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Anean Uprising


July 18, 2025 - October 23, 2028


Western and central Osea, Yuktobania, eastern and central Anea. Ceres Ocean. Arctic Ocean.

Casus Belli

Coup d'etat of the nations of Anea to join military forces against Osea and Yuktobania.


Anean defeat. Anean nations retake governments and sign a treaty declaring peace between Anea, Osea and Yuktobania


Osean Federation
Union of Yuktobanian Republics
Union of Anea


Osean Federation - Brandon Williams
Shane Hale
Union of Anea - Vincent


Osea - Hundreds of Thousands
Yuktobania - Hundreds of Thousands
Anea - Hundreds of Thousands


Osea - Over 100 thousand
Yuktobania - Over 100 thousand Anea - Over 100 thousand

The Anean Uprising was a large scale war between the combined nations of the Union of Anea and the Osean Federation and Union of Yuktobanian Republics.



The Anean Uprising had its beginnings in Aumaan, a massive superweapon designed as a fortress that was officially to be used as a deterrent and asteroid defense for the entire continent of Anea. Unofficially, however, hidden forces within Emmeria, Estovakia and Nordennavic were to use it to exert control over the continent as well as the rest of the world. The project was to be jointly funded by all three nations, but the events of the Emmeria-Estovakia War in 2015 would see funding completely disappear for the project. Faced with the abandonment of the project, these hidden forces worked inside all three nations to overthrow their respective governments in secret and establish a military union of the three countries in order to complete Aumaan.

Outbreak of War[]

In order to establish worldwide dominance over all other nations, the Union of Anea recognized the need to eliminate both major superpowers of the world as quickly as possible, being the Osean Federation and the Union of Yuktobanian Republics, which held a stable relationship after the events of the Circum-Pacific War in 2010. Using the extreme power of Aumaan, Yuktobania was attacked and quickly suppressed, and Osea was attacked shortly after. Given enough of a warning from Yuktobania to prepare somewhat, the Osean Federation quickly consolidated its military forces for defense, but Aumaan's capabilities as well as the combined military forces of Emmeria, Estovakia and Nordennavic still caused major casualties along Osea's west coast, with allied forces being pushed back all the way to central Osea. Both Cinigrad in Yuktobania and Oured in Osea had fallen to enemy forces, though complete domination of both countries was able to be stopped due to the speed at which the Union of Anea had launched their attacks. Focus was placed on establishing defensive lines to prevent the loss of any territory they had gained during their surprise attacks, while Yuktobania and Osea worked together in order to launch counterattacks against the new enemy.

Holding the Line[]

With efforts on both sides of the conflict to keep what land they had, the war had come to a brief pause, with both sides working to consolidate their forces and keep the lines held. Both Osea and Yuktobania held tight communications with each other in order to assess the situation on both sides, with the two countries working together in order to plan counterattacks on both fronts, with both countries recognizing the threat Aumaan presented to the world. The primary objective became to destroy Aumaan, but this was not possible given the present situation. Aumaan exerted a wide area of influence that would be able to launch attacks at any effort to retake territory lost on both fronts. All that could be done at the time was to repel any further attacks made by the Union of Anea to take more territory from either Osea or Yuktobania until a plan to neutralize the threat posed by Aumaan could be created.

Calamity Haven[]

In order to combat the forces of the Union of Anea, the elite Osean aerial task force Calamity Haven was deployed on multiple fronts, comprised of mercenary squadrons from multiple countries, primarily from the Osean Federation itself. Many more elite squadrons from other nations were consolidated into Calamity Haven to act as a universal strike group capable of combating the Union of Anea at every turn. The most elite of the squadrons within Calamity Haven was Fenrir Squadron, which utilized the most advanced aircraft available and comprised of the most elite fighter pilots in the world. One squadron what was placed under Calamity Haven was Sigma Squadron, led by Shane Hale. Although Fenrir Squadron would take credit for many strikes on the Union of Anea, and be responsible for multiple victories and territory regained, Sigma Squadron, and more specifically Shane Hale, would claim several major successes. Shane's extreme combat ability as a pilot was noted by Osean officials, and he was selected as a prime candidate to pilot the experimental ASX-123 Arondight, which had been on standby without a suitable pilot for many years. Even Fenrir Squadron's pilots proved inadequate to pilot the aircraft, and when Shane was discovered to be able to pilot the aircraft, he was immediately transferred to Fenrir Squadron and assigned the Arondight.