Ace Combat Fanon Wiki

Date. May 2021 - July 2021

Locations. Osean Continent

Events. Osean continental war

Commanders. Awacs Falcon eye

                                      Carl Reagan

Outcomes. Belka and Leasath dimilitarized

                                       Allied Forces Victory

Combatants. Osea. Belka

                                        Ustio.                           Leasath
                           (Allied Forces)


The Year is 2021, 1 year after the Aurelian war, Leasath lost all of their military forces, that forced them to sold great part of their Northern land to Aurelia, they lost all their research on SWBM technology. As they were on the southern emisphere and all of their natural resources were lost on the war they took a decision , on the May 16, 2021. Leasath send vessels of their modest naval fleet towards Sapinish land. They conquered the southern coast of Sapin in 3 days and later moved on to the cities, they exploded their natural resources back to Leasath and began the reconstruction of their army. 7 days later on May 23, Leasath invaded all of the Sapinish central land and later moved into their capital, Gran Rugido. Sapin was deafed in less than 2 weeks. Starting the Osean Continental War. Leasath formed a commercial and military alliance with Belka,who classified them with their Heavy command cruiser research. 6 days later on May 29, Leasath along with Belkan forces conquered again Aurelia and made it surrender. 2 countries deafeted in less than a month, the Osean Federation seeing the ongoing problem decided to sent an aerial attack into the Belkan- Leasath fleet which was stationed at the Oured Bay. The attack ended in failure due to the launch of a Belkan MPBM which destroyed all of the Osean aircraft. The day after Belka attacked Ustio, but as well as Sapin, Ustio has friendly relations with Osea who save them. On the place where Battles had not been fought since 26 years ago during the Belkan war, Area B7R return in a fierce battle as the one fought by the Demon Lord in 1995. But this time the Belkans managed to win with Leasath's SWBM's help They retook part of Ustio, Recta, Ratio, FATO and Gebet. The Exiled Ustio, the conquered Sapin and Aurelia along with Recta, Ratio, Gebet and FATO used the Old Allied forces they used to win the Belkan war, but now more combatants of all the continent were on the fight, as one of the G7 countries, Leasath and the Belkan airforce attacked The Norldands and Anexated it into their territories, half and half on June 6th. The day the day the 7 nuclear detonations of Waldreich happened. Gründer Industries supplied the Osean army from its central in Sudentor before been retaken by Belka 2 days later. Yuktobania as a member of the Allied forces supplied the allies and even sent air squadrons, from the Allied airbases,Valais, Sand Island, Aubrey air base, La espada airbase and the now Belkan Heierlak air base, murshka and from the Basset space center, multiple air squadrons to counterattack the enemy but they failed on it, the SWBM tech along with MPBM's and aircraft equipped with an optical camouflage were so dangerous. They placed all of their hopes in an experimental airctaft equipped with an infrared and termical system that can allow the pilot to see invisible enemies, its name was the ADFO-34 which was also equipped with air to air and grond missiles and an especial TLS, it was supposed to be started in the central of Sudentor but as Belka taken over there. It would be build in the Basset Space Center and on the Sonza factory on Yuktobania. But before its completed the OADF along with Ustio send their airforces to liberate Sapin. They defeated the Belkan Legron Squad and liberated Sapin's capital on June 11. On June 12 Wielvakia also entered the AF to the fight and help Ustio and Osea liberate The Norlands. With help of the Northlands now, they launched a large scale offensive to liberate Gebet, Recta, Ratio and FATO. Of the 8 allied squads 5 were annihilated and the other 3 ones did liberate Ratio and Recta. Osea later on fight along with Ustian fighters to liberate Directus from Leasath control. The Battle was almost win when the Belkan heavy command cruiser XB-766 entered in Directus and shot 1 MPBM to destroy the fighters. Leasath launched a Bombing Mission to Valais. But Ustian along with Aurelian fighters did destroy them before hitting the base toward the Tyrann Mountains. Ustio was sent by the Comitee to liberate Grisswall the Aurelian capital. A Yuktobanian Scinfaxi was there to help them clean the ground troops in all of the territories. The mission ended in succes and Aurelia was freed from Leasath's control. 1 week later Osea liberated FATO


The allied forces which concisted in Osea, Yuktobania, Wielvakia, Ustio, Sapin, Gebet, Recta,Ratio,FATO, Nordlands and Aurelia were all sent by the supreme commander Carl Reagan and informated by Awacs Falcon eye to an inmense air attack into a Belkan- Leasath naval fleet. 15 squads were launched. The 1st one was the AF airforce 6th air division, 88Th air force unit Blitz. Which his leader Blitz 1 along with others attacked the Naval fleet which conscisted on 3 carriers, 2 stealth destroyers 5 cruisers. 3 destroyers. 7 mssl hovercrafts and 2 AEGIS That Battle was intense but the allied forces did destroy half of the fleet when the XB-766 and The Gleipnir 2 entered in the airspace and fast eliminated all the squads except Blitz On July 6th. The Allied forces send Blitz team to destroy the XB-766 over The waldreich Mountains Were the enemy Legron team intercepted Blitz. Blitz after deafeating the 7 Legron Su-47's they concentrated on the heavy command cruiser. 30 mins later. The XB-766 also known as the sucesor of the Hresvelgr. Was shot down an crashed over waldreich Blitz 1 earned the title of ace and the callsign "The Continent's cross" 9 days later the Gleipnir 2 was shot down alone by Blitz 1 and with help of Osean ICMB's. Later on Belka's Reborn Grey Men stole the Scinfaxi's tech in Yuktobania and used it to build the Griffindor Sub. 7 days later. The Griffindor destroyed the 1st Osean naval fleet over the Ceres Ocean. After that 6 days later. The Griffindor which was stationed on Northern Belka on the Anfang's coast was under attack by Blitz and Ustian air forces while at the same time aurelian pilots were on a masive aerial battle towards Oured Bay. And also at The Same time Osean and Sapinish along with Rectan pilots engaged the Sudentor's central, the Glatisant fortress, the Schayne plains and the Mount Schirm air base. All of those missions ended in succes and the Griffindor exploded destruting a village in Anfang The Belkans launched an attack over the Bastok Peninsula in Yuktobania and destroyed the Sonza'$ factory.Yuktobanian and Osean fighters along with 5 stealth Bombers , bomb the outskirts of Dinsmark Throw the Futuro Canal some Sapinish and Osean veseels were stationed 1 week later. Belka and Leasath started the construction of a V2 weapon and other 3 V1's on a bunker on Excalibur' s ruins in the Tauberg region in Belka. 1 day later. All of the countries form the AF sent an attack into Leasath which they captured almost all of the countrie except for Allendal. Leasath with no more military force left. Refugee in Belka as well as their army. Allendal fall into Af's control and the terms of surrender were signed. With Leasath defeated,Belka and some insurgent Leasath forces refugeed in Dinsmark were all what left. Finnaly on an ICMB's launch station in Dinsmark. The allied forces sent Blitz alone. Where they found all. Naval forces in the canals and lagoons in dinsmark , ground troops from both Belka and Leasath and their airforces along with the Legron squad for Belka and the old Alect squad from Leasath,all the 14 planes from both squads used X-02's which were stolen to Osea. As well ad all of the Member countries of the AF launched an attack into Dinsmark, the Belkans launched the 2 V2's one into Cinigrad,the other to Oured and some V1's to Directus, Gran Rugido, Centrum, Cor, Brunies etc. The attack was delayed because of the missiles. The 2 V2's were destroyed over Oured by Osean fighters and the other over Cinigrad By Blitz 1 who was stationed at Cinigrad The other V1's were destryed by Osean lasers. The Blitz team engaded Legron and Alect. An SWBM was launched but easily dodged by Blitz 1 He and his squad defeated both Legron and Alect A Monument in honor of Grabacr 1 Ashley Bernitz ( shot down by Blaze and Cipher) and Ofnir 1 Michael Heimeroth ( shot down by Cipher and the Razgriz) and other Belkan war aces were all destroyed bye Blitz 1 and later recontructed 1 year later. The Naval Fleets were destroyed. The groun forces annihilated and the air forces evaporated. Belka and Leasath were Lost . a 3rd V2 launched from Avalon exploted abovo Dinsmark. And a 4th Crashed into The coast of Oured Bay.. The war ended and Belka accepted the terms of Surrender. And peace return to the Osean continent and its nations after the war thanks to Blitz 1 " the Continent's crust

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