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pre war

somewhere around 2076 belka started thinking of invading sapin for land because they were really stronger at the time they were really stronger by

many sides including the Tsf-1A creation which led them into declaring war with sapin at 2080


at the start belka was advancing really good but sapin got aid from estovakia and droped 6 nukes dinsmark

thanksfully striker squadron and most imposrtantly striker 3 managed to destroy 5 nukes and destroy the last one 500meters above the ground but the bomb still caused civilian casualties.

this made the IUN PKF to interve and destroy sapin.

but it was not done sapin people started rebelions against belka by that time striker 3 was transfered to camel squadron and became camel 1 which he was sent on a solo mission to destroy the rebel's main bases during the attack a sapun squadron named skelk squadron started attacking camel 1 luckily they got destroyed after a long fight.

The war ended the next day resulting in a belkan victory

after war

belka annexed all of sapin and signed a treaty which wouldn't allow them to attack other countries ever again.