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"Honor?! i'm just a cold blooded Killer"
—Kira von Black

The Ace combat Paralel Translation Project, was originally a Hystory Translation of the Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere to portuguese langague made By Kira. but an Alternative History was built inside the main Game's History.a english translation to the history is in development but the summary is written below.

{C}The Corporate War Of 2045:[]

in this version of the history,it focuses on the young pilot Kira Cohen Von Black.a new pilot on the UPEO'S Special Armed 'Response 'Force. in the begining he is a calm pilot, that only thinks in get some fun in the skies, but as history goes on, Kira can get some unic personalites,as a result of the several tests that simon had apllied to test his abilities as an AI Pilot. Kira was a paralel test subeject of the Nemo Project(as one of many test subjects used in the project). and apears to got great results at the tests(the best results of the group,alongside with nemo). note that each end is a choice and the way the main character can take.some finals the main character is not necessarily turned into human,but is a human inside the simulation. in others, the main character is transformed into a human, but not necessarily means that the simulation is over.

all five final submitted are simulations of where the potential of AI pilots can go.

Possibility UPEO:The Best Ending.[]

Dision's Invitation to General Resources:[]

After a Training Session with the two General Resources aces Abyssal Dision and Keith Brian, Kira got a Invitation from Dision to move to the general Resources. at the Begining he relutes to go, saing that don't want to get involved in any side of the conflict.

after a Month the ceasefire bettewen General Resources and Neucom is canceled, and a new batlle betwen SARF and GRDF began. it was in this battle that the rivality of Kira and Dision Began.

Dark Past Secrets and Rena's "Strange Drug Trips":[]

some days after Kira and Rena went to Hatties Ravine to investigate an Illegal Operation Peformed By General Resources. at the middle of the Mission, Rena started saying somethings that doesn't make any sense for Kira. he thought that she was in a Real "Bad Trip" and took her for psychological analysis at Upeo's Base after the mission.some days later, Kira and Rena goes on a Irregullar Sort that would go to Hatties Ravine again at night, but in the Middle of the flight, Above Expocity, General Resources's A/F117 X Night Hawks interrupted their night flight.leading the formation was Dision,and a Intense dogfight betwen the two pilots began.

During the dogfight, Dision Talked with Rena About the "Hidden Wings" that UPEO has in hands, and stated that he would take it off from the Corporation.Rena Stated that she would never hand it over to no one, since the wings is at her hands again.some time later... park Ordered to Kira to Stop the Dogffight and Return to base.

Fiona's Death:[]

some time after, a mission of escort that whould take the UPEO Representative Clarkson to make a Peace treaty was on. Erich and Kira was on the escort of the Gigantic R-505U,and above the Lambert Sector, Several General Resources Fighters apeared. Kira and Erich engaged To the Battle,and Shot Down all the Pilots. Latter Rena Came and Park stated that Fiona and Clarkson were Spies. Relutant to shot down a Co-Worker, Kira Turned around and got away. Rena got the Responsability for shot down the Executive Plane, and She Killed Both Fiona and Clarkson.

The Begining Of A World War:[]

After some missions, the things started to get strange at Upeo's SARF Department. All the mission were now against the General Resources.Kira hacked the security cameras to know what is going on and discovered that the plan to kill Clarkson was a hoax to Park take the lead of UPEO.Angry with that fact, Kira swore Revenge about everything that happened. then, a Operation in the Expo-city General Resource's Corporative Residence has began. in the mission, Kira tried to do the cronoghram, but trying too to show yourself to General Resources. a Photograph from Euro Asia Public Network a nice shot from Kira's R-211 Orcinus, starting a Large scale Battle Betewen General Resources and Neucom.

a large offensive occoured in Port Edwards, were Both GRDF and NEU tried to Destroy the Entire SARF's Contigent.but, Kira,Rena and Erich was capable to Stop the two Corporations,ending the battle.a curious fact is that in the middle of the battle, the Razgriz Legend from the Book A Blue Dove for the Princess was mentioned, as a Metaforic image of UPEO's actual Situation.

The Broken Wings of the Angel and The Revolution:[]

Sometime after the battle of Port Edwards, Dision started a Coup That have involved A Large Number of Pilots from the three corporations.Rena, Needing to make sure that Dision is in the Lead Goes after he.and some time later Kira and Erich tries to go after the middle of the way, Kira Sleeps inside his SU-43 Berkut and have a Nightmare in that he can talk a little with Fiona. Fiona states that he is a Coward and a Assasin, but when he tries to Respond her, He is Awake by Erich.

as the two pilots Got close from the UI4053 Shipyrna, Rena sorties in the X-49 Night Raven, and tries to Shot Down the entire Shipyrna.but she was Misteriousely Shot Down by Dision after her First Charged Laser Shot.

Thinking that she was Dead,Kira and Erich Starts an intense battle. at the End of the Battle Kira talks a Little with Dision, and then Shot he down with the intire Shipyrna.

The End of Park:[]

Some Hours latter, Kira and Erich attacks the UPEO H.Q. and kill Park that was trying to escape in a Helicopter.after the Battle, The two pilots see Rena in a Shore made of the Debris of the Megafloat.They Land Near in the GRDF airport and get a Hovercraft to Rescue Her.

Five Years Latter and the new Beguining:[]

Five Years After the last battle, Kira has made the Governor of the Usea, and in a speach, closed the General Resources and Neucom Forever.

Ouroboros Possibility 1:the sadness begin[]

In a alternative test of simon, Kira Get angry with a R-101 Pilot that was with Rena in the R-505 incident.He shot down the Pilot and The NEU Team arrives at the Location, Escorting the Personal Plane to Neucom Territory.

After the speach of Clarkson the entire Escort Team was transfered to Neucom,But Erich was Designated to Another Sector of action, different from Kira and Fiona. Hours Latter, Cynthia Bridgette Fitzgeral and Fiona makes a Call to Kira,thanking the rescue.

Making the Impossible,Possible:[]

Some time Latter, Kira and Fiona got a temporary Job at the NEU,and was dispached to White Valley to attack the General Resources Base in Response of the Atack of the Lambert Sector.on the Middle of the Battle Keith was Shot down, but managed to survive, wile a Bet Betwen Kira and Cynthia was on. Kira shot down Keith in 15 seconds after the bet beguin, granting him 50 Useuros.because of their excellent results, Kira and Fiona was Employed definitively to Neucom.

Shuttle Saving and Space Operations:[]

After some days, an Operation to Escort a Shuttle Has Began, and the trio has managed to sucessful save the Shuttle From a Fierce Attack Of General Resources. Later on, another operation to disable Orbial Satelite Lasers has Began.Kira got in total despair because he doesn't know how to pilot the R-352 Sepia.and the Limited 3 minutes flight time doesn't help it either. in the end he managed to return saftely to earth,and Sleeped two whole days.

The Flyuger Squadron and the Satelite Rescue:[]

some days latter, an operation to Rescue a GR Downed satelite was On, and The trio now needed to fight the legendary Flyugher Squadron that was in Jail since the end of the belkan war in 1995.In the Middle of the Mission, Cynthia stated that his Grandfather has fighted before the Flyugher Squadron, and some Jokes betwer the Trio and Flyugher Menbers Started. From The NEU Side, Kira stated that Flyugher are too old to fly, and that he is the "King of black Coconut"(on brazil "King of black Coconut" is a joke for a Person that is Very good on what he does. A.K.A: someone Like Chuck Norris). in the other side Flyugher has stated that NEU's Crafts has reproductive capacities.after the battle Flyugher Squadron was entire shot down as well the GR Escorts to take the satelite.

The antecipated Coup:[]

After a New Atack on the GRDF White Valley Base, a Coup has break. Cynthia taks to Kira that she whould like him to go to Ouroboros. Seeking for a Good Future to Everyone, Kira goes to Ouroboros to make the sublimation possible. Fiona was Shot down Right There,by 3 waves of Cruise Missles.But the GBS tries to cover this as an accident on the waiapollo mountains.

on his first mission in the terrorist organization, Kira Destroyed all the UPEO'S H.Q. and Park that was inside one of the Buildings(yes he die, again).

After the mission, Cynthia Discovers that the leader of the Coup,Dision, Has Killed his Sister in a "Maracutaia"(A.K.A:a Conspiration) that he had tried to put in UPEO.One curiosity, is that Because of this False information, Kira acepted the mission to Kill UPEO.Cynthia in His "Counter Strike Moment", HeadShots Dision(Don't ask me how) and seek for revenge.

without any frontier, the battle betwen neucom and General Gets more and more intense. The Duo Destroys the GRDF Fighters that was Atacking the Megafloat.Then,Rena,with his overpowered X-49 Night Raven, Shots Megafloat Screaming "I'MA FIRIN MA LAZOR", and sink the maritime City in One Shot.

Dision Dies, Again:[]

after see the megafloat sink in front of their own eyes, Kira and Cynthia, runs to Prevent Dision cause more damage. They Destroy the Shipyrna in a Tough Battle and Dision Flee Out from there Leaving his Comrades to the Death.

in a Short Duel, Kira manages to Destroy Dision's UI4054 Aurora and Cynthia tries a Contact with her sister to show her that seh has killed Dision.(in fact she haven't killed Dision. but she seize the moment to play that she killed him).

The Raven (or was it a Bat?) escape.[]

After Killing Dision, the Duo now have one more Problem in hands. they need to stop the X-49 and make the Pilot pay for their crimes.then they head to Geofront. Cynthia not knowing the diference betwen a bat and a Raven, stated to Kira to Chase the "Bat"(Night Ba... ops... Raven) in the Tunnel. in this part is reveled that Kira and Rena have had a platonic love between them.and Kira tries to change Rena's mind and bring Her to Neucom.They cross the former Saint Ark and arrives in port edwards at the end of the day.(don't ask me too how the planes can sustain two days of non stop flying).

Simon apears to the Duo and approves the marriage ... oops, I mean ... explains a way to destroy the Night Raven.They needed to Destroy the Aenon Generators in the Vicinity of the City. Kira manages to destroy all the generators and still try to change the destiny of Rena, but is too late, and in one shot he kills Her. at the end of the combat, Cynthia and Kira Returns to Neucom to resolve some things and them Escape to a Unknown Country.During the Neucom's Back, Simon Turns Kira in a Human and let he get away.

The Airliner Job 5 Years Latter:[]

After Five Years, Kira and Cynthia manages to Get a job in the Sapin International Airlines. The Final Cutscene Shows Kira and Cynthia in front of the Fiona's Symbolic Grave. Kira then Recive a Call, stating that the duo Will need to do a Flight in the Weekend.

Neucom Possibility:The Lost Sister.[]

in another test, Kira chose to not follow Cynthia. at begining, Fiona would like to kill her if she meet her again, but instead of killing, the duo decides to look for her.after a night of battle betwen NEU and the Shipyrna.when the first escort is eliminated, Cynthia Takes off from the Airbone Carrier, and only look the NEU Duo do some damage on Shipyrna.Beging to Cynthia back to Neucom, Fiona tries Even Block the way to Shipyrna, but is too late.

Silient Cynthia(or not?):[]

in the dawn of the Next Morning,After a Short Rest, The Duo once again atacks the Shipyrna once again.after Dealing a certain ammount of Damage and Forcing Dision to activate the Stealth Mode. then,an out of Mind Cynthia gets out from Shipyrna, talking to the group to Kill Her.Kira obeys the order of his former chief, and shot her down.

Seeking Revenge, Fiona Destroys the Shipyrna main Stealth System, and them Kira manages to destroy the now flying junk Shipyrna.while Shipyrna is falling Down, two Crafts flee from it. The Duo Tries to pursue them in the Geofront Tunnel.Due to NightRaven's and Aurora's SuperHuman Velocities, they escape easly through the Geofront Tunnel they arrive the Former Saint Ark City, a Final Battle Betwen Ouroboros and NEU starts once Again.

in the middle of the battle, Kira discovers that Rena is piloting the X-49 Night Raven. and this time, without any mercy Destroys The Raven and the Pilot Inside the Raven.then Dision Apears and is shot down as well.

The "Death" in a Criogenic Chamber:

After some years, Fiona Dies in a Traffic acident when she Tried to go to her new job and Cynthia Data was deleted by a "Virus" attack in electrosphere. Kira then Gets sick of a not known Cure Illness, and decides to Freeze His Body in a Criogenic Chamber untill they Find a Cure for the Ill.

Possibility Ouroboros 2:The Madness And Memory Manipulation[]

in another Test,Kira acepts the General Resource's invitation and change the companies. in the Next mission the Peace Treaty was cut off and a new battle against UPEO Begins. Kira starts to get a cold personality, stating that UPEO did nothing to change the situation of the actual world, and made his warning:If Fiona or Erich gets in his way he will Kill them as well. some days passes and a Rivality Betwen Kira and Keith Starts as Keith don't like to work with "amateurs".but Kira shows to Keith that the actual amateur in the battle field was he,saving him 3 times in the following 2 missions. in this Mission, Kira gets his famous Nickname:Demon.

The "Wing Story" and A Secret Weapon:[]

In a Training Operation with Dision, Kira Spies the Illegal UPEO Facilities inside the GR's Expocity Corporative Home.Then Rena and a Squadron apears and Dision talks a little with her. Kira in a Joke, says that Dision is planing to get a Encounter With Rena, But Dision Says that the Talk was actual a Seriously matter, and that he has too a Secret Weapon to give to Kira when the time comes.

The Madness of an Ace:[]

in a operation through the Lambert Sector, Kira Finds once again Erich and Fiona. Erich orders to general Go back, but Kira in a Serial Killer Moment, Starts to Kill everyone in his way( included the GR aces that was with Him if they Bother him) listening Naraku no Hana in the Maximun Volume.Erich still relutant to kill a former Co-Worker, only shots one Missle at Kira, but Kira Turn Back and with no Mercy and Laughing eerily Kills Both Erich and Fiona and cause Huge Damage to Rena's Fighter.

Attempt to Revenge:[]

after some days, a NEU retaliation Operation was in course, when Keith starts go get problems with some R-311 Pilots. in risk of beign Shot Down, He asks for Help, and Kira once again Saves Keith. Breaking once and for all the Tabu of Kira beigin be an Amateur.the NEU Operation otherwise was a Sucess.

some time after, a Shuttle Escort operation in the Riass Space center Begins, and the Welcoming Commite of General Resources arives, and Before Cynthia Squadron could do Anything, the R-808 calsign "Snow White" was shot down by Kira, that in another insanity act Wipes out all Neucom Forces (including Kill Cynthia that tries to Fight for Revenge of his sister).

The "Midnight Attack" and Kira's Desertion:[]

4 A.M. of july 1st 2045, a Surprise atack was launched in a Neucom Missle Base. Media Helicopters of NVS tried to manipulate the information that The Base was actualy an UPEO Nuclear Silo Base, but Kira with Keith Destroyed all NVS Broadcasting Helicopters and the Silos Before anyone could transmit a False Information.

then after a Submarine Sink Operation, Dision Deserts to Ouroboros. Kira Divided betwen Stay in General or Desert to Ouroboros,Decides that General Resources was doing nothing but Pick a Fight after another against Neucom, and the Company work has no sense and Deserts to Ouroboros.

The "God" Complex:[]

In Dision Command, Kira Starts to Destroy the Pillars that Have caused the war. Starting By Neucom,he Fights Against some UPEO patrol jets that actualy was in his way and against AWCS ThunderHead,that says that the things will not stay as it was, but he manages to Destroy even the Running Chiefs of Neucom. in another Operation using a SU-43 Kira Destroys the Remaining Neucom Forces at Megafloat proclaming to be a God that is punishing the Humans for their Insane acts.

Love Matters:[]

after Neucom Beign sunk by Rena's X-49 Lazor and General Suffer a major "Heart Attack" by the death of Carlos Aldair Nascimento,an ultimate operation to Destroy the "Final enemy" has begun.while the attack of the Ouroboros was in course, Rena and Kira starts to talk, and them on the battlefield starts to have a "Date". Dision says Laughing of this fun situation,that this might be his revenge of what kira have talked to him some time ago in the Stealth Training.ThunderHead was called to be a Hellicopter Pilot if the UPEO base falls in Ouroboros hands, but Before can even take of ThunderHead with Park was Killed in a wave of Sidewinder Missles that was shot By Kira and Dision.

Memory Deletion and Mind Control:[]

Everything was looking Fine. The three Corporations are Destroyed and now Kira could enjoy with rena a Peacefull Life. or at least could.

Simon started to hack the memories of some ouroboros Pilots. Including Rena, that had forget Everything about his past a Misunderstanding, Rena thinks that Kira is invading His Mind, what in fact is not all False, Because Kira was used as an catalizer to do the memory modifications.

Screaming and struggling in the cockpit of His Game, Kira tried to Stop Simon, but he couldn't do Anything. Using the Electrosphere A.I. Sensation Program,Simon Simulated an Eletroshock Sensation in Kira.First "small" shocks of 110V,220V, then major ThunderShocks was done in Kira(the most powerfull of 500 000V),Almost Kiling him.

During the Simon's Mind Control of Kira, Keith Bryan (that somehow know something about the AI Sensation Program and Simon mind control of Kira) apeared to give suport to Simon. a thing that some people Doesn't Know, is that,Simon was too an Ace Pilot, and Started to kill everyone of the ouroboros, and the madness of kira is result,not of his mind,but from Simon's Mind, that was controling Him since R-505U destruction Operation(or perhaps earlier).Simon in just two shots of the Neutron Bean that was equiped in the Modified Game,Dealed a Huge damage to Night Raven,and when Keith Tryed to destroy it, he was stuck in one of the Giant Night Raven's Wings.and then, after killing all Fighters in the air,Simon Headed to the Giantic Plane and Shot Down Keith and Rena.Kira Still Tried to Stop Him, but is too late.another 500 000 V major Thundershock was done, and Kira now is a Complete Puppet.Simon Then Destroyed Shipyrna without much more Problems.

The Surreal Voyage to Electrosphere:[]

After Destroyed the Shipyrna, Simon Headed to Kill Dision. The one who he wanted to destroy with his own hands.A Fierce Battle Began over the Debris of the Megafloat and in all Eusian Ocean.and when Simon Dealed Huge damage to Dision,Dision tried to escape to Electrosphere and was Followed by Kira's Game.Stating some strange words like:"Yes, i came to the Hell to take your soul." "I am the one who makes sure that Dead Spirits Like you whould never return back to life" and "Shinigami",Simon Killed Dision Inside the Electrosphere.

The battle,in other way, could not be completely Recorded due to The Huge Amount of Data Beign Flow in the Sphere.(one second of recording is equivalent of 1 Terabyte of Data).

As his Last words, Dision stated:"You are... Simon... Don't You?!", and eerly Laughing Simon(Using Kira's Vocie) Answered: " That's Right. I AM KIRA".

The Back to the Neucom, and new Life as Human:[]

Kira was Still controled by Simon, and When he went back to Neucom, Simon Turned Kira into a Human, but Trowed Hin in a Hospital to prevent Kira to Kill Him.Kira have Lived a Normal Civillian Life, until he Was Called By Upeo again.He made His way and talked to A Strangely Familiar Person(He also Stated:"What do you want of me Grandpa?!" Grandpa in this case, in a perjorative Term).And the person Answered:"i was watching you since the Lambert Inccident. you took apart well in Park Matters. i know you are wanted in all world as a Cold-Blooded Psichopath Assasin,but i want to make a deal with you. if you Acept, i can Grant you the Freedon with all UPEO protection".

Possibility General Resources:All 4 Other Memories inside only one Head.[]

in the last test of Simon,Kira answered to dision's call, stating that the Hipocrisy of Dision is making him angry, and that there is no living creature that haven't an Objective.

Heading Back to General, Kira and Keith Initialy Tought that Dision has Deserted to Neucom,but they Needed to confirm that with their own eyes.

when an huge ofensive oepration Began, Kira Heard Strange Dialogues inside his head, as an error of the main control Program and the Understood the truth.His entire Life was a Sadic test to find the best way to Kill Dision.Kira then Has turned really mad and then started to destroy every neucom Thing that apeared on his front, dizimating 250 Fighters and an Entire Neucom Ship Float that was near the Megafloat, the only thing that he couldn't destroy was the megafloat instalations due to Superior Orders.

Nascimento's Death and The chaos Spread Arround the World:[]

at 3:45 pm of June 25th 2045, Carlos Aldair Nascimento Was Found Dead. The Cause:a Heart Attack (Caused by a Death Note... no no... joking)Caused By a Malfunction of Nascimento's Artificial Hearth, that was caused by Dision.Keith starts to suspect that the Dision that has flew in the team during 10 years, isn't the same Dision that he meet.and then he wanted to Kill "the monster thing that carries the Dision name".

While Sorting to an ofensive to Ouroboros, The General's Built SuperFighter X-49 Night Raven was Deployed and then,in One Shot,Sunk the Megafloat and everyone that was in the floating Island,Surprising Everyone that was in the GRDF 30th Float Squadron Carrier Avalon.Kira and Keith then was sorted from the Avalon, Under Heavy attack of Ouroboros, that almost Sunk the Avalon.

Kira and Keith then Destroyed the Escort planes and the Shipyrna,and then Two Fighters, The UI4054 Aurora and The Night Raven has sorted from the Falling UI4053 Shipyrna. Kira tried to Pursue Aurora, but it was too fast to be shot down in that moment, so Kira turned back and Listende the Rena's Voice once again. Kira Tried to convince Rena to Stop, Dealing Heavy damage,and telling the Things of the past, but this time, Rena seems to Know Everything too, and was too Scared to Beign Shot down by Kira, and then She Decided to Protect Dision at any Cost.

The "Death Kiss" and Dision's Fall:[]

NightRaven has Flee to Port Edwards, and there a Battle Began. The Remaining Fighters of Ouroboros has been Eliminated , and then, Listening "Kuchizuke" by Buck Tick at Full Volume, Kira Shot Down the Night Raven. Rena's Last wors was "Disio..." while she was falling down.the Dision Apeared, and in only one shot and using the words of Lary Fowke "Pixy", Dision was Killed Once Again.but he taked the life of Keith Brian With his ultimate missle.While Keith was Falling he stated:"As you could Get me in that Level" and then shot one missle at dision before explodes in a million of pieces.

The Last Sortie 2 years latter:[]

Having the same problem as in ouroboros Ending, Simon created a way to dispose of Kira, after he concludes his mission. An 8 Superpowered XR900 Geopelia, that was seen killing everyone that saw it.Kira was requested to sortie and then he hacked into the highly advanced circuits of one XR900, and using it to destroy the "disposal agents". once all them was elimined, the Kira's ai Program was Shut down, and amazed with his capacities,Simon turned Kira in a Human. but this has costed Kira got a new body, he Traped Simon in his own Experience Bed, and then Sublimated Simon and make he pass the same tests as Kira has passed, Forever.

Five Years Latter, when Kira was walking in the Streets, a Fighter falls in front of Him,almost hiting Him. in the Fighter wing's Debris is the Descripion "FREU", and them a message in his cellphone apears while multiple fighters fly above him. the message is:"we need you", and them Kira Stated:"frankly, her we go again ..."


An Alternative Final to Ouroboros 2 Section is Beign Made By the Ace Combat 3 Brazil official Comunity.and a Game named:"Ace Combat:Demon's Awakening" is beign made by kira inspired in the Alternative scenario.

There is several References to Code of them is the Statement that kira says everytime he would kill a important Enemy."Kira von Black Orders, Die".The GRDF 30th Float Squadron Carrier Avalon name, was Inspired by the Giantic Britanian Ship Avalon from Code Geas R2. In the Translation, the music Kaidoku Funnou by Jinn (that is the opening of Code Geass R2)can be heard in mission "Reality Distortion".

as well there are some References to Macross Frontier,Hirugarashi Naku koro ni and Shiki. The Memory Manipulation Experiments,The "Death Kiss" of Kira,The Nickname that Kira has put in Keith,Princess, and the musics Naraku no Hana,Supersuprision,Kuchizuke,Lion(that are the openings of Hirugarashi naku koro ni Kai,Hirugarashi naku koro ni Rei,Shiki and Macross Frontier).

as well there are references to other ace combat games as AWCS Thunderhead(Ace combat 5),Flyugher Squadron and Pixy words(Ace combat zero),and the musics a Brand new Day(Ace combat 6).

and the Kira's name was initially Inspired by Raito Yagami's Nickname Kira from Death Note.



Cynthia in his "Counter Strike" Moment