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"War is just that, war, and nothing ever changes."
—Lt. Col. Masters

Early Life And Training[]

Not much is known about Alex's early life. He began his career in the OADF at a young age serving first as a aircraft mechanic. It was sometime after the Circum-Pacific War that he recieved his pilots wings his first assignment was as commanding officer of a new OADF Squadron, the 177th TFS, codenamed Warwind. His record as leader of this unit is impeccable, never losing a man in all encounters. The 177th mostly acted as a reserve squadron up until the outbreak of the Osean Continental War when it was called to serve on the front lines. Seeing action on all fronts, the 177th distingushed itself as a fierce and powerful unit, participating in many battles fighting right up until the end of the war. After the war Alex and his squadron returned to their native Osea and became a frontline defensive unit for Osea's coastal regions. Alex is a married man with a family of four. He is known throughout the OADF as a honorable man and a fierce pilot.