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Bloodlines Earth is a Universe very much like that of Normal Ace combat, but with Multiple differences.

The Bloodlines universe[]


Bloodlines universe as of Ace Combat, Bloodlines

The Bloodlines political universe is dominated by 5 Superpowers, Friently, Yuktobania, Osea, South Osea, and Federate states of East Osea, they compete for resources and power, the Berkian Republic and Belkagraff, along with Fujiwara tochi, are both Regional powers in 2001.

In 2002, A Superpower in the continent of Fusea (Southeast corner) Exploded, creating a huge disaster like the Cannon universe Ulysses, both Usea and Fusea were affected, with the others receiving ashfall.

Pandoska, once a Regional power, would be reduced to a dictatorship fumbling for recovery and Fujiwara tochi would not be able to recover until 2012.Berkia would still keep its Regional power title

in 2018, it's known there is a conflict in which several dozen aircraft would mutiny, this would be a Berkian republic victory, and also create 3 Berkian ace's.

in 2022, the events of Ace Combat: Bloodlines take place

Known nations[]

Berkian Federation