"The Base Combat series is one of the best flight arcade series out there. The story is clearly better than that of Call of Modern Strike Warfare or anything like it." -Random Base Combat Fan

The Base Combat series is a flight action arcade series, developed by Kandai-Danco Entertainment in the 1990s. The series has 6 or so main games in its installment, with a healthy plethora of spinoffs on the side. Starting with the original release of Base Combat 22 in 1993 in the Japanese arcade before moving on the Playstate or PSX in 1995, the Base Combat series would see many more console games with Base Combat 2 and 3 being released onto the PSX before moving onto a new console generation. The PS2 saw the Base Combat franchise expand with Base Combat 4: Scattered Skies in 2001, Base Combat 5: The Unheard Conflict in 2004, and finally Base Combat Zero: The Balkans War in 2006. The handhelds would also get their fair share of Base Combat goodness, with the release of Base Combat Advance in 2005 for the GBA, Base Combat X: Wings of Deception in 2006 for the PSP, and with Base Combat: Group Attack in 2009, along with other mobile titles.

Over a year later in 2007, the Base Combat franchise would release a new game, Base Combat 6: Flames of Freedom for the Dexbox 360 as a Minisoft Exclusive. The Base Combat series after 2009 would not be back until the release of Base Combat: Attacking Horizon in 2011 for the PS3, Dexbox 360, and PCs. With an overwhelming negative reception by the Base Combat fans, the series would remain dormant until 2013-2014, with the release of Base Combat: Infinite Skies as a F2P title for the PS3, some months after the release of the new PS4 console. And with it, the series continued to live on until a new entry in the Base Combat series was announced at PSX 2015, called Base Combat 7: Unknowing Skies. The announcement and the few trailers it has released so far has got the Base Combat community in anticipation for its eventual release.

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