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"It's time to fulfill my destiny commrades... All Jokebox Squadron members fall back to base, I will deal with this enemy Ace.........Jokebox-1 out"

-Jokebox-1 to His Squadron during the Battle of Dinsmark

Early Life[]

Alexiev Krovchiv was born on June 17, 1986 in a city called Mleviv in Yuktobania. When he was 5 his parents moved to Osea because of the economic crisis in Yuktobania. He was an energetic and talkative child but when he was 10 his parents were both brutally murdered by Belkan terrorists. He became silent and he grew a deep hatred of the Belkan people. When he was 17 he joined the Osean Air Force, He soon gained a reputation as a very skilled pilot. He was placed in the "Banshee" squadron and quickly rose to second in command in the squadron. This is where he gained the nickname "Ghost" For his advanced stealthy tactics and his quietness. His squadron was fielded in the Belkan War

The Belkan War[]

In 1995 he finally got to fight the enemy which he had so much hate for. in battle he had no mercy often shooting ejected pilots whith his cannon.He rose in the ranks during the war becoming an ace. later in the war

Super Fighters

Alexiev's aircraft, the J-20 Black Eagle during the Belkan War(Banshee-2)

he would get betrayed when his squdron Joined A World With No Boundries. When he heard of this he instantly knew he could not join it would be a betrayal of his morales. He engaged in battle with his own squadron at the Battle of Avalon Dam. He was defeated by his squadron and had to get his arm replaced, but his squadron was shot down by Cypher soon after.

The Osean Continental War[]

In the Osean continental war Alexiev Got command of his own squadron "Jokebox" and the advanced superfighter the F/A-40 Crow. His Squadron would use this aircraft to great effect. They would get nearly .9% of all kills during the war. At the battle of dinsmark his squadron was called on to defend the allied bombers, but when Erik Felsen appeared on the battlefieled he heroicly told his squadron to fall back to base while he took care of the belkan. But it would take the help of many allied aces to destroy Lancelot. Unfortunately during the dogfight Erik Managed to get several good hits on Jokebox-1 causing him to crash land his plane. This crash crippled him and he never flew again.


Alexiev's F/A-40 Crow


  • He may possibly be the only Osean-Yuktobanian Ace