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Flag of Berkia

The Berkian Federation is a Republic located in Northern Anea


In a Cutscene in mission 5 of Ace combat, bloodlines, it is said Berkia has a deep lore and mythology of Norse-like god's and Dragons. In mission 7, It is said Berkia was never conquered by a outside power.

in mission 2, the then kingdom of Berkia won a war against the Baban nations, with this victory, Berkia conquered several nations, such as Hycithia,and Svalbardia, It became a major naval power in 1530, Invading Osaka Naomi and annexing several island's from that nation.It invaded Dynasiet and several nations, including mainland osea, splitting Songkon with Belkagraff.

in Mission's 4's Cutscene, it is said there was a massive war in Verusa that Berkia took part in, It was on the loosing side, but lost no land, this was in 1756, and it was said to be the year Berkia lost much respect as a major power.

In Mission 9, It is said Berkia waged a war against the Democratic Republic of Tanabon over disputed islands, which it took.

In Mission 11. it is mentioned that Berkia had fallen mostly behind the rest of the world in technology in the 1800's, and that it led to a period of isolation that only ended in 1904.

In mission 12, the Berkian-Skyclan war of 1945, Berkia's last conquest of a very nearby neighbor began, it was able to defeat skyclan and Berkia took its shape.

The Final Mission reveals that the king of Berkia had been on a Secret operation to create 2 advanced aicraft.


After Ace combat bloodlines, Berkia is now a Democratic Federation that puts its citizens lives first. the Nation is classified as 'A Democratic Parliamentary federation'. Before the war however, Berkia is stated to be an Autocracy with a Council centered around a Ruling Monarch.


Berkia is heavily Militarized and is stated to have '400,000' active duty soldiers. 1000+ Combat aircraft and a Massive Navy, Berkia places lots of Interest in its air force and its pilots are among the most Elite of Aces in the world.