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Aizu Tsukihime was fomerly a pilot for the GRDF until she defected to the UPEO in 2046. She is described by many to be quiet, polite, and even a loner at times. She pilots a Specialized Version of the Su-43 known as the Zhivak (Quicksilver).

Life and enlistment.[]

Aizu Tsukihime was born on July 4th, 2021 her mother died after giving birth to her and she lived with her Father, Aunt and Grandparents in St.Ark. Her father being an ISAF Special Ops commander was the constant target of Terrorists and on her 14th birthday he was brutally killed in front of her eyes by Erusian extremists who had identfied him after a raid he commanded. She had long history of being troubled and mentally traumatized from the event; her actions during the Corporate War earned her the admiration of many of her fellow GRDF pilots. Of her few friends includes Aurelian Air Force Pilot Dimitri Patterson (Kitsune Leader), Albert Morill (A man who hijacked Belkan TV signals and transmitted a cyrptic message), Shion Kanazawa (Kitsune 2), and Sango Sakurai (A member of the UPEO Special Forces unit).

Her life of being a GRDF pilot had begun in when she was 17 after she enlisted with GR, when she joined the corporations air arm as an Airman First Class flying an F-16XF Gyrfalcon. Her skill as a pilot was proven in a simulated dogfight with a young Aurelian pilot by the name of Dimitri Patterson. After the two had engaged each other, scoring three "kills" each. Their fight despite ending in a draw still catching the attention of her superiors and she was assigned to a front line air defense squadron of the GRDF.

Corporate war service 2045[]

After the Exercise she was placed in the 30th Air Defense squadron of the GRDF Air Force piloting the same F-16XF she started out in. Mainly she was assigned to intercept missions against Neucom Bombers and Attack aircraft sent to destroy key GR facilities. Her squadron became renown for their interception operations and her kill score of 40 downed aircraft had gotten the attention of the UPEO and NEU command. Later on she sent on an offensive operation into NEU airspace to destroy an incoming squadron of R-102s, after her sqaudron downed all R-102s in the Combat Zone, she engaged NEU ace Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgearld. After a six minute cat and mouse chase, the two fighters ran out of ammunition and disengaged from the combat zone. "That was the first pilot that matched my skills, I hope to engage her again." She stated; a few months later, operation after operation The Uroburos terrorists appeared, led by Abyssal Dision and consisting of pilots from all factions involved in the war, she was sent on a high proirity search and destroy mission to elminate the Uroburos, however ex. UPEO ace Rena Hirose in the X-49 Night Raven appeared after Aizu's squadron destroyed the UI-4053 Sphrynas escort fighters and the X-49 opened up with its Laser Cannon and destroyed her wingmen, she attempted to engage the X-49 but its manuverability out did her F-16 by a longshot. As she tried to disengage the from the X-49, Hirose continued to pursue her viciously and forced her over the Sphryna resulting in her getting shot down by AAA. She bailed out from her crippled plane and was picked up a UPEO special ops unit in an H-9 helicopter. As a result she met Sgt. Sango Sakurai, was placed in custody and defected as a result.

Future Service 2048-[]

Her first operation against the Belkan Waldreich forces was on a training mission alongside Omega (The clone of Erik Felsen, and OADF pilot.) and Dimitri Patterson leader of Kitsune squadron. What was supposed to be a routine training mission turned out to be a dogfight against Belkan pilots of the Komet squadron in tweleve fighters of which Aizu would bag three of the tweleve. Later she would be assigned alongside Dimitri and Omega in a new squadron known as Sabre. Below is the original squadron lineup.

Aizu Tsukihime "Mitsral" Sabre 1: Su-43N "Zhivak"

Dimitri "Kitsune" Patterson Sabre 2: F-16G-2 Lance Falcon (Later changed to Su-37)

Omega Felsen Sabre 3: F-16G-2 Lance Falcon (Later changed to F-22C Raptor II)

Afterwards they were sent another mission this time alongside Claymore squadron, another unit that consisted of pilots from other sqaudrons. The mission was to intercept a Belkan bomber flight and its escorts, when they approached and assaulted the Bomber fleet (Omega downing the majority of the Bombers) they were suddenly attacked by the Wywrm Air Command Squadron, piloting ADF-02-A2 Super Falkens. The three pilots alongside Claymore began to take evaisive manuvers and managed to dodge the TLS fire from the attacking Falkens. As they returned to base Aizu felt a little shaken, though nothing too alarming at the time. She began to read a book to take her mind off things while on the ground, She also questioned Omega on why her never relaxed; she never got a straight answer. Meanwhile The Verbote Squadron and the Verkstecken Bomber group took off to November City with only one objective in mind. Decimate the Osean City.

Sabre was scrambled once more, this time the team was to intercept a bomber unit escorted by a fighter squadron. The squadron managed to avoid detection due to A. they used Optical Cloaking and B. The Aircraft already were stealth capable. As November burned Aziu was quoted as saying "Why would they do this!?" with her squadmate Omega responding with: "I don't know, but I know who approved it. Let's take them down!"

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Aizu's Favorite Song is "What your Soul Sings" by the group Massive Attack

The Occular implant is simmilar to the "Hawkeye" That Section 9 sniper Saito has in Ghost in the shell. except Aizus resembles a normal human eye.

Aizu's Callsign is Mistral. A cold wind that blows trhough Southern France and Sardinia.