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"We have been unprovokedly attacked by the Whitelands Kingdom. Such a cowardly means of attack is insulting to our national pride and to our opinions on the Whitelandians. In order to defend our Antarian Islands against possible future attack I declare war on the Whitelands Kingdom"
—Prime Minister Georgi Podoski declaring war on the Whitelands Kingdom

The Antartica War was a war which happened between May 22nd 2001 and January 31st 2002 on the continent of Antartica and the islands slightly to the north of Antartica which happened between the Antarian Islands and the Whitelands Kingdom. It began because the Royal Whitelands Air Force bombed Antarian bases. The war was a chance for the Whitelands Kingdom to test their new superweapon, the Project 2000 Hyperbomber under wartime conditions, however both the P-2000 and their escorts, the elite 119th Fighter Squadron "Medved", whom No. 33 Squadron had fought previously, were destroyed by No. 33 Fighter Squadron AIAF "Mako" during the final battle of the war, the Battle over Frigid Sea, on its way to bomb Antaria City, the capital of the Antarian Islands. The loss of the P-2000 and King Mikael IX was so devestating to the Whitelands Kingdom they surrendered.


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