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Alex Williams is the persona of Blaze in The Demons Return alternate universe.

In-universe Biography[]

Alex 'Blaze' Williams is an Osean Air Defence Force fighter pilot, squad leader of the Wardog and Razgriz Squadrons and one of the world's top aces. Alex led Wardog (later Razgriz) Squadron in the Circum-Pacific War, and would again lead the latter during the Lighthouse War when he returned to service. Most currently he led Razgriz in the Second Belkan War. Alex is alive as of 2029 and is married to Kei Nagase with two children, Marcus Williams and Zoe Williams.

Early Life[]

Alex was born in the remote winter village of Helmsdwarf, Belka, in 1987 to Edwin Williams and Tabea Williams. An only child, he and his parents emmigrated to Osea in 1991 after his father retired from the Belkan Air Force.

Alex was caught in a forest fire in 2003 which left him with severe burn scars on both forearms. These scars would later become the basis of Alex's callsign in the Air Force.

Alex enrolled at the University of Oured in 2005 straight out of high school. He completed university in early 2009, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation.

Alex joined the Osean Air Defence Force as an Su-27 pilot in 2009. He met Kei Nagase and Alvin Davenport during flight training. On February 5, 2010, during final flight exams, a faulty fuel pump caused an explosion that killed 14 trainees and injured another 30. Alex was among the injured, although these injuries did not stop him from commissioning on February 10, 2010 and being assigned to Sand Island's 108th 'Wardogs'. Until mid-June when Kei and Alvin recovered and commissioned, Alex was the only member of his class to be sent to Sand Island.

Circum-Pacific War[]

Alex was absent from Sand Island on the 23rd of September to visit his uncle, Maxwell Cipher Williams, who had been hospitilazed because of an air engagement over Belka. He missed the near-destruction of his squadron because of this. Alex quickly returned to Sand Island and was allocated the rear-guard position in what remained of Wardog Squadron.

When the Yuktobanians sent a spy plane and fighters over the Pacific during Operation Lagoon, Alex was responsible for shooting down fully half of the attacking aircraft on his own. Alex and Captain Jack Bartlett were both reprimanded for their actions in the operation.

Retired Ace[]

Following the destruction of the SOLG and the end of the Circum-Pacific War, Alex helped celebrate Hans Grimm's 20th birthday. On January 9th, 2011, Alex departed Osea for a voyage that would take him a year to complete; visiting all of the combat zones he had been to and meeting with any soldiers, airmen or sailors that had survived his squadron's wrath. Often walking most of his way, Alex visited all of the locations he had been and returned to Osea by February 12, 2012. However, when he returned, he was unable to contact Kei. Not being able to find out what happened to her, Alex went into a state of alcholism and depression. It wasn't until Alex incidentally met President Harling during one of his electoral campaigns that he discovered that Kei was indeed still alive and part of the Pilgrim One deep space mission. Finding his resolve upon discovering this, Alex found a job as an aircraft technician contracted with the Osean Maritime Defence Force. Alex worked with his company from 2013 to 2019.

Lighthouse War[]

When Erusea declared war on Osea and sent its drones to strike many Osean naval bases across the world, Alex was working on an old and near-retired F-14A Tomcat at Naval Station Oured. When a nearby pilot was injured, Alex subbed in for him, taking his F/A-18C Hornet and taking the fight to the Erusean drones.