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These are the first two and last two pages of my book, which will be published soon, I will send it to Namco Bandai. But first I would like some feedback from fans of the series.

Chapter 1:

Attack from behind. I had just been promoted to captain. I decided to leave my old team to direct a now disused, was the squadron Wareagle, being alone once the recruits tried to enter but being on the brink of an intercontinental war, they were few. On June 15, 2013 fell from the bed of the air base "Fort Rock", thinking "same shit different day" I got dressed and went to breakfast when the alarm snapped, and the speaker shouted from the control tower: "Take off immediately! Suits squadrons flying in five minutes! " I took off with the only aircraft available, an old G-4 now never be used for even more training. I mounted missiles, load the machine gun bullets and refuel. Just off I said to my companions: "Training Wolf, here Wareagle 1 which is the goal of the mission." Before they could speak, were interrupted dall'AWACS: "Here Oka Nieba, if you allow me I will explain the mission! We are in a critical situation, there is an ongoing attack on capital "Soron"! Whole groups of unidentified fighters have flocked to the capital. We are sending most of our air force! You must take the upper hand. " All in chorus: "Yes sir." Arrived in the airspace of the city, there were so many aircraft that seemed all at once a huge cloud of metal. Someone shouted over the radio: "Red Bear1, long-range missiles armed, stable coupling. Fire! Fox 2!. " So many left trails of missiles initiating the attack. I was at the tail of an enemy plane on the unloaded a barrage of gunfire on the wing came off well. On the screen appeared a huge tracking radar. We turned to a bank of clouds from which he emerged a huge plane, Oka Nieba shouted over the radio: "We analyzed the enemy aircraft, flying an aircraft carrier is protected by antiaircraft guns and SAM, on the back are 10 missile silo launches loaded with multiple warheads , are preparing to launch! Evasive action! " Finished the attack I heard: "Here I survived with Shamrock Wareagle 1. I join him until the arrival at the base. "Then later told me:" Lord, I wanted to join his squad, await your response. " Me: "Shamrock welcome as my right wing."

Chapter 2:

The first conquest. Two weeks after the attack on the capital, soldiers Elpas were embarking on a ground assault on the peninsula "Gekard" which is located southwest of the federation of Ringins. The air force was composed of 4 squadrons. To defend the amphibious landing and it was the Wareagle Red Bear, while for the launch of the airborne infantry units 8045 and Rot. I took the G-16 of the old team of Shamrock, which is a lightweight multirole fighter. Arriving at the beach we destroyed 4 bunkers that overlooked the bay, thanks to their guns. We were celebrating, even if the destruction was easier than expected. But just finished, we called Rot 1: "After that came the third squadron of Telga, the 8045 is gone! We need help! " Arrived we could see tracer bullets against the paratroopers, I lowered a bit 'look and saw the formation of 5 AA batteries (anti air). We had only the standard missiles, but when they hit the targets were the explosions reminded me so much when I watched with my family fireworks at New Year. Towards the end of the mission, I turned and saw that my wing was much like a Swiss cheese, one time I was afraid that separated itself from the base as I was walking into a bank of clouds and the plane shook a bit '. After conquering the bay the soldiers found refuge u hiding a crack rock that served as a hiding place for a small group of scientists. With the projects they had dated, dating back to 1999-2000, when analyzed by our headquarters, showed they were plans for a missile thrown appointed long-MTMI (ie Missiles Test Multiple Hydrogen) and a plane named Adlam . The project gave little information, but was among those who had been responsible for the GIA (Large Aircraft Industry) to construct the 2 prototypes. The government immediately covered up this incident because they thought the soldiers were too stupid to understand politics. After 1-2 months we started to rumor that the president had kept a secret super-weapon, but the information is scattered with strange ideas of sensible ideas as a friend of mine said: "I think it's a UFO." I think it was foolish but with all the projects that we had found weird, everything was provable.

Chapter 9:

The end.

Once at the dam called the AWACS, "Aviation Division 4, you have to destroy launch controls, 4 located in a tunnel and 4 outdoor pools, 5 miles to the east exit of the tunnel." Shamrock: "This guy is still here!" AWACS: "Stop this nonsense." Me: "I served everyone, I'll attack the first check, the second Shamrock, Duke 3 and 4, you Redbear 1. You shoot down other enemy fighters " Upon entering I noticed that the wings were in danger of touching the walls, you had to be extremely careful. Me: "Missiles armed! One down! Out of two! Target destroyed! " Shamrock: "Destroyed." Duke: "Out." Redbear: "exploded." I exited the tunnel, called the AWACS agitated: "1 Wareagle not have time to reach the other controls. Weapon 's MTMI and shoot. " Me: "Fire 3,2,1 fired!" The missile was in flight. Exploded just above the controls, creating a huge esposione similar to that of a warhead! All were celebrating when I saw a missile coming. sterzai right to full afterburner, my companions did not succeed and were shot down. AWACS: "Here Oka Nieba the missile began in the CDE-01 foe. Jack cut down the Adlam, I'm sure you can do it! " After countless maneuvers and unhooked my last sarcastic MTMI, which hit the enemy but after his ace threw. The problem was that the enemy had one last launch control hidden beneath the dam. AWACS: "The V2 is flying! We are finished! " HQ Ally: "It is all over, while the V2 will fly in the stratosphere, you fly up above the Allies to intercept the missile. You must leave immediately! " Me: "Ok, its my new companions?" AWACS: "Nothing." Me: "Shit!"

Chapter 10:

The interception.

Come over to our allies, expected to intercettale V2. Came the missile did not explode until the mitragliai. All to celebrate the Allies were shouting: "Greet all the hero, the demon of war!"

After the interception, I went home, and the Allies continued to advance towards Curts, and after the massacres of civilians and military, due to the bombing, Telga accepted the terms of surrender and the war ended Intercontinental. I received a medal for the remarkable contribution to the Allies during the war.

Shamrock and Duke stayed with me in Wareagle, after which the CDE-01 became the plane of representation of our squadron and only ours.
Redbear 1 became a flight instructor.

The Redbird became a symbol of peace as the space station built by all the world's super powers.

After the war I did a search on who the enemy ace, Regin was called Frank, now we meet often, but never forget what happened.

The team Waregle was often mentioned in history books.

Now we fly again in the theaters of the war without enemies or targets.