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During the war, the Eruseans maintained supply lines to their front line bases and entrenchment posts. Outperformed in supplies and machinery, the Wielvakians decided to halt supplies from entering the front lines. A supply line was followed by a helicopter from the then-occupied Fort Akers Hill to an enemy supply base. Reconnisance flights followed, and supplies were found being shipped out from an equipment factory within Erusea. The Air Force decided to bombard the factory using an Osean military strategy used recently in their war.

The battle[]

Air asset navigator: We're twelve miles out of target alpha, commander.

Air asset commander: Right. All aircraft, we are twelve miles out. Check in.

Raptor one: Stand by, air asset. .

Navajo one RTO: Stand by, AWACS.

Raptor one: Raptor one to all Raptors, check in.

Raptor two: Bartender, checking in.

Raptor three: Sheriff, checking in.

Raptor four: Watchman, checking in.

Raptor one: What is this, The Old Legends of Colton? Raptor wing checking in.

Air asset: Roger.

Navajo one RTO: Navajo two, check in.

Navajo two RTO: Checking in.

Navajo one RTO: Navajo wing checking in.

Air asset: Right. All aircraft, proceed at your own discretion.

Raptor one: Right, sir.

Navajo one RTO: Navajo two, arm AGM-86B cruise missile.

Navajo two RTO: Armed. Check left.

Navajo one RTO: Raptor one, Navajo flight will peel off to disable radar.

Navajo two Pilot: Time on target, two mikes. Going down now.

Navajo two RTO: Time on target, two mikes. Going down.

Navajo one RTO: Going down. (A pause.) Time on target one mike. Fire at your own discretion.

Navajo two pilot: Target lock. Here's something from Telsey! (Launches cruise missile)

Navajo one pilot: Target lock. Timber! (Launches cruise missile)

(Cruise missiles impact radar trucks by a railway used to deliver supplies)

Raptor one: Radar is down. Arming bombs. (A pause.) To all Raptors, we are on point, target lock. Release payload. deLIVEry!

All Raptors: Target lock, release weapon.

At the factory[]

Erusean officer: J'espère que la livraison sera envoyé d'ici demain? (I trust the shipment will be sent by tomorrow?)

Erusean soldier: Major! (Mk. 82 bombs impact railway and two garages)

Erusean officer: Qu'est-il arrivé? Une attaque Wielvakian? (What happened? A Wielvakian attack?)

Erusean soldier: Très probablement un monsieur accident. Il n'y a pas Wielvakians dans le radar. (Quite presumably an accident sir. There are no Wielvakians in the radar.)


Air asset: Job's done. Let's go back.


The Wielvakian attack would have been a total success, had it not been for an Erusean air patrol twenty miles Southeast. Raptor two was shot down, though made it back to Le Chariot. The Eruseans eventually found out that the Wielvakians had destroyed their facility, but by then the Wielvakians had already taken Fort Akers Hill.