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Mobius0 Mobius0 11 December 2016


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Mobius0 Mobius0 28 November 2016

Shorts Squadron

(Inspired by a comment made by Wywyrm 1 in the AWACS "Tinderbox" article, will start work when I have more time.)

  • WIP*
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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 8 September 2016

The Return

Been a long time, almost two years. I don't even know if my regular readers are still active. I scrapped the last story I was on and decided to pursue another idea which is partly based on the 2016 Presidential Elections in the USA :-D. It's based in the real world and I'm trying my best to get geographical, historical and political factors as accurate as possible as to try and make my article as authentic as possible.

A lot has changed fellow fandom writers, much is different.

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 31 May 2016

Custom aircraft creator

If you are looking to have an original pic of your original super fighter, I can do this for you, you explain me your project, make a little drawing showing me your aircraft and I'll do it, instead, if you want a special paintjob, I can do it for you, I'll take a pic of th aircraft you want and apply to it your squadron paintjob.

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 15 May 2016

Custom emblem creator

If anyone is interested, I can create a custom emblem with whatever you want on it, absolutely persona and original, not only a copy and paste of images but a completely new drawn emblem, drawn in digital.

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Ishimura Elite Ishimura Elite 19 April 2015

The Prodigal Ace Returns

So I'm back. This place looks dead as hell.

Anyway, I'm rewriting Wings of Dawn under a new name: Ace Combat: Blue Skies, because I realized just how much of a cluster Wings of Dawn was turning out to be. It's going to be a whole new story and most of the stuff from Wings of Dawn will be thrown out the window. If I had the power to delete pages more than half of them would be gone.

But anyway, I'm going to be updating the story on the semi-regular basis of whenever I feel like it. I'll be cruising around the wiki again from time to time. I hope I stepped in on a dry period instead of when the wiki's about to die. I'd really like everyone to see the new story and everything like that.

Oh, and that whole thing about a sequel? Trashing that too.…

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 11 September 2014

Situation Update

Hello people of this wiki. I hope you all have been in good health and happiness. The rate of progress for my current story will becom almost non-existant in the next few days to come as my university will start hopefully within a few days. I will try to update whenever i can but that just seems unlikely. Hopefully will resume writing in semester breaks. As for the story, I say there is much more to come.

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Mobius 171 Mobius 171 11 July 2014

Help on ideas For AC: the Global War/ Personal ideas

I made this blog so that I can share my ideas on the story I've created called Ace Combat: The Global War. what I'd like to accomplish with this blog is to have any readers help contribute in any way they can for this story, anything from story arcs or pictures and videos is all helpful to me. I would like this to become a potential group project, something big ya know? Make this one of the most successful fanons on this site. Maybe by combining some of your stories into this one? maybe even make it canon if people consider it good enough. (Its a long shot but a person can dream right?) so please do not hesitate to contribute!

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 28 June 2014

Thoughts on Further Development

My combat-flight-simulation-game-playing brethren, I have been thinking. I want to add stories to this wiki but to come up with a fresh one that makes sense is rather difficult so I have decide to build up on the stories themselves by elaborating the characters in them. It's like an untapped resource. All those who have read my work are aware that there are characters in the stories but have no background and introduction whatsoever. I will try to put this in place. Ace Combat: The Ural War will be my last story for some time.

God bless.

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 5 June 2014

*Loooong Sigh*

Getting authentic information with respesct to your story's time-frame and respective performance of the equipment is extremely hard. Lord knows how many Soviet and Western air-defence systems I've looked up and read the complete specifications. Same goes with the aircraft and ground units. Who thought fiction could be so diifficult, but as Tom Clancy said,

"The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense."

Trying my best Mr. Clancy. God have mercy on your soul.

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 27 May 2014

something I've noticed

I don't know if this is some weird karma thing or just random happenings, but whenever I start a story on this site, activity from the rest of the members just dies down. This place became too quite just a few days ago & is still quite. When I was not writting, the emails just kept coming, now I am here, & there's not a single email. Wow. This is creepy.

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 24 May 2014

Open Invitation

I have published my new story, it is under construction and will hopefully reach completion soon. I invite my fellow fanon writers to take a peak and leave a comment. has anyone of you read it yet?

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 18 May 2014

Be careful what you wish for, PUNK!!!

I have started writing the new story. This story is from scratch, meaning it's not based on any of the AC games unlike my previous stories which were all my contemplations of how the timeline would proceed after the respective wars. Since it is from scratch, it just makes sence to me that I should provide a proper base for it. I am currently writing the historial background of it & I realized something; my imagination has written a check my fingers can't cash. But I will continue this ultra long story quest because my stubborness won't allow me to change any of the aspects. God help me and you, if you are to read the whole thing.

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 10 May 2014


I haven't written here in a long time, because of which, I have forgotten how to write an article. Would anyone of you be gracious enough to jog my memory. On the otherhand, I have a new story in mind and it's a rather different format if compared to my older works. Will not share anything about this new project, we don't want any spoiler do we? Good to see some activity here. I hope you folk haven't forgotten me. Goodluck for all your future ventures(not for those involving homocidal activity, can't support that). I hope my lame joke in the last sentance was enough to at least make you smile. Happy flying.

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 12 March 2014

Yet Another Hello & Sorry

Yet another sorry and hello my comrades. Life is insane and I've been driven crazy. I recently got a laptop, hopefully d writing will start in a month or so. Very li'l activity here, what's up mates??

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 1 February 2014

Phoenix Air Force - Ulysses Squadron

UPDATE: First off my ps3 won't open up the comment section of the page so to answer your question Solowing I don't really know but the member that I have been talking to has been cool with me and I decided that for now we will go ahead with this, though it will just be temporary for now until we decide if we like it or not. Either way the PAF will remain the PAF.

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Mobius0 Mobius0 19 January 2014

XB-0X 'Harass-fail-grrr' (Draft)

The XB-0X Harass-fail-grrr, also known as the 'Winged XBOX', is a Bakan-built prototype heavy command cruiser that doubles as an entertainment system. A product of Project *insert here*, it was stolen by A World With More Boundaries.

The Harass-fail-grrr was one of the main products of Project *insert here*, a Bakan development program in 1985. Construction began on an airfield in Mount Shrimp, where it was housed in XBOX 360 packaging. Along with Excalipoor, it's development continued during the economic crisis (though the developers were playing FAUX on it instead). The Harass-fail-grrr was still being used by the developers to play FAUX, though it didn't see action during the Bakan War. On June 1995, prior to the Pooh-men piss treaty, tr…

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Mobius0 Mobius0 17 January 2014

Belkan Confrontation

(This is based on a fanon idea Generale wareagle and I are working on)

The Belkan Confrontation was a major conflict fought between the Principality of Belka (North Belka) and the newly-formed Republic of South Belka.

On October 12 2011, the Osean Federation held a referendum regarding the status of South Belka. Voting was held in all major cities in South Belka, with 70 percent supporting independence, 20 percent supporting union with Osea, and 10 percent supporting union with North Belka. As a result, on October 20, North Osea was granted independence and became the Republic of South Belka.

However, the peace was short-lived. In 2013, the Crescence Dispute began between North Belka and South Belka. From then onwards, relations took a turn f…

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Mobius0 Mobius0 12 January 2014

EASY-A X-O2 (Draft)

The EASY-A (Erustyian Air and Super Yucky - Administration) X-O2 (codename: Oxygen), known as the 'Wafer' by ISAF (Insanely Stupid Allied Forces) pilots, is an Erustyian *next-gen* fighter aircraft.

During the late 1980s, the Erustyian Navy requested the development of a new combat aircraft, which would also be used by their Air Farce. By 1987, blueprints for the jet were already complete. However, due to a slight mix-up at the Postal Service, they were mistakenly sent to a bakery in Farbooty, which then started building *cough* I mean baking the airframe out of wafers. The airframe *which was crisp to perfection* was then equipped with a cockpit salvaged from a cropduster and oxygen tanks as engines. Its maiden flight took place in the '90s…

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 16 September 2013

New war code message

Wareagle 1:


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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 9 September 2013

Phoenix Air Force

Alright guys listen up! This message is for all Phoenix Air Force members.

First off due to the lack of activity of the PAF in previous Ace Combat games (6, JA, AH) we will be planning the "official" launch of the PAF at the release of Infinity so prepare for it guys (like I even have to tell most of you that.) but for those who don't have a PS3 and will be unable to join us on ACI you guys will be responsible for 6 and AH. I would like those Aces to strike at the same time along with us striking during Infinity.

Second on the list is that the Phoenix Air Force will be a grpup where all members are equal. We will not have ranks or anything like that due to the size of the group and the fact that each one of you are some of the best Aces out …

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 25 August 2013

Another Hello and Sorry

Greetings my fellow conspirators. I write to you again today for the same reason, my delay of story submission and scarse activity on the site. Believe me, situation hasn't at all been writing friendly. I write this to you on borrowed time, my new story although is slowly and staedily taking shape but is still light years from completion. This blog precisely is made to tell you that, and of course apologizing. If you like my stories and wait for them to be posted then I'm very sorry. At this bleek time, all I can say is: all good things to those who are patient. Hopefully you will like my story, which is due to be posted in the foreseeable future. Thnku, goodbye, good writing, may Allah always protect you and your loved ones from all evils…

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JimmyHatesReavers JimmyHatesReavers 24 August 2013

Ace of Razgriz banned?

Hi guys, long time no speak. Listen, something really bloody strange has happened. TheAceofRazgriz just sent me a message on ACS telling me that, for some reason, he's been banned from the Wikis. Now I have no clue how this could have happened; his last edits were on the 4th of August on both sites, and we all know he'd never do something stupid enough to get himself banned for. 

So either this was a site error that isn't letting him use his account, or Protostealth might have gotten a bit swingy with the ban-hammer one day and accidentaly tail-ended our great leader in the face with it. Or something else entirely. Shit happens yo :P

Anyways, any of you guys know what might be going on here?

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Wywyrm 1 Wywyrm 1 6 August 2013

AC7 Ideas

This is really just a log of ideas I've considered, be it for characters, plot devices etc., all of which I'd like feedback on.

  • 1 Character Ideas
    • 1.1 Aleksandr Molotov
    • 1.2 Anton Kupchenko
    • 1.3 Larry Foulke
    • 1.4 "Cipher"
    • 1.5 Unnamed Software Programmer
  • 2 Potential Plot Devices
    • 2.1 Project Asgard
      • 2.1.1 Thor
      • 2.1.2 Lokki
      • 2.1.3 Odin
      • 2.1.4 Brun Hilda
    • 2.2 Origins of A World With No Boundries, and their Ties to Felsen's Movement.

These are characters besides the ones that I've decided are already in it.  I may or may not include them in some capacity.

The guy that basically founded A World With No Boundries (as well as the Usean Rebellion) and killed Erik Felsen's father in the 1980s.  As he had been killed in 2004, he would only be mentioned in passing, most likely by either …

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 2 August 2013

Razgriz - Prologue: 150 Years Ago (Subject to change)

As the title says above, this isn't the final version of this but I wanted to get opinions on the type of story I'm making and how I'm going about this. The story takes place in the age of knights in Strangereal but is not part of the canon Strangereal universe. By that I mean that this should be considered as a more magic fictional Strangereal with Aces from several other Ace Combats being placed into the the story as soldiers, knights, mercenaries, ect. If you're still a bit confused about this don't worry, as the story progresses you should get the idea about it. This will alos be a solo project by me but ideas and placing your ACEs into the story will be fine with me, just send me a message and I'll see where I could fit them (one ACE …

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Solowing106 Solowing106 12 July 2013

Excitement on Acepedia

Hey guys, there's quite a buzz on Acepedia- we're getting a new game soon! We have two clue phrases- the word "closening" and this:

That day our skies fell, the heavens split to create a new sky.

All info is on Acepedia.

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Solowing106 Solowing106 29 June 2013

Another Idea

What if we were to write a meme-based humor article about someone performing great feats in AC world? A cross between Chuck Norris Facts and Dos Equis, "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 25 June 2013

neue Generaloberin der Armee von Belka / new general of the Belkan Army

Hallo, ich bin die Hallo, ich bin die neue Generaloberin der Armee von Belka.

Ich werde den Krieg zu erklären, müssen alle Staaten innerhalb von 3 Tagen nicht erklären, meine Verbündeten.

General James Dominer.


(Ace Combat: WW2)

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 23 June 2013

AC7!?! Delayed plans, ideas, and other crap I'm about to talk about...

Hey guys! It's been awhile. Now I said I wasn't coming back until I had gotten internet at my house but recent events have brought me back and with that in mind...


Now originally I was planning to have internet at my house by now, but a problem came along...I no longer have a BUT! This is just a temporary snare in my plans. Eventually I'll have a new home along with a job but that will all probobly take about 2 months.

WHEN I do come back I already have plans for 4 new fanfics. The first one will be Ace Combat related but taking place in a more strange than real AC World. The story will be about Razgriz and will be 3 of my 4 fanfics. The first part: The Demon, will be about knights that come …

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Wywyrm 1 Wywyrm 1 21 June 2013

A new project

While on vacation I had been thinking about various things (primarily to keep myself from going insane as I was bored out of my mind half of the time).

One of the things I thought about, of all things, was of all the things they could have called Cipher in ACZ, why "Demon Lord of the Round Table"?  What's the significance behind the title?  Where did it come from?  I mean, if they wanted to stick to the Arthurian theme of the game, why not "Mordred" (the illegitimate son of King Arthur and Morgana Le Fay in the legend, who betrayed Arthur and mortally wounded him, leading to his 'sleep' at Avalon)?

The answer came to me when I remembered the line itself: "That kind of pilot, they call a Demon Lord".  If one reads between the lines, they real…

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 2 June 2013

Hello and Sorry

Hello fellow fanon material wtiters. The main reasojn I write this blog to you is that I want to apologize and inform you that, hopefully, a new, a lot more violent and graphic story awaites you in a few days. For the past absentese, forgive me. I was too caught up in atudies and exams and the simultsneous ********* that comes with. By the will of God, you will hopefully have another story from me. Until then, happy flying and thanku.

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Solowing106 Solowing106 20 May 2013

Idea for a story

I noticed that this is my first non-story blog.

I've been mentally writing a heist story and a romance story. Forget the romance story.

I'd like to write the heist story, but the only thing close to aerial warfare is a police helicopter. In other words, it has almost nothing to do with Ace Combat. I would appreciate any opinion on whether I should write this story.

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 10 May 2013

code massage WW3










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Wywyrm 1 Wywyrm 1 13 April 2013

Giving the minor squadrons some time in the limelight

Recently I've started making pages for some of the minor squadrons that showed up in the series, and are usually only mentioned once or twice via radio chatter.  The two I've made so far as as follows:



I intend to have pages for each minor squaron on this wiki in due time, but if I were to do it alone, it'd take forever to finish.  So, to anyone who cares, I wish for your help to give each squadron their own chance to shine.  This includes doing two things:

1: identifying the squadrons by callsign

2: making the page for them.  Use the two pages I've made as an example.

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Galm7 Galm7 30 March 2013


Hey guys sorry i haven't been on in a few days ive been real busy with school and work and all

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 28 March 2013

My Activity

Hey guys, sorry I've been inactive when it has come to my responsibilites on this wiki. I guess I should explain why I have not been working here lately. Recently (for some reason) my school's site blocker isn't working the way it should and that has allowed me to go to sites like Ace Combat Skies and the current site being used by members of Electrosphere. I've been "busy" on those two sites and been ignoring my responsibilites as "Guy who is sort of leader of the ACFW."

Now you might be asking yourself "Well then AoR, what does this mean" or more likely right now "I wasn't thinking that." Well it means that I'll just be a bit more less active at the moment while I get these two sites out of my system. Solowing106 will be "Sort of Supeme C…

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Galm7 Galm7 27 March 2013


Just got AC5 booyah!!!!!!!!!

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Galm7 Galm7 23 March 2013

Aces of death

Hey everyone I just made a new page called aces of death can you guys please add stuff to it like pictures and add more to the story thanks.

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 5 February 2013

How can unlock X-49, UI-4045 and the XF-900

How can unlock X-49, UI-4045 and the XF-900 on the japan version of ace combat 3?... And Also the mission simulator?... Thank

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Generale wareagle Generale wareagle 3 February 2013

Let's play ace combat 3 japan version

Hey, I had just recived ace combat 3 japan version... Now I wont create new video with the name of ACE COMBAT FANON WIKI... What do you think???

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JimmyHatesReavers JimmyHatesReavers 24 December 2012

Best Wishes

Merry Christmas lads, I wish you all the best in 2013!

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Solowing106 Solowing106 19 December 2012

The Final Weeks

Beware: Lots of French text here.

  • 1 02 FEB. 2011 CENTRAL FARBANTI 1639 HRS.
  • 2 02 FEB. 2011 WEST TUCSON 1732 HRS.
  • 3 04 FEB. 2011 CENTRAL FARBANTI 0909 HRS.
  • 4 05 FEB 2011 MT. COURAGE 0330 HRS.
  • 5 06 FEB 2011 WEST TUCSON 1547 HRS.
  • 6 06 FEB 2011 CENTRAL FARBANTI 1624 HRS.
  • 7 07 FEB 2011 CENTRAL FARBANTI 0857 HRS.
  • 8 Aftermath

Major Perrault: Sir! Monsieur, j'ai des nouvelles urgent! (Sir! Sir, I bring urgent news!)

Secretary of Defense Amarante: Oui, quel est-il majeur? (Yes, what is it Major?)

Major Perrault: L'armée a pris Wielvakian de base Le combat Liberté! (The Wielvakian army has taken Le Liberte combat base!)

SecDef Amarante: Oh. Ce n'est pas bon. Combien avons-nous perdu? (Oh, that's not good. How many did we lose?)

Major Perrault: Quatre-vingt-sept ans. Le …

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 17 December 2012

Possibly a record.

So let me tell you guys what I did over the weekend. I was playing AC:AHL doing the extra mission where you have to fight 100 fighters. After I did that I saw how much XP (7105) I got for completing that mission. At the time I was trying to get the last rank on the game, but I only had 178520xp and I needed 250000xp and doing a regular mission usually only got me 1000xp. So what did I do? I played that same extra mission about 7 or 8 times and did some other missions in between. So in total I destroyed 800 fighters in one day without being shot down! I think that's some kind of record (Not a world record or anything like that but like a record here.) Also I got the final rank of Commander-in-Chief! (And that was it...)

There's something els…

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Solowing106 Solowing106 6 December 2012

OBC Int'l interview, 2050



Genette: Good Afternoon, sir. My name is William Genette, OBC.

Parkinson: Hello, sir.

Genette: General, I'll ask a series of questions, and I'll audiotape the answers. Please answer honestly, remember, you are not being rushed or pressured. If you'd rather not talk about it, that's fine; we'll just move on.

Parkinson: ok. Go ahead.

Genette: First of all, did you have a nickname?


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JimmyHatesReavers JimmyHatesReavers 2 December 2012

ACFW Squadron

Hi guys,

I know I posted this in the Fanon Promotion Forum a couple of weeks back, but I thought it would be a good idea for us to set up our own squadron, like on ACS.

For those of you who don't know, 'Squadron' is the AC community's way of saying Clan. (It sounds cooler anyway.)

I believe that it's a good way to promote ourselves in the wider AC community, as well as, most importantly, simply having fun. 'Cuz let's face it, playing with guys you know is a million times more fun than playing with randomers, especially on more tight-knit games such as AC. It won't be limited to just the AC series of course, we can play other games such as BF3, Borderlands, Birds of Steel, etc.

First off, if we're going to do this, we need a name. Here are a fe…

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 20 November 2012

Fanon News!

Hello my fellow Aces! I'll be making blogs like this at the end of each month to report our current progress on the Ace Combat Fanon!

Let's talk about the current progress of Fanon Promotion and activity on this wiki. In technical terms we are doing fairly well and the Ace Combat Fanon is (if not better) what it was before! It seems that the total amount of members we have working here now is around the same number of people that were here when the Ace Combat Fanon started. While we can do better for now I would like to congradulate you guys for helping the Ace Combat Fanon and making quite interesting stories!

The voting is over for the "Time To Play" and the page we will be using to help promote the fanon is Ace Combat: Sons of Ulysses cre…

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JimmyHatesReavers JimmyHatesReavers 14 November 2012


Hello all,

I want to apologise to you all for my lack of activity recently. I feel bad because I genuinely want to help bring this wiki back to life, and I know that I've been disappointing the people who enjoy reading my work. Well, here's the thing.

What with the run-up to Christmas and the joyful exams that it brings, I have recently found myself up to my neck in study and work. I wanted to make some headway on my fic last weekend, however I've been getting bombarded with tests and the like. Add in hanging out with my friends, and, well, let's just say that weekend are too short :P Also, I recently got my PS3 back from the repair shop, and Borderlands 2 happened. Laptop problems, on top of a nice dose of Writer's Block certainly haven't h…

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The Ace of Razgriz The Ace of Razgriz 12 November 2012

Just something to write...

I'm bored and just want something to write on the Fanon right now so here is my idea for the next fanon I might make.

WARNING: Possibly idiotic idea incoming! You have been warned!

My idea for a fanon is that a war starts that causes Osea and Usea to team up and a team of two pilots is created. The pilots are Kei Nagase and, wait for it.....Kei Nagase. So what do you guys think? I did have an idea for another fanon that involves the Storyteller Boy from AC4 as an adult being the new Yellow 13. I might not make these fanons but if any of you think you could do a good job at making them, go right ahead.

The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 18:07, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 8 November 2012

A little update

Hello and thnku my dear readers. I was just trying to think-up another fanon story and it just felt incomplete without the HF-4 from the fires in the east so I decide to write this to you so that I can make something clear about my upcoming fanon stories. The new stories may have repeated characters but that does not mean I am writing them in a timeline. Somethings might be repeated such as the names of the weapons, characters, squadrons and extra stuff like HF-4. So if you are reading a fanon that comes after this message please do not get confused. Happy Flying.

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Blitzschlag1 Blitzschlag1 3 November 2012

Ohh Boy

I can just hope that somebody doesn't sue me for what i've done with Fires in the East. :-)

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