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The Battle of Yeoson was an air raid carried by the Clavian People's Army in an attempt to weaken the defenses of the West Clavian capital of Yeoson. The CPA aimed to later capture the capital city by a large ground offensive.


With much of the Federal Defense Forces deployed to retake the eastern territories captured by the CPA, the East Clavians conducted numerous air raids from the north, attacking bases and strategic infrastructure deep in the country in an effort to disrupt supply lines and disorganize the West Clavians. The East Clavian were pushing the bulk of their forces towards the capital city of Yeoson.


Following midnight on November 2, 2029, the East Clavian launched a major air raid on the West Clavian capital. CPA bomber aircraft targeted military installations and fortifications protecting the Presidential Palace. All aircraft in the capital region were scrambled to put up a hastily air defense against the attackers. Orca and Mantis Squadrons were soon able to secure air superiority over the city. One Badger bomber that Spirit shot down ended up crashing right on the front lawn of the Presidential Palace.