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Aerolastic Wing Morphing
AC Name Wing Morphing
Use Lightweight, maneuverable and fast aircraft parts
Invented By Neucom Inc in the 2030's
Used By Neucom Inc


Neucom aircraft designers utilized Nano Skin and Aerolastic Wing Morphing in the Radical Series of aircraft to enable them to be lightweight, maneuverable and fast while not depending on thrust vectoring and add on control surfaces as standard aircraft have done in the past. Aerolastic Wing Morphing addresses the problems of tailoring a wing to suit take off and landing, supersonic, combat manoeuvring and straight line flying by changing the shape of the wing to what is aerodynamically optimum.

Advantages of Aerolastic Wing Morphing technology:[]

  • Lessens need for other control surfaces like canards and thrust vectoring, also gives benefits in acceleration.
  • Precise control of wing surface means that optimum wing shape can be achieved for various situations.
  • The wing can match itself to the required speed range, think of it as form of advanced Swing Wing Technology. Also airflow on the wing isn't disturbed when a control surface is moved, rather air moves smoothly over the whole wing.
  • With Aerolastic Wing Morphing, the radar reflecting shape of the craft isn't disturbed because the wing moves as a whole.

Radical Aircraft equipped with Aerolastic Wing Morphing technology:[]

  • R-101 Delphinus I
  • R-101U Delphinus I (UPEO Export Version)
  • R-102 Delphinus II
  • R-102C Delphinus II (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-103 Delphinus III
  • R-103O Delphinus III (Pirated Version)
  • R-103C Delphinus III (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-201 Asterozoa
  • R-201U Asterozoa (UPEO Export Version)
  • R-211 Orcinus
  • R-311 Remora
  • R-311C Remora (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-501 Rhincodon
  • R-531 Mobura
  • XR-900 Geopelia