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The Aces of Death
The 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron's(Schwarze) insignia.


Dominic Zubov (Schwarze 1) Joshua Bristow (Wizard 1)



known members

Joshua Bristow, Dominic Zubov, other ex-AWWNB members

In 1996, Domonic Zubov (Schwarze 1, flight lead of the 13th Night Fighter Air Division), along with many other Belkan Aces and soldiers, attacked the prison at Land Ford, Osea and broke out Joshua Bristow (Wizard 1). Together with Belkan soldiers and aces that survived the war, they created a terroist group called "The Aces of Death".

The story[]

The jailbreak[]

The jailbreak took place on May 25, 1996. It was believed that an eight man team was used. A van was seen outside of the jail on May 24. The van was within parking ordinance, so it was not bothered. On May 25, six officers checked into the prison. It is believed that these people were part of the jailbreak. One walked to a control room and subdued an officer there with a taser. Two distracted the warden with a question about a local legislature, and the remaining three, one of which was carrying an explosive and a taser, went to Bristow's cell. The lights and cameras then short-circuted, and when the lights came back on, the prison had one prisoner unaccounted for and one officer who was in need of moderate first-aid. There were no more injuries beyond an electrical burn, and the van parked outside was gone. It is also believed that Zubov was the mastermind in this scheme and took part in the jailbreak. The prison was locked down for twenty-four hours with Osean federal troops securing the prison in case of a riot.

Zubov's Story[]

Zubov had a strong hatred for the Yuktobanian army, after he was rejected a promotion he belived he deserved. His commanding officer John Schnider, had a unexplainable dislike, for his fellow country man. After basic training Zubov joined his cousin in Belkan air force there he was commander of the 13th night fighter air squad(Schwarze). He and his squadron were shot down in B7R, aka "The Round Table" by Galm and Crow teams during persuit of damaged Ustio and Osean aircraft.