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Ace Wombat 2

Ace Wombat 2.


Ace Wombat 2 (エースヲンバット2 Ēsu Wonbatto Ni) is the second title of the Ace Combat Humour/Fanon series.


"A outbreak of Cattle in the Cattle Farms; general area code Epping Forest. They saw an opportunity during a time when the Butchers were away from the country on a trading mission. After the forces occupied the center of farm, they seized control of important facilities in each field. They are expanding their influence while strengthening their farting power. Their military capabilities include air and sea forces. It has also been confirmed that they are in possession of extra powerful fart missiles. To respond to the rebel's forces, the Farmers United Headquarters made a decision to use the Super Tactical Wombat Squadron, "Scarbat" which consists of you, my fellow Wombats. We want you to go on this mission and suppress the outbreak of Cattle immediately. You will receive all-out support from our Farmers United Headquarters, full cooperation through our Marketing Division, and Farm Supplies. The situation is tense, and there is no time to waste. Take on this mission immediately. That is all."

Ace wombat combat

A rare encounter with a mythical Wb-35 Super Wombat in Ace Wombat 2.