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General Infornmation[]

A former colony under Osean rule , Aravea was granted Independence in early 2025 following the Osean Contenintal War. Aravea is a peaceful and industrialized country of well over 3.5 million people, the climate can be best described as moderate to warm. Aravea's capital city is Silvare a bustling city on it's eastern coast. Since their independence they have maintained very strong ties with thier former colonial homeland, Osea.

Aravean Civil War[]

During late 2025 a faction arose in southern Aravea known as The National Union Front they opposed the Social Democratic government in power viewing it corrupt and decadant. ((will post more later))

Culture and Customs[]

Aravean people can best be described as friendly and hospitible folk.

The Arras Region[]

The Arras Region is the central and main grain and food producing region in Aravea the city of Saint Veria is the cenral city in this region situated to the south and east of the capital city Silvare further inland than the capital.

The Arragone Region[]

The Arragone Region is the main producer of fules and other Aravean exports, centered on the Verra river in east Aravea the city of Suerte is the regions center.

Military and Defensive forces.[]

Aravea has four branches of military service:

  • The Aravean Republican Army
  • The Aravean Republican Navy
  • The Aravean Republican Air Force
  • The Aravean Republican Marines

The Aravean Federal Army And Republican Marines[]

Small Arms

ARA & ARMF Roundel

Aravean Army and Marines Roundel

  • M27 IAR
  • L86 LSW
  • L98A2 GPR
  • Colt M1A2 .45

Armored Vehicles

  • M2A3 Bradley
  • MBT Challenger 2
  • MBT Leopard 2A6
  • MTB M1A2 Abrams
  • MBT M1A1HA Abrams
  • APC M113 Dragoon
  • M270 MLRS
  • IAV Stryker
  • MRAP

Aviation Force

  • OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
  • AH-64 Apache Longbow
  • AH-1S Cobra
  • AH-1W SuperCobra
  • CH-53D Sea Stallion

The Aravean Federal Navy[]


  • 2 Nimitz Class Carriers CVN-12 'William H. Henry' and CVN 13 'Jan Anders'
  • 1 Kiev Class Carrier CVN 14 Admrial Yaris
  • 1 Gerald R. Ford Class Carrier 'Alexandre Nevis'
    ARN Roundel (revised)

    Aravean Navy Roundel

  • 10 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers
  • 8 Iowa-class battleships
  • 10 Los Angeles Class Attack Submarines
  • 20 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers
  • 2 Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates FFG-10 'Will Hargis' and FFG-11 'Henry Fitzgerald'
  • 15 Ohio Class Balistic Missle Submarines

Aviation Wing

  • AH-1J SeaCobra
  • AH-1T Improved SeaCobra
  • AH-1Z Viper
  • CH-53 Sea Stallion
  • F/A-18E Hornet

The Aravean Republican Air Force []

ARAF Roundel (during Aravean Civil War)

ARAF Roundel (Revised During Civil War)


  • F/A-18F Super Hornet
    209th TFS Memebers

    2 Su-35S of the ARAF's 209th TFS

    68th TFS Aircraft

    MiG-35D of the ARAF's 68th TFS

  • F-15E Strike Eagle
  • F-15K Slam Eagle
  • F-15C Eagle
  • F-2A Viper Zero
  • F/A-21 Kfir
  • F-5A Freedom Fighter
  • F5A Tiger II
  • J-20C Annihilator
  • AIDC F-CK-1 Sky Sword
  • F-10 Vanguard
  • PAC JF-17 Thunder
  • MiG-21bis Fishbed (9th SOS)
  • J-11 Flanker B+
  • HAL Tejas
  • MiG-35D Fulcrum-F (68th TFS)
  • Su-35S Super Flanker (209th TFS)
  • X-02B Wyvern
    9th SOS members

    two members of the ARAF's 9th SOS

{This country is modeled off The United States and Spain.}