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South osean nations

Zealand in lime green, Capital Vela

The Austral Republic of Zealand is a country in the Southern Osea Region and is the Farthest South of the Southern Osean Nations.


It is a rather Neutral Country with a small military and stable economy. It is well known for being a tourist attraction, especially in the summer months when travellers from around the world come to its large white sand beaches in the North, while others travel to the Capital of Vela for entertainment and shopping while some travel to the Far south of country to the Corvus highlands. The Highlands highest point is Mount Queensland at 19,989 ft. one of the Highest Points in Strangereal.

Its military is rather small and is armed with slightly outdated equipment. Aircraft like the F-5E, Mirage V, and F-16A are known to be in service and constantly being upgraded. The most advanced fighter in their fleet is the F-15J imported from the Union of Shirubā. Tanks Include first Generation Challengers and The Chieftan Mk.11. Navy is considered to be very small and behind current tecnology by about Seven years. Concerns of a war are the least of the troubles for the People of Zealand, as the Crime rate in cities like Vela have spiked in the past two years and the education system is behind current global standards, average Zealanders education is 11.5 Grade. Their currency is weaker than most as it takes 2 Crux to make 1 Osean Zollar.


The Countrys name is a Reference to not only New Zealand (It looks almost exactly like said country), but is also a reference to the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). Austral is Latin for Southern.

The Cities are named after southern Constallations. Vela, Canis.

The Mountain is named after a State of Australia.

The Highlands are another reference to a constallation. Corvus.