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Angrboda (アングルボダ Anguruboda) is an organization unaffiliated with any specific country. It is relatively well-funded given the technology it has access to. Communication between members is limited, leaving the exact size of the organization unknown.

In addition to the core of the organization itself, Angrboda has three branches:

  • Fenrir (フェンリル Fenriru) - Responsible for land operations.
  • Jörmungandr (ヨルムンガンド Yorumungando)- Responsible for sea operations.
  • Hel (ヘル Heru)- Responsible for air operations.

These three branches respond accordingly to directions given by Angrboda’s leaders. Unless the situation calls for it, they will rarely ever work with each other.

Angrboda and its branches mainly deal in the creation and testing of new weapons and technology, however unethical they may be. Much of their work is kept secret, even between the branches themselves, with only the few people at the top of the organization having a full picture to the extent of their capabilities.

Remnants from various movements and factions such as A World With No Boundaries, the Grey Men, and Free Erusea were invited to join Angrboda and many were used as agents to keep tabs on their respective group. There is a high probability that Angrboda has agents within the Erusean Air and Space Administration, Gründer Industries, and General Resource as well.

Funding for Angrboda’s projects comes either directly from sponsors in under-the-table dealings or through a certain percentage of income generated by the handful of PMCs that it controls.

Numerous experiments of Angrboda's weapons have been conducted throughout history with their secrecy secured through bribery, blackmail, and threats of physical violence. Due to this, it can be considered a terrorist organization in its own right.