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This is a Humour article. All will not be forgiven.

"We may not be the most dangerous squadron in the sky, but we are on the dance floor!" -Sergio Briner, aka "Beat 1"

Overview and Combat History[]

The USEA Ununified Art Troupe's 13-08 Fighter Wing, 5th Fighter Squadron, callsign "Beat", was a dance troupe that joined the Usean Rebels for morale purposes in the Usean Teen Rebellion, but while their music was catchy apparently nobody told them that Disco died out in the 1980s, so instead they were transfered to the Air Force along with some D&D Players, a Sychronized Swim Team made up of a Dominatrix and her slaves, and a High School Chess Club.  They HATED said D&D Players and are indirectly responsible for killing them.

The squadron soon became known for their underwhelming ferocity and tendency to micspam songs by "Earth, Wind and Fire" while fighting; most of their victories were from enemy pilots ejecting so that they wouldn't have to listen to the music anymore!  Eventually, they were defeated by Scabface One in a dogfight, but unwilling to admit defeat, they challenged him to a dance-off later on during Operation Toy Store (how they expected planes to DANCE is beyond me, but somehow they intended to pull it off), but despite them calling for help by trying to defen Scabface with bass drops, they still lost at their own game.  Their whereabouts after the war are unknown.

Known Members[]

  • Sergio Briner: Beat 1


  • F/A1L-18 "Horndog" (Along with the Perverted Bass Drop Version: "Groper")
  • F-15/S TUP-1D "England"


  • For an idea as to how these guys are fought, think "Ace Combat meets Elite Beat Agents"
  • Sergio Briner is rumored to be gay, but he never came out of the closet so this is unverified
  • Yes, Sergio Briner has a huge afro that if it weren't contained by his helmet would take up all the space in his fighter's cockpit, making it impossible to see through the canopy.
  • Unbeknownst to Lounger Squadron, Beat Squadron played a prank on them before their first, last and only mission ever by replacing their "rolled-out" dice with loaded ones that always landed on "1", inadvertently (they claim it was unintentional, but I don't believe them) causing the death of most of the pilots.