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Balrog, Inc.
Full name Balrog Aeronautics, Incorporated.
Location Northern Erusea
hq(s) San Dorado, Erusea
Head of State Henrik Balrog (Founder/CEO 1979 - 2005) Lucius Cambridge (CEO, 2005 - Present)
Type Aircraft and Munitions manufacturer
Era(s) 1980s-2050+
"BAI. Reuniting the Shattered Skies."
—Balrog, Inc. corporate slogan

The Balrog Aeronautics and Munitions Manufacturing Company, formally referred to as Balrog Aeronautics Incorporated and BAI, is a large-scale aircraft and munitions corporation headquartered in the relatively small city of San Dorado (pop. 45,256), Erusea, around 45 miles north west of the Erusian capital, Farbanti. In its early years, the company focused mainly on small arms, producing licensed copies of the famed Belkan HK-33 assault rifle.


Balrog, Inc. was founded on July 1st, 1979 as Balrog Munitions, by Henrik Balrog, a Belkan native. Initially, the factory produced relatively high-quality pistols, rifles and shotguns, including the highly sought-after SPAS-12. By the mid-1990's, the company, which had just produced its first aircraft, the BAI Type-31, a lightweight biplane intended for crop dusting, received radically increased funding from both private investors and the Erusean government. This sudden increase in funding led to the development of several technology demonstrators and fighters. These included the first X-02 Wyvern prototype, Su-37 Terminator, S-37 (Later Su-47) Berkut and F-14A Tomcat. The company mainly supplied weapons and aircraft to the Federal Erusian Air Force, up until the Second Usean Continental War. During the war, the company's founder and CEO, Henrik Balrog was killed during an ISAF liberation effort in San Dorado, having been pocketing directly from the war. In September of 2005, it was announced that Lucius Cambridge would be taking over as CEO.

List of Aircraft produced by Balrog, Inc.[]

  • Type-31 (Biplane)
  • X-02 Wyvern (Prototype, Multi-role fighter)
  • Su-37 Terminator (Multi-role fighter)
  • X-29 (Technology Demonstrator)
  • S-37A (High-Altitude Interceptor)
  • F-14 Tomcat series (Fighter)
  • F-22A Raptor (Licensed from General Resource, Ltd,)
  • F/A-22D Super Raptor (Licensed from Neucom, Inc)
  • F-22C Raptor II (Licensed from Neucom, Inc)
  • X-21 Silver Arrow (Tech demonstator)
  • VY-21A Silver Arrow (Variable-Geometry Fighter-Bomber)
  • VY-21I Silver Bullet (Variable-Geometry Interceptor)
  • FA-27 Scarface (Variable-Geometry Fighter)