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Blitz Squadron
Full name 14th ASDF Squadron
Motto Mors inter vos ambulant. (Translate: Death walks amongst you)
Allegiance Independent States of the Americas
Deployment Inter-Megalithic War
Role Point Defense
AC Fanon Shattered Skies
Leader Independent States Air Command
Known members AWACS Warhammer





Aircraft E-747 Protector

F-22A Raptor

F-2A Viper

XF-14G Bobcat

F-15C Eagle

F-4E Phantom II
Other vehicles 1x Ford-class aircraft carrier

The ISAF 14th ASDF Squadron "Blitz Wing" was an elite fighter unit of the Independent States Air Force (ISAF) in the decades following the impact of the Hades 1983XK05 asteroid.



The squadron that would become Blitz Squadron, the USAF 388th Fighter Squadron, was formed in 1953, and continued operations until 2013, the year of the Hades Asteroid Impact. In 2029, at the behest of Independent States Air Command (ISAC), the squadron was reformed and shortly bore the designation 388th, before being re-designated the 14th ASDF Squadron.


At first, only two pilots were part of the squadron, callsigns Mobius and Crux, respectively. By 2030, two additional pilots, Medus and Gryphus, joined the squadrons ranks. At this time, the squadron had already established a reputation for synchronicity and surgical precision in training missions. In 2031, the fifth and final pilot, callsign Knight, had joined the squadron. Fresh out of the Air Academy of the Independent States, Knight was given the last airworthy F-4E and was sent out on a training mission with the squadron.

Unbeknownst to ISAC, and by extension Blitz Squadron, the Royals, a military faction based out of the former British Isles, had begun expanding their oceanic borders in secret, with the Royal Air Force scrambling Bolt Squadron to intercept the Blitz Squadron, and their AWACS operator, Warhammer. After a verbal exchange between Mobius and Bolt 1, Blitz and Warhammer were ordered by ISAC to egress from the immediate airspace.

Inter-Megalithic War[]

In 2032, the Royals, declared war on the Southern Republic of Ustio, in what is now known as the Royal-Ustio Border Dispute, or the Inter-Megalithic War. Ustio, being a close ally to the Independent States, requested support from the Independent States Air Force, or ISAF. As such, Blitz Squadron was pulled into the conflict. In their first engagement with Royal fighters, Blitz was confirmed as having scored ten kills, with the majority being scored by their rookie, Knight.

Following the war, which lasted from 2032 to mid-2034, the squadron's actions are unknown, and it is unknown if they were disbanded or continued active service with the ISAF.