Kanaan el-Sarwar, more commonly known as Blaze, is an Emmerian Air Force Captain from Osea.

Normal Life

Blaze is a Tamud-Osean from Bana City. He currently lives in Gracemeria. He is an active member of the Furry Fandom. He has a scar across his wrist after unintentionally slitting it on a wingman's F-104 Starfighter.

Military Career

Blaze used to be part of the Osean Maritime Aerial Defense Force. He was considered a traitor by Orson Perrault, one of his commanding officers, and tried to escape Sand Island, but was "shot down" by Marcus Snow, a future wingman. After the Circum-Pacific War, he was deported to Emmeria by President Harling to keep the Razgriz Squadron classified until 2020. During the Anean Continental War, he led the Gumiho Squadron against the Estovakian Strike Witch Squadron.


F-14 Tomcat


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