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"Dem Deutsche Volk"
—The national motto of Belka

The Belkan Republic (Belkan/German: Deutsches Republik), officially the Belkan Reich (Belkan/German: Deutsches Reich) was the Belkan state from 1874 to 1984, as it existed as a unitary constitutional republic.



Not much is known about Belka's prehistory until the Early Eocene.


The land that would become Belka would form in the Archean Eon within the supercontinent Ur.


Dimetrodon kupchenkoi

Not much is known about Belka within the Permian period other than that a species of Dimetrodon, Dimetrodon kupchenkoi, was native to the area. Sediment launched up from the 7 nuclear bombings under the Rald regime of Belka's federation period, though obstructed by radioactivity, has been dated to the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event