hundred miles. Four dots appeared on the display as blue images of aircraft, in this case a Typhoon-E (Viper), an Su-43 (Mistral), an F-2E (Kitsune) and an F-16G-2 (Omega), in a daimond formation at one end, and at the other end was a red dot which read "unknown".

Thameson: Over the last several days, we've picked up some suspicious signals interefering with our communications with both the High Command and the Neo-UN headquarters. We believe that these signals are from espionage conducted by a spy aircraft of unknown origin. We have been unable to determine the identity of this aircraft, but as we speak, we've detected an unidentified aircraft flying at high subsonic speed and at low altitude; naturally, the radar signature is barely visible, so it is likely a stealth aircraft and therefore without a doubt of military origin. Your mission is to intercept it and force the plane down to the ground. You are forbidden from engaging in combat unless told otherwise, understood?

All: Yes Sir.

Thameson: Good. For now, you are all to be assigned into a single flight of four, callsign "Saber". Viper, you'll take the lead position as Saber One. Mistral, you're assigned to the number two slot, Kitsune to number three and Omega as number four. Now get out there and bring it to the ground!

Wesson, Osean Federation, 0618 hours, March 26th, 2048,

In a remarkably short amount of time, the newly organized "Saber" Flight was in the air and in pursuit of the infiltrator. Due to their target being a stealth aircraft, the search was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. For the most part, the team was communicating back and forth as they exchanged data on possible leads, the exception being Omega. In Aizu's case, she was constantly watching the edge of her radar to see if she could pick up even the slightest hint of an enemy, and so far was empty-handed. Dimitri's situation was the same, as was Viper.

Viper: All Saber units, report.

Aizu: Mistral here. I'm not seeing anything.

Dimitri: This is Kitsune, same here; just thin air and the ground.

Omega: Omega reporting as ordered. I have not found any leads yet, but I have a theory as to why that is.

Viper: -slightly sarcastic tone- Well then please, share your keen insight, will you?

Omega: One moment...AWACS, requesting data transfer from the main radar array.

AWACS Guardian: This is AWACS Guardian; request confirmed, transmitting data in 3...2...1...

The data from Guardian's radar appeared on Omega's radar map. The AWACS, an E-767G Phase Sentry (named for a more advanced phased-array radar kept in the usual radome of the aircraft), gave him a very clear radar image, nothing on which would indicate anything, let alone a stealth aircraft. However, it wasn't what Guardian saw that Omega focused on, it was what they didn't see.

Viper: Well?

Omega: The E-767G has its radome on top of the aircraft, giving the radar a blind spot directly underneath the aircraft, and I think our target knows this. We should try to search near our AWACS.

Dimitri: That actually makes sense. Why didn't I think of that?

A few minutes later, the Saber team had rendezvoused with Guardian about 5 klicks north of where they were earlier. Sure enough, when Viper looked at Guardian, a flaktarn AF-117X Nav Hawk without any markings was literally right underneath the AWACs.

Viper: Tally ho, bogey sighted. Seems that analysis was spot-on.

Aizu: Saber 2, roger.

Dimitri: Saber 3, roger.

Viper: Saber 4, hello? You hear me? You'd better be keeping up.

Omega: Saber 4, roger.

Viper: Good, at least you can hear me. Now I'll repeat myself again, you are not to fire at the target unless told to do otherwise, got it Omega?

Omega: Yes Sir...

Viper: Good boy...okay...testing, unidentified aircraft, this is Saber Squadron, you are in restricted airspace. Respond.

After several seconds, nothing. Viper called again, still nothing. At this point it looked like he would have to splash the bogey, but he wasn't sure.

Dimitri: Okay, what now? He's not talking.

Aizu: Maybe he doesn't understand Osean. Try another language...maybe Sapinish?

Viper repeated his message in Sapinish, stll no response. Dimitri made the next attempt, but neither Leasathan nor Yuketobanian forced an answer. Aizu doubted the pilot was Shiruburan though, so she held off.

Viper: Either the pilot's deaf or that's a UCAV. Hold any of you speak Belkan?

Dimitri: Nope.

Omega: I'll handle it. -clears throat- Achtung, Rufzeichen unidentifizierten Nav Hawk, das ist der Neo-Vereinten Nationen Jagdgeschwader "Säbel ". Du bist in Flugbeschränkungsgebietes fliegen und sind nun aufgefordert, Kurs für Wesson Air Force Base ändern. Rock deine Flügel dreimal, wenn Sie verstehen.

(Translation: Attention, unidentified Nav Hawk, this is the Neo-United Nations fighter squadron, callsign "Saber". You are flying in restricted airspace and are now ordered to change course for Wesson Air Force Base. Rock your wings three times if you understand.)

Omega Felsen 05:50, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

The radio remained silent as the Nav-Hawk continued its course directly below Guardian, this went on for another minute and a half until the unmarked recon craft began to nose down and turned slightly left. The fighter left the 767's blind spot and now it was faintly appearing on everyones scope.

Viper: Everyone stay glued to that plane unless i say otherwise, do not fire under any circumstance unless i give the go ahead.

Aizu: Wilco

Dimitri: Solid Copy.

Oemga: Understood.

The squadron followed the Nav-Hawk, watching it as it continued to lazily fly away from the AWACS it was using for cover to mask its faint signature. it nosed up and leveled out maintaing a slow but steady airspeed.

Dimitri: Sure doesn't seem alarmed at us tailing him. Sure that thing is manned?

Viper: I'm starting to wonder myself. Omega give it another go ahead with the warning.

Omega: -speaks- Achtung, Rufzeichen unidentifizierten Nav Hawk, das ist der Neo-Vereinten Nationen Jagdgeschwader...

Aizu: Wait. Sir I'm picking up signatures on my radar, they're coming in from the north. Four of them.

Dimitri: I'm picking it up as well.

Guardian: Heads up we have four highspeed bogeys inbound, unknown aircraft heading 032 degrees, airspeed 660. All aircraft do not engage until orders are given to do so. I repeat.

Four F-20K Tigersharks barreled toward the squadron and the Nav-Hawk, suddenly missile alerts blared out in everyones cockpits as radar guided missiles were fired at them.

Viper: Break now!

Aizu: Moving to evade

The four fighter broke and evaded the enemies missile fire, the four XMAA's blazing by them harmlessly orange and white plumes trailing behind them. Omega turned his fighter towards the enemy and locked on with his own XMAA's and prepared to fire. The others moved to engage as well. Guardian came over the radio.

Guardian: Do not fire. I repeat do not fire.

Dimitri: Those aren't blanks they're chucking at us!

Kitsune 1 06:52, March 20, 2011 (UTC) ((I'll wait for you guys to catch up.))

As the Tigersharks closed, Viper's mind flashed back to the outbreak Corporate War in 2045. He had been flying high above a training excercise, right beside the flight lead for that squadron at the time: Abyssal Dision. Out of nowhere, several Remora interceptors, carried high aloft by Mobura transports, dove on the trainies and opened fire, soon followed by flights of R101 Delphinus fighters. The Neucom pilots slaughtered the squadrons below, save Dision's formation (consisting of Dision and Viper), Keith Bryant (who dove out of the fight when he took a hit but managed to land safely) and a new trainee named Aizu Tsukihime, the same pilot he was flying with now as his number two. The two of them both knew the pain of losing their comrades, and Viper was determined to prevent it from happening again, even though that meant disobeying his orders.

Viper: Stop gawking at them and fire back! Blow 'em out of the sky!

Guardian: What!? Viper, stop this! Follow your orders! Do not fire!!!

Viper: You know what I've been through! I'm not watching any more of my pilots die!!!

Omega Felsen 21:01, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

Dimitri: Dammit Guardian! We're under attack here!

Viper: Alright, let's split up. Kitsune, come with me and we'll bring down the Nav Hawk. Mistral, Omega, you think you can handle the fighters?

Aizu: Yes Sir.

Omega: Affirmative. Omega, engaging...

As the F-20Ks fired another volley of missiles the flight of four split into two elements to attack each of their two targets. In the case of Omega and Aizu, this meant fighting two versus one against the unmarked F-20K. Aizu flew ahead of the two, with Omega covering her as the four bandits circled around them; one of them soon fell into the Shiruburan's crosshairs, but another came in behind her, the others trailing Omega. Not bothered by self-preservation instincts, the Belkan decided it was best to warn his wingman before trying to evade the enemy Tigersharks.

Omega: Almost there...-lock-on tone- Locked on...Fox Two!

A sidewinder shot off the rail from his Lance Falcon's wing and slammed into the F-20; the stricken fighter spun out of control and began a rapid descent, soon followed by the pilot's ejection and later the wreckage crashing into the earth below. The young 2nd Lieutenant had just scored his first air-to-air victory.

Omega: Splash one!

Guardian: You splashed a bogey without being given clearance to engage!? What the hell are you thinking!? And to think that you would go against protocol like this Omega...

Omega: I was protecting Saber Two for your information, now if you'll excuse me, I have two bogeys on my six to take care of...

Meanwhile, Aizu had managed to down her target as well, and was now trying to line up Omega's pursuer; she aimed towards the lead plane, in hopes of taking out the more experienced element leader and cutting the greener one loose, but range at which she was behind it was too close to shoot without chancing at hitting Omega.

Aizu: Omega, check six!

Omega: I know. Maybe its time for one of my old tricks... -flips a switch- Deactivating limiters on aircraft maneuverability.

Aizu: What!?

Omega: Try and follow this!

Omega firewalled his throttle to distance himself then pulled his plane around in a midair reversal before barreling back the other way, cannon blazing. His second fighter downed that day was now going down in flames as he pulled up next to Aizu and leveled out again.

Aizu: What the hell was that!?

Omega: Improvisation...heads up, the last one's circling at eight o'clock high.

The fourth and final fighter was now alone, but continued circling above, wary of the pilots below; as it passed close to them, Aizu took note of its slightly different paint scheme from the others, and concluded that this pilot was the enemy flight lead, and by the way he was circling around, the enemy ace was beyond angry.

Omega Felsen 07:15, April 5, 2011 (UTC)

Suddenly, the Tigershark dove down to attack Aizu, cannon blazing, but a sudden maneuver by Omega forced him to pull away and put him on the defensive, with Omega's Lance Falcon in pursuit. Aizu was about to turn into him when suddenly Dimitri called out to her on the radio.

Dimitri: Kitsune here; the Nav Hawk's still flying, but more Tigersharks are showing up to join the fight. Mistral, Omega, could you give us a hand?

Mistral: Omega's in a bind with an enemy ace at the moment; I'll give you support.

As she pulled away, Aizu looked back at Omega and knew that she was breaking a cardinal rule by leaving her wingman behind; even though he could probably hold his own, this was Omega's very first combat mission, and loosing a nugget would not look good on her records or that of the others, least of all Viper. Despite her misgivings, she turned towards her other allies and flew head-on into the melee. Dimitri and Viper were turning round and round with a pair of Tigersharks, and even the Nav Hawk had joined the fight; while old and slow, the AF-117X could still hold its own in a low-speed turning fight at this altitude against the F-2E flown by Dimitri and Viper's EF-2000E.

Omega Felsen 17:00, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

The Nav Hawk continued its evasive action just staying far enough out of reach of Dimitri in his Viper II, as he attempted to turn harder to keep with Nav Hawk he kept an eye on his airspeed knowning that if he turned too tight he could scrub off too much speed and stall, he felt the G forces push back as he turned harder to gain lock at the last second he gained lock and fired, the missile streaked toward the A/F-117 and hit it. the explosion sent the tail section of the fighter flying in the form of atomized metal and the rest falling to Earth. The two fighters got out of the way of the debris field as parts and smoke choked the air from the destroyed Nav Hawk.

Dimitri: This is Kitsune target down, almost stalled it out though.

Viper: Nice shot kid, lets dispose of the rest.

The two fighters broke as they took the two Tigersharks that joined the fight with the Nav Hawk, Dimitri moved towards the bandit at his high 10, while Viper attacked the one at his Nine. The Typhoon-E quickly entered a turning fight with his prey while Dimitri climbed and reversed quickly to enegage his target.

Dimtri: I got this one, locked on Fox 2.

Enemy: moving to evade!

Dimtri: Damn it, he jinked! Going guns!

25mm cannon shells fired from the F-2E as they lurched forward and into the fueselage of the Tigershark causing it to explode, suddenly cannon shells and two fighters blazed past Dimitri as he passed by the falling fighter.

Dimitri: Sh*t who was that!?

Omega: I'm still engaged with this guy, almost there...

Viper: Bandit down, A-1 kill.

As the two planes leveled out and flew straight, Omega's missile seeker chirped and chirped, but the swaying of the enemy fighter prevented a solid lock. The fighters cut a wide right as the tigershark Ace attempted to avoid his missile lock.

Aizu: Cutting in! Mistral, Fox 2!

Aizu came hooked in left and fired a missile at the fighter, the fighter turned in towards Aizu as Omega matched his turn, The F-16G-2 closed with the Tigershark as Aizu's shot caused him to turn in towards her. Omega's F-16 and the bandit F-20 crossed over Aizu's Su-43 as he was now in range for guns, searing 20mm tracers fired from his Vulcan as the Tigershark was pelted and exploded, the fighter spewing smoke and flame.

Omega: Target is silenced, all bandits are down AWACS.

Guardian: Confirmed, all aircraft are down. All Sabre units are to return to base.

Dimitri: Whew...its over.

Viper: Good work everyone, Can everyone hear my voice?

Aizu: Affirmative

Dimitri: Solid Copy.

Omega: ...

Kitsune 1 19:21, April 16, 2011 (UTC) (Well i hope i did a good job here. kinda rusty haha.)

(That was actually pretty good; also, smart choice on keeping the enemy silent, since I don't intend for the identity of the attackers to be revealed until Mission 3)

Wesson, Osean Federation, 0643 hours, March 26th, 2048,[]

Following their landing back at Wesson, the four pilots each climbed out of their aircraft and reported immediately to the Base Commander's office. The Colonel was clearly in a sour mood, one that in a hushed whisper, Viper indicated was because he hadn't had a chance to grab his coffee that morning, but that didn't change the fact that they had to report to him for the debriefing. Viper took responsibility for explaining what happened.

Thameson: Okay, so you successfully intercepted the intruder, now identified as an AF-117X Navhawk?

Viper: Yes Sir.

Thameson: Then you were ambushed, correct?

Viper: Well...

Omega: -cutting him off- Affirmative, Sir. Eight F-20Ks divided into two flights of four. Neither the Navhawk nor the F-20Ks bore any markings identifying their nationality or squadron affiliation, nor did they have an IFF signal that would be an indication of their origins, but based on their path inbound to the combat zone, it can be assumed that these were Belkan fighters.

Thameson: -Suddenly Furious- Omega, what have I told you about jumping to conclusions? You are simply another combat pilot, and therefore, it is NOT your place to make assumptions based on anything; let intel handle that! Got it!?

Omega: -Head bowed slightly- My apologies, Sir. It shall not happen again...

Thameson: Anyways, our recon teams on the ground reported in, confirming that the enemy's origins are unknown, as the pilots bailed out and the largest surviving fragment of any of the aircraft was no bigger that the size of my fist -holds up his hand in a clenched fist to emphasize his point-. We are currently searching for the downed pilots as we speak, but for now you are to be on standby in case anything happens. Dismissed!

Later, in the Rec Room...

Following the briefing, several of the pilots each had been informed of changes affecting them in one way or another. Aizu's Su-43 was being requisitioned by another SARF squadron which needed a replacement, and so a brand-new Su-37 had been delivered while they were away to replace it. Dimitri, Aizu and Viper were congratulated on their victories, although as the flight lead, Viper was given a Letter of Reprimand for insuboordination. Omega was all but ignored, save being chastized for putting too much wear and tear on his aircraft by maneuvering so abruptly. Aizu had to admit that she felt bad for the Belkan, and couldn't quite understand why the other base personel seemed so spiteful of him; she could sense that he was different, but she wasn't sure as to why.

Viper: I don't quite get it...something seemed a bit off about our mission, as if it were all staged or something...

Aizu: Yeah...but let's not think about that for now.

Dimitri: -sketching something on a pad of paper- Good idea.

Omega: -swinging katana-...

Dimitri: -looks up- Do you ever put that thing away?

Omega: -continues swinging for a few more seconds then resheaths the weapon- Of course, but I always ensure that I can draw my sword when I need to. -sits down across from the others and takes out a small book (his journal), from his pocket as well as a pencil and starts writing in it-

Viper: What are you writing Omega?

Omega: A reminder to tell you to stay out of my buisness. -puts book away-

Aizu: Omega, why do you think people don't like you?

The question stunned everyone else in the room, even Omega, although he didn't give any visual indication of his surprise.

Omega: Human beings fear what they do not understand; this often manifests itself as hatred. -stands up, walks over to a window and stares out- I, on the other hand, cannot even feel fear, or any other emotions that would distract from my mission which would also include anger, happiness and least of all, infatuation.

Omega Felsen 17:17, April 20, 2011 (UTC)

-Omega then notices Thameson talking to what appears to be a old man with silverly grey hair in a black rugged trench coat outside, Which in turn both men start walking towards the Rec Room. Then old man stops and notices Omega and gives him mistrusting stare and carrys on walking towards the door.-

-Rec Room door opens-

Everybody: Sir!..

Thameson: At ease everybody.

-Aizu then notices the old man next to Thameson too and notices that the man has Belkan features much like Omega.-

-Then the Belkan spoke in a cold souless voice-

???: Viper and... Omega... Please come with me.

Dimitri: Thameson who is this guy...

-Omega cuts Dimitri off-

Omega: ..He works with the IMID, am I correct?

Aizu: IMID?

Viper: (IMID... Great, looks like I cant get away from you guys...)

???: Yes I work with the IMID and... Aizu is it..?

-Aizu shocked that the Belkan knew who she was-

???: I take from your expression thats a yes... If you havnt heard.., ...IMID is a division within the UPEO which deals with Mercs like my self and Viper... ...isnt that correct Viper..?

Viper: Yes... Harken...

Dimitri and Aizu: ?!Harken!? Rikhart Harken!?

Aizu: Viper you know this guy?

Viper: Yes it was a long time ago...

Harken: Indeed... A long time ago... and Viper isnt the only person in this room who knows me... -stares at Omega intensely-

Thameson: Right... Enough of the history lessons Harken, Back to what you came here for...

Harken: ...Yes Thameson... If you will follow me Viper and... Omega... To the Briefing Room...

-Harken and Thameson walk towards the briefing room followed by Viper-

Harken: You coming or not... ...Fe... -Cough- ...Omega?

-Omega turns and follows Harken-

Dimitri: What the hell was all that about eh?

Aizu: Who knows...

Later in the Breifing Room...

Mike-Sierra-Sierra 10:08, April 21, 2011 (UTC) (What you think guys? If you dont like it or if it conflicts with somethink feel free to delete my post I dont mind)

(I think it was pretty clever; nice work MSS.)

A few minutes later in the briefing room, the atmosphere seemed thick with tension as the four men entered the room. There was an aura of suspicion, Omega noted, most notably in Harken's words. He had been trained by the IMID director personally, but as far as he knew, Harken had only been told very little of his personal information. Then again, the high command kept many secrets from him, even if they were freely available to others; chances were that the other men knew more about him than Omega himself did.

He was especially wary of Harken, whom had seemed to be about to call him by a different name from what he was normally known by before cutting himself off. This in of itself was especially confusing for the Belkan pilot. Before he could ponder further, computer moniters activated with a low hum and the room darkened as windows and doors closed and lights turned off.

Harken: Alright, first order of business. What exactly happened on your last flight?

Viper: We intercepted an A-117X Navhawk near our AWACS, callsign Guardian, and pulled into formation with it as it pulled away at a moderate velocity. He did not make any attempts to evade us or any aggressive maneuvers, but just flew straight forward. We tried hailing him in many different languages with no response when we were attacked by two flights of F-20K Tigersharks. All hostile aircraft were splashed within five minutes.

Harken: I see; that would explain how it is impossible to identify them by their nationality. Salvage teams couldn't find anything that would call them out as being from any particular nation, but it is highly probable that the Navhawk was modified as a UAV.

Omega: ...

Viper: Omega, is something on your mind?

Omega: Sir...-turns towards Harken-...When you were ordering me to follow you and Viper here, what were you about to call me before you cut yourself off?

Harken kept a solid front, but inside he was cursing to himself at his seemingly innocent slip-up. He had forgotten that Omega had heightened senses, thus enabling a much higher perceptive ability. He knew it would be best not to answer turthfully, lest he should turn out like another one of his pupils, one that became almost the same monster as his predecessor, whom Harken had served under in 2017, fighting for a nation that only now had regained its sovereignty.

Harken: Don't ask too many questions, Omega. You could get yourself hurt. -half-threatening tone-

Omega: ...Yes Sir...

Harken: Thank you. Now in the meantime, we have yet to determine for sure the origins of your attackers, but for now we cannot jump to conclusions. I need assurance from the two of you that no matter what, this mission is not to be discussed with anyone for any reason; we can't risk another major war after only three years of unneasy peace. Have I made myself clear?

Viper and Omega: Yes Sir.

Harken: Omega, you are dismissed; Viper, stay here.

Omega: Yes Sir...-turns and leaves-

With Omega gone, the Colonel also left, leaving Harken and Viper alone in the briefing room.

Harken: you have any idea what kind of man you're dealing with when talking about Omega?

Viper: He's definately...different, but I wouldn't say he's anything special...though the fact that he doesn't seem to use his real name very often is a bit odd.

Harken: That's because he doesn't know he even has one.

Viper: What!? -astonished- What are you talking about?

Harken: -sighs and pulls up a file on the moniter reading "General Resources Limited - Darkness of Enigma - Top Secret"- The answer to that lies in his blood...

Omega Felsen 17:53, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

Mission 2: Descending Shroud[]