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"The only way to eat this highly delicious and only slightly nutritious facility is to start from the inside."
—Briefing Officer

Baconlith is the final mission of Ace Combat 350°F: The Bacon War. The player, as Mobius 350, must destroy the superfood Baconlith before it destroys all of the fragments of deliciousness orbiting the planet.


A group of young Erusian officers have taken over Baconlith, the superfood that was on the frying pan. Baconlith is a bacon launch facility that can shoot down deliciousness fragments in orbit. The only way to eat this highly delicious and only slightly nutritious facility is to start from the inside. Follow the ridges in the pieces of bacon to reach the cooking points. Destroy them to access the central bacon cooker. Once inside, eat the giant strip in the central cooker. An infiltration unit will secure your escape route. Their plan calls for waiting until the cookers are offline, and then taking over the temperature control room once the blackout hits. Enter this kitchen with full confidence that the chefs will get you out again. It's highly likely that this will be your final course. Remember, we need heroes after the meal too. Make it back with a full stomach. Dismissed!



« Bacon 1 here. All teams are on the 13th serving. But we can’t get the mircowave to open. It's an electronic lock. We’ll hold our appetites until the cookers are destroyed. So hurry up! »
« Here they come! Don't let the enemy get through Package K! »
« Altman, use your Bacon Grenades! »
« Dammit! They've got a bacon thrower! »
« Shoot! Shoot! Over by the bacon! »
« Fatty 2 here, we need backup on Baconway 6. »
« Fatty 2, block off the microwave. Don't give up, our air support will do something. »
« Stop eating! Stop eating! »
« Leave him, he's passed out! »
« They've got us trapped! The enemy's at Microwave B! Our path of retreat's been cut off - we're trapped! »
« Fatty 1 here. We can't hold it any longer. We're digging in. »
« Fatty 1, come in. Where are ya? »
« We’ll be starving to death soon. »
« Have they blown up that cooker yet? »

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