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Azure Edge is a fan fiction series that chronicles the events of the Second Clavian War, which takes place a decade after the canonical Lighthouse War. The fanon also aims to detail some events between the current Ace Combat continuity and Electrosphere.

Story outline[]

Azure Edge Map

Map of Clavis (c. 2029)

For over seven decades, the Clavian nation has been divided by what was once the heart of their people: the Valgan river. The Federal Republic of Clavis and the Clavian People's Republic are constantly on guard against each other, awaiting the moment one would strike the first blow.

Sometime after the Lighthouse War of 2019, Osea, Emmeria, and Usea co-developed a global ballistic shield network, using the International Space Elevator to aid in the construction efforts. Neumann Aerospace Industries was a notable contributor to the endeavour. The project, codenamed Gladius, aimed to be a more effective solution in preventing future asteroid impacts, as well as defending orbital communication systems from A-SAT attacks.

The Gladius defense shield, however, brought concern and denouncement from Osea's adversaries and even several allies. East Clavis slammed the project, claiming that Osea could use Gladius as an offensive weapon to put rival nations as hostages. The location for one of Gladius' control nodes was located on the West Clavian island of Pangora, which exacerbated the inter-Clavian tensions.

The Gladius defense shield along with increasing state nationalism in both countries brought inter-Clavian tensions to an all-time high. In 2028, a large-scale cyberattack briefly crippled West Clavian infrastructure and the attack was largely blamed on East Clavian hackers. The West Clavians accused the CPR of wanting to shut down the Gladius control center. A series of aggressive military actions and border clashes soon followed. In the early morning of October 3, 2029, the land would once again see legions of East Clavian tanks rolling through the Cadisin Corridor into the West Clavian heartland.

Orca Squadron, a squadron on routine patrol of the Federal Republic's airspace, would soon be one of the first units deployed against the CPA's invasion.


  • Federal Defense Forces of Clavis: the collective military forces of the Federal Republic of Clavis.
  • Clavian People's Army: the combined armed forces of the Clavian People's Republic.
  • IUN-PKF: the international coalition forces that would aid West Clavis against the East's invasion. Mostly comprised of Osean units.
  • National Resurgence Army: a faction of Clavian ultranationalists from both sides of the DMZ who have been secretly orchestrating the conflict from the start. The faction started the war in hopes of purging any potential opposition, before taking over the nation and establishing a united Clavian Empire.

Act I: Invasion[]

  • Siege of Iridal: Iridal, close to the DMZ, is one of the first cities under siege by the CPA. After several days of fighting, the city fell to the East's control. Reports later came in of CPR special forces sabotaging the Gladius defense center on Pangora.
  • Evacuation of Tagon City: Orca Squadron, along with Mantis Squadron, are tasked with fending off the CPA invaders in Tagon City, while civilian evacuations are undergoing. Just as the evacuation was complete, the East Clavians unleash their new superweapon: the Seiryu heavy command cruiser.
  • Ariel's Sirens: During the evacuation, Roberg Air Base was bombed, forcing Orca and Mantis Squadrons to transfer to the FRCS Magistrate. The West Clavian Navy later engaged with CPA naval forces over control of the Ariel Sea islets. One young member of the Orca Squadron - Spirit, gains prominence and notoriety from pilots of both sides. IUN-PKF forces arrive to assist the West Clavians.
  • Defense of Yeoson: The capital of West Clavis is under attack by CPA air raids. The Federal Defense Forces launch a desperate air defense against the incoming bombers. One bomber shot down by Orca Squadron ended up crashing close to the president's residence.
  • Duel at Tarawa: Orca and Mantis are given the simple task of taking out CPA supply convoys crossing near the Tarawa Bay in the midst of a rainstorm. The two squadrons were attacked by the infamous Banshee Squadron, and they were forced to retreat from the area.
  • Tragedy at Borsan: The East Clavian offense has slowed down, though the civilian evacuations are still ongoing. The financial hub of Borsan, the residence of Crater, is suddenly attacked by East Clavian air raids while civilian evacuations are undergoing. A group of civilian trucks leaving the city were mistaken to be military, and several CPA fighter-bombers ended up attacking some of them. Crater's fiancee was confirmed to be killed in the attack, and since then Crater became depressed and hateful towards the East Clavians.
  • The Magistrate's Voyage: With the aid of Osean IUN-PKF forces, Orca and Scythe squadrons take out a major East Clavian naval installation in the eastern Ariel Sea. Shaman gets rather unsettled by Scythe Squadron's antipathy. Several East Clavian POWs are captured for interrogation.
  • The Valgan: After weeks of brutal fighting, West Clavian forces manage to push elements of the CPA Third Armored Guards Division back to the Valgan river. Orca, Mantis, and Scythe aid in fighting off the East Clavian counterattack. Banshee Squadron strikes again, but Spirit manages to down an ace, forcing Banshee to bitterly retreat afterwards. Packer takes note of the rather suspicious troop movements between both West and East Clavian forces, as if some units are knowingly avoiding others.

Act II: Counteroffensive[]

  • Urban Fortress: The city-state of Dardene is accused by both West Clavis and Osea of aiding the East Clavians during the conflict. Dardene protested this, arguing that they were maintaining their neutrality in the war. Secretly, the West Clavian high command believed that capturing the city will allow for an easier two-front push towards Delgana, the East Clavian capital. West Clavian forces launch a surprise assault on the city, engaging the urban units hastily deployed for total defense.
  • Turning Point: The Federal Defense Forces manage to get intel on the long-range anti-ship defense systems deployed along the southern coast of East Clavis. They found out that they can exploit a date bug, where the defending anti-air systems can be temporarily disabled when the year changes to 2030. On the midnight before the new decade, West Clavis unleashes a virus on the systems, giving the air squadrons a window of opportunity to take out the defenses. A large landing operation followed, and soon West Clavian forces were pushing north into East Clavian territory.
  • Cadisin Assault: West Clavian squadrons would come to aid of the West Clavian armored division attempting to push further east through the Cadisin Corridor towards the Delgana capital region. Their advance was halted however when missiles from the Seiryu wiped out half of the West Clavian aircraft. Anvil was shot down in the attack as Orca and Mantis Squadrons retreated from the area.
  • Sea of Fire: The CPA East Sea Fleet has regrouped and are once again on the offensive to make up losses in the Ariel Sea. Orca Squadron manages to sink the flagship carrier Kaedong, but the FRCS Yangtze was also sunk in the battle. After the battle, a group of East Clavian refugee ships were spotted in the area. In his anger, Crater attempted to attack the ships but was stopped after repeated objections from Shaman and Pathfinder. Crater was soon court-martialed and his role reassigned to Highlander.
  • The East is Red: With the East Sea Fleet eliminated, West Clavis begins their amphibious assault on the coastal city of Kangsu. Orca, Mantis, and Scythe take out emplacements throughout the urban area. During the operation, Orca and Mantis are ambushed by the Akuma and a vengeful Banshee Squadron. Scythe Squadron suspiciously leaves the area. Shaman is killed, but help from the IUN squadrons put enough pressure to cause Banshee and Akuma to retreat from the area.
  • Battle of Delgana: The Federal Defense Forces now make their final push into the Delgana capital region. Orca Squadron engages the defending aircraft and ground units entrenched in the capital's suburbs. As the battle rages, reports come in of several East Clavian units in mutiny and infighting within the East Clavian leadership. Eventually, what remained of the East Clavian government surrenders to West Clavis.

Act III: Resurgence[]

  • Morning Calm: After a week following the battle of Delgana, the East Clavians are expected to sign their terms of surrender at the Palace of Carlay, the old capital of the Clavian Kingdom. Orca and Scythe Squadrons are assigned to patrol the city's airspace as proceedings are undergoing. Suddenly a massive explosion rips through the conference, killing all in attendance. Several West Clavian units began to fire upon others, while the Scythe Squadron attacks the Orca Squadron. Bewildered and confused, Orca was soon able to escape from the airspace and return to the Magistrate.
  • Blackout: Communications throughout the Clavian peninsula has been blacked out. What remains of the West Clavian navy and several air squadrons have regrouped and are attempting to make sense of what has happened. Orca and Helix Squadrons have been sortied to the Edengai Prefecture, where they are to link up with several isolated West Clavian units. They find the 16th Mechanized Battalion holding out against renegade elements of the military.
  • Unholy Alliance: From the POWs and intercepted broadcasts, Orca and the Magistrate battlegroup learn that an ultranationalist faction calling itself the "National Resurgence Army" has been behind the recent attacks and mass mutiny. The West Clavians were then confronted with a large East Clavian naval contingent, it too similarly made up of loyalist military remnants. Orca once again came face with the Banshee Squadron onboard the Bimani, but this time both sides hesitantly agree to work together in defeating the insurgency. The unholy alliance decide to aid the refugee settlements around the Tarawa bay.
  • A Grand Heist: The NRA turned out to be a much greater threat than originally thought. The East Clavians reveal the location of the Seiryu to their western equivalents, and so the two planned on securing the Seiryu's air base deep in East Clavis. Orca and Banshee are to defend a group of commandos who are to take control of the airborne cruiser from the NRA troops occupying the base.
  • Reignited: With the superweapon on their side, the allies - now the "Clavian Allied Forces", begin their offensive to take back the mainland peninsula from the NRA. During their push, several isolated West and East Clavian units were linked up with and joined the Allies. Orca is tasked with securing the outskirts of Anpo City, but they were attacked by Akuma. Orca manages to shoot down all of Akuma's fighters, though most of the pilots survived.

Act IV: Unity[]

  • Silver Spear: The Allied Forces have managed to push the remaining NRA forces to the western coast of the peninsula, liberating the Clavian mainland. Near the port city of Kamru, the newly formed Firehawk Squadron confront the forces of renegade West Clavian General Kai. Some of the NRA units realize they are fighting against a united Clavian force, and so they defect to the Allies to take down Kai and the rest of the insurgency. Kai manages to escape with the retreating NRA forces onto Pangora island.
  • Indigo Twilight: The Allied Forces begin their assault on Pangora island, where the last elements of the NRA hold out. The NRA managed to bring the Gladius control center back up, and are aiming to use the orbital defenses to attack both Allied positions and major cities across the Verusan and Osean continents.
  • Emerald Flares: Firehawk and the Allies attack the heavily-defended control center. The NRA are now transmitting commands to the orbital defenses, getting them to position and preparing to attack. One of the satellites fires on the Magistrate battlegroup, sinking the carrier and several ships. Firehawk hastily flies into the tunnelled entrances to take out the center's underground power stations while being pursued by several members of Scythe. Kai is supposedly killed in the powers stations' destruction.
  • Azure Edge: In a last ditch effort, the last of the NRA prepare to launch a rocket containing the Gladius' salvo and signal transmitter to the defense's satellites. They expect the transmitter to reactivate the attack commands, while the salvo will separate off and impact random locations across the world. As Firehawk approaches the launch facility, they are confronted with the Scythe and Akuma squadrons. In the midst of the dogfight, the rocket launches. Spirit pursues the rocket as it flies higher into the atmosphere. As it reaches the stratosphere, she manages to shoot down the rocket, detonating its contents and resulting in a massive explosion visible across the sky.


West Clavis[]

Orca Squadron

  • Orca 1 "Shaman", the flight leader of the Clavian Air Force's Orca Squadron.
  • Orca 2 "Spirit", a pilot of a few words. She became renowned and feared by Clavian pilots for turning the tide of the war, and later defeating the National Resurgence Army. Her actions in the conflict soon made her epitomized by many to be the hope of a reunited Clavis.
  • Orca 3 "Packer"
  • Orca 4 "Crater"

Mantis Squadron

  • Mantis 1 "Anvil", the leader of the Mantis Squadron.
  • Mantis 2 "Magic"
  • Mantis 3 "Tigress"
  • Mantis 4 "Highlander"

Scythe Squadron

AWACS and Magistrate personnel

  • AWACS Pathfinder
  • Captain Rokuro, captain of the FRCS Magistrate

East Clavis[]

Banshee Squadron

Mastodon Squadron

Akuma Squadron