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Aidan Johnson, more commonly know as "The Puppetmaster", was a mercenary ace who participated in the Belkan War, The Usean Continental War, The Circum-Pacific War, and the Anean Continental War. Johnson's moniker arises from his uncanny ability to manipulate others, an ability that earned him a notorious reputation as a double-crosser and double agent. Despite his bad name, Johnson is internationally known as a world-class fighter pilot.


Johnson's modified F-22, though relatively normal in appearance, is modified to give him a superior edge in air combat. The cockpit contains a holographic projection system, allowing for johnson to veiw his radar display in three dimensions, as well as marking targets with boxes projected directly onto the glass canopy. The cockpit has also been completely redone in order to make it as ergonomic as possible, along with a white leather seat, gold inlaid writing, and a wood framed control panel to give it a more opulent feel. The radar system is heavily upgraded for a radar range surpassing that of the F-14 Tomcat, giving him an unmatched BVR capability. The swing-out single missle AIM-9X Sidewinder trapeze racks have been replaced with slide-out three missle racks, allowing Johnson to carry a total of six sidewinder missles. To accomodate the larger missle payload, the flaps that cover the sidewinders has been replaced with stealthy dome-like flaps that protrude from the sides of the aircraft. The afterburners have been modified for increased thrust, but they burn fuel faster, meaning he cannot use them as much. The single 20mm chaingun has been replaced with two Yuktobanian-made 30mm chainguns, which fire simultaneously.