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The Aurora System is a system featured on the Plasma Fission Drives of both the ASX-123 Arondight and the ASF-S20 Schleifen.


The Aurora System is the afterburner of the Plasma Fission Drive. It combines electromagnetic energy with the plasma generated by the engine to gain additional thrust, propelling the aircraft at speeds exceeding Mach 8.0 at straight and level flight, allowing it to easily breach through enemy defenses without giving the enemy any chance to attack the aircraft. The system generates a visible energy "tail" behind the aircraft, with the color corresponding to the color of the plasma generated by the engine. This system is usable during dogfights to gain extreme advantages over enemy planes, but it is dangerous to do so, as both the Arondight and Schleifen are not designed to operate during dogfights at speeds exceeding Mach 4.0.


Actis SF-123/X Plasma Fission Drive[]

The Aurora System on the SF-123/X Plasma Fission Drive injects electromagnetic energy directly into the plasma creation chamber to supercharge it and then adds more to the resulting charged plasma shortly after leaving the chamber, making a bright blue trail out of both engines.

Gonnell GX-119 VF Plasma Fission Drive[]

The Aurora System on the GX-119 VF Plasma Fission Drive combines electromagnetic energy around the plasma creation chamber to continuously "coat" the plasma through the engine with an increasing level of charged energy until it is thrust out of the engine, creating a red trail out of the engines.